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Photoshop for Chromebook – About Chromebook. It’s a ridiculously powerful application, and you can pretty much guarantee that every movie poster and celebrity photo shoot has been through it at some point.

Photoshop for Chromebook – About Chromebook

However, if you’re just looking to crop your photos or create a poster for the school play, there are some great tools that work just as well. Chrome OS itself It’s not obvious, but Chrome OS has some simple image editing tools built in. Just head into the Files app, click on your image, then click the pencil icon to flick into editing mode where you can auto-fix colour, crop, adjust brightness and rotate your image. It all works offline, so you can process your images any time. Pixlr Pixlr is an online image editor that works great for cropping, resizing and annotating images.

Sumo Paint Sumo Paint is more in the style of GIMP or an earlier version of Photoshop. Photoshop Express Adobe have their own version of Photoshop that runs on the web, called Photoshop Express. PicMonkey PicMonkey is a smartly designed online photo editor. 22 pro grime production tricks. It may have its roots in East London, but grime is now a truly international sound.

22 pro grime production tricks

MusicRadar celebrates its success by offering 22 tips for anyone who wants to produce in the genre. 1. Although grime draws its influences from both UK garage and US hip-hop, it's got a sound that's far removed from either of these genres. Grime beats, as popularised by the likes of Roll Deep Crew's Wiley, stay away from the conventions of four to the floor and two-step garage. Try starting with a regular two-step rhythm, then add more kicks and change the position of the second snare – this gives grime its characteristic disjointed feel. How to ... / Grants and funding / Supporting material / Artist statements.

They are as varied and diverse as the art they support, so the following suggestions are intended as guidelines and observations rather than hard and fast rules.

How to ... / Grants and funding / Supporting material / Artist statements

Artist statements act as an introduction to your practice as a whole, highlighting common concerns, motivations and processes running throughout. A longer statement may go into more detail about specific works. A statement should give the reader a better understanding of where your practice and interests come from, influences on you or your work, and support them in interpreting what you do. You will need an artist statement for most applications for opportunities, to add to press releases, websites and when approaching galleries and curators.

Writing an artist statement will also help you focus and order your thoughts about your practice. How to Make Cinemagraphs — Still Photos that Move Like Movies! Yup, that picture moves.

How to Make Cinemagraphs — Still Photos that Move Like Movies!

Nope, you’re not going crazy! ‘Cause who said photos can only feature “still” life? Inspired by the moving pictures created by photographer and motion designer duo Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, we set out to make the magic happen. Make your pictures move like ours did with a some Photoshop magic! Make DIY Moving Photos! What Makes ‘Em Move? Photos can show movement when made into GIFs. GIFs stand for Graphics Interchange Format, and it’s a bitmap image format that supports animation. Here's How To Eat For Better Workout Results. How I Transitioned from Being a Hobbyist to Being a Pro Photographer. The transition from being a “hobbyist” to being a “professional” photographer was slow and seemed to creep up on me.

How I Transitioned from Being a Hobbyist to Being a Pro Photographer

I’ve been professional now for 6 years (as in, it’s been my only job), and you can find my work on my website. Here’s the story of my journey. I started off playing with a camera, basically learning as I went after dropping £500 on a Canon 400D, and had a friend of a friend who ran a wrestling company (spandex wrestling, not real wrestling). He heard I had a camera and invited me along to shoot some shows. This Recipe Will Easily Clear Your Lungs In 3 Days, Even If You Smoke More Than 5 Years. Smoking kills.

This Recipe Will Easily Clear Your Lungs In 3 Days, Even If You Smoke More Than 5 Years

It’s the second most preventable killer. Nowadays it’s even written on the pack! Health officials have known that more than 1 billion people around the world smoke and 5 million people die each year from tobacco-related illness, according to the World Health Organization. That’s about one person dying every six seconds. 3 Simple Ways to Improve Low Resolution Images (and Typography) It’s not a miracle, but these helpful tips can improve the quality of an image when enlarging from a low-resolution sample.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Low Resolution Images (and Typography)

It’s surprisingly simple and quite easy. Fire up Photoshop and check it out for yourself! 27 Life-Changing Products That Really Helped People With Acne. DIY Film Soaking. This post comes from our former web studio intern, Sadie!

DIY Film Soaking

Being a film photographer, I am on an endless search for inspiration and new ways to experiment with film. Just over a year ago, I became so mesmerized by the magical worlds photographers like Bridgette Bloom were creating by soaking film, that I just had to delve into it myself. Film soaking highlights the aspects of film photography that I love most – the happy accidents of light leaks or unintentional double exposures, the importance of letting go of what you cannot control, and the mystery of not knowing exactly what you captured on film until you get it developed. How To Shoot Nightclub Photos. No matter how good your creative eye is, taking photos inside a nightclub is one difficult challenge.

How To Shoot Nightclub Photos

Aside from the fact that you’ll be shooting in low light, you’ll also have to consider all the exciting things happening in the club. Department of Philosophy module descriptions. Department of Philosophy module descriptions On these pages you will find details of the modules offered by the Department of Philosophy at King's.

Department of Philosophy module descriptions

Module lists 2015-16 (current academic year) Module lists 2014-15 (previous academic year) Department of Philosophy Module Catalogue Below are lists of all the modules across the department. Undergraduate (levels 4, 5 and 6) modulesTaught postgraduate (level 7) modules. ♛ MAGIC CITY: 'ALL DRAKE ALL NIGHT' NIGHT pt. II ♛ on Fri 8th Jan 2016 at Stealth, Nottingham. About Stealth Present... Stealth Nottingham is Nottingham’s number one nightclub. Showcasing the very biggest and best music talent week in week out, Stealth’s innovative and forward thinking music policy makes it top the list of Nottingham nightclubs and with it stands a Midlands clubbing institution. Stealth nightclub has been part of the fabric of Nottingham’s music scene since it first opened its doors in April 2004; Over a decade on and the club’s Funktion One soundsystem continues to be rocked by the best djs & live bands on the planet.

