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Esta página te deja visitar más de 500 museos sin salir de casa – Ciudad y Poder. History of Pandemics: Timeline. Plague of Justinian/ Yersinia pestis, 541-544 This is the first of three plague pandemics.

History of Pandemics: Timeline

It was first reported in the ancient city of Pelusium, Egypt, and affected much of the Mediterranean basin (Hays, 2005). The historian John of Ephesus claimed that in the city of Constantinople, there were 5000 – 10000 deaths daily, possibly reaching a total death toll of 300,000 (Hays, 2005). Epidemics continued for the next two centuries, resulting in over 25 million deaths (Rosen, 2008). This pandemic was named after the then Byzantine emperor Justinian I, and this name is usually used to refer to the entire two century period. Black Death/ Y.pestis, 1346-1353 The second of the three plague pandemics, and definitely the deadliest. Cuba tiene antiviral para tratar el coronavirus y puede exportarlo.

Cuba produce Interferón Alfa 2B, un medicamento usado por China para tratar a sus pacientes de coronavirus y que ha generado interés de compra en unos 15 países, informaron el viernes especialistas médicos de la isla.

Cuba tiene antiviral para tratar el coronavirus y puede exportarlo

Se trata de un antiviral que repone las defensas humanas. "El Interferón es un producto terapéutico, no es una vacuna", dijo Eduardo Martínez, presidente del grupo industrial estatal BioCubaFarma, desmintiendo publicaciones de redes sociales que informaban de que en el país se tenía la cura para esta pandemia. Recordó que, según la asociación farmacéutica china, "entre las propuestas (para combatir el coronavirus) el primer producto de acción antiviral que se recomienda es el interferón", dentro de una treintena de opciones. World Health Organization. Bienvenue à Jean-François GOUJON-FISCHER, nouveau Conseiller - Représentation Permanente de la France auprès du Conseil de l'Europe.

PRIMM – Support for teaching programming in school. AnimePerTutti ⋆ Anime Streaming e Download SUB ITA. Cambridge English Write & Improve. Become an IELTS Examiner. In order to apply, applicants must satisfy the following education and teaching qualifications and experience: Education requirements: an undergraduate degree (three years’ full-time academic study) Or.

Become an IELTS Examiner

English Skills - Writing. Books and study guides. You can benefit from a wide range of IELTS preparation books and materials, created by some of the world’s leading English language specialists.

Books and study guides

How To Prepare for IELTS Available in British Council test centres and selected book stores, this IELTS practice book can be used in class or for home study. It includes a CD-ROM and recording transcript that contains practical preparation exercises to help you study each of the four IELTS skills. Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 This book and audio CD contains some sample tests for all modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. General Training Writing test – paper. You will be allowed 1 hour to complete two tasks in the IELTS General Training Writing test.

General Training Writing test – paper

The two parts of this practice Writing test are presented on two separate web pages. Make sure you move swiftly from one page to the next so that your practice is as realistic as possible. If you prefer to work offline, download the test paper. In the actual test you will do your writing in an answer booklet. Timing The total time allowed for the IELTS General Training Writing test is 60 minutes. Writing task 1. BBC World Service - Witness History - Witness History podcasts. NPR Choice page. History of Philosophy without any gaps. World History Podcasts - Listen Now - HistoryExtra. BBC World Service - Global News Podcast, Coronavirus: Japan to close all schools to halt spread of disease. BBC World Service - Digital Planet, Ethiopia’s new law banning online hate speech.

BBC Radio 4 - BBC Inside Science, The Big Compost Experiment; Using AI to screen for new antibiotics; Science of slapstick. BBC World Service - 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy - Downloads. Academic / General Training Listening test - computer. Round12 years4greenreasonable1.20 metreslock.

Academic / General Training Listening test - computer

Free IELTS Listening practice tests. The Listening test is 30 minutes long (plus 10 minutes transfer time) and covers four separate recordings.

