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Ask Yourself, Why Am I Grading This? “If I don’t grade it, students won’t do it.” This reasoning leaves teachers with piles of work to grade, but I wonder how much of that time spent assigning points to student work results in improved student performance. I fell into this trap at the start of my teaching career. I gave points for completing annotations, bringing books to class, and completing homework. Conrad Wolfram on Computational Thinking. Schools around the world teach calculation.

Conrad Wolfram on Computational Thinking

But computers do that far better and faster than humans. There’s no need to add fractions, teach long division or factor polynomials–let computers do that. Instead, “humans should learn to use computing tools to address increasingly complex problems.” That’s the conclusion of Conrad Wolfram, Strategy Director at Wolfram Research, the world’s leading computational resource, as outlined in his new book, The Math(s) Fix: An Education Blueprint for the AI Age. “The maths taught around the world today does not fit how it is used in the real world.

Instead of torturing kids with memorizing and executing hand calculation procedures, we should be teaching computational thinking. Wolfram makes the case that computation thinking is required in all fields and in everyday living–and that no one does calculations by hand. In every STEM field, the order of introduction has been driven by the complexity of the calculation. Student/Parent Tutorials - Google Drive.


Herramientas básicas del aula de Google (Píldora 1 - Consejería de Educacion de Extremaduraa) - Google Slides. Online. Station Rotation in an Era of Social Distancing. Teachers are preparing for an uncertain future.

Station Rotation in an Era of Social Distancing

Poner subtítulos a tus vídeos de Youtube (con o sin subtítulos automáticos) Learning to Interview Helps High School Students Build Communication Skills. There’s nothing like the smile on a student’s face after they complete an interview with an expert.

Learning to Interview Helps High School Students Build Communication Skills

When done right—with preparation and practice—such a conversation gives teenagers a sense of accomplishment, relevance, and agency in the world. Interviewing requires students to listen, focus, think on their feet, and react appropriately to what the other person says. Sorry Vaness-time zones are annoying but you can always watch the recording later. Here are some recorded & upcoming. Actividad rápida Evangelio hoy 1. Escucha o lee Jn 20,11-18 2. Escucha "Resurrección.

Mrs. Aiello sur Twitter : "Today we launched a science PBL Unit over Zoom. Thanks @PBLWorks for the Quadrat Biodiversity project! We adapted for 4/5 and are excited for Ss to interact with their local environment. Took a virtual field trip to my backyard. Jim Bentley sur Twitter : "Have you heard of the 24-hours of Project-Based Learning? It's coming April 22. Register to participate: @suzieboss @PBLWorks @NatGeoEducation @KQEDedspace @edutopia #PBLchat #PBL #EducatorExplorer #TeacherStrong.

PBLWorks sur Twitter : "This single case study examines one teacher’s Project Based Learning journey across a continuum of outcomes from the PBL 101 workshop through student outcomes. #PBL #research #profdev #pd #edchat… Excellent advice and a few examples for PBL in high school math #pbl #mtbos. Personalización y paisajes de aprendizaje.


Asia In-Depth Podcast: Kevin Rudd on the 'Avoidable War' Between the United States and China. Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS Feed ∙ Download ∙ Full Episode Archive ∙ Listen on Spotify No bilateral relationship in the world is more important than that of the United States and China: the world’s two largest economies and most advanced military powers.

Asia In-Depth Podcast: Kevin Rudd on the 'Avoidable War' Between the United States and China

But after decades of relative stability, Sino-American ties have frayed. Preventing further deterioration in the years ahead is seen as crucial to global peace and security. Let's get a big bang out of science. Far from being a threat to faith, modern science is an invitation to get better acquainted with the force behind the universe.

Let's get a big bang out of science

How can you believe in evolution?” A Christian woman accuses me. I explain that I don’t believe in evolution. I accept evolution as a scientific theory in the same way I accept the theory of gravity. In 2006 National Geographic News reported that only 14 percent of Americans thought evolution is “definitely true.” Americans are becoming more and more scientifically illiterate. Those who resist science are not defending our faith. In just the past few decades we have learned more about the universe than all the humans who came before us. Evolution means humanity’s place in the universe may be more, not less, significant.

Our global choices will determine the quality of life for future generations. Can Artificial Intelligence Help or Hinder Educators? — MI Oasis. This article by Geoff Johnson raises the interesting question of where AI can be helpful to educators, and where it may fall short.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help or Hinder Educators? — MI Oasis

Certainly, AI has its advantages—as Johnson points out, teachers can spend more time actually teaching, and less time grading, setting short answer tests, keeping attendance records, organizing syllabi, and the like. And it is also possible that, as we learn more about students’ strengths and challenges, we can tailor educational software to the learner’s profiles. Mmarotta sur Twitter : "Great resources - & Performance Assessment Bank - YES! @AbbyBenedetto Let's lean into the creativity. The power to choose for curation for portfolio, give us three examples! YES! #nas.

After the Pandemic: Our Children Deserve an Education Revolution by Michael J. Hynes. Mike Hynes is the Superintendent of Port Washington schools and a progressive education leader for change.

After the Pandemic: Our Children Deserve an Education Revolution by Michael J. Hynes

In my opinion he would make a terrific Commissioner of the NY State Education Department. After the Pandemic: Our Children Deserve an Education Revolution Michael J. Hynes April 21, 2020. Artificial intelligence in education: challenges and opportunities for sustainable development - UNESCO Biblioteca Digital.