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Illustratori (siti, portfoli, ecc.)

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Zuppa di Vetro: Una selezione di fumetti e illustrazioni di 63 autori diversi (alcune illustrazioni sono NSFW) Chaz Digital Craftsman. Laura Callaghan – WeTransfer This Works. Off the back of a number of big-name commissions and a brilliant solo show in London, the Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan is very much in-demand.

Laura Callaghan – WeTransfer This Works

But her seemingly stellar rise has been built on huge talent, hard work and a few odd jobs along the way. For a short time she worked in the accounts department of a biscuit factory (the free biscuits were a let-down she says, but it did stand her in good stead for the financial side of her freelance career). Later she was illustration editor for Oh Comely magazine, a position that opened up her appreciation for visual styles that differed from her own.

“Part of the role was keeping an eye on what my peers were doing, but also discovering new illustrators to work with, so I found the work of lots of illustrators from further afield than the UK and the US which I might not have encountered organically. “The house style of Oh Comely was quite muted, tactile and hand drawn – not really the kind of work I was drawn to at that time. Sketchbook Portugal – Christoph Niemann. Behance. Sozosuru. Julian Opie. Vibrant Mad Men-Like Paintings. Moebius - Jean Giraud [Tribute to] on Pinterest. Lisa Milroy. Cactus Design Studio. Drophead Characters Mc heads - Mcdonald's Awards: Grand Prix Crystal Award / Press / McDonald's Crystal Apple Festival of Creativity Gold Cyrstal Apple / Press / Retail Category - McDonald's Gold Cyrstal Apple / Press / Promotion Category - McDonald's Advertising agency, city: Leo Burnett - Istanbul Art director: Çağlar Cengiz Copywriter: Yavuzhan Gel Creative director: Emrah Akay, Oktar Akın Designer: Alev Yentur Illustrator: Bülent Gültek Account Director / Manager: Aysu Sildir, Selika Ozcan Idea: At McDonald’s, you pay less for your McChicken or Big Mac between 12:00 am to 3:00 p.m.

Cactus Design Studio

Birmılyonneden tvc (2) I created the designs of the human characters and illustrated them. Birmılyonneden tvc (1) - coca cola hanzo paper puppet Hanzo is the Turkish fantastic movie character. Hanzo paper puppet and the pack. Mies Comes To California. Christoph Niemann (@abstractsunday) Igor Morski – Art. The Design Blog - Design Inspiration. Romain Trystram's Portfolio. Behance. See the shortlisted artworks for the World Illustration Awards 2015. I Love Doodle. WORK : Minjae Lee. Gli Amanti: la surreale pornografia di Marion Fayolle - Organiconcrete. Paula Sanz Caballero. Mehdi Ghadyanloo on Behance. Vesa Sammalisto. Mesmerizing sketches of Sébastien Del Grosso — FEARLESS EYES. Geometric on Behance. Le illustrazioni di Adam Quest. Ben Tallon charts the highs and lows of being a professional illustrator.

La vita di due anziani, in un libro per ragazzi. Behance. Le geniali illustrazioni interattive di David Troquier. Ralph Steadman. P o r t f o l i o s. Illustrazioni satiriche di Pawel Kuczynski. Sam peet illustration. Le illustrazioni dal gusto retrò di James Gilleard. Proseguiamo il nostro affascinante viaggio nel mondo dell’illustrazione.

Le illustrazioni dal gusto retrò di James Gilleard

Oggi parliamo di James Gilleard autore eclettica che, ispirandosi ai fumetti pulp, all’architettura, alla fotografia, alla musica e alla moda degli anni ’50, ’60 e ’70 crea illustrazioni digitali e animazioni dal gusto retrò, atmosfere oniriche e una precisa scelta stilistica fanno dei suoi lavori una notevole fonte creativa. La ricercatezza, la massima cura e l’eleganza del suo tratto gli hanno permesso di lavorare per l’animazione, la pubblicità, l’illustrazione editoriale e quella web. Liesje A. Kraai. Robin Davey. Stanley Chow: illustrazioni pop. Mag 26 2014 18EmailShare Nato e cresciuto a Manchester, Stanley Chow ha iniziato progettando volantini e manifesti.

Stanley Chow: illustrazioni pop

Con gli anni, poi, è diventato un illustratore acclamato conteso nei settori del design, dell’editoria e della pubblicità. Patrick Hruby. Lee Hasler - Isometric illustrations. Stephanie Swart. Tom Radclyffe. You use a very restricted set of materials and techniques, how and why did you arrive at that approach?

Tom Radclyffe

I was never really sure what was the best medium for me to work with. I used to work a lot with very tight hand-written type, and I struggled with how to translate that intensity into my drawings. I found that working with Sharpie markers was really interesting: because they bleed I had to force myself to work a little quicker and accept mistakes. Who inspires you? Visually, Piranesi and Hugh Ferriss are two major influences. What’s hanging on your walls? Mould, unfortunately. Where do you hope to be in a years time?

Working on something interesting. Luis Pastor. Patrick Vale. 10 tavole di "Quaderni ucraini" Illustrations by Owen Davey. Owen Davey est un illustrateur anglais basé à Leicester.

Illustrations by Owen Davey

L’artiste a déjà une très belle carrière derrière lui. Il a travaillé avec de prestigieux clients comme Lego, Wired Magazine, ou encore Microsoft. On lui confie un style assez proche de son homonyme Robin Davey, des couleurs très prononcées soulignent un flat design remarquable. Lucinda Schreiber. Scott Park Illustration. Twicr: These animal robots by @scottparkillustration are adorable, but they are just as likely to rise up against their human masters.

Scott Park Illustration

Nice shout out from This Week In Creepy Robots! ( @twicr ). Thanks! (Source: Another new Officially Licensed piece for Dark Ink, this time with a tribute to the world’s greatest Lion related robot team; Voltron. Limited edition prints available at Dark Ink! Mattias Adolfsson on Behance. Jessica Taylor.


Spagna. Francia. Germania. Scandinavia. Craig Frazier. Noma Bar. Oriente. Film.