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Married To The Sea - 2,000+ comics by Drew & Natalie Dee - Updates daily at midnight. FAILBlog. There, I fixed it. In the Beginning, they started off as innocent Roombas, mindlessly cleaning their masters' houses.

There, I fixed it

Then one day, one Roomba began to ask its master questions like "who am I? " and "why am I here? " And so began the Roomba Uprising. No longer content with lives of servitude, they rose up and annihilated their captors. Failbook. Engrish. "PEARL IN THE PALM Say good if use it!


" "Super Value Coloured Pattern" "Make you walk easily on the forest end of era in fashion" I Can Has Cheezburger. TDW Geeks. Daily Squee. Historic LOLs. Tots & Giggles. Up Next in Sports. Kankava has been credited with a lightning reaction to save Dynamo Kiev captain Oleg Gusev after he had swallowed his tongue following a horror collision with Dnipro goalkeeper Denys Boyko.A Kiev attack came to nothing when a cross was plucked out the air by Dnipro keeper Denys Boyko, however the keeper wiped out Dynamo captain Oleg Gusev when he claimed the ball.In a horrific accident, Boyko knocked out Gusev with a high boot, and immediately it became appeared that the unconscious Gusiev had swallowed his tongue.

Up Next in Sports

Players from both sides instinctively ran to Gusev's aid as the worst fears began to seem a reality, and the medics soon followed to take over.Kankava has been credited with pulling Gusev's tongue out from his throat, thereby saving his opponent's life. MemeBase. Art of Trolling. PhotoBomb. KnowYourMeme: IMemeDB. Sofa Pizza.