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Weave Truth with Trust – whole cloth. I’ve seen weavers tackle all kinds of interesting materials.

Weave Truth with Trust – whole cloth

Beyond the traditional linen, wool, silk, or cotton, you can find weavers creating fabrics from paper, wood, metal, and more. Warping Doesn’t Have to Be Scary! Weave-Along Color-and-Weave Warping Tips. As I hoped, the color-and-weave pattern for this weave-along has already generated lots of discussion about warping.

Warping Doesn’t Have to Be Scary! Weave-Along Color-and-Weave Warping Tips

For those who are still newish weavers, don’t let all these geeky details overwhelm you. Take what you need and leave the rest. Think of these weave-alongs as an interactive pattern instead of a class. The Facebook and Ravelry groups are there for you to pop in and ask questions and see your fellow yarnworker’s progress. We laugh, we cry, we encourage, and we celebrate. This post steps you through some of the pain points that you might encounter as you warp. Warping Color-and-Weave The pattern you see in these towels is created by alternating contrasting “light” and “dark” ends in plain weave to make a seemingly complex structure.

Making Hanging Tabs for Towels – Warped for Good. It’s this kind of detail that takes a handcrafted item up a notch.

Making Hanging Tabs for Towels – Warped for Good

A hanging tab made from a handwoven band is more than an accent for a handwoven hand towel. The small hanging tab, mostly unnoticed, adds a statement: This towel has a purpose. It is meant to be placed where it will be used. How to Make Hanging Tabs for Towels from a Handwoven Band: Mark cutting lines on the woven band. Adding Teksolv heddles to an Ashford Table Top Loom. “weaving for me should be the process of transforming the weft into accumulated space replacing the vanishing of time” Chiyoko Tanaka. Color Gamps. By Michele Belson and Katzy Luhring One of the joys of weaving is how color interacts in the cloth.

Color Gamps

When weft crosses the warp, it changes the apparent color of the warp, sometimes quite dramatically. This interaction is a result of the warp and weft alternating between being on top of the fabric and below it. This creates tiny dots and dashes of color that act like pixels on a computer screen, optically mixing in the viewer's eye to create a new color. The resulting color can either be delightful, or...not. Enter the color gamp, a tool for test-driving color combinations and a weaver's best friend when planning beautiful, colorful, projects. In generic terms, a gamp is a fabric that tells us what happens when different colors, weave structures, or types of thread intersect.


Weaving information. W&W03. Untitled. Wool - Tribulations of Hand Spinning and Herbal Dyeing: Peg Looming Raw Fleece Mats at Fernhill Farm. How Double Weave Works. As if the ability to weave cloth weren’t exciting enough, what about weaving two layers of cloth at the same time?

How Double Weave Works

Weaving double cloth is a challenge that brings out the adventurous spirit in many weavers: once you try it, there is no end to the “what ifs: you can explore. Woodyarn: How to keep track of your weaving? At the moment I'm using my table loom.

Woodyarn: How to keep track of your weaving?

This warp is on 8 shafts. Weaving Calculations — Plain Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom. Weaving Charts. C u r i o u s w e a v e r. Meubles - Tissages. Leigh's Fiber Journal: How to Lash On a Warp. By Leigh So here I am, warping my jack loom once again, after months of abandoning it for my new countermarche.

Leigh's Fiber Journal: How to Lash On a Warp

Why am I doing this after all my praises for the countermarche system? Well, I am wanting to see if I can get a better warp, better shed, and better weaving, incorporating everything I've learned about looms lately. Several weeks ago, I discussed the pros and cons of lashing versus tying a new warp onto the front apron rod. With this next warp, I'm going to use the lashing on method. After the warp in wound on and threaded, I go to the front of the loom and trim the warp so that it is fairly even. The warp is knotted in one inch groups.

Before I begin lashing, I do two things. First I support the front apron rod as shown on the left, using two 12 inch rulers. The second thing I do is to make sure that the apron cords are centered in relation to how they wind onto the cloth beam. The lashing cord needs to be about 9 to 10 times the width of the warp. Rigid Heddle Weaving. Women Weavers, Web Weavers. Throughout history women have used craft work as an outlet for their creativity.

Women Weavers, Web Weavers

Often deprived by domestic circumstances of education and work, they turned to craft, and particularly needlecraft, to express their creative energies. Simple household objects such as quilts and tablecloths were made into beautiful objects women could be proud of. And women's lives and women's narratives were often stitched into these textiles. Simple crafts have often been the poor relation of the more mainstream art forms, and now Web weaving is seen in a similar way: a Web artist isn't a "real" artist, a Web writer isn't a "real" writer. Midwinter Yarns. Living Crafts Blog » Blog Archive » Soul Crafts: An Earth Loom in the Garden.

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Inspiring weavers. Saori. What happens when you’re given a Mirrix Loom?