Free IELTS Listening practice tests

The Listening test is the same for both Academic and General Training tests. There are four parts: Part 1 is a conversation between two people set in an everyday context (e.g. a conversation in an accommodation agency). IELTS Practice and Sample test Materials. Listening practice tests. The IELTS Listening test will take about 30 minutes, and you will have an extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

Listening practice tests

The four parts of this practice Listening test are presented over four separate web pages. Make sure you move swiftly from one page to the next so that your practice is as realistic as possible. Download the question paper and blank answer sheet before you start, and write your answers on the question paper while you are listening. Use a pencil.Listen to the instructions for each section of the test carefully. Answer all of the questions.There are 40 questions altogether. 99% Invisible. Recommended. BBC Radio 4 - The Life Scientific. Podcasts. BBC Podcasts.

English Grammar. Vocabulary and spelling. Test day advice. Computer-delivered IELTS preparation. Listening practice tests. 34 of the best podcasts in 2020. Podcasts are now big business. In this post-Serial audio world, journalists, celebrities, academics and yes, anyone else who owns a mixing desk and a microphone, now has a regular show. The quality is generally very high but some efforts can still be hit and miss with dozens of podcasts popping up around the same themes or TV shows. To help you out we curate this every-changing list of interesting podcast recommendations spanning technology, culture, science, politics and beyond. And, if you're interested in more listening ideas, try our guide to the best audiobooks as well. WeCrashed. Five essential listening skills for English learners. How can learners improve their listening comprehension? Teacher Raphael Ahmed shares some useful strategies in one of our top five articles of all time, illustrated by artist Jamie Johnson.

Why listening is important It should not be difficult to realise the importance of listening when we consider that it occupies about 45 per cent of the time adults spend in communication. This is significantly more than speaking, which accounts for 30 per cent, and reading and writing, which make up 16 per cent and nine per cent respectively. Deep Listening: 5 Ways To Focus Better And Retain More. Are you a good listener?

Deep Listening: 5 Ways To Focus Better And Retain More

Odds are, you’re not. But you think otherwise. Just ask Mary Harris, the host and managing editor of Only Human, a podcast produced by WNYC Studios in New York that explores stories about health and all of the weird and wonderful things that make us mortal. As part of the show, Harris recently honed in on listening, creating a “Listen Up” series and listening boot camp to help listeners improve their skills. Podcast Episodes Archives - English in 10 Minutes. In the last episode of English in 10 Minutes, Nick and Wendy give their top tips for language learning, including how to enjoy the process, how to practice speaking, and which smartphone apps to use.

Podcast Episodes Archives - English in 10 Minutes

The episode comes with a worksheet containing a transcript of the conversation, analysis of the best vocabulary, and discussion questions to help you make the most of the conversation. Our guest Jovanka tells us how she arrived in Rome from New Zealand, why she stayed there, what her favourite Roman places are, and what changes she has noticed after recently returning to Rome for the first time in years. ABC Radio. NPR Choice page. Free IELTS mobile apps. Our free IELTS apps allow you to learn English flexibly – wherever you are and whenever you want to prepare. IELTS Prep App The easy-to-use IELTS Prep App gives you instant access to free practice tests, grammar tips, exercises, quizzes and more.

You'll also find sample questions for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, as well as vocabulary practice. You can also track your progress to help you understand the IELTS assessment criteria and to build your confidence for the real test. Download for iOS | Android. Understanding numbers. IELTS test format.

Test format – Academic Writing 60 minutes Topics are of general interest to, and suitable for, test takers entering undergraduate and postgraduate studies or seeking professional registration. There are two tasks: Task 1 - you will be presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram and asked to describe, summarise or explain the information in your own words. You may be asked to describe and explain data, describe the stages of a process, how something works or describe an object or event. IELTS Academic Writing description IELTS Academic Writing in detail A detailed look at the paper with links to related resources. IELTS test format explained. You will talk to a certified examiner in the IELTS Speaking test. The test is interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get. A variety of accents may be used, and the test will be recorded.

The content of the IELTS Speaking test is the same for both the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests. The IELTS Speaking test is designed to assess a wide range of skills. Listening Skills for Staff. A longitudinal investigation of the role of quantity and quality of child-directed speech in vocabulary development. The Power of Evening Routines. The word “structure” can evoke less than positive associations. How do you speak 'Motherese'?

News BBC News Navigation. The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young at TEDxToronto. How baby brains develop. Early childhood development – it’s not rocket science, it’s neuroscience! Being Multilingual: You speak with an accent. I don’t. FAQ: Raising Bilingual Children. Deb Roy: The birth of a word.

Listen to Your Mother. Let's Talk. Vocabulary.