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The 5 Things You Should be Doing on Social Media Every Week... - Tired of posting tons of content but not getting the followers or web traffic you’re looking for?

The 5 Things You Should be Doing on Social Media Every Week... -

Here are five tips to get started: 1. Follow, Follow, Follow For Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, follow fifty new people and find ways to interact with them. Comment and like the posts they share that are relevant to your brand or tweet them questions. 2. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that include your target market, and network in the forum part of it. 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing. Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way.

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging. 10 Social Tactics to Get Your Content Seen. Do you spend a lot of time crafting the perfect piece of content, only to find that it barely generates any shares, let alone drive leads?

10 Social Tactics to Get Your Content Seen

As a fellow content marketer at a B2B company, this is hands down one of the most challenging things about my job. We know that content marketing can generate more leads, but according to Content Marketing Institute, only 30% of marketers consider themselves to be effective. What’s the missing link? Maximizing Your Facebook Posts Reach Without Spending. There is something funky going on with your Facebook Page, isn’t there?

Maximizing Your Facebook Posts Reach Without Spending

You have this great following of people but everything you share and update to this audience on Facebook just isn’t getting through to them. What’s going on? We’ll use this scenario as an example to frame it further: You’ve worked hard and have built a following of 100 people. Alexhammsocial. Let me tell you a story… When I was 18 years old, I decided to take a year off from school.


I had just graduated high school, which had not really been an amazing experience from an academic standpoint, and I thought I would try something new for the next year of my life. My parents were generous enough to let me hunker down at home for the year, and I went to the drawing board. The following Fall after I graduated, and all my friends had left for the new lives at college, I got a job, and really started to think about how I was going to spend the next year of my life. Before long, I began to wonder if I had made a huge mistake… I was working 30+ hours per week at a restaurant, trying to get a brand new blog I started off the ground, and in my over flowing amount of “free time”, I would see all the amazing times my friends from high school were having away at college.

Via I won’t bore you with the details of how that program went, but long story short, it changed my life. Sorry, Marketers, You're Doing Twitter Wrong [REPORT] How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page. Six Ways to Make Your Video Strategy More Social. Some 181.4 million US Internet users watched 39.4 billion online videos in August, according to the latest comScore data.

Six Ways to Make Your Video Strategy More Social

Clearly, online video—whether the latest viral video or a professional development course—is hot. It's easy to see why. Online video can engage an audience, help viewers retain information, and—for businesses—assist customers in remembering a brand. But how can you go one step further... and make your videos social? Social video actively engages the users by soliciting comments, questions, and feedback; it creates conversations that take your videos to the next level. Consider these six suggestions to help you do just that. 1. You may think you have only a few options for video distribution. If the platform does not encourage your viewers to be social, they probably won't be. 2. As noted, enabling a discussion feature allows your viewers to talk about the video, ask questions, give comments, and request additional information from the content creator. 3. 4. 5. 6. Effectively Choosing a Social Media Channel. There are so many incredible social media channels from which to choose.

Effectively Choosing a Social Media Channel

Of all of them, one will stand out above the rest and will be the most effective of all for your business. Choosing is easier than you think. Many business people today are very busy. The Social Media monsters – leave the unnecessary bits behind : The Social media monsters – leave the unnecessary bits out. Posted by Ellie Selby on Friday, October 12, 2012 · 1 Comment This year began with us all getting excited about the world of Social media and what it was bringing; Google + was taking off – or falling flat – whichever you decide, whilst we were all thinking – do we really need another one?

The Social Media monsters – leave the unnecessary bits behind : The Social media monsters – leave the unnecessary bits out

3 Content Mistakes that are Killing Your Social Media Department. "Content marketing" is the latest buzzword.

3 Content Mistakes that are Killing Your Social Media Department

But content has been a part of marketing for years. Companies like Coca-Cola have been using content-driven marketing for as long as anyone can remember. Online, it's the Achilles's Heel of almost tactic you can think of. Common social media mistakes and how to avoid them. Whilst using Social Media is an effective marketing strategy for most businesses, implementing them isn’t always that easy as some people believed to be.

Common social media mistakes and how to avoid them

There have been so many people that have fallen to so many social media fails because of some notable mistakes and it is very alarming to see more people keep doing the same mistakes. This article aims to give you a heads up on the common social media mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. No Social Media Marketing Strategy This is the most common mistake that everyone keeps on doing, especially those startups. Top Tips: 9 Recommendations And Reminders To Boost Your Social-Media Success   Finding social-media advice online is as easy as finding cars in a parking lot.

Which is to say, there are plenty of gurus and experts hoping to teach you how to maximize your potential and rack up huge numbers of followers and fans. But – despite their expertise and savvy – the best advice is usually just common sense. To that end, we’ve compiled 9 common sense tips to help you become a more successful and effective social-media marketer. Respond: Answer questions, thank people even if it’s just a few words.

5 Better Ways to Network on Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media was once described as a professional cocktail hour—a way to connect, share, and interact with others beyond the confines of your cubicle. But now, it feels more like an epic college kegger; the kind where you find yourself wandering in a sea of red cups, the clamor of rowdy partygoers drowning out any real conversation and eliminating the chance to forge relationships that don’t involve 3 AM tacos.