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Illustrazioni fatte di una sola linea: Differantly. I libri vincitori del BolognaRagazzi Award 2016. Sono stati scelti i vincitori dei BolognaRagazzi Award, i premi che ogni anno dal 1966 vengono assegnati da una giuria internazionale alla Fiera del libro per ragazzi, che quest’anno si terrà da lunedì 4 a giovedì 7 aprile.

I libri vincitori del BolognaRagazzi Award 2016

I titoli in concorso erano 1.448 e provenivano da 43 paesi diversi. I membri della giuria sono l’illustratrice e grafica italiana Silvana Amato, la giornalista francese Claude Combet, l’autore belga Wally De Doncker, presidente dell’International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), l’illustratore italiano Emiliano Ponzi (che ha anche un blog sul Post) e la consulente editoriale brasiliana Dolores Prades. 8 huge illustration trends for 2016. Whether you're just learning how to draw, working on some new Illustrator tutorials or already a pro when it comes to drawing, there are some big things in store for the illustration world in 2016.

8 huge illustration trends for 2016

For a long time photography has held sway over the illustrated image, but for a variety of reasons – cultural, technological, finanical – the pendulum seems to have swung back and illustration is in demand again. So, what do you need to know? Here are a few well-placed predictions of things that will become or remain relevant in 2016... 01. 3D illustration. Le figure dei libri » Blog Archive » Che cosa è “lo stile”. Gli stili dell’illustrazione. parte 2/2. Perché partecipare @ Adobe Illustrator UGI Live Meeting? Siamo stati a Milano oggi, ospiti Naba e del team Illustrator User Group Italia.

Perché partecipare @ Adobe Illustrator UGI Live Meeting?

Movie Covers Hilariously Recreated With Clip Art And Comic Sans. In a post that will probably piss designers off, Buzzfeed invited its readers to recreate popular movie covers—using nothing but clip art and Comic Sans.

Movie Covers Hilariously Recreated With Clip Art And Comic Sans

The outcome is a series of badly designed, yet humorous movie covers, that will either make you laugh out loud or shake your head in disgust. Check them out below: [via Buzzfeed] Receive interesting stories like this one in your inbox. The photorealistic vector artwork of Yukio Miyamoto using Adobe Illustrator. Masters > Yukio Miyamoto All Tutorial Text & Images - Copyright © 2011 KHI, Inc.

The photorealistic vector artwork of Yukio Miyamoto using Adobe Illustrator

If you have never used an airbrush, you will probably be way ahead of the game when approaching the use of Adobe Illustrator's "Gradient Mesh Tool" for the first time. I have found it to be one of the most frustratingly time consuming and counterintuitive computer drawing tools. This is especially true when compared to Photoshop's "Paintbrush Tool, which is very similar to an actual airbrush in its operation and use. Some intrepid artists however, seem to take to Illustrator's Gradient tool quite well. 3 life lessons from iconic illustrator Tomi Ungerer. It's day two of OFFSET festival here in Dublin and proceedings kicked off with a rare treat.

3 life lessons from iconic illustrator Tomi Ungerer

Irish illustrator Steve Simpson sat down in conversation with iconic artist Tomi Ungerer to talk about his life's work, growing up in poverty and where he gets his inspiration. In between stories of his parents, growing up during World War 2 and why his books were banned in America, Ungerer gave some special insights into his creative process. Rising to fame and winning awards for both his children's books and his erotic adult illustrations, the France born creative rightly received a standing ovation. Here's some of our favourite snippets from the insightful interview. 01. "Curiousity is what fuels passion and creativity," says Ungerer. 02. "If you only practise one style of illustration, you're not using your full potential," he continues. 03. Moving from digital to traditional art. How crazy would you think it to learn that many artists are jumping off the commercial merry-go-round to find a lucrative living in the Fine Art world?

Moving from digital to traditional art

This goes against everything we learned growing up, but it's a life change happening for a growing number of creatives. There was a time, a bit before most of us, that people painted flowers on their faces, called themselves 'hippies', and just about everyone was creative. It was called the '60s and '70s. Its creativity, booming economy, and low cost of living afforded tens of thousands the option to live the artist's life, at least for a time.

