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Hot & Cold Weather Tricks

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DIY Crampons Give Feet Traction In Ice & Snow. 5 Unusual Ways To Keep Warm In A Cold House. Welcome Weather Channel viewers!

5 Unusual Ways To Keep Warm In A Cold House

This morning I did another 58 Degree Challenge interview on The Weather Channel. I talked about how my family stays toasty warm in snowy Ohio with our daytime thermostat set at 58 degrees (F). Here are five ways we stay warm in a cold house. 1. 9 Habits To Keep Warm During Winter. 7 Tips For Shoveling Snow. This winter there’s no business!

7 Tips For Shoveling Snow

Like snow business! Like snow business I know! Hey, I’m just trying to lighten the mood since we we broke snow and cold records this winter. 14 Basic Things To Have In Your Car In Winter Part 1. Growing up near the Cleveland snow belt on Lake Erie has its advantages.

14 Basic Things To Have In Your Car In Winter Part 1

Starting with the first snowfall of the year, the local weather people constantly remind you what emergency items to carry in your car for winter in case you got stuck in the snow (or more likely, get stuck in the mud after the snow melts.) Prompted by the latest snow storm and my car accident last week, I’m spreading the word on what to have your car during winter snow emergencies. You probably already have most of the items on the list. How to Survive Falling Through Ice: An Illustrated Guide. If you live in a place where snowy and icy winters are the norm, you know the dangers of falling through the ice.

How to Survive Falling Through Ice: An Illustrated Guide

And this guide is especially pertinent for those areas of the country where freezing weather only visits sporadically. When frigid temps descend for a short time upon a location that’s not used to seeing them, people, especially children, are apt to go out exploring their neighborhood ponds and reservoirs. As you can imagine, this creates a danger because the cold weather hasn’t been around long enough to create ice strong enough to walk on. Make Your Own Storm Windows - Do It Yourself. Tired of your single-pane and leaky windows, but can’t afford to replace them?

Make Your Own Storm Windows - Do It Yourself

Here’s an easy way to dramatically improve the performance of your windows and reduce damaging condensation without spending much money: Make removable interior storm windows using wood casing, window film, and foam tape. First, acquire some wood-trim molding. BubbleWrap Window Insulation. Search The Renewable Energy site for Do-It-Yourselfers Installation Cut the bubble wrap to the size of the window pane with scissors.

BubbleWrap Window Insulation

Spray a film of water on the window using a spray bottle. Apply the bubble wrap while the window is still wet and press it into place. Cheap/Free Window Insulation. Bubble glazing Whenever financial aspects take precedence - availability of resources seems to be a disincentive for progress in sustainability and conservation.

Cheap/Free Window Insulation

When we can afford more – we simply waste more, without even admitting for consideration that Earth is a system of limited resources. The opposite direction on the other hand – aiming to improve quality of life while accepting severe limits to every resource including money – seems to be one of the greatest incentives for creativity and innovation. It is a part of human nature – we don’t even begin to invent things unless we really need them and we don’t think about ways of conserving resources unless their supply becomes limited. Bubble glazing idea emerged from a pressing need to become more comfortable in winter combined with severe budget restrictions. Double glazing is expensive, heavy and does not really represent a good value for money. For details please read the full article. Cheap Thermal Curtains From Used Materials. Living Published on March 8th, 2010 | by ziggy Windows are very frequently a source of lost heat in your home.

Cheap Thermal Curtains From Used Materials

Older homes may suffer from only having single-paned windows, which lose a large amount of heat, and even newer double-paned insulated windows lack enough insulation against cold winter temperatures and wind. Stop Ice Build Up On House Windows. It is cold.

Stop Ice Build Up On House Windows

So cold in fact that I am sitting on the couch, with a blanket on my legs and a scarf around my neck. It is so cold that there is ice forming on the inside of all our windows and doors. Yes, on the INSIDE. If anyone wants to know where all the glaciers have gone they are on the bottom of my windows. When we first discovered this last week we thought all of our windows and doors would need replacing. Weatherize This: Draft Stoppers. Velour Pant Door Cozy. Anuary is typically a month of bundling up and just staying warm.

Velour Pant Door Cozy

The heater's on high but you still aren't quite sure how to save yourself from turning into a popsicle. Stop the draft! Keep the cold Winter draft out with a door snake at the bottom of your door. Cool Water + Pipes + Fan = DIY AC. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you an apartment with no air conditioning, you grab some supplies and make your own air conditioner.

A clever Flickr user did just that and documented his project with annotated pictures. Starting off with a regular oscillating tabletop fan, he wrapped copper tubing in a spiral around the front and back of the fan. Flexible plastic tubing connects the copper coils to the reservoir below so that the fan can still oscillate.