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A Magical, Modern Chapel in the Ozark Mountains. Remotely located in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains, the Thorncrown Chapel’s design has truly stood the test of time.

A Magical, Modern Chapel in the Ozark Mountains

This June marks the chapel’s 35th anniversary and for that occasion they brought in a photographer to document it throughout the seasons of 2014-15. E. Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects. Beautiful Houses: remodel of a Victorian home in San Francisco. The Gold Souk in The Netherlands. Liong Lie Architects et Leaders Against Routine ont construit le centre commercial « Gold Souk » au Beverwijk Bazaar.

The Gold Souk in The Netherlands

L’intérieur tout en noir a été pensé comme un contraste avec la façade clinquante du bâtiment, faite de panneaux triangulaires dorés en relief et positionnés dans des axes différents. Photos by Hannah Anthonysz. Barn-4-Loughloughan-Barn-McGarry-Moon-Architects. The Corten House — Minimalissimo. Han Show Theatre Architecture. Stufish Entertainment Architects a récemment achevé la construction du Han Show Theatre à Wuhan, en Chine.

Han Show Theatre Architecture

Le théâtre a été spécialement construit pour abriter le nouveau spectacle « The Han Show » dirigé par Franco Dragone. Surnommé « La lanterne rouge », le Han Show Theatre est basé sur le design des lanternes de papier traditionnelles chinoises. Rippling wood facade-3. A Renovated, Bauhaus-Style House in Hamble-le-Rice. This project, House in Hamble-le-Rice, consisted of a complete renovation, extension, and a roof terrace addition by LA Hally Architect.

A Renovated, Bauhaus-Style House in Hamble-le-Rice

The Bauhaus style home sits on the edge of the River Hamble and is a part of Crowsport Estate, a 1930s property commissioned by Sir Thomas Lipton (you know, the tea man). Architect Robert Cromie was the designer for the group of homes, including this one, that overlooks the marina. The original home was in desperate need of repair and over the years it had been altered and lost its original charm. LA Hally Architect was hired to modernize the property while keeping the architecture original to the style and area. Extensions were needed for the kitchen and living areas to become an open floor plan kitchen, music room, and office, as well as the rooftop terrace that provides views of the marina. Glass railings were used to keep the sight lines open to the water and they help give the space a clean, modern feel. Photos by Joel Knight. Beautiful Architecture & Interior Design. Warm, Modern Home Full of Concrete and Wood Details. A husband and wife geologist nearing retirement actively working from home hired SHED Architecture & Design to design a single family home, dubbed Main Street House, for them in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood.

Warm, Modern Home Full of Concrete and Wood Details

While it’s not on Main Street technically, they named it such because of the pedestrian path and unimproved right of way that flows along to the north of the home. The site has a 20 foot slope from the top to the bottom, giving the couple partial views of Lake Washington, Leschi Park, and the surrounding landscape.

They sloped part of the roof too to include an outdoor roof deck. Top Architecture Posts of 2013. We took you all around the world, showcasing everything from minuscule and micro to massive mansion, with a little LEGO thrown in, to show you some of the best and most innovative architecture out there.

Top Architecture Posts of 2013

Sit back and take a tour of the top 10 Architecture posts from 2013. 10. LEGO Architecture Studio Kit LEGO expanded their popular LEGO Architecture series with the release of a toolkit that lets you embrace your own inner architect by designing your own structures. 9. 2013 Marvin Architect’s Challenge Winners We partnered with Marvin Windows and Doors to bring you our favorite winners of their Architect’s Challenge. They’re pretty impressive—take a look. 8. 7. 182 Square Foot Micro Apartment in Seattle This piece of residential property left our jaws dropping. 6. 5. Beautiful Houses: North Kingsway Residence. MetroidWorking on my portfolio with some illustrated type.

Beautiful Houses: North Kingsway Residence

A Vancouver Home that Looks Like an Urban Sculpture. Architect Oliver Lang, of Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture (LWPAC), and Vanglo Sustainable Construction Group builder Martin Warren (who handled the interior design, as well) teamed up on the first Vanglo House in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

A Vancouver Home that Looks Like an Urban Sculpture

This home not only looks like a modern urban sculpture, it’s an ENERGY STAR® efficient home as well. Vanglo is known for restoring and renovating homes in the Vancouver area, but this time, an abandoned house at 135 East 17th caught their eye giving them the opportunity to create and design a green, eco-friendly home. Incredible Houses by Dionisio Gonzalez. Focus sur l’artiste espagnol Dionisio Gonzàlez qui a fait la série « Interacciones » en noir et blanc et dans laquelle il prend en photo des maisons et les retouche pour les transformer en maisons futuristes et très designs.

Incredible Houses by Dionisio Gonzalez

Une sélection de sa série est à découvrir dans la suite de l’artiste. Reflexionen on Behance. Telecom Store Architecture. AISIDI, principal revendeur de produit et service mobile en Chine, s’associe avec Coordination Asia, un cabinet de design et d’architecture, pour le lancement d’une nouvelle série de magasins, AER.

Telecom Store Architecture

Slogan publicitaire inscrit sur le chemin noir au sol, comptoir Lego, jeu sur les typographies, le résultat est très réussi.