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Social Bookmarking Explained by Common Craft (VIDEO)

Social Bookmarking Explained by Common Craft (VIDEO)
It's just too much. Did you know that there are over 15 billion web pages? To make sense of it all, we need to pluck out the best pages and save them for later. We have choices. We could bookmark or add to favorites in our web browser. There's a new way that doesn't use a browser. We'll focus on three things: How to get started with bookmarking, how bookmarks are organized by tags, and why this kind of bookmarking is social. First, go to to sign up for a free account. Consider this example, you are a teacher who often uses the web to find math lessons for 8th graders. Here's what happens when you tag a site: a new window opens and asks for more information. When you save a page like this, two things happen. Let's fast forward two months to make our second point: Why tags are so important. To find all your sites about algebra, you click the algebra tag, and voila, one hundred becomes three. Think about your fellow teachers. Think about it this way.

Classroom Collaboration Using Social Bookmarking Service Diigo Key Takeaways Social bookmarking websites enhance and improve the learning experience by encouraging group collaboration and making organizing and saving web resources faster and easier for students. Social bookmarking services offer greater scope for research, integration, and collaboration compared to the more traditional bookmarking applications such as browsers, which offer limited functionality. Among social bookmarking services, Diigo has features and functions that make it useful for the classroom, giving instructors tools for setting up groups of students, highlighting key information, and commenting. Classroom collaboration is an area that benefits directly from today's Internet experience in that students can develop their potential for learning by becoming more actively involved. Traditional Bookmarking Teachers and students routinely use the Internet for archiving, organizing, and sharing information associated with their research and in collaboration with others on projects.

Social Bookmarking Definition and Benefits Updated December 16, 2014. What is Social Bookmarking?: Have you ever e-mailed a friend or family member and sent them a link to a website you thought they might find interesting? If so, you have participated in social bookmarking. What is social bookmarking? What Can Social Bookmarking Do For Me? Not only can you save your favorite websites and send them to your friends, but you can also look at what other people have found interesting enough to tag. continue reading below our video Play Video You can even search through what people have bookmarked by typing in what you are looking for in the search tool. What is Social News? Websites like Digg, Reddit and Propeller focus on social bookmarking of news-related items such as politics, sports, technology, etc. Social news sites are different from standard social bookmarking sites by focusing on specific articles and blog posts rather than websites. How Can I Benefit From Social Bookmarking?

5 Ways to Use Social Bookmarking in the Classroom | Edugeek Too much information is a common complaint heard from students and teachers in regards to conducting research online. Teachers do not have the luxury of limitless time to allow students to work through the clutter online in order to find the best information. Students do not have the patience to work through less than stellar websites and often settle for what they find first. Social bookmarking presents a way to organize the “good” information we do find online and have it readily accessible for when we need it. Delicious being one of the more commonly used social bookmarking sites offers a clean interface and organization method. While social bookmarking is nothing new using it in the classroom is not readily undertaken. 1) moreabout tags – Most social bookmarking sites utilize tagging to organize and identify links. 2) link show and tell – In my experience, students who enjoy being online want to tell others about what they did and found on the Internet. Like this: Like Loading...