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Evenements proches - JLM 2017. Emmanuel Macron, président philosophe ? Imprisoned Japanese Red Army founder Shigenobu holds out hope for revolution. The imprisoned founder of the Japanese Red Army admits her efforts to bring revolution to Japan in the 1970s and ’80s ended in failure but she remains optimistic that public protest can check government moves to alter the pacifist Constitution.

Imprisoned Japanese Red Army founder Shigenobu holds out hope for revolution

“I think Japanese people are even more apathetic about politics now than in the past … and I do think the actions of myself and others have contributed to that,” Fusako Shigenobu told The Japan Times in a letter from Hachioji Medical Prison, where she is currently incarcerated for her role as leader of a notorious militant Marxist group that carried out terrorist attacks at home and abroad.

“Our hopes were not fulfilled and it came to an ugly end,” she said. “If you consider what the people who fought against war and for peace were able to achieve in the past, maybe today’s anti-war peace movement doesn’t have the potential to be as strong as it was then. White “Japanese ultra-nationalist” joins anti-Korean hate march in Shinjuku. It is part of the inherent nature of being an expatriate that you reinvent yourself in your new country of residence, whether by design or by accident.

White “Japanese ultra-nationalist” joins anti-Korean hate march in Shinjuku

Japan is a place that seems to allow this more easily than elsewhere, perhaps especially if you are Western and male. From zero to hero, as the old gaijin joke has it: back home, a nobody; in Japan, a minor TV celebrity or fashion model, and an instant success with local ladies. Gnome-subtitles. Incruster des sous-titres sur une vidéo. Voici , comment incruster des sous-titres vlc : tutorial 2014. L’armée chinoise se modernise et vise les champs de bataille extérieurs - Page 2. Maekawa: Kake’s faculty plan failed to meet conditions:The Asahi Shimbun. A former top bureaucrat at the education ministry said the government approved a planned veterinary medicine faculty despite its failure to meet key conditions under the Abe administration’s deregulation policies.

Maekawa: Kake’s faculty plan failed to meet conditions:The Asahi Shimbun

Kihei Maekawa, 62, who earlier said political pressure was used to accelerate approval of the faculty plan, provided more information at a news conference May 25 on what had taken place when he was administrative vice education minister. The government in January this year approved the plan of the Kake Educational Institution, headed Kotaro Kake, a close friend of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to open the faculty in April 2018. “The basis for approval under the deregulation policies was extremely weak,” Maekawa told reporters in Tokyo.

At a Cabinet meeting in June 2015, the government adopted an economic revitalization program titled “Japan reconstruction strategy 2015,” which included deregulation policies. However, he failed to block the approval. 【報ステ】共謀罪衆院通過、国連特別報告者から懸念. Le Japon se dote d’une législation qui fait craindre une répression accrue. The Cipher Brief. America’s hidden role in Chinese weapons research. China’s efforts to lure its scientists back from overseas institutions have been paying off militarily, with more than a little help from the United States.

America’s hidden role in Chinese weapons research

Military projects they have been involved in include China’s development of hypersonic weapons capable of penetrating missile-defence systems and the design of new submarines able to patrol quietly along the US west coast, researchers familiar with the programmes told the South China Morning Post. For more than a decade, China has been ramping up efforts to lure back talented scientists working at laboratories in the US linked to America’s nuclear weapons programme and other military research, as well as those working for Nasa and companies such as Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing. China must woo top tech talent turned off by Trump, says Baidu chief. UN expert queries Japan's bill to fight terrorism. Hope within prison walls: A letter from imprisoned Korean labour leader Han Sang-gyun.

A leading labour union figure in South Korea, Han Sang-gyun, president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is currently serving a three-year prison term after a South Korean court last year convicted him for his role as an organizer of a number of largely peaceful protests.

Hope within prison walls: A letter from imprisoned Korean labour leader Han Sang-gyun

His conviction and sentencing, reduced from five to three years on appeal after hearings to which Amnesty International sent observers, underlined the authorities’ intolerance of the right to peaceful assembly. While awaiting the outcome of his final appeal, currently being considered by the country’s Supreme Court, Han wrote from his prison cell to thank Amnesty International for its work on his case. The international solidarity of the United Nations, International Labour Organization, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Amnesty International, labour unions, human rights activists and others has given me strength during my detention.

Prof. Joe Cannataci. Prof.

Prof. Joe Cannataci

Joe Cannataci was appointed UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy in July 2015. He is the Head of the Department of Information Policy & Governance at the Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences of the University of Malta. He also holds the Chair of European Information Policy & Technology Law within the Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen where he co-founded the STeP Research Group. An Adjunct Professor at the Security Research Institute and the School of Computer and Security Science at Edith Cowan University Australia a considerable deal of Joe’s time is dedicated to collaborative research. Japan: Shinzo Abe’s Government Has a Thing About Hitler. It Likes Him. TOKYO—Imagine a world in which the Nazis and Imperial Japan won the second world war—that’s the premise of the critically acclaimed TV series The Man In The High Castle, which is science fiction.

