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Felt Aquarium Magnets

Felt Aquarium Magnets
When I was in the third grade my class took a field trip to Point Reyes, California to look at the tide pools. I was fascinated by them, each pool was like a small secret world. There were orange and purple sea stars, tiny little fish, and flower-like sea anemones. When I stuck my finger in an anemone's mouth it's sticky petal-like tentacles would close around it, thinking it was food (this probably isn't a nice thing to do to an anemone, but it certainly made an impression on me). My love for the ocean and all of its creatures has only grown in the subsequent years. I did some snorkeling in Hawaii and saw fish of every size, shape and color though the crystal clear water. When we decided to make a set of felt-covered magnets I knew I wanted to make an underwater scene. This underwater world makes a great gift for a child, or even an adult, who loves the ocean. Materials To make 20 magnets: Tips for all Magnets Clownfish Finished size: 1 1/2-inches wide Cut out the pieces. Sea Anemone Related:  felt craft

Citrus Coasters Ever since the weather turned warm, I've had visions of pink lemonade and iced tea with lime wedges dancing in my head. Summer also puts me in the mood to entertain so I thought it would be fun to have a set of coasters to match this citrus drink theme. I love to have a summer sewing project that is portable so I can take it with me to the beach! Felt is often my material of choice for portable projects since it's ideal for hand sewing. It's also great for making durable home items like these cheerful coasters. I love that each coaster is slightly different from the next due to the handsewing. Materials A Spring Felt BundleA Citrus Coaster Template, available for free download here, printed and cut outValdani Embroidery thread to match the colors of the felt bundle. Cutting For each coaster cut the felt as instructed on the template. 2 large colored circles for the peel and the backing8 colored segments (4 cut from each segment template)1 ecru circle for the pith Sewing

SongAhIn on deviantART Homemade pavement chalk By Kate on August 2, 2010 Making pavement chalk is really easy, lots of fun and the end result provides you with a brilliant excuse to get outside. To make your chalk will need: ♥ Plaster of Paris (one cup) ♥ Water (one cup) ♥ Powdered tempera paint ♥ Disposable container ♥ Greaseproof paper ♥ Toilet rolls ♥ Masking tape 1) Get your toilet roll and tape one end with masking tape to seal it off. 2) Pour the water into your disposable container then sprinkle the plaster on top (generally its a 1:1 ratio but check the instructions on the packet). 3) Stand each tube, taped side down, on a level surface. 4) Once the plaster has set you can remove the toilet roll and greaseproof paper. TIPS: If the toilet roll tube is a little chunky for your taste then you can split the tube, overlap, then tape to reduce the diameter. WARNINGS: Remember not to pour Plaster of Paris down the plughole!

Bunny Hand Puppets As I was making these sweet bunny hand puppets I realized that my attachment to them had grown beyond my usual care and attention and had blossomed into full blown love! They just seem to have such personalities! I found myself getting a little carried away, actually naming each one and fabricating little story lines about them. (Maybe I need to get out more!) But enough about my eccentricities, let me introduce to you (clockwise from top left): Daffodil, Daisy, Marigold, Peppermint, Pansy, Petunia, Carrot, and Sunny, my Bunny Hand Puppets! These puppets are sewn from durable, soft 100% wool felt in ecru, accented by a vibrant Dahlia Bundle. Ps- These puppets were partially inspired by my earlier Bunny Finger Puppets, which you can find here! Materials You can make as many or as few of these hand puppets as you like. To make one 8 X 15-inch puppet: To make a set of eight puppets: Note: For all the sewing in this project you will be using three strands of the DMC at a time. Cutting The Tail

How to Make a Fabric Postcard Party Invitation August 9th, 2013 Email 65 users recommend Quilt a fabric postcard in a snap, and then send it off in the mail. They make beautiful invitations! Diane Gilleland You can quilt along with the design printed on your fabric, as I've done here, or quilt an overall pattern. I mailed one to myself to see how it would hold up. Photo: Diane Gilleland When you're done quilting, turn the postcard over and apply a medium amount of craft glue to the back. At this point, you'll need a cardstock postcard of some kind to glue to the back. Your cardstock should measure 1/4 inch less on all sides than your fabric postcard-so for my sample, it measures 3-3/4 inches x 5-1/2 inches. Use your sewing machine to zigzag-stitch around all four edges of the cardstock. What about other embellishments? I'd recommend weighing your finished postcard on a postal scale, or asking someone at your local post office to do it. Add an address and postage, and your postcard is ready to mail. Stay connected with CraftStylish

CARA MENJAHIT SUDUT LANCIP KREASI FLANEL | NUPI-NUPI Bagaimana cara menjahit sudut lacip kreasi flanel, seperti bintang misalnya....supaya benangnya tidak mencong atau sudutnya terbuka... Tips di bawah ini semoga bisa membantu :) CARA A 1. jahitan mendekati sudut .... 2. 3. 4. 5. Ini salah satu teknik, ada teknik yang lain.... Potong sedikit sudut lancipnya.... Jadinya seperti ini...... Karena saya kurang suka dengan dua cara di atas, saya membuat cara lain lagi... yaitu dengan membuat sudut melengkung. Silakan gunakan cara yang teman-teman sukai....

