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Facebook Twitter : toutes vos polices sur une seule et même page. 8 règles importantes concernant les polices et l'écriture. La typographie est un véritable art que certains graphistes de talent semblent maîtriser à la perfection.

8 règles importantes concernant les polices et l'écriture

Je suis souvent étonné de me rendre compte que certaines superbes réalisations reposent en très grande partie sur l'utilisation efficace des polices. Mais dans notre usage de tous les jours, nous sommes souvent amenés à publier du texte, aussi bien en ligne que sur papier, et nous ne prenons pas forcément le temps de nous interroger sur la forme de notre contenu, en allant souvent au plus rapide. Je suis loin d'être un spécialiste du sujet, et je pense que j'ai pas mal de progrès à faire, mais je suis tombé sur cette infographie qui donne de bons conseils sur l'utilisation des polices. En voici donc un extrait des aspects me paraissant les plus importants, qui complète parfaitement cette introduction que j'avais écrite en début d'année. La personnalité de la police Le choix de "la bonne police" dépendra toujours du contexte dans lequel elle sera utilisée.

J'y arrive justement.


60+ High-Quality Free Fonts for Web Designers. Polices de caractères pour l'école. Comment installer une police ?

polices de caractères pour l'école

C'est ici. 27 Free Grunge Fonts. 27 Free Grunge Fonts. Le numérique dans le 1er degré - Polices de caractères cursives pour l'enseignement de l'écriture. Polices de caractères pour l'enseignement de l'écriture Deux polices de caractères sont mises à disposition de la communauté éducative par le ministère de l'éducation nationale.

Le numérique dans le 1er degré - Polices de caractères cursives pour l'enseignement de l'écriture

Elles complètent l'offre de polices cursives scolaires existantes. Les fontes comportent l'ensemble des caractères nécessaires aux apprentissages. Elles sont livrées au format OpenType, Elles sont compatibles avec tous les systèmes d'exploitation et utilisables sur différents supports numériques (tableaux numériques interactifs, écrans, tablettes et ardoises tactiles...), Les polices sont proposées en deux versions : une droite et une penchée et comportent un jeu complémentaire de capitales ligaturées,Une version de chaque fonte est déclinée avec les réglures horizontales intégrées au caractère.

Droits d'utilisation Elles sont disponibles sous licence « Creative Commons - BY - ND » (BY : citation obligatoire des titulaires des droits ; ND : pas de modifications autorisées hormis celles de l'auteur). Cool Serif Fonts Available To Download For Free. Cool Serif Fonts Available To Download For Free In typography, a serif is a small line trailing from the edges of letters, such as when handwriting is separated into distinct units for typewriters.

Cool Serif Fonts Available To Download For Free

A typeface with serifs is called a serif typeface and a typeface without serifs is called sans serif or sans-serif, from the French sans, meaning ‘without’. While sans-serif fonts are recommended for the web, serif fonts are recommended more for print. Cool Serif Fonts Available To Download For Free. A Collection Of Free Sans Serif Fonts To Use In Your Projects. According to most studies, sans serif fonts are more difficult to read.

A Collection Of Free Sans Serif Fonts To Use In Your Projects

This is why they are used most often for short text components such as headlines or captions. Although, there’s that “most studies” phrase that you see everywhere where’s a text about serif vs sans-serif, people mostly prefer sans-serif for web. When typefaces are digitized for use on computers, the letter forms have to fit within a relatively small pixel grid, often leading to what are called the “jaggies”. Many web professionals such as graphic designers say that this somehow low resolution cannot render effectively enough the fine finishing strokes of serif typefaces, and that sans serif typefaces are being digitized easier, and come out cleaner and thus more legible. A Collection Of Free Sans Serif Fonts To Use In Your Projects. Free fonts for web design. Skyfonts : Télécharger et synchroniser les Google Fonts.

25 New Free Fonts For Flat Design. Advertisement The designing industry has seen a new trends recently, and that is of the ‘Flat Design.’

25 New Free Fonts For Flat Design

The flat designs are gaining popularity day by day, and it is already quite famous and widely used. If you still aren’t familiar with this design, then let me give you a brief introduction: Flat design refers to a design that does not use any fancy effects like drop shadow, subtle textures, 3D effects and gradients etc. It is minimalistic, modern, and fresh. It makes use of bold colors, clean layout, sharp typography and shapes. The fonts used in flat designs are also specific and flat in a manner that it is bold, simple and straight-forward. By the way, if you need flat UI kit, I recommend the one from DesignMondo. Manteka. 25 New Free Fonts For Flat Design. Naldzgraphics. Fonts are critical elements in your design.


It can make or break your design depending on how you use it. Hence, choosing the font style that would suit your design will be a valuable skill that would affect to the outcome of your work. For that reason, it would be a relief to have various font styles available for you to use anytime you want or need them. To lessen your burden, we have collected 40 Free Dirty and Rough Eroded Fonts. 40 Free Dirty and Rough Eroded Fonts. 30 Amazing Free Fonts For Your Wedding Invitation.

A wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding.

30 Amazing Free Fonts For Your Wedding Invitation

It is typically written in formal, third-person language and mailed five to eight weeks before the wedding date. it have to be well designed to attract recipients , from the overall vibe and aesthetic to specific color combos and the level of formality. The most important thing to choose the right fonts that will be the face of the letter. Here are 30 free Amazing and Romantic Wedding Fonts that can be a great source of inspiration for your next invitation’s design. Billy Argel Font Exmouth. 30 Amazing Free Fonts For Your Wedding Invitation. 50 Coolest Tattoo Fonts for Free.

