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Bonne journee _yw.h. Twitter To Offer 70M Shares Priced At $17-$20 Per Share To Raise Up To $1.4B In IPO (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch) Discover Audio Greatness. 정보격차해소지원사업 상세보기. AutoSEO. Felt Pro. Make a beautiful visual story. In minutes. Free demographics classifications, lifestyles and social grades listings, acorn 2003 profiles, uk population percentages. #Launch - Community of designers, devleopers, & entrepreneurs. One Month Python. If you have a project or a business you want to build, now is the time.

One Month Python

Does it drive you crazy not to be able to build your own landing pages, splash pages, and interactive features? Are you still trying to find the perfect developer to make your project a reality? It’s time to stop waiting. Scenery for Mac – showcase your designs with premium mockup templates. Mobile Design Patterns. Outsource your code tasks directly from Trello - CodersClan. Secret revealed: inside the most scandalous social network. Late on a Saturday evening in San Francisco, at a party filled with tech workers, people keep retreating to odd corners to stare at their phones.

Secret revealed: inside the most scandalous social network

This happens at every party these days, of course, but what’s different here is that the partygoers are all staring at, and talking about, an app called Secret. Lately it’s been topic number one among Silicon Valley tech workers, venture capitalists, and the media who cover them. CrunchBase Daily. Url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=21&ved=0CBsQFjAAOBQ&url= US Average Hourly Earnings. Median income is on the rise ... finally! - Aug. 20, 2014.

Median household income has been on the rise for the past three years, climbing 3.8% to $53,891 in June, according to newly released data by Sentier Research.

Median income is on the rise ... finally! - Aug. 20, 2014

It's yet another indication that the economic recovery is taking hold. But Americans have yet to fully heal from the Great Recession, which officially ended five years ago. Median income remains 3.1% below its June 2009 level of $55,589. That's in large part because unemployment remained high in the early years of the recovery, according to Sentier. How much are you worth? Average revenue per user at Google, Facebook and Twitter. Why 1% of search market share is worth over $1 Billion.

ComScore released their April 2007 search market share numbers showing that Google increased its market share lead to about 50%. Yahoo has about 27%, Microsoft 10%, AOL 5%, and has 5%. That got me thinking. Should AOL and Ask just give up...hopelessly behind with only 5% market share? In a word...NO! Each 1% of market share is worth at least $1 Billion in market cap. Google has run away with the web search market and almost no one is chasing. Search represents the largest digital advertising market—almost $50 billion last year globally, according to PwC, compared to just $34 billion for display ads—and is growing roughly 10% a year.

Google has run away with the web search market and almost no one is chasing

But Google so thoroughly dominates the search industry that few are even bothering to challenge it anymore. Mobile-BI-Market-Study-2012-Dresner-Advisory-Services.pdf. Wisdom-of-Crowds-long. Soll,%20Mannes,%20Larrick%202011.pdf. Number of Internet Users (2014) Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today (view all on a page ).

Number of Internet Users (2014)

In 1995, it was less than 1%. The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013. The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014. Yahoo, Bing Beat Google in Search Success Rate. A Google search might not be your best bet if you want to find what you’re looking for online, new data suggests.

Yahoo, Bing Beat Google in Search Success Rate

Even though 66 percent of all searches in July were conducted using Google’s search engine, more than 80 percent of searches conducted on both Yahoo and Bing were successful, compared to only 68 percent of Google searches. Experian Hitwise, the online competitive intelligence company that released the figures last Thursday, defines a successful search as one that results in a person actually clicking through to a Web site. The report comes just weeks after a debate between tech experts about whether or not Microsoft should sell Bing. Columnists at The New York Times wrote that Bing has become a “distraction for the software giant” considering Bing and sites it powers such as Yahoo only control about 27 percent of the U.S. market. The Experian Hitwise report says that July was the third straight month that Bing-powered searches increased. Group SNS: BAND Surpasses 40 Million Accumulated Downloads. Camp Mobile, a subsidiary of Naver Corporation, announced on Jan. 20 that its social networking mobile application for groups, BAND, has surpassed 40 million accumulated downloads as of January this year, only 28 months after it was first launched.

