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Mislab. Referred to as Egyptian’s in the early years of the nineteenth century, today slab serifs are primarily used in display sizes but seldom used in body text.


With Mislab, Xavier Dupré has designed a brighter and more legible slab serif than most. Mislab aptly combines the strength of a slab serif with the lightness of a sans serif. Bold and thick serifs make for strong impact in display uses while performing extremely well under the most stressful body text conditions. A slight cursive feel adds spice to the text while its delicate rounded rectangular structure is naturally adapted to screen displays.

The capitals have fully assumed serifs while the lowercases have more discreet versions. Greta Sans font family. Heroic Condensed OT. This product supports the following languages: Common languages: Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Spanish Other languages: Afrikaans Albanian Aragonese Arvanitika (Latin) Asturian Basque Bats (Latin) Bislama Bosnian (Latin) Breton Catalan Chamorro Cook Islands Maori Crimean Tatar (Latin) Croatian Czech Esperanto Estonian Faroese Franco-Provencal Frisian Frisian, East Frisian, North Frisian, West Friulian Galician Greenlandic Hawaiian Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Interlingua Irish Italian Karaim (Latin) Kashubian Kurdish (Latin) Kurmanji Ladin Ladino (Latin) Latin Latvian Lithuanian Low German Luxembourgian Malagasy Malay (Latin) Maltese Manx Gaelic Maori Marshallese Moldavian (Latin) Norwegian, Bokmål Norwegian, Nynorsk Occitan Polish.

Heroic Condensed OT

Ten Awesome Alternative Free Web Fonts. Free web fonts such Museo, League Gothic, Droid and Lobster have been around since the dawn of the @font-face revolution.

Ten Awesome Alternative Free Web Fonts

Whilst these are all fantastic typefaces, they are beginning to suffer from over-use. Services such as Google Web Fonts and FontSquirrel are expanding their free @font-face collections weekly but it can be difficult to pick through masses of naff display fonts to find that perfect typeface. The purpose of this article is to highlight some great fonts that are around that you may not have considered using yet. 10 Awesome Free Web Fonts Franchise Bold Described by its designer Derek Weathersbee as a “stout display face”, Franchise is strong, tall and full of character. Open Sans Open Sans comes from a fantastic pedigree. Merriweather Merriweather is a font with big plans.

Ostrich Sans Ostrich Sans is a new typeface from The League of Moveable Type (home of favourites League Gothic, ChunkFive and Raleway). Rokkit Rokkit is one of Vern Adams many fonts. Fonts : Kazuraki SP2N. This may show a subset of the character set for this typeface.

Fonts : Kazuraki SP2N

For a full showing of this typeface please view the Glyph Complement PDF Format: This font is OpenType (Windows and Macintosh Platforms) Languages: Editable 1 computer Related Documents: Glyph Complement (1120KB) Specimen Book (1327KB) OpenType User Guide (1.3MB) Typeface notes: Created by Ryoko Nishizuka, an Adobe® Senior Type Designer, Kazuraki is a proportional Japanese kana typeface that includes a limited number of glyphs that correspond to ideograph (kanji) characters. Typical Japanese fonts are monospaced, specifically referring to the glyphs for their kana and kanji.

But, Kazuraki is a true proportional Japanese typeface, in which each glyph has its own optimized width for horizontal and vertical writing directions. Designer: Ryoko Nishizuka Classifications: Adobe Originals Japanese. Ginza Narrow Font by Neil Summerour.