This is a big collection of tattoo fonts.

50 Coolest Tattoo Fonts for Free

You can also use these fonts for creating logos. Tattoo is a modern art but it has groomed so much that it is easier to define its patterns and make fonts basing on them. 50 Coolest Tattoo Fonts for Free. 15+ Cyrillic Fonts for Free Download. Article Sources:, The Cyrillic script or azbuka is an alphabetic writing system.

15+ Cyrillic Fonts for Free Download

It is based on the Early Cyrillic fonts, which was developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 10th century AD at the Preslav Literary School.[1][2] It is the basis of alphabets used in various languages, past and present, in parts of the Balkans and Northern Eurasia, especially those of Slavic origin, and non-Slavic languages influenced by Russian. As of 2011 around 252 million people in Europe and Asia use it as the official alphabet for their national languages. About half of them are in Russia.[3] Cyrillic is one of the most used writing systems in the world. Cyrillic is derived from the Greek uncial script, augmented by ligatures and consonants from the older Glagolitic alphabet and Old Church Slavonic for sounds not found in Greek. Download Monospace Free Commercial Fonts. Share if you Like it ! Today’s free font collection for designers and bloggers are Mono-space commercial free license. Tumblr is an micro niche blog where many bloggers use a filtered photo-effect with large fonts in the foreground.

This has been a new trend from past three to four years, So we thought to collected some anti-aliasing and perfect font edge to add and try new fonts for you motivational quotes and design posters. Recently Google made an article about the comic sans which still used by many web developers, where modern designers are rejected them and using helvetica. Free Font Resources for PowerPoint Presentations. Sometimes you need to use original fonts in your Keynote or PowerPoint presentations and downloading free fonts is a good way to save time and money.

Fortunately PowerPoint let us choose the font or typography used in our presentations but you need to make sure the computer where you plan to run the presentation has the same fonts or similar fonts installed, otherwise you are under risk that the presentation design is messed up at the time you play the slide show. Free Dingbat Fonts that you can use for PowerPoint presentations. 25+ Collection of Free Fonts for Web Designers. Font style portrays the beauty and excellence of any site and is the second most important factor in web design after style sheets. Hence, it is important that site designers get familiar with the font size, color and face. Thankfully, online designs promote additional control over font appearance, including pixel size and other typesetting aspects. 25+ Collection of Free Fonts for Web Designers. 10+ Fresh and Gorgeous Fonts to Download (no.02 2013. Being a typeface lover myself, I love to search the different websites of typefoundries, or clicking tweets that mention fonts, etc.

I strongly believe that type can set the mood of every design and can make your message more personal. These relatively new fonts that have been published in the past 6 – 8 weeks and are designed to be well suited for web as well for print, in particular for the use in headlines, logo and flyer designs. Some of these new fonts also come in more styles, so you can easily embed these fonts in your web designs or use them as a corporate typeface.

As always, the main priority in selecting these fonts for this collection was the readability, diversity in weights and styles, number of characters or a specific reason to use this font for e.g. headlines or in Poster designs. Note: Tracking in all these fonts is set to 0. Corbert Regular/Italic – (2 Styles – OTF) A geometric sans serif typeface influenced by Bauhaus and the early modernist era. 10+ Fresh and Gorgeous Fonts to Download (no.02 2013) 25 High-Quality Free Fonts. We are always trying to publish fresh and high-quality free fonts. So here is the another collection of 25 high-quality free fonts for graphic designers. These fonts are great for big headlines and typography work. 25 High-Quality Free Fonts. Caractères Typographiques Pour l’Apprentissage de la Lecture.

Les polices de caractères destinées à l’apprentissage de la lecture et de l’écriture, que l’on appelle communément les polices de cahier, sont largement représentées sur la toile. Pour peu que l’on pousse la recherche au-delà des frontières de notre Éducation Nationale, l’impression vient tout à coup d’errer dans une forêt de signes ; comme l’enfant au seuil de l’apprentissage. Dans cet article, nous avons tenté de faire un recensement de fontes répondant à des critères strictement académiques ; mais également, nous avons voulu proposer un choix nouveau de familles typographiques appropriées puisés dans d’autres répertoires afin d’éveiller notre attention envers de nouvelles graphies.

10 free retro fonts. There are hundreds of paid-for and free fonts available online, and we've got details of all sorts here on Creative Bloq – including tattoo fonts, cursive fonts and handwriting fonts. But for this article, we're going to focus on retro fonts. Retro designs have the ability to transport audiences back in time so it's important to choose a typeface that reflects the era that you're representing. Here, we've selected some of our favourite retro-style font designs that won't cost you a penny!

10 Super Useful Free Icon Font Sets. Icon fonts are great because, as you may have guessed, they are delivered as a font.


BD. École. Films. Graffiti. Handwriting. Ombragées. Nombres. Populaires. Retro. SansSerif. Scrapbook. Banques. Designer. Symboles. Thèmes. Web. Free fonts search engine, finding font search engine. We Love Icon Fonts. Whatfontis: An Excellent Assistant For Finding Fonts. Fonts are what, the typography is famous for. If you want to be an excellent typographer, must get knowledge about some attention-getting fonts, your font shows the quantity of sorts composing your required character, so you should select better typefaces. In this age people use fonts synonymously and with the progress of digital typography, you can find millions of fonts out there that people use anywhere they need such as in articles, letters, posters, videos, etc.