Move into traditional art with new mag Practical Painter Though the hippie era faded, by the late '80s we saw a boom in commercial art and magazine production. But in the last half decade we have seen the economy go the other way, taking both the advertising and publishing industries with it. Le copertine del New Yorker di Adrian Tomine. I poster cinematografici di John Alvin. Getting lippy: the making of this colourful vector image. Andreas' penchant for compositions of real and imagined objects attracted the attention of The London Magazine.

Getting lippy: the making of this colourful vector image

A cosmetics illustration project soon followed for its beauty section, depicting eight different lipsticks. The art director for The London Magazine saw my work exhibited in the Outline Artists (my illustration agency) room at Somerset House during the Pick Me Up 2014 festival in April. He got in touch with my agent and mentioned a couple of new pieces of my work in which I'd created illustrative compositions out of real and imagined objects so that they formed messages – typographic still life, if you will.

I'd begun to incorporate cosmetics into some of these illustrations and I guess The London Magazine saw an opportunity for an editorial piece. They asked me to create a full double-page spread illustration in a similar style for the beauty section of a forthcoming issue, depicting eight specific lipsticks. 01. 02. Video by jimtheillustrator. L'amore negli occhi... on Behance. Most recent projects on Behance. Artists pay Tribute to Robin Williams. Artists Around The World Pay Tribute To Robin Williams With Wonderful Artworks.

‎ Creative Types From Manolo Blahnik to Milton Glaser on Their Favorite Writing and Drawing Instruments. Cartoni pendolari. L’illustratore britannico (il cui vero nome è Joe Butcher) sfrutta il tempo che passa ogni giorno sul treno in maniera creativa.

Cartoni pendolari

Rurubu on Behance. World Cup Players Illustrations. Rafael Mayani nous offre une superbe illustration réalisée pour mettre en avant plusieurs stars de football participant à la Coupe du Monde 2014.

World Cup Players Illustrations

Un poster réunissant avec talent Messi, Drogba ou CR7 disponible à la vente pour 18$ à découvrir dans la suite. The Advert Seeker. In the advertising system probabily what really interest is how the ad are done. But you know who or how they did it? I think that today there’s nothing that cannot pass through the program of Adobe family like Photoshop or Illustrator, and Adobe knows it. So they have create a print campaign titled “Welcome to Cannes,” created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners where features some of the world’s most awarded and respected advertising illuminati and all of these figure create his own design that will be displayed right smack-dab at the entrance of the Palais in the entry point for over 12,000 attendees for this event. Check the Alex Trochut, Fernanda Romano, PJ Pereira, Erik Kallman, Mike Ebeling, Jeff Benjamin creative scene and also the video of all the people that are inside the project and see their protfolio!

So here “The new creatives are here ” series of ad by Adobe and also the video! Cartoline da Google Street View. Illustrazioni grafiche e nuove idee di design dalla Rete. Soon - How to make a comic (work in progress) Creative Affordable Art Portraits. This week, I had my picture taken so I started thinking about portraits… here are some fun portraits that I like created by members of Society6′s artist community. Which one is your favorite? Opal art print by Michael Shapcott Portrait by Jenny Meilihove Portrait by Jean-François Dupuis Portrait by Dusty Slate. L'identità di Milano. Colorful Portraits of Musicians. Tuna Bora, une illustratrice basée à Los Angeles, a fait une série de portraits de musiciens haute en couleurs.

De la scène pop, on retrouve Daft Punk, Björk, Blood Orange, St. Vincent, Lorde, Jack White, Julian Casablancas, Santogold et bien d’autres. Toutes ses illustrations sont disponibles dans la suite de l’article. Daft Punk. Julian Casablancas. Dev Hynes – Blood Orange. Girls on Behance. 24K on Behance. MSTRFNG.

Illustratori (siti, portfoli, ecc.)