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Weaving information. W&W03. Untitled. Wool - Tribulations of Hand Spinning and Herbal Dyeing: Peg Looming Raw Fleece Mats at Fernhill Farm. How Double Weave Works. As if the ability to weave cloth weren’t exciting enough, what about weaving two layers of cloth at the same time?

How Double Weave Works

Weaving double cloth is a challenge that brings out the adventurous spirit in many weavers: once you try it, there is no end to the “what ifs: you can explore. In this post, I will focus on examining how the double cloth weave structure works, using the example of a four-shaft double weave. What is double cloth weave? The fundamental principle of the double cloth weave is very simple. To weave a layer of plain weave cloth, you need two shafts threaded alternately.

Threading My preferred threading therefore looks like this: The important points to note are: We alternate the threading, taking one end from each layer in turn.Shafts 1 & 2 carry one layer, shafts 3 & 4 carry the other. You can test the second point by lifting shafts 1 & 2: you should be able to separate the two layers completely. Sett Tie-up Treadling. Woodyarn: How to keep track of your weaving? At the moment I'm using my table loom.

Woodyarn: How to keep track of your weaving?

This warp is on 8 shafts. The deflected double weaving has so many possibilities. I've made lots of drafts to weave. Weaving Calculations — Plain Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom. Weaving calculations — a PITA or a necessary evil?

Weaving Calculations — Plain Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Fear not, my young Padawan, for I will do my best to show you a methodical way of keeping your project & mind (mostly) organized so that you can fly through the calculations quickly & accurately and onto the fun stuff–weaving! Since many new weavers start out on a non-harness loom, such as a rigid heddle loom, I will focus today’s math drama on Plain Weave aka Tabby aka Balanced Plain Weave. This post may seem long, but I am attempting to share my thought-process on how I would tackle this project, so think of it as WWKD (what would kibbles do?). Pick a project. Well, duh! To the left, you can see I’ve wrapped some sock yarn around a ruler for an inch. Deciding which rigid heddle size to use: There are many dent sizes of rigid heddles to choose from; however, you may have only one or two available…that’s ok, too. Length of project desired + any fringe + loom waste + shrinkage 72″ + 0″ + 10″= 82″ — the first three of the above list.

Weaving Charts. C u r i o u s w e a v e r. Meubles - Tissages. Leigh's Fiber Journal: How to Lash On a Warp. By Leigh So here I am, warping my jack loom once again, after months of abandoning it for my new countermarche.

Leigh's Fiber Journal: How to Lash On a Warp

Why am I doing this after all my praises for the countermarche system? Well, I am wanting to see if I can get a better warp, better shed, and better weaving, incorporating everything I've learned about looms lately. Several weeks ago, I discussed the pros and cons of lashing versus tying a new warp onto the front apron rod. With this next warp, I'm going to use the lashing on method. After the warp in wound on and threaded, I go to the front of the loom and trim the warp so that it is fairly even. The warp is knotted in one inch groups. Before I begin lashing, I do two things. First I support the front apron rod as shown on the left, using two 12 inch rulers. The second thing I do is to make sure that the apron cords are centered in relation to how they wind onto the cloth beam. The lashing cord needs to be about 9 to 10 times the width of the warp.

"Don't agonize. Rigid Heddle Weaving. Women Weavers, Web Weavers. Throughout history women have used craft work as an outlet for their creativity.

Women Weavers, Web Weavers

Often deprived by domestic circumstances of education and work, they turned to craft, and particularly needlecraft, to express their creative energies. Simple household objects such as quilts and tablecloths were made into beautiful objects women could be proud of. And women's lives and women's narratives were often stitched into these textiles. Simple crafts have often been the poor relation of the more mainstream art forms, and now Web weaving is seen in a similar way: a Web artist isn't a "real" artist, a Web writer isn't a "real" writer.

Now, women working on the Web have more than a passing sisterhood with those craftswomen of the past. "Who can foresee the consequences of such an invention? Sadie Plant Sadie Plant has written in her essay The Future Loom: Weaving Women and Cybernetics and her book Zeros and Ones about the parallels between digital practices and the making of textiles. Midwinter Yarns. Living Crafts Blog » Blog Archive » Soul Crafts: An Earth Loom in the Garden.

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Inspiring weavers. Saori. What happens when you’re given a Mirrix Loom?