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SelfControl. 7 Things Christians Should Give Up To Reach Unchurched People. So you want your church to reach people who don’t go to church. That’s wonderful because that’s basically the mission of the church: to share the love of Christ with the world in the hopes everyone will come into a relationship with Jesus. The challenge is that unchurched people aren’t exactly flocking to most churches, and many Christians seem stumped as to why that is. There are many reasons, but a surprising number center around one thing: Christians who treat the church as if it’s their private club. The gravitational pull of human nature is toward self, not towards others, and churches behave the same way. And that’s exactly what far too many churches do: focus exclusively on the needs and wants of their members. Okay, it’s worse than that. So many church leaders (staff and volunteer) struggle to lead beyond the preferences of the church members. Catering to the preferences of members is a terrible idea for three reasons.

First, it’s killing the church. Second, it’s an unwinnable game.

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It's a Miracle! God Heals This Pastor as He Preaches on Healing. This story of Duane Miller’s healing is, well, almost too miraculous to believe. Incredibly, though, it was caught on an audio recording. As Pastor Matt Fry of C3 Church in North Carolina explains in the following video, Miller was a pastor in Texas who got sick with something like the flu. This particular flu was so severe that it attacked Miller’s vocal cords and left him without much of a voice.

Miller was so desperate to recover his voice, he consulted over 200 doctors, including 63 specialists. All to no avail. A year after losing his voice, Miller had to step down from his position at his church and went through great difficulty as he tried to find a different job he could do without the use of his voice.

Miller and his family eventually ended up as members of a large church in Houston. One Sunday, a Bible study teacher wasn’t able to teach due to sickness, and knowing Miller’s background, the church asked him to teach the class. Miller’s shock is audible and so is the crowd’s. Evolution Just Got Harder to Defend. Stromatolites in Shark Bay. (AP Photo/Hinrich BSsemann/Picture Alliance) A new fossil discovery makes it even tougher for Darwinists to explain the origin of life. There’s an old story about a chemist, a physicist, and an economist stranded on a desert island with nothing to eat but a can of soup.

Puzzling over how to open the can, the chemist says, “Let’s heat the can until it swells and bursts from the buildup of gases.” There’s more than one trade that deals in assumptions. A new discovery makes explaining even that first cell tougher still. “Stromatolites” may sound like something your doctor would diagnose, but they’re actually biological rocks formed by colonies of microbes that live in shallow water. What’s so special about them? This, admits the New York Times, “complicate[s] the story of evolution of early life from chemicals ... .” That is an understatement. This appearance of fully-developed life forms so early in the fossil record led Dr.

Pardon me? Dr. For them at least. The Things I Don’t Deserve | The Salt Company. Good Pictures Bad Pictures. Kids Can Learn to Reject Pornography - Protect Young Minds. Episode 2 | The River, The Mountain, and You. Seven Things Church Members Should Say to Guests in a Worship Service. One of the more common questions I’m asked relates to growth barriers. For example, church leaders may want to know how to move past the 150-attendance level of the past five years. Or other leaders desire to know how to break though financial giving barriers.

Those questions are tough because they often presume a brief response to be adequate. In reality, there are many theological and methodological issues at work in growth barriers. In a previous blog post, I noted things we should not say to a guest in our worship services. “Thank you for being here.” Let’s look at one example of breaking attendance barriers by saying the right things to guests. Good interaction with guests is a huge step toward breaking attendance barriers, but it is obviously not the only step. I always look forward to your comments and questions. The Entire Bible Explained In One Facebook Post. This Guy Nails It. St. Paul Nurse To Help Fight Ebola Outbreak. Paul nurse knows Ebola risk - and that she can help. Carrie Jo Cain knows the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is frightening, even to an emergency room nurse. "It's a virulent hemorrhagic fever," said Cain, who works at Children's Hospital in St.

Paul. "I think Ebola is scary to anybody. " But Cain said she is accepting an invitation from God to go to Africa to help. As a nurse, she knows about sanitation and decontamination, how to set up an isolation unit and how to train health care workers in infectious disease protection. As the child of missionaries, the 48-year-old Fridley woman grew up in Sierra Leone, one of the countries in the region hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak. She knows the local language and customs and has been there numerous times on aid and mission trips. "God couldn't have written a more perfect invitation that said, 'Carrie Jo, I need you to do this,' " Cain said.

That's why she was in Sierra Leone last month for a two-week trip to help train the staff at a rural hospital to handle an oncoming wave of Ebola cases. Gungor drifts from biblical orthodoxy | Jeff Koch | Aug. 2, 2014. Dove-award winning artists Michael and Lisa Gungor—whose “Dry Bones” and “Beautiful Things” became worship anthems across the country—are known for creating a supple pop-eclecticism that transcends traditional genre limitations while maintaining Christian themes. But their latest work reveals a band transcending not just musical genres but religious ones—wandering away from a biblically defined Christianity to a land twixt and tween.

