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The 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2014. Here we are, once again, with our now-famous selection of the top 100 free fonts for 2014.

The 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2014

This year we have only selected fonts published or updated in late 2013 and 2014, giving you one of the most up-to-date lists around. The majority are completely free with licenses for commercial use; the odd few available for personal use only have extended license options at a very reasonable price. The free font list comprises both entire font families and single weight downloads; either way, there is something for everyone and we think you'll love the ones we have picked out for you. Font Selection We have selected all kinds of typefaces which can be seamlessly integrated into any design: Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Rounded, Decorative, Display, Art Deco, Geometric, Futuristic, and many more besides.

We have categorized the typefaces to help you browse more efficiently. Sans-Serif Typefaces Display and Decorative typefaces Serif Typefaces Script, Calligraphic and Hand-drawn. Retro Vintage Text Effects. Retro Vintage Text Effects “Simple & 3d Retro Effect” – This graphic resource gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply an high quality retro / vintage / old style to your text.

Retro Vintage Text Effects

You can use it on simple text, shapes and vector logo. You just need to replace them into the smart object of your favourite style included. Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, a magazine title or a website banner and give them the vintage touch. Features. Typography Tips, History of Typography. 80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design. Advertisement You don’t like to scroll?

80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design

Be prepared. (We warned you.) Every now and again designers stumble upon the very same problem: the choice of a unique and beautiful typeface which manages to fulfill three basic tasks. Support the corporate identity, enrich the visual appearance and is compatible with the overall design. So which typefaces are “bulletproof”? We have answers. Let’s take a look at over 80 gorgeous typefaces for professional design, based upon suggestions from designers and web-developers all over the world. Classic Typefaces Classics of typography in a brief overview. 1. 2. Hand Lettering Quotes on Behance. Typographic Sketchbook on Behance. India Song Screenprint - Posters. Skin calligraphy on Behance. 6.0mm! The first choice! on Behance. Sketchbook, February 2013 on Behance. Calligraphy collection: part one. on Behance. Esmeralda / Typeface Design Project on Behance.

Esmeralda / Typeface Design Project by Guille Vizzari Este proyecto surge como respuesta a una inquietud sobre cómo poder hacer confluir la escencia de las mayúsculas capitulares monumentales con cierta impronta de pincel.

Esmeralda / Typeface Design Project on Behance

El objetivo fue hallar una morfología de signo que conjugue el tallado y el trazo de una forma particular; audaz, y a la vez sutil. De la misma forma se buscó capitalizar estructuras de las ligaduras más clásicas, trayédolas a un plano más contemporáneo. El desarrollo de signos minúsculos se tomó como parte del desafío. «Esmeralda» es un proyecto tipográfico desarrollado por Guillermo Vizzari en el marco de la finalización de la Carrera de Especialización en Diseño de Tipografías de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CDT / FADU - UBA / 2011-2012. Tutores: Alejandro Paul & Ana SanfelippoEncuadernación: Germán Loth / Letterpress: Ex Industria Argentina ©2012 Guillermo Vizzari. The development of lowercase letters was taken as part of the challenge as well. Retail and custom typefaces. TOP 10 FONTS OF 2012 on Behance. Typographic Illustration on Behance. The (sketch)Book of Logos on Behance. Trimarchi DG 2012 on Behance. The Rules. on Behance. Happiness is not a Destination - Typography. Ander & María on Behance. Without any doubt, this is the most personal and difficult project we have done in the studio.

Ander & María on Behance

Us, the two people who founded and formed La caja de tipos, before being partners we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We knew that someday we would have to design our own wedding invitation and, when the day came, we realized how difficult it would be. Partly because, as they say, the most demanding customer of a designer is the designer himself and partly because, due to the amount of work of this kind we usually do throughout the year, when people knew that we were going to marry, they congratulated us and then they tell us that they were looking forward to seeing what we were going to do. Before arriving to the solution that we show below we made several proposals. We knew that we wanted it to be an editorial project and then we conclude that typography, one of our passions, had to be present. We hope you like it. Esperamos que os guste. My 10 favorite typefaces. As someone who has a soft spot for typography in general, it is a rather difficult taks to choose my top 10 favorite typefaces.

My 10 favorite typefaces

It feels a bit like shifting through all those nice (600 and more) entries I received for the ‘What is Graphic Design’ poster competition from a while ago. What a tough job that was selecting the winners. So here we go… I have to admit, as you'll see my general preference goes towards sans serif typefaces as they include 6 out of 10. The reason why is probably because of their fixed clean shape and lines. The Sans Serifs Chalet (by House Industries) Neutraface (by house Industries)

Free sans-serif fonts (Page 3.