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Trip Planning & Itinerary. The Backpacker - Backpacking & hostels in Europe. Nerdy Day Trips. Visa and embassy information for all countries - How to plan a round-the-world trip. Living with less, but only the best. – 11 May , 2010Posted in: Minimalism Great article from the New York Times on how this lovely flight attendant packs for 10 day trips.

Living with less, but only the best

I love it being shown in pictures. I am definitely going to do something like this before packing for Europe for 6 weeks. I promise This is what she packs: Three pairs of shortsThree pairs of dress pantsOne skirtThree pairs of casual pants or jeansThree nightgownsThree bathing suitsOne sarongThree lightweight sweatersFour dresses10 casual shirtsSix dress shirtsA clutchToiletriesTwo pairs of shoes She’ll wear the third pair of shoes, as well as jeans and a longer sweater.

Personally, I wouldn’t bring nightgowns, shorts or bathing suits, or as many casual shirts, but I’ll post my list and justifications for my lifestyle before Europe. This is the way she manages to pack her suitcase carefully: And she ends up with this: Instead of this, with the traditional flat pack way with the SAME amount of stuff (incredible, huh?) Vacation rentals, apartments and accommodations on

Welcome to Couchsurfing! - Couchsurfing. How to Start a WordPress Travel Blog. Foursquare. 15 Travel Gift Ideas. The best thing about having friends and family that are constantly globetrotting?

15 Travel Gift Ideas

They're frequently away during holidays, so you rarely have to worry about getting them gifts. But, alas, even the most adventure-starved nomad seeks the comfort of home every once in a while. And sooner or later, you'll end up seeing them around the holidays. Might as well be ready with a gift tucked around somewhere. We think these 15 travel items make for practical gifts that the jet-setting, backpacking, and world-wandering can find very useful. Before the list, a warning: if someone is a frequent traveler, chances are, they've already made their investments in the true essentials. Preparedness 101 Sometimes, things go wrong in trips. 1. 2. Lost luggage can be a serious nightmare and it's easy to ignore the gravity of that potential problem when it hasn't happened to you. 3. Mosquitoes are gross. Capturing Memories Memories fade. 4. 5. A Do and Don’t Guide to Getting a Tattoo Souvenir. What better way is there to commemorate a life-altering travel experience than to literally ink a souvenir of it onto your body?

A Do and Don’t Guide to Getting a Tattoo Souvenir

It’s way cooler than a shell necklace. It will last longer than a bottle of rum. And your friends will want to see it more than those 200 digital photos of you drunk and sunburned. If you haven’t already noticed, let me start off by saying I am very pro-tattoo. I have about 20 hours worth on my own body, and every one has its own story and meaning.

Here is my DO and DON’T guide to getting tattooed abroad (or anywhere): DON’T make hasty decisions: “OMG! I know you’ve heard this before, but this thing is most likely going to be on your body for the rest of your life, treat yourself with some respect and make sure this is what you really want, especially if it is your first. And please don’t get tattooed while you’re drunk. How to Bargain with Grace in Southeast Asia. Everyone who has ever backpacked through Southeast Asia knows the best shopping is not at stores but at the prolific markets.

How to Bargain with Grace in Southeast Asia

They are indoor, outdoor, and even floating. And to make it even better the price of basically everything can be haggled over. Embroidered purses, hand painted parasols, kitchenware, knock-off designer jeans, tuk-tuk rides, surfing lessons, live chickens, freshly slaughtered lizards… don’t take the first offer! However, after that being said, here are some good rules to follow to ensure you get the best price for you, but don’t look like a prima dona doing it. 1) Never stop smiling and nodding. Photo by Katie Hayden 2) Know your tools. 3) Don’t start what you are not prepared to finish. Photo by lechua 4) Services have their own rules. 5) Know when to accept defeat.