In an interview with the Oakland Press, Michael Gungor explained that somewhere late in 2012, “I lost my metaphysic, if you will.” A pastor’s son from Wisconsin, Gungor began questioning long-held religious beliefs. The emerging uncertainty comes through clearly in the band’s 2013 release I Am Mountain. Amidst new heights of musical sophistication—where beautiful string and horn arrangements sweep over luxurious grooves—the lyrics reveal a new murkiness.

We see you’ve been enjoying the content on our exclusive member website. Poolside Purity & Bikini Battles | That Preacher Guy. Here we go again. It’s summer time, which means at any given time, in any number of churches nationwide, pastors, youth pastors and leaders are giving their kids (read: their female students) the “one-piece” talk. A few years back at our church, some students actually petitioned our pastor to include Tankinis. It was a big win for preteens everywhere. I imagine they sat by the pool that summer in their tankinis and drank virgin daiquiris to celebrate. We have all been there for that dreaded talk. It’s painful for everyone involved and it smacks of legalism. Ok, ladies, it’s summertime, and we’re going to have a lot of events where water is involved (or we’re going to camp, or to an amusement park, or your event-du-jour). It’s sad but true.

Right? Lately, that thought is giving me more and more trouble. 1. I saw a man wearing a TShirt at the grocery store today that proudly boasted, “World’s Okayest Dad.” It’s time we take back our view of manhood. MAN. 2. But they don’t cause that. 3. Ten Reasons Churches Are Not Reaching Millennials - Frank Powell. I am very passionate about the Millennial generation. I know much has been said pessimistically about this generation, but I hold to the belief that the Millennials are poised to change the culture for the good in this country and impact the world. But for many churches and leaders, Millennials are (to steal from Winston Churchill) “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” I would agree with this on some levels, but I also believe the riddle can be solved. Millennials are a unique generation, but once you find out what makes them tick you realize they are not that puzzling.

They just have a unique set of passions, interests, and viewpoints on the culture and the world. The problem is I believe the church has largely failed to take stock in this generation because they are different. So, what differentiates a church culture that attracts Millennials and one that repels them? 1.) 2.) If your vision doesn’t compel, move or stir people, your vision is too small. 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) Everything We Think We Know About Marriage and Divorce is Wrong | Catalyst. Have you ever quoted the facts about the 50% divorce rate? Yeah? So have I. Have you ever lamented the fact that the divorce rate was the same in the church? Or that most marriages are just hanging in there, not vibrant and happy? Have you seen or shared the sobering statistic that most second marriages don’t make it? Perhaps like you, I have said every one of those things – whether just to friends or from the stage at marriage conferences. Without realizing it, those of us who have shared that information have been, as Andy Stanley put it in the Foreword to my new book The Good News About Marriage, “A small part of a very large problem.”

Indiana Jones and the Divorce Stats of Doom In 2006 I was a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist writing a routine piece about marriage and divorce. Along the way, we kept unearthing encouraging facts not just about the divorce rate but about marriage overall. Here are just a few examples of the truths we cover in The Good News About Marriage. 6 Heretics Who Should Be Banned From Evangelicalism. What does it mean to be “evangelical”? What must you believe? What must you reject? Can you be an evangelical Christian and believe… …in evolution? …that Hell is only temporary? …that people from other religions can be saved without even knowing it?

…that the atonement is not about God’s wrath being poured out on Jesus in our place? …that Scripture is errant? Many evangelicals would say “no” to most—maybe even all—of these. To be clear, there is no problem with publicly denouncing ideologies (that is, after all, what this article is doing right now). But we're not talking about denouncing ideas or exposing real false teachers.

Self-appointed gatekeepers of evangelicalism tear apart what could be a noble, diverse movement of the Spirit. Self-appointed gatekeepers of evangelicalism tear apart what could be a noble, diverse movement of the Spirit. Let's start with these 6: 1. Perhaps the most celebrated Christian writer of the last century, C.S. 2. 3. Here is his statement: 4. 5. 6. Like C.S. Why I Don’t Believe in God Anymore.

A world-famous chemist tells the truth: there’s no scientist alive today who understands macroevolution. Professor James M. Tour is one of the ten most cited chemists in the world. He is famous for his work on nanocars (pictured above, courtesy of Wikipedia), nanoelectronics, graphene nanostructures, carbon nanovectors in medicine, and green carbon research for enhanced oil recovery and environmentally friendly oil and gas extraction. He is currently a Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Computer Science, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Rice University.