Group SNS: BAND Surpasses 40 Million Accumulated Downloads

In particular, its number of monthly active users (MAU) amounted to 16 million, meaning nearly 40 percent of those who downloaded the service actually use it, the company stressed. The figure exceeds the average rate of MAU in the social networking services, which is 30 percent. These high and growing numbers indicate that the mobile application for groups is also capable of having sustained growth, Camp Mobile explained.

BAND started its service as a social networking mobile application for groups, mainly users’ friends, families, and acquaintances, in August 2012. It has now become a mobile community based on user hobbies and interests. Men Are Now Pinterest’s Fastest-Growing Demographic. The men are coming to Pinterest.

Men Are Now Pinterest’s Fastest-Growing Demographic

How BranchOut Hit The Tipping Point and Grew From 1M to 5.5M Actives In 2 Months. At the start of 2012 BranchOut had just 1 million monthly active users.

How BranchOut Hit The Tipping Point and Grew From 1M to 5.5M Actives In 2 Months

Then the professional networking app hired a dedicated growth team, launched a mobile web app, and hit the network effect tipping point. According to AppData, by February it had 2.7 million MAU. Now the Facebook-based BranchOut is blowing up, riding the employment needs of blue-collar workers past the 10 million registration mark to reach 5.5 million MAU, half from overseas. 모바일 컨텐츠 이야기. 중국스케치중국경제전자뉴스중국여행중국문화중국핸드폰중국네비게이션블랙박스자동차IT제품부품공급. The Secret to Making Board Meetings Suck Less - First Round Review.

“When I was a young entrepreneur, board meetings were by far the worst days of my life,” says Jeff Bonforte, the veteran company-builder who just sold his latest, Xobni, to Yahoo.

The Secret to Making Board Meetings Suck Less - First Round Review

“Board meetings are the height of insecurity for a CEO. Basically it’s a group of people who can both judge you and fire you based on that judgment.” He’s had his fair share of bad experiences. At his first company, iDrive, he'd find himself every quarter standing in front of the room, sweating bullets, struggling to get through his meticulously-prepared slides. “It was a mess,” he says. This shift in philosophy has shaped the way Bonforte has handled his board members and meetings ever since. Behance. Quarterly Trend Report - Q.1 2015 Edition. TRENDBIRD Quarterly Report (SiliconValley VC Funding Report) - Q1. 2015 Edition Released ! LookNook. Watch Product Videos of Most Important Tech Products. Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers. Ultimate Bundle. Haystack - Business cards, without the paper. BuzzFeed Advertise: Content Worth Sharing. Designresearchtechniques. STUDY: Pinterest Tops Facebook In Shopping Engagement.

As Facebook enters the ecommerce game, a new study shows that it still has work to do to catch up with Pinterest. According to statistics from Bizrate Insights, 69 percent of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve bought or wanted to buy, compared with 40 percent of Facebook users. Pinterest has proven to be a more reliable ecommerce conversation starter than the social network. The study also found that an overwhelming percentage of people visit Pinterest over Facebook to get purchasing inspiration: 70 percent of people said they went to Pinterest for this purpose, compared with only 17 percent for Facebook. Other interesting statistics: Pinning? Bet You're Doing It on Mobile. July 22, 2014 |Social Media eMarketer estimates that 40.1 million US consumers will use Pinterest via any device at least monthly this year—and based on recent data, it’s likely that most of this activity will take place on mobile.

According to Q2 2014 research by ShareThis, US internet users logging on to Pinterest via mobile were three times more likely to pin than desktop users. Three-quarters of Pinterest sharing took place on a mobile device. In comparison, Facebook—which claimed the overwhelming majority of all social shares—saw just over half conducted via smartphone or tablet. How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices? For years, I’ve been referring to my own research and observations on mobile device use, which indicate that people grasp their mobile phones in many ways—not always one handed.

