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Lauren Guidotti -- ꜱеху уоung gⅰrlꜱ кⅰꜱhⅰng то lоᴠе кⅰnⅾnеꜱꜱ акаⅰт уоu hеrе.

Evernote for Educators. Technology in Education. iPad in Education. EDUC 511: Essentials in Educational Technology and Learning. Web 2.0 for Education. Webinars for Teachers and Educators. Free Workshops For Teachers. Personal Learning Networks: The Future of Learning Presenter: Will Richardson Learning is social, we've all known that.

Free Workshops For Teachers

Now, the Internet has made it globally social. To flourish as learners in a connected world, we need a network that we can trust – and one that we can turn to when we need answers, inspiration, or direction. While we've always crafted these Personal Learning Networks in our face-to-face spaces, achieving the same online is quite a bit more nuanced and complex. Learn how to begin to construct PLNs using various Web tools Understand the implications for our students, schools, and professional practice Look at how diversity, balance, and safety enter into the learning equation online He is a former public school educator for 22 years, and is a co-founder of Powerful Learning Practice (, a unique professional development program that has mentored over 5,000 teachers worldwide in the last five years. Presenter: Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Presenter: Dr. Dr. Dr. Search for "education" - Education is a Human Right.

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Why We Need to Advocate for IDEA. FASD matters. This has been the mantra of MOFAS and the FASD community here in Minnesota for several years. Education webinars. Free Professional Development Webinars for Educators from About Pearltrees. How to use Pearltrees on the web? How I use Pearltrees to organize my homeschool bookmarks.

Community Weblog. Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now. Slashdot (16) Newsvine. Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas. Accord LMS > LMS > Accord LMS. Corporate Learning Management System. Learning Management System. Online Training Software, Easy Free Trial - Connect With Students and Parents in Your Paperless Classroom. Kids Online Games for Elementary School. Free Kids Educational Games - Learning is Fun! - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers. Free calls to friends and family. Google Hangouts. Stormboard - Online Brainstorming and Planning. Add a sticky note and post it online with dot voting.

A Collaboration Tool Your Team Will Actually Use. Choose Easy-to-Use Online Collaboration Tools to Increase Adoption Introducing a new tool in the workplace has plenty of benefits.

A Collaboration Tool Your Team Will Actually Use

It can increase productivity, help employees work smarter, and in the case of collaboration tools improve communication. But sometimes adding more tools is not necessarily a good thing when you’re looking at online collaboration software. Getting everyone to use the same program is essential and eliminates the need to support multiple tools or deal with the complexity of everyone using a different tool. To help increase adoption of a new tool in the workplace, ease-of-use is critical. Pick a Product with a Simple and Intuitive Interface Look for a solution that has an intuitive interface, one that is familiar and simple to navigate. Choose Software with Workflow Management Features Collaborating on work doesn’t just stop at leaving a comment; it also involves workflow.

Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world. Cloud Storage From Just Cloud. Free Online Storage. The workspace for your life’s work. Google Cloud Computing, Hosting Services & Cloud Support. Secure file sharing and cloud storage. iCloud - Apple. Lauren Guidotti (@llguidotti) Facebook. - Home. World's Largest Professional Network. Best of the Best: Top 100 Web Resources for Educators. Best of the Best: Top 100 Web Resources for EducatorsAn Internet Hotlist on Educator Websites created by Deborah B.

Best of the Best: Top 100 Web Resources for Educators

Ford, Director of Library OutreachJunior Library Guild Introduction | Content Resources | Collaboration | Global Education | Time and Money Savers | Digital Resources | Worth the Money Introduction Especially for teachers and librarians, award winning author, librarian, teacher and speaker, Deborah B. Ford has gathered these 100+ (mostly free) web resources to help you make the most of your time, money, while keeping your sanity. The Internet ResourcesContent ResourcesA+ Click - Students grades K-12 can take online math practice tests at this site. Instructional Technology Sites. Instructional Technology Center for Educational Technologies Connecting Students--provides elementary teachers with quality content oriented web sites,educational interactive sites, and Internet ready lesson plans.

Instructional Technology Sites

A Holiday Gift to Teachers: My Top 10 List of Free Educational Technology Tools - Catapult Learning. Many educators are intrigued by the use of educational technology in their classrooms and with their students.

A Holiday Gift to Teachers: My Top 10 List of Free Educational Technology Tools - Catapult Learning

They want to move past the productivity stage to the point of truly enhancing their own teaching and their students’ learning through educational tools. However, there are so many tools available that many teachers feel overwhelmed. Additionally, educational technology tools sometimes require downloads or access to hardware and software licenses that the school may not have.

After over a decade of working with teachers to improve their ability to infuse technology into the curriculum, here is my Top 10 list of free educational technology tools for 2014-2015. To make the cut, each tool had to meet the following criteria: Is the tool completely free or have at least a free account that is robust enough to make it worth my while? Let’s take a look at the Top 10. Teacher Tools 1. The Best Tech Tools for Teachers. Members of the Education World Tech Team reveal the best technology tools for teachers.

The Best Tech Tools for Teachers

Included: Suggestions for using those tools in and out of the classroom. We asked members of the Education World Tech Team to tell us about the technology tools they find most useful in their professional lives and about the technology -- hardware, software, programs, applications, Web sites-- they use most often and most successfully with their students. This is what they said. "Interactive whiteboards (SMART Boards) are rapidly transforming our entire language department," Howard Levin told Education World, "by making board lessons much more dynamic, multimodal, and interactive. Teachers archive and share all their SMART Board lessons. "Outside the classroom," Levin added, "my laptop goes with me everywhere.

10 Tech Tools To Engage Students. Websites, apps and devices help teachers teach and kids learn in new ways.

10 Tech Tools To Engage Students

Check out these 10 great education tech choices. 1 of 11 Information technology has become so tightly woven into our workday and personal lives that it's hard to imagine life without it. We get directions from GPS, read books on our e-readers, collaborate with colleagues on documents in the cloud, connect with friends on social media and more, and we do it all from our smartphones and tablets. Technology is also driving the way teachers teach and students learn. In other words, what works for the business world should work in the classroom. This is true now more than ever as the Common Core State Standards are adopted across the country. Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator.

Learning with 'e's. Free Technology for Teachers. Saving Socrates. Always learning. Note: this is the first in a series around my professional learning goal at YIS (more below) At most international schools (and probably most schools in general), each year teachers are asked to create one (or several) goals for the year.

always learning

In some cases, I’ve had to create three: a personal goal, a team or department goal, and a goal related to a school-wide initiative. Although I always have many ideas for things I want to improve or explore each year, I often find the creation of these types of goals a little artificial. For starters, I pretty much always select a goal I know I will be able to accomplish – something that’s basically part of my job, but maybe a little bit above and beyond. If it’s not something I know I’m going to do anyway, then it often ends up being something practical that I know I should be doing, but can’t always force myself to make time for it. In the end, I always meet my documented goals, and certainly make progress on my own (vaguely formed) individual goals. #2610tech. #2610tech Who to follow @WeAreTeachers an account where teachers all come together and share lesson plans and helpful tips for the classroom.

#2610tech Who to follow @NMHS_Principal posts technology tips about the newest educational technology and how to use it best. #2610tech Who to follow @ShellTerrell posts great resources and links to webinars and her helpful website including in class technology tips. #2610TECH.