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Contemporary Sociological Theory. Warner Oland as Charlie Chan.

Contemporary Sociological Theory

Boris Karloff as Dr. Fu-Manchu A lot of what we studied in the past week (and in general, at Oxy) is racism with negative images of ethnic minorities. However, I feel as if we don’t give enough attention to the “good stereotypes” or images of ethnic minorities that have a positive look to them. Good stereotypes are interesting to look at because while we all want to be portrayed in the best light possible, good stereotypes are still a way for white people to stay in power. In fact, if you look at the history of racism, every minority actually has a good stereotype and a bad stereotype. As a counter-image to Dr. While it seems as if Biggers did a “favor” to Asians in creating a more positive image, it still shows that white people are still in charge of defining ethnic minorities, good or bad (I’d like to point out that Dr.

Asian Americans in the Media : The Model Minority. Asian Americans and the Media: Perpetuating the Model Minority While the under representation of Asian Americans in the media remains a considerable issue, it is the misrepresentation of Asian Americans that perpetuates the more disturbing trend of minority stereotypes and typecasting.

Asian Americans in the Media : The Model Minority

As influential as the media is today, the fact that few Asian Americans are represented and subsequently portrayed in stereotypical roles makes the community an easier target to be exploited by these representations. Specifically, studies have suggested that of these representations, the “Model Minority” stereotype is consistently demonstrated in advertising and primetime television; being associated with high status professionals may seem like a positive attribute, but by ignoring other aspects of the Asian American Community, the “Model Minority” label promotes consistent misperceptions of values and culture. The “Model Minority” on Prime Time Sandra Oh plays the character of Dr. B.D. Image provided by. Change Your Life. 50 Fabulous Blogs for Upcycling Inspiration - Top Online Engineering Degree. What is upcycling?

50 Fabulous Blogs for Upcycling Inspiration - Top Online Engineering Degree

It’s the opposite of downcycling, where you take items that are used and break them down to raw materials. Most recycling we participate in is considered downcycling. However, when you figure out a way to take an item that is otherwise ordinary and make into something new, different and actually nicer than the original, it is considered upcycling. We’ve scoured the Web to find 50 fabulous blogs that will inspire you to upcycle in great new ways. Ways To Upcycle Things Yourself These blogs will give you instructions for completing home upcycling projects. Chinese New Year Cookies: Green Pea Cookies. Green Pea cookies was a big hit few years back during Chinese New Year but I was never at the right place to taste it.

Chinese New Year Cookies: Green Pea Cookies

I never caught on the green pea fever (if you know what I mean). Ahh but never fear, there’s always first time for everything. :) Alien balls! Hahaha Left: Green Peas + Flour Right: After combining oil, salt and icing sugar, add green peas and flour. Green pea dough. Shape dough into little balls. Using a chopsticks, make a small mark in the middle. Brush with egg wash for a lightly browned tops. Looking for melt-in-the-mouth green pea cookies?

If you have peanut oil use it for this cookies as the oil will make the cookie smoother. Green Pea CookiesAdapted from Debbie Teoh (Flavours magazine Jan-Feb 2009) Yields 75 pieces. All Women Stalk - The Women Blog. A Man Obsessed with Food, Drink, and Everything Inbetween - Foodbuzz 24X24: Red Egg and Ginger Party. My husband, mother-in-law, and I threw our firstborn a traditional Chinese red egg and ginger birthday party when he turned one this past week.

Foodbuzz 24X24: Red Egg and Ginger Party

I am sure you are wondering, "What is a red egg and ginger party? " Red egg and ginger parties are typically celebrated at the one month mark of a young child's life. During the ancient times, when infant mortality rates were high, if a child survived to the one month mark, it was a sign of great fortune and an event worthy of a big family get-together. The one month milestone in a child's life is a significant occasion for all families, and this milestone is marked by a huge celebration in Chinese culture, where family and friends plan a banquet and meet the new baby. Also, a mother was expected to rest for one month so that she could recover from the physical stress of labor. Serious Eats: A Food Blog and Community. Lottie + Doof. Budget Bytes. Antlife. A Sonoma Garden.

Asian American History, Demographics, & Issues. Asians have been in the U.S. for a long time.

Asian American History, Demographics, & Issues

The history of Asians in the U.S. is the history of dreams, hard work, prejudice, discrimination, persistence, and triumph. As presented in the excellent PBS documentary series Ancestors in the Americas, the first Asians to come to the western hemisphere were Chinese Filipinos who settled in Mexico. Eventually, Filipino sailors were the first to settle in the U.S. around 1750 in what would later be Louisiana. The Prepared Citizen's Wasteland Survival Guide. Organic Gardening, Modern Homesteading, Renewable Energy, Green Homes, DIY Projects – MOTHER EARTH NEWS.