Koleksi Kreasi Flanelku « sunflower Ini adalah halaman khusus buat mejengin karya-karya flanel terbaikku… (haiyyah!!) Eh… sebenarnya aku ga pede buat juwalan… Tapi … hehehe… kalau ada yang minat pesen, keknya ga salah deh nrima orderan… ^^ xixixi, n kalau mau nyontek modelnya … silahkan saja… semoga nambah inspirasi ya… 1. Choco Strawberry Cream Cake 2. Strawberry Mouse Cake 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. cherry pie cake straberry pie cake 1 strawberry pie cake 2 fruits pie cake choco-banana pie cake fruits pie cake model lain 9. 10. 11. 12. gantungan hp stroberi (1 buah) 13. 14. 15. paket 1 paket 2 paket 3 16. 17. notes: sms ke 082127482296 (telkomsel) or 085797188001 (indosat) Like this: Like Loading... Free Skirt Patterns Free Skirt Patterns Posted on | January 6, 2013 | 17 Comments Five years ago, it was hard to find even one free skirt pat­tern on the in­ter­net. Now­a­days, doz­ens of free skirt pat­terns abound. For beginners, try a simple elastic waistband skirt or a pillowcase skirt. Here are some free skirt patterns that I especial­ly like. Recycled Skirts A-Line Skirts Peasant Skirts Maternity Skirts Mini Skirts Quick Skirts Other Skirts Read More : Sewing or Home Category: SewingTags: Clothing , Sewing , Skirts Comments 17 Responses to “Free Skirt Patterns” Vera Woodbridge February 3rd, 2010 @ 4:21 pm I would like a pattern for a circular skirt, please Many thanks Jayla February 14th, 2010 @ 3:50 am Thank you so much for this! Leave a Reply Categories

Modern DIY supplies coming to Target Todd Oldham has teamed up with Target to produce a collection of art supplies inspired by his 2009 book, Kid Made Modern. The kits and supplies are geared toward children, but I'm eyeing this duct tape! Todd suggests making wallets and messenger bags with it. Check out the Charley Harper paint-by-number sets, too—you can make your own painting on wood for some nifty DIY wall art. Also available are crayons shaped like gems, wooden jewelry kits, a comic book set with rubber stamps, and more. All supplies and kits are under $20 and available at Target (in stores and online) starting May 20.

How to :: Loopy Felt Flower by Sister Diane | If there ever was a classic instant-gratification craft, it’s the venerable felt flower. I was playing around one day, and stumbled upon this method for making an interesting zinnia-style design. Hope you like! First, you need some strips of felt. Fold a strip in half lengthwise. Then, cut a series of slits into the folded edge. Snip your way along about 6″ of the strip, and leave any excess attached for now. Now, thread up a sewing needle with about 18″ of doubled thread, and tie a secure knot in the end. (I should add: I’m using contrasting thread here for visibility. As you sew, pull on the thread to gather the strip. Take a couple little tack stitches through the end of the gathers to lock them in place. Now, fold the flower in half, matching the two ends as shown. Gently flatten the flower and adjust the gathers. Glue that felt circle to the back of the flower with tacky glue. ..And then, sew the button to the front of the flower, sewing through that felt circle you just glued on.

"Soft" Rock Guitar By Andrea DeHart Your little guitar hero will love this rockin’ toy, sized just for little ones. It’s light, flexible, and fully ready to rock. Now you can bang your head without leaving a bruise. Materials 10×16″ burgundy wool felt 5″x12″ gold wool felt 5″x6″ gray wool felt 7″x17″ flexible foam sheet or dense batting Gold, white, and black thread 4 small black pom-poms 3 small white pom-poms 2 1/4 yds black satin cord or cord elastic Gray embroidery floss Embroidery needle Water-soluble marking pen or chalk Directions Step 1: Download the guitar and filler templates and cut the pieces according to the instructions on the pattern. Step 2: To create the yellow stitch pattern, stitch back and forth 4 times over each marking to make them more prominent. Step 3: Add the lightning bolt detail with a yellow topstitch. Step 4: Be warned: the next couple steps require some extra patience! Step 5: Repeat step 4 to secure the bottom of the strings at the bridge. Related

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