The club prides itself on offering an eclectic mix of musical genres all under one roof. Nottingham Stealth brings everything from underground house and techno to rap, r&b and 90s throwbacks. Poetry by Mary Oliver- The Journey, Wild Geese, Morning Poem and Others. The Journey One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice-- though the whole house. The best fully-baked stoner films of 2015. Take me to your DVD dealer.

OK, 4/20 may be a few months away, but now is the perfect time to reflect on the year’s best stoner movies. No, not American Ultra. Log-in to your account. Vogue russia 90s. How to Find Brands in AliExpress - Table 2.0 launched! Updated on November 2015: It is finally here! We exclusively present the totally new and revised version of our famous keyword table to find brands in AliExpress! It has been weeks of hard work in collaboration with the AlixBlog community (thank you very much to all you expert shoppers out there that make this possible!)

, but finally we have an acronym table which is fully up to date and revised manually. The previous (even though dozens of blogs still keep on copying and pasting it with out referencing its source) is totally obsolete. In fact, we were a bit cheeky and uploaded some fake acronyms to the table to demonstrate just how many websites were plagiarizing the content with no consideration whatsoever, we might write a post about this in the future.

Brand table novelties To start off, we have selected the best search-term for each brand. 10 Non-Allowance Questions to Ask a POT - Lets Talk Sugar. Let’s paint a picture. You’re on a date with a very promising POT, and the talk of settling on a mutually beneficial arrangement arises. While we know you have Sugar on your mind, you need to not make the rookie mistake of jumping straight to talk of allowance. Desperation is never a good look, and can quickly turn him off all together. Lucky for you, there are plenty of questions to ask to ensure you’re getting the best of your arrangement — before you text him your PayPal email. Here are ten non-allowance questions to ask a POT. : Basket. Content. Young gifted and black : Search results. Retro workshop 4 photogram and positive 0. Enter High Life’s New Talent Awards - British Airways High Life. Chinese Spring Rolls with Chicken Recipe. How authentic Chinese Spring Rolls* should be: smooth, light, crisp-crackly skin and small enough to enjoy in 4 bites. The filling is also light, full of tender-crisp vegetables and you should be able to taste and distinguish every single ingredient in the filling. Shopping Basket. D.I.Y. Art Market - Peckham. Issue 100: Drake / Rihanna – The FADER. So You Want to Be a Blogger...  35 actors who were in i-D before they were really, really, really famous.

1. Clockwork Orange movie posters at movie poster warehouse Doom Generation movie posters at movie poster warehouse Clockwork Orange movie posters at movie poster warehouse Doomed At Last. You're So Dark, chapter 1 - My Chemical Romance Fanfiction. The Photography Program. Hip Opinions. How to Be a Modern Hippie: 11 Steps. How to Be a Modern Hippie: 11 Steps. Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial Home Page. 1000 Bucket List Ideas. Documenting homeless teens in hippie communes. 49 Phenomenally Angsty Pop-Punk Songs From The 2000s You Forgot Existed.

Tristan pigott makes oil paintings for the instagram generation. Morbidly Beautiful Pictures Reveal The Horror Of Surgery In The Victorian Era. The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape. 10 Secrets to Be Skinny. Buy Reebok Mens Royal Classic Jogger Trainers White/Grey/Royal at MandM Direct. Buy Reebok Mens Classic Leather Utility Trainers Black/Canvas/Paprika at MandM Direct. Calming Crystals, Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress Relief. Photographica Camera Fair. Late at Tate Britain: Body. How to Create a Photography Resume. Calling it quits after 4's my wedding photography experience - Wedding and social event photography Forum. MOTHER EARTH NEWS - Organic Gardening, DIY, Renewable Energy, Homesteading And Livestock, Real Food, Natural Health, Nature And Environment, Green Homes, Green Transportation.

The Top 10 Best Places to Live in North America - Modern Homesteading. #558: Help I’m boring. The 10 Differences Between Interesting People And Boring People. Beautiful Antique Clothing, Vintage Fashions. Amazon. 25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence. Adidas Printed Windbreaker Jacket (Pale Nude & Legend Ink) 25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence. Ten cult characters to get inspired by this Halloween. 10 Shows Every Student Should Watch On Netflix. What it’s really like working in the porn industry. Archives » The Doom Generation. How to Make a Homemade Bath Bomb. How to write a 3,000 word essay in a day - Save the Student. Sket (2011) - Soundtracks. High Quality Music Downloads. Swann’s Way / Marcel Proust; translated from the French by C. K. Scott Moncrieff.

Marcel Proust: free web books, online. Cheap Music Posters, Prints, Badges, Cards and Calendars - All for £1 Each at! ​boredom and teenage angst in 80s america. Testing The Canon FT — adi_totp. Crime, seen: a history of photographing atrocities. Sounds Of Two Eyes Opening Slipcase Exclusive. ArtRabbit: International contemporary art exhibitions and events. Matchbox pin hole camera. Want a mentorship with a successful professional to boost your employability? How to get an art education without going to art school.

5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras – Part 2. How to Be a DJ: 29 Steps. The Surreal Submarine World of Aquascaping. 57bd147f50aba5e133bb9aa1bdaa618b?_ga=1.71057552.1860617482. Logo Design Tool. Free and Online. Black power’s coolest radicals (but also a gang of ruthless killers) 11 Ways to Know a Good Shaman When You Meet One.