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15 Things All Dads of Daughters Should Know. "I feel sorry for you when they become teenagers. " "Dude, you're surrounded by women. " "What did you do to deserve that? " Being a dad of four daughters (we also have one son), I hear stuff like this almost daily. And honestly, I'm the one who feels sorry for people who think this way. Having daughters is one of the greatest joys I could imagine. We have a saying at our house that goes like this: "I love you more today than I did yesterday. " Raising girls is a privilege, not a burden. I certainly don't have it all figured out, but I have learned 15 things about raising girls these last 11 years. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Dads, your role is a precious one. This story originally appeared on the Huffington Post, courtesy of Justin Ricklefs. Related: Your Son Doesn’t Need to “Just Suck It Up” Reclaiming Meaning in the Things That Matter Most 39 Hot Celebrity Dads Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Note to ‘selfish’ couple with ‘screaming baby’ at Colo. ski area hotel: ‘Babies don’t ski!’ This note was reportedly slipped under the door of a couple staying at a hotel at a Colorado ski resort in February 2014. Click on the image to see the note in its entirety. (Photo: Facebook / DadOnTheRun) After struggling through an evening with a crying infant at a hotel reportedly located at a Colorado ski resort recently, a couple awoke to a rather unpleasant surprise in the form of a nasty note slipped under their door. That note was shared by the mother’s brother on his blog, Dad On The Run, last week.

Here’s how it began: “Thank you for bringing a screaming baby to a ski resort and waking up everyone near your room several times during the night. The author goes on to suggest that “I never brought my babies to a place like this. “We need more people who think of others and less selfish ones,” the author continued. The couple who received the note have not been identified, but the mother’s brother has revealed they were staying at a hotel located near a Colorado ski resort. This Sexist Dating Advice From 1938 Is Both Cringeworthy And Hilarious (Photos) Women• Katie Gonzalez • Oh, nostalgia. There might be many things we miss from our grandparents’ good ol’ days, like 25 cent taxi rides and drinking in the office at noon.

But the outright sexism? We’re glad that was (mostly) ditched before the 1960s. For your cringing amusement, someone dug up 13 “dating tips” for women in 1938. Some of these terrible tips include: “Don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances he wants to dance.” “Please and flatter your date by talking about the things he wants to talk about.” “Don’t drink too much, as a man expects you to keep your dignity all evening. Read below for the full 13 misguided “pieces of advice.” Photos Courtesy: Imgur. 25 Of The Most Incredible And Unique Parts Of Yourself That You Should Never Change. Change is great – it’s an unavoidable facet of life. To change is to make progress, to learn, to live, to continue being. However, not all change is for the better. People seem to always think that reinventing themselves is the best thing to do when they find themselves in a rut. People want to change their location, change their friends, change the things they like to do.

Sometimes it’s for the best. Here are 25 things you should never change about yourself: 1. They make you smile for a reason. 2. You’re you – dress like it. 3. Not everyone is so lucky and those who are can often lose sight of the beauty. 4. Being silly is enjoyable; don’t let anyone fool you into believing it’s not. 5. The world can be a dark place, but not if we remember to laugh regularly. 6. Growing isn’t forgetting who you are and starting afresh. 7. As long as they give you pleasure, you should always dabble. 8. There is no cut-off age for dreaming or fulfilling your dreams. 9. 10. Without energy, there is no life. 12 Courageous Things Every Person Should Do Before Turning 30. If you think your time is running out and life is moving faster than you can keep up with, you’re not delusional, you’re perceptive.

Time is moving faster and you are starting to lose the race. Before you realize it, you will wake up and be 30, looking back on things you wish you had accomplished, or at least attempted, in your twenties, when the world seemed a little less serious, you had much less to lose and many more excuses. Since we have no evidentiary proof of exactly what happens after we turn cold and blue, we can only assume that we’re only here once and there are no refunds. The world is what you make it and those who take risks are usually the ones who make it worthwhile.

They understand that now is not the time to be taking precautions. Because we don’t look back on our lives, especially our early youth, thinking about all the things we didn’t attempt or the rules we didn’t break. We think back to the time we surprised ourselves, our best moments of courage and spontaneity. 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do. Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life. Check out these things that mentally strong people don’t do so that you too can become more mentally strong. 1. They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves Mentally strong people don’t sit around feeling sorry about their circumstances or how others have treated them. Instead, they take responsibility for their role in life and understand that life isn’t always easy or fair. 2. They don’t allow others to control them, and they don’t give someone else power over them. 3.

