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Felt food

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Pretend and play restaurant set: today's special board. Alright . . . humor me . . .

pretend and play restaurant set: today's special board

I'm almost done with this set. I promise! If you are new here, check out the other pieces of the restaurant set:chef's hat, apron, oven mitts/pot holders, waitress/waiter apron, ordering pad. The Imagination Tree: Shoe Shop Dramatic Play! Create a fun shoe shop dramatic play set up for some engaging creative play, as well as some great opportunities for practising some literacy and maths skills along the way!

The Imagination Tree: Shoe Shop Dramatic Play!

Cakie is really into playing shops at the moment, since our garden centre/ flower shop that we set up in the garden a few weeks ago. Since we had just been shoe shopping and had a few boxes to hand, a shoe shop seemed the easy choice, plus one they would be able to remember and relate to very easily. We went on a shoe hunt around the house and gathered some wellie boots, sandals, trainers and soft shoes in various sizes. I put my wellies out too to add even more of a size comparison. Cakie got her shop till filled with play coins and bank notes. I wrote the price labels and C. attached them to each pair of shoes. Play kitchen and market stall. Children Published on June 9th, 2011 | by Jules IKEAHacker Materials: Rast nightstand, Attest handles, Ribba picture ledge, plywood, screws, steamer bowls, faucet, paint, plexi, hinges and lots of small things Description: Present for my twins – that’s why a simple kitchen was not enough I turned the Rast night stand around for both the play kitchen and the market stall.

Play kitchen and market stall

Kitchen I added an extra shelf and a divider to create space for the oven and the refrigerator. All the wooden parts for the kitchen are painted white, the inside of the oven is grey. Market stall I added an angular shelf in the middle of the night stand for the display of the wooden crates. . The roof construction was made out of two beams cut to the right length on either side of the Rast and two beams screwed in a slightly inclined angle.

. ~ Gabi Lämmli, Switzerland The Author. Little Family Fun: Easy Felt Pizza. Lately, my boys have been having fun pretending to cook.

Little Family Fun: Easy Felt Pizza

(Too bad it's just pretend. I could use a chef around here!) Here is a super easy way to let your kids practice their culinary skills! Felt Gingerbread Man Cookies! Felt Food Set of 4 Suckers by ExtraBaggageBoutique on Etsy on we heart it / visual bookmark #8299790. American Felt and Craft- The Blog. I’ve received a few emails asking me for a starter felt food project so here it is, the chocolate chip cookie this one is an absolute basic felt food tutorial but it’s a great starter project if your new to sewing it’s also great for kids since it really couldn’t be easier.

American Felt and Craft- The Blog

I also threw a few variations in at the end for you overachievers! Oh and the milk carton is from our Picnic Lunch pattern. Play Food: Tea Box and Tea Bags. Boo loves to have her own toy version of things we do in the kitchen for her playroom……and recently making tea came up. Felt Bow-Tie Pasta. I put this little set of Bow-Tie (Farfalle) pasta together using One Inch World's easy tute!

Felt Bow-Tie Pasta

I used the colors like Haba's Biofino Store Farfalle Noodles 'cause they are so bright and colorful! How To Make Pantyhose Potatoes. Finally, a project that did not take me a week (and longer) to complete - so I thought it would be safe to suggest to other people that they try it if they find stocking potatoes as funny as I do.

How To Make Pantyhose Potatoes

You will needNylon stockings/pantyhose (old/laddered is great)StuffingNeedle and light-colored thread. Felt food: Crafts, Patterns & Tutorials - How to make felt green pepper rings for your pizza? Cute Craft Tutorials, Handmade Toys, Printable Crafts, Kawaii Plush by Fantastic Toys: Cupcake Softie Tutorial. Make a yummy cupcake in your favorite flavor.

Cute Craft Tutorials, Handmade Toys, Printable Crafts, Kawaii Plush by Fantastic Toys: Cupcake Softie Tutorial

Decorate it any way you wish, add frosting, sprinkles or fruit. Share a cupcake with a friend or family member.Celebrate your LOVE of cupcakes. A PDF version with instructions and pattern is also available for download.I'd love to see photos of your delicious creations! Post them at the flickr group I created. Please do not sell the cupcakes. Materials RequiredCraft feltCraft glueNeedle/ThreadTrim-ribbonPolyfill stuffingEmbroidery flossPins InstructionsCut out felt from pattern pieces in your favorite flavor and cup color. 1.

Escape Artist - Eat yer heart out, Krispy Kreme. Felt Food. When Harvest is done and the pie has been baked, stuff those big pockets full of goodies to take.

Felt Food

Making Felt Food is easy and quite fun. And the possibilities are endless. Today we’re making Dinner-for-Two. Get ready to feast on turkey drumsticks, homemade bread (with butter or strawberry jam), steamed broccoli, grapes that pull apart in the bunches, and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert. Skill Level: EasyNeeded: * felt* stuffing/batting* sew-on velcro* embroidery threadAverage Sewing Time: varies 1. Snazzle Craft: *FREE* Felt Food Pattern! This is a follow up to all the wonderful comments and requests for a pattern for my felt play food.

Snazzle Craft: *FREE* Felt Food Pattern!

This is a free pattern, made by me, for a sandwhich and a bag of chips. Right-click the following three images and select "Save Target As" and save to your desktop. Then from there you can print these images full size. Basically the construction on these is pretty simple. Everything was handstitched using embroidery thread matching the color to the felt. Potato Chips and Bag:The chips were the only thing that were not handsewn. Blanket stitch the brown strip onto one side of the white bread part. Swiss Cheese:This was pretty simple. Sweet emma jean. Entries tagged with “patterns”. Did you find what you wanted? Video: How to Make a Lilly Bean Felt Pizza. Felt Pizza... Yum! It's Friday... in household across America, it means PIZZA! So what better day of the week to introduce our play Felt Pizza? And not just ANY pizza. We have enough toppings here to satisfy the most discerning palate, or the pickiest eater!

And with 6 different toppings... pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, pineapples, and yes, even anchovies, children can mix and match to their hearts content. As a matter of fact, there are 720 unique pizzas they can create. So, roll up your sleeves, floor the board, metaphorically speaking, and let's start cooking! Just Another Day in Paradise: Free Felt Food Download. Last Christmas I joined the felt food making frenzy. I made this... okay and these... That went along with this... be kind about the pictures, this is in our dark and dreary basement I have had a lot of people ask me for the pattern that I did for the pancakes, bacon, and eggs...Breakfast of Champions I like to call it.

Free felt food patterns and tutorials.