But some of my data was getting very old, so included a lot of information about hardware input methods using keyboard- and keypad-driven devices that accommodate the limited reach of fingers or thumbs. These old mobile phones differ greatly from the touchscreen devices that many are now using. Modern Mobile Phones Are Different. How to design for thumbs in the Era of Huge Screens - Scott Hurff. Responsive Navigation: Optimizing for Touch Across Devices. As more diverse devices embrace touch as a primary input method, it may be time to revisit navigation standards on the Web. How can a navigation menu be designed to work across a wide range of touch screen sizes? Touch Target Sizes. People interact with touch-based user interfaces with their fingers. iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Icon and Image Sizes.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Icon and Image Sizes. How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices? Swiftlab. Alooma - modern data plumbing. Treeline. 100+ Top Apps for Private Chat (iPhone/iPad) Because you searched for download android free private chat apps, meet new people apps, android talk to people apps, chatting with people apps, chatting with friends apps, keeping in touch apps, android market free social network games, android market free make friends apps, android send private apps, iphone voice chat apps, connecting with friends apps, make new friends apps, staying connected games, ipad free social networking apps, free talk to my friends apps, wasting time apps, iphone free free chat apps, android people nearby apps, android market free public chat apps, iphone social media apps, android market keeping in touch with friends apps, #1.

Top 33 Free Bookmarking Apps - 1 to 33 based on popularity. Make Beautiful Presentations. Flinto – iPhone, iPad and Android Prototyping. Personapp. Product Hunt. Ui Parade – User interface design inspiration & design tools. Flat UI Design - A showcase of the best examples of the flat UI design aesthetic on the web. FREEBIE.SUPPLY. Master iOS Design. Master iOS Design is unlike any other iPhone design course you will come across. While most courses just jump straight into Photoshop or Sketch, Master iOS Design starts with the fundamentals of design.

As the course progresses you will start to see how these different design principles get applied across a number of different applications. World Internet Users Statistics and 2014 World Population Stats. Seed is the new Series A, but who's supporting founders pre-launch? What Seed Financing Is For. Marc Andreessen posted a tweetstorm last week and he talked about how to think about seed financings and how they lead into Series A and Series B rounds.

Series A is a Moving Target. Increasing Seed Valuations Exacerbate ‘Series A Crunch’ 4Q 2014 U.S. Venture Industry Report. Increasing Seed Valuations Exacerbate ‘Series A Crunch’ The Seed Valley of Death: Caught Between $19B and Series A Crunch. Startup Data: Going From Seed to Series A. Startup Data: Going From Seed to Series A. Difference Between Seed Funding & Early-Stage Funding. The Minimum Size Seed Round to Maximize Series A Follow On Investment. The Official Definitions of Seed, Series A, and Series B Rounds. Why Startups Should Raise a Seed Round vs. Starting with Series A - The View From Seed.

For Y Combinator Startups, the Average Series A Round in 2014 is 5X Larger Than in 2008. Apply to Y Combinator. 아이디어·열정만 있으면 공간·네트워크가 열린다. ToDoop. How much equity does a VC take when funding a startup? - Ask Dave Taylor. 로켓펀치 - 스타트업 백과사전. Software Innovation: Why document management? 번거로운 백업은 그만, ‘드롭박스’_뉴스타파 박대용 기자. Online Demographics & Use - Statistics and market Data. 지니의 취업블로그. Free Mobile App UI PSD Files. 스타트업,벤처,소기업 승승 클럽. Web Resources To Improve Productivity - Business Insider. BeSUCCESS - Korea's Leading Tech/Startup Media. Startup Alliance. 2015. 미래창조과학부 소관 2015년 ICT분야 R&D지원사업. AngelList - Invest in startups online.

Untitled. How to bookmark your website using stumbleupon - Tutorial video. Top Sites in United States.