Mentally strong people don’t try to avoid change. 4. You won’t hear a mentally strong person complaining over lost luggage or traffic jams. 5. Mentally strong people recognize that they don’t need to please everyone all the time. 6. They don’t take reckless or foolish risks, but don’t mind taking calculated risks. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 16 Amazing Facts About Sleep That Will Surely Impress You. You need to sleep every day and sleeping is so important to you that lacking it could shorten your life. But I guess you didn’t really know much about sleep until you read this, right? Some of the facts about sleep really surprised me! I hope you’ve learnt something new about sleep from this infographic. 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep | Want to sleep better? How folding paper can get you to the moon - Adrian Paenza. The exponential growth that Paenza plays with is hypothetical, but real-world exponential growth patterns exist all around us—in microbiology, economics, public health, and technology, to name just a few.

Identify some instances of exponential growth in one or more of these domains. Working with classmates, create an exhibit for younger students that defines exponential growth, shares real-world examples, and suggests simple experiments that they can do in order to see exponential growth in action. Assume that you’re working with a piece of paper that’s 0.001 cm thick, as Paenza proposes, and one meter on each side. At what point will you be unable to fold the paper anymore because its thickness has exceeded the area available for folding? Adriàn Paenza: Matematica, Estas Ahi? YouTube: IBM’s Mathematics Peepshow: Legend of the Chessboard.

If You Don't Do These Now, You'll Regret 10 Years Later. When you’re nearing the summit of this turbulent climb through life, will you reach the top with wild enthusiasm or will you be hobbling with the aching knees of regret? You’ve climbed through storms, passed over green patches and had help from friends, and now it’s almost over.

Your whole life has been leading you to this moment and one thing is certain: this final ascent we all have to do alone. What thoughts will flash through your mind? You will be faced with tough questions such as: Did I do enough, love enough, was I happy? You might leave these questions simmering on the back burner, thinking tomorrow will be a good day to contemplate the answers, but remember—tomorrow might not come! So here’s what you can do today. 1. There is an old saying: “If you don’t have your health you have nothing,” and this is very true. 2. This may sound cliché, but work less and play more. 3. Why are you taking life so seriously anyway? 4. If you love someone, tell them. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

12 Tips for Getting Regular Exercise -- and the Benefits for Happiness and Fitness. Exercise is a KEY to happiness . Research shows that people who exercise are healthier, more energetic, think more clearly, sleep better, and have delayed onset of dementia . They get relief from anxiety and mild depression . They perform better at work . Also, although it’s tempting to flop down on the couch when you’re feeling exhausted, exercise is actually a great way to boost energy levels . Feeling tired is a reason to exercise, not a reason to skip exercise. But even when you admit that you’d feel better if you exercised, it can be very hard to adopt the habit. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. People often ask me, “So if I want to be happier, what should I be doing?” I know, that answer doesn’t sound properly transcendent and high-minded on the subject of happiness, but research shows that you’d be wise to start there. . * Just spent a looooong time reading Starfish Envy .

10 Types Of Drunks Your Girlfriends Become On A Night Out. Friday night some female friends and I decided to catch a show at Lincoln Hall. The night started out innocently enough with dinner, a few drinks, and some live music. Some time around midnight Fireball Whiskey reared it’s ugly head, and at least two of us got pregnant.

When we closed down the first bar, one of my friends suggested we head to “Underground,” but in my drunken state I naturally assumed she was talking about “Underbar” so I agreed. It wasn’t until the cab started heading south (and I tried to correct him), that I realized I had made a terrible mistake. We might as well have headed to the strip club, because I saw just as many vaginas… All in all, most of the night was an entire shit show. This got me thinking how every girl’s night has certain kinds of girls involved and always ends up pretty much the same. 1. Everyone has that friend who “loses” her keys, her ID, or her phone. 2. 3. 4.

She came. 5. 6. 7. You tell her you have to work tomorrow. 8. 9. 10. If The World Were Only 100 People. Engagement rings are a scam! The happiness effect. Be brave. Even if you're not, pretend to be. No... #random but #inspirational by @koqoo #kkoolook series by @koqoo.

