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Open Building Institute. Lawn Da Vinci is an open-source, remote-controlled lawn mower. Lawn Da Vinci is an open-source, remote-controlled lawn mower Arduino Team — July 18th, 2016 Inspired by the one seen in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Blake Hodgson has built a remote-controlled lawn mower of his own dubbed ”Lawn Da Vinci.” The robotic machine’s frame is made from angle iron and steel, while its wheels and motors were taken from a mobility scooter. Power is supplied by a pair of 12V car batteries wired in series, and it’s driven across the yard with an RC airplane remote. The Lawn Da Vinci has two Arduino Pro Minis and a Raspberry Pi for a brain–one Arduino is used for the motors and RC signal, the other for the kill switches.

Meanwhile, the Raspberry Pi is tasked with streaming video from an attached webcam to his phone. To improve reliability and reduce complexity, the motor driver now gets its signal directly from the RC receiver once it goes through the two relays controlled by the Arduino, which is always looking for a good signal. Raspberry Pi SMS server - Open Electronics. Project Summary: Raspberry Pi SMS Server - is the most light weight PHP SMS server works out of the box. It's just one open source software - gammu and one PHP program. That's all is required to make it work on Raspberry Pi computer. Just enter the message, enter the numbers and press the send button. Full Project: Raspberry Pi the SMS Server “Even till last week for sending SMS we used third party services from Internet. In some rare cases the SMSs did not reach the destination so our IT guys decided to buy an SMS server which will create our own facility for sending mass SMS. So the proposal was moved and eventually the SMS server was bought and put into operation.

That was the point I decided to make a cheap yet very efficient SMS server on Raspberry Pi computer at a fractional price of that. Ever since the $4.7 GPRS shield reached from I was restless to put it into operation just to prove my point to our IT head that all sophisticated things are not that costly. 01. 02. What is “open source”? What’s “open hardware”? What does it mean to be open, and above all, why so? It is undeniable that the 4th industrial revolution is sweeping us, bringing behind innovations and promises, but also many fears and uncertainties.

But what triggered it and what is the concept that rotates at its base, and the change that it intends to provide? The 4th industrial revolution aims to overturn the productive paradigms known until now, to bring the individual to a maturity, self-awareness and its potentialities to become“prosumers”: producer and consumer at the same time for a good part of the goods and services they need. The man becomes able to evolve, innovate and improve their conditions so much easier, thanks to the democratization of knowledge and technological innovation. It’s pretty much a dream, the dream of all times: the chance to learn and navigate through the unknown in the know, without fear of getting lost, and to meet their needs and those of the community. The concept of sharing, has been really appreciated immediately in software development field. 1. 2. Science for All: How to Make Free, Open Source Laboratory Hardware. Home > News > Science for All: How to Make Free, Open Source Laboratory Hardware By Staff on December 11, 2015 Also scientific research can benefit of the startups funding “tools” and approaches.

Here we are presenting an interesting infographics and a catching project to target the creation and spread of open source lab tools and device, easy to be made with common electronic boards and a 3D printer. Lowering R&D lab investment means pushing research and researchers farther! This exciting future of science is closer than you might think. Scientists from all over the world are radically reducing the costs of experimental research while simultaneously improving it.

Most of the tools can be made with a RepRap, a self-replicating 3-D printer, or better with our 3DRag! Source: Science for All: How to Make Free, Open Source Laboratory Hardware – Scientific American About Staff. OpenROV/openrov-hardware. OpenROV | Underwater Exploration Robots.