Japan: Shinzo Abe’s Government Has a Thing About Hitler. It Likes Him.

But as a matter of fact, the grandson of a war criminal, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, seems intent on turning that dark fantasy into something more like a reality TV show. The premiere is scheduled for 2020, and he’s drawing on some classics for the scenario: Mein Kampf recently was approved for Japanese classrooms, and the suggestively titled Hitler’s Election Strategy is popular with some members of the Abe Cabinet. On Monday, the Abe administration responded with a very public and not very polite missive which, when translated with an understanding of the subtleties of Japanese language and culture, amounts to, “Fuck off.”

Just like the Nazis of days past, Japan’s rulers don’t deal well with criticism. Notre ancêtre commun avec les chimpanzés serait-il européen ? Docs reveal gov't paved way for group linked to Abe to open new vet school - The Mainichi. While the education ministry hastily concluded that it could not confirm the existence of documents mentioning Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's "will" in backing approval of a new veterinary department at a university operated by a school corporation whose chairman is a close friend of the prime minister, the Mainichi Shimbun has obtained documents from a ministry-related source suggesting that processes leading to the approval developed according to a schedule included in the papers.

Docs reveal gov't paved way for group linked to Abe to open new vet school - The Mainichi

Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister Hirokazu Matsuno suggested during a news conference after a Cabinet meeting on May 23 that the ministry would not conduct an additional probe of the documents regarding Okayama-based Kake Educational Institution's plan to open a veterinary department, saying, "We believe that the initial objective of the investigation has been accomplished unless new revelations surface.


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Radios. Sciences sociales. Sites. Sport. ST. Irrégularités du scrutin: circulez il n'y a rien à voir. Ces derniers jours, on ne compte plus les unes, les articles, les interviews, les reportages, les analyses qui décryptent, décortiquent, pronostiquent ce que sera le second tour de cette élection présidentielle.

Irrégularités du scrutin: circulez il n'y a rien à voir

Le FN n'est jamais du côté des salariés. Frans de Waal: Humans, Animals and Morality. Frans de Waal Full Interview Transcript What motivates moral behaviour?

Frans de Waal: Humans, Animals and Morality

Ard: When we behave in a moral way, is that because we reason ourselves towards that or is it because it's something that's just instinctive inside of us? FdW: If we had to reason ourselves to it every time we did, it would be a pretty cumbersome system, no? South African cave yields yet more fossils of a newfound relative. Probing deeper into the South African cave system known as Rising Star, a subterranian maze that last year yielded the largest cache of hominin fossils known to science, an international team of researchers has discovered another chamber with more remains of a newfound human relative, Homo naledi.

The discovery, announced May 9, 2017 with the publication of a series of papers in the journal eLife, helps round out the picture of a creature that scientists now know shared the landscape with modern humans -- and probably other hominin species -- between 226,000 and 335,000 years ago. The discovery of the new fossils representing the remains of at least three juvenile and adult specimens includes a "wonderfully complete skull," says University of Wisconsin-Madison anthropologist John Hawks. "This likley adds weight to the hyposthesis that Homo naledi was using dark, remote places to cache its dead," Hawks observes. Charte des candidat.e.s de la France insoumise. À partir des objectifs du mouvement de la France insoumise, de la synthèse de la cogitation insoumise de la Convention de Lille sur les élections législatives et des contributions des différents espaces de la campagne, une charte pour les candidats investis par la France insoumise a été élaborée.

Après la Corée du Sud, Mike Pence veut rassurer le Japon. Le vice-président américain a prévenu que l’usage d’armes nucléaires ou balistiques par le régime nord-coréen entraînerait une réaction majeure de l’administration Trump. Hosono resigns as deputy chief of Democratic Party. Goshi Hosono has tendered his resignation as deputy president of the Democratic Party, dealing another setback to DP chief Renho. Hosono’s notice was approved by the opposition party’s leaders on Friday and follows a decision on Monday by Akihisa Nagashima, former defense minister and ex-secretary-general of the DP’s Tokyo chapter, to quit the party over policy gaps with its leadership. At a news conference, Renho apologized to supporters for the resignations, which hit party roughly three months before the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election in July.

Hosono, a conservative member of the DP, said Thursday that he was stepping down because of he was dissatisfied with the leadership’s stance on constitutional amendments. After submitting his resignation letter, Hosono told reporters the party has been passive on constitutional amendments while claiming it is active in making policy proposals. HISTOIRE : Chronique culturelle du 9 avril.

Putin says U.S. strikes on Syria illegal, harm U.S.-Russia ties. Notions communes - Spinoza et Nous. De Spinoza et Nous. Monsieur Glucksmann, quelque chose d'essentiel vous échappe au sujet de MM. Mélenchon et Poutine. Brésil: la liste noire de l’esclavage que Temer ne veut pas publier. Front national: un programme économique et social incohérent et xénophobe.