The 9 Essential Habits Of Mentally Strong People. In 1914, Thomas Edison’s lab burned down, and years’ worth of his work was destroyed. This could easily be described as the worst thing to happen to Edison, but the inventor instead chose to see it as an energizing opportunity that forced him to rebuild and re-examine much of his work. Edison reportedly said at the time: “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start again fresh.” “In a world that we don’t control, tolerance is obviously an asset,” Ryan Holiday, author of the forthcoming The Obstacle Is The Way, told The Huffington Post. “But the ability to find energy and power from what we don’t control is an immense competitive advantage.”

He’s talking about mental strength, a difficult-to-define psychological concept that encompasses emotional intelligence, grit, resilience, self-control, mental toughness and mindfulness. The ability to cope with difficult emotions and situations is a significant predictor of our success and happiness. They see things objectively. How I Changed My Life, In Four Lines. ‘What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.’ ~C. S. Lewis By Leo Babauta Changing your life can seem an incredibly tough and complicated thing, especially if you’ve failed a great number of times (like I did), found it too hard, and resigned yourself to not changing. But I found a way to change. And I’m not any better than anyone else, not more disciplined, not more motivated. I’ve written about them many times, but realized they’re spread out all over the site.

Here is how I changed my life, in a nutshell. tl;dr The four lines you’re looking for are at the bottom. How I Started Running In 2005 I was sedentary, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make exercise a regular habit. How did I do it? I got healthier, fitter, slimmer, happier. How I Started Eating Healthier In 2005 I was overweight, and addicted to junk food. How did I change? I felt better about myself, trimmed down, and feel great every single day. How I Got Out of Debt How did I do it? And On and On 1. 7 Basic Things You Won't Believe You're All Doing Wrong.

If you're like us, you might sometimes have a problem with complex tasks, like trying to drive an ambulance and send a text message at the same time. But hey, at least most of us have figured out the simplest things that get us through the day, right? Except, you know, some of the simple things we've done every day of our lives, like ... What could be simpler than taking a good crap? Even babies are good at it. You might be surprised, then, to find out that even those of us who can burp without throwing up get this wrong every single day. The one who just threw up on the other one's shoulder is better at pooping. Chances are the pooping facility nearest you is a sitting toilet, a relatively recent invention that flushed its way into mankind's heart with the advent of indoor plumbing in the 19th century. GettyFuture toilets will exist just to kill us. So how the hell are we meant to do it? Luckily, there's a relatively simple way to end this poop dilemma.

GettyDemonstrated here. Top 7 Regrets of People Who Are Dying. 40 Ways to Feel More Alive. Starting Today You Can Be the Happiest Person If You Pick Up These Habits. 35 Life Hacks You Should Know. Romance and Relationships Study: Nearly 25% of Men Take Just 'Seconds' to Fall in Love. 10 Things You Need To Do To Be A Gentleman. 15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don't Do. 15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don't Do. 12 Tough Truths that Help You Grow. The Real Difference Between Being Successful And Being Happy. 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. #10 Is An Absolute Must. 20 Things That Ain’t None of Your Business. How To Have Abundant Self-Confidence. 7 Social Hacks For Manipulating People. How to Be a Better Parent... According to Small Children. Vol. 1.

45 Ultimate Tips For Men. Number 40 Will Help You Go Far In Life. - What day were you born on? She's 79, he's 38, they're in love. 8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich. The 11 Most Attractive Things Men Do Without Even Realizing. Flappy Bird Tips: How To Get A High Score Without Cheats. 23-year long game of tag: Friends who flew across the world to avoid being 'it'

10 Terrifying Planets You Don't Want To Visit. 10 Psychological States You've Never Heard Of — And When You Experienced Them. Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar - OOB. According to Scientists, This is The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded. If You Don't Do These Now, You'll Regret 10 Years Later. 32 Things You Always Believed That Simply Aren't True. 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind. Dan Carter.

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BroApp app lets men pre-program texts to girlfriends. Stupid People - Company Policy. 21 Rules That Men Have. Number 7 Is So True. Why Rugby has backs - Explained at last. WHERE WERE YOU IN HISTORY? 20 Things Men Do That Women Probably Don't Know About. #15 Is Gross But So True. Facts About Nike You Need To Know [VIDEO] 65 Songs You Will Never Be Able To Listen To The Same Way Again.