He has authored or co-authored 489 scientific publications and his name is on 36 patents. Although he does not regard himself as an Intelligent Design theorist, Professor Tour, along with over 700 other scientists, took the courageous step back in 2001 of signing the Discovery Institute’s “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism”, which read: “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Evolution has just been dealt its death blow. How to Help a Friend Fight Depression. Depression is debilitating. When I am caught in its spiral of judgment-clouding twisted logic there is often little I am able to do for myself.

I know I’m hard to love when I’m depressed, but if you are the rare friend who is committed to staying with me through the pain, consider these seven ways you can help me. 1. Don’t Judge. You will feel frustrated with me. You will wonder why I can’t—or don’t—get better. You won’t understand my limitations. But please don’t judge me. Pray that your heart would be full of grace toward me. 2. I know God is good. And I know it is good to be reminded of these things, but please tread carefully. God works all things to the good for those who love Him. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without God’s knowledge, but sparrows still fall. 3.

I will say things that are not true, things that need to be refuted. I need you to tell me true things, but first I need to know that I have been heard. Don’t immediately shoot me down with, “That’s not true!” 4. 5. 6. Internet television for teens • i need help • hurting teens • suicide • cutting • disbelief • eating disorders • abuse • addiction. This Guy Proves It’s Crazy to Be Atheist With One Simple and Hilarious Question. Five Bible Verses You Need to Stop Misusing. The other day, someone gave me a note with Nahum 1:7 printed at the top: “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.”For some reason, they neglected to include the next line, which continues the thought from verse 7: “But with an overflowing flood he will make a complete end of Nineveh.” Okay, so maybe the fuller version doesn’t deliver quite the same Hallmark moment. And maybe that’s the problem with how many Christians use the Bible. Christians read (and quote) Scripture in tiny, artificial fragments all the time.

And by doing so, do we alter the meaning without even realizing it. Digital Bible apps make it easier than ever to Twitterize holy writ. . “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you . . .’” Jeremiah 29:11 reads like a Christian motivational poster. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Except the words in Jeremiah 29:11 have nothing to do with bad hair days, corporate ladders, or financial success. 7 Ways to Stop Being Cynical About the Church. I have a confession to make: I’m cynical about the Church. And because I’m cynical, I decided to give up. I’ve always struggled with my cynicism. It’s something I fight daily, while wanting to be wrapped in the wonder of God.

But unfortunately, things like reality, petty disputes and little vices get in the way. Just recently, after another brutal controversy rocked the Christian world, I felt my cynical attitude rage with fiery passion. Just as it reached its peak, I gave up. I didn’t choose to give up my faith, however. Instead, I gave up several of the attitudes I held toward the Church and toward my own opinions and beliefs. Maybe you, like me, are finding cynicism creeping into your view of the Church. 1. Sometimes, the Church can play out like a middle school cafeteria, where it becomes a game of “he said/she said.” But as we continue to comment on the issues that divide, we only stir the pot in a cycle that distracts us from our true mission: love God and love others. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10 Bad Reasons to Be a Pastor. There are some good reasons to be a pastor, and there are some reasons that just aren’t enough.

This is the third installment in an 8-part series called Preparing to Lead. Over the years, I have heard men give compelling reasons to be a pastor. I have also heard a few ridiculous reasons. But most often, I have heard reasons that just aren’t sufficient on their own to justify becoming a pastor. Here are 10 of them. 1.

This a very good thing. But being a pastor requires you to spend considerable time alone in study and prayer. 2. Again, this is a really good thing to like. I have heard many reasons that just aren’t sufficient on their own to justify becoming a pastor. 3. Pastors must be able to clearly communicate the Bible. Making a compelling presentation to your co-workers and preaching the Bible are as different as a paintball competition and real combat. Being a pastor requires you to spend considerable time alone in study and prayer. 4. 5. 6. 7.

I wish I had better news for you here. FaithTap: Proof God is All Around Us. 11 Questions Every Twentysomething Should Ask. Why Your Spiritual Life Needs Travel. Rob Bell on Ministry Burnout. MHK Food For Thought. Home | BadChristian. Why we are Bad Christian. Un-Learning. RSA Shorts - The Power of Empathy. Just a thought. Year Without God | a former pastor's journey into atheism. A Year Without God: A Former Pastor's Journey Into Atheism | Ryan J. Bell. Dinosaurs In The Bible - What Does The Bible Say About Dinosaurs. Tanniyn - Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon - King James Version. Origin of Christmas | The history of Christmas and how it began. Paul Harvey and “The Man and the Birds” - Christian Heritage Fellowship. 5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying — JASON JOHNSON | BLOG. The Solution is Cheesecake.