Cette note propose une analyse détaillée du programme économique et social 2017 du Front national (FN). Elle montre que, dans le fouillis des propositions, se dessine un « patriotisme économique » fondé sur le logiciel néolibéral du FN et les mythes et valeurs de l’extrême droite. Si le programme cherche à séduire les classes populaires par quelques propositions sociales comme la retraite à 60 ans, il est avant tout au service du patronat et des riches, s’en prenant très clairement aux syndicats et aux étrangers. La « France prospère » qu’il promet s’appuie sur une vision magique du souverainisme et d’un protectionnisme « patriote ». Mélenphone. Earth - The first people who populated the Americas. Many thousands of years ago, not a single human being lived in the Americas. This only changed during the last Ice Age. It was a time when most of North America was covered with a thick sheet of ice, which made the Americas difficult to inhabit.

But at some point during this time, adventurous humans started their journey into a new world. They probably came on foot from Siberia across the Bering Land Bridge, which existed between Alaska and Eurasia from the end of the last Ice Age until about 10,000 years ago. The area is now submerged by water. Travel - Japan. Sun Clear Sky 6°c 43°f Japan Sun Clear Sky 6°c 43°f Mon Sunny 17°c 63°f Tue Heavy Rain 14°c 57°f Wed Sunny 14°c 57°f Thu Light Cloud 14°c 57°f. Imperialist coup plotters rail against a coup - what is really happening in Venezuela? “There’s been a coup in Venezuela! Maduro has carried out a power-grab!”

Just a few days before the 15th anniversary of the short lived coup against the democratically elected president Chavez (11-13 April, 2002), those who carried out that coup (the Venezuelan oligarchy, their masters in Washington and its lapdogs in Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Santiago de Chile and Lima, cheered on by the media wolf pack in Madrid and the US) are now shouting and screaming like hyenas against an alleged “self coup” by president Maduro. Mélenchon - poutine. Chapô augmenté ( pour copiercoller ): Résonances, Planète, Kant, Astronomie, Noumène, Ciel, Science. Rendez l’argent. Projet-web1. Dinosaur family tree radically rearranged. Ornithoscelida Rises: A New Family Tree for Dinosaurs - Scientific American Blog Network. Dialogues, Frédéric Schiffter, Jean-François Mattéi, Socrate, Calliclès, Sophistes. Traductions de l'Ethique de Spinoza. CICE : La (vraie) France des assistés 1/2. Agir pour la paix en Ukraine.

Italki: Learn a language online. DAEFLE (Diplôme d’aptitude à l’enseignement du français langue étrangère) Derrière son image de carte postale, la Polynésie française se transforme en poubelle. Affaire Jeanne: "Le FN a industrialisé le système de remboursement public" La charge d'un groupe de hauts fonctionnaires contre le programme d'Emmanuel Macron. Argoji : Argot français classique. British Council English and Exams. Shakespeare’s accent.

What Shakespeare's English Sounded Like - and how we know. CHOSES EN SOI : "Questions d’ontologie" (Jean-Michel SALANSKIS, David RABOUIN) Lénine, une autre histoire de la révolution russe. Son of Kim Jong-nam appears on YouTube video. Obetomo. JEAN-LUC MÉLENCHON DÉBAT CHEZ CAUSETTE. Tribune : L'unité de la gauche est-elle un mirage ? Par Philippe Légé - Le Vent Se Lève. Tous les psychanalystes devraient lire Spinoza ! Enregistrement sonore de la conférence de Thierry Labica - Universite Populaire de Toulouse. 9 annonces qui en disent long sur Emmanuel Macron. International Home.

Australia and Japan to strengthen military ties. Premium Fridays: Japan gives its workers a break – to go shopping. 1874, Édouard Buguet, le photographe des fantômes. L'Avenir en Commun - la bande dessinée! (début) Has hermit state North Korea become even more isolated after assassination in Malaysia? BBC Radio 4 - Front Row, David Tennant, second novels, Brits and Oscars - who are they for? En direct sur France Culture : les aboiements de Laurent Joffrin contre Acrimed.

Lettre aux insoumis (1/5): Introduction, Histoire, Vote. Thousands of Online Newspapers on the Web : World Newspaper Directory : Listed on Death in a dynasty: What led to the demise of Kim Jong-nam? «Howard Zinn, une histoire populaire américaine» Portail insoumis.

Colloque Archéologie des migrations en direct les 12 et 13 novembre. Les Jours Heureux - JLM 2017. Ni Dieu ni maitre - Une histoire de l'anarchisme (1/2) La France insoumise VS En Marche. C0096333 大坂冬の陣図屏風(模本) - 東京国立博物館 画像検索. “Una 6ª República democrática, igualitaria, con agenda ecológica y más derechos”