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The Misogyny of Climate Deniers. The corollary to this is that climate science, for skeptics, becomes feminized—or viewed as “oppositional to assumed entitlements of masculine primacy,” Hultman and fellow researcher Paul Pulé wrote in another paper.

The Misogyny of Climate Deniers

These findings align with similar ones in the United States, where there is a massive gender gap in views on climate change, and many men perceive climate activism as inherently feminine, according to research published in 2017. “In one experiment, participants of both sexes described an individual who brought a reusable canvas bag to the grocery store as more feminine than someone who used a plastic bag—regardless of whether the shopper was a male or female,” marketing professors Aaron R. Brough and James E.B. Wilkie explained at Scientific American. How a Broken Promise Between My Two Daughters Led To Me Accepting That Violence is OK — Sometimes. Muslim Women Start Organization to Provide Sex Education. Toxic Twitter - A Toxic Place for Women.

Many of the women who spoke to Amnesty International about the violence and abuse they experience on Twitter emphasized how important the platform is to them – both professionally and personally.

Toxic Twitter - A Toxic Place for Women

Women rely on social media platforms like Twitter to advocate, communicate, mobilize, access information and gain visibility. Pamela Merritt, a US blogger and reproductive rights activist, told us, “I am a bit of a Twitter addict. I wake up, I check Twitter. Esther Perel Thinks the Key to Empowering Women Is Focusing on Men - Glamour. An explosive gender revolution is under way. So why isn’t it changing anything? Most Women You Know Are Angry — and That’s All Right. In this op-ed, writer and journalist Laurie Penny, the author of the new book Bitch Doctrine: Essays for Dissenting Adults, explores female anger — why we hide it, why it's feared, how we can use it to change the world.

Most Women You Know Are Angry — and That’s All Right

Many women you know are angrier than you can possibly imagine. Most are pretty good at hiding it, having been taught to do so since childhood. One of the questions I am asked most often, when I give talks about my books on gender and politics, is about anger. Young women ask me how I get away with expressing anger with such apparent ease, and they worry about men’s reactions if they do the same.

'No manspreading': Madrid adds a no-nonsense sign to its public transit vehicles. 4 Ways Men Can Take On More Emotional Labor In Relationships (And Why They Should Do It) Whether it’s romantic, sexual, platonic, or professional, emotions will always play a large part in how successful or unsuccessful any relationship ends up.

4 Ways Men Can Take On More Emotional Labor In Relationships (And Why They Should Do It)

Relationships, by definition, require two or more parties to put forth some amount of emotional effort in order to keep the relationship afloat. Oftentimes one person takes on the brunt of the emotions—especially the negative or stressful emotions—that are produced in their relationships. This collective emotional give-and-take is called emotional labor; it’s the work and effort we put into making sure relationships don’t fall apart. Wonder Woman is Your Zionist, White Feminist Hero. “I am sending my love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens, especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children…We shall overcome!!!

Wonder Woman is Your Zionist, White Feminist Hero

#weareright (Image: screenshot from Facebook) The assault in question was widely condemned and took place between July 8 through Aug. 27. More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed along the Gaza strip along with 66 Israeli soldiers, and seven civilians in Israel. The majority of the Palestinian deaths were civilians including 495 children and 253 women. But this isn’t new, Israel maintains a brutal grip on Palestinians and their daily lives. A feminist glossary because we didn't all major in gender studies. We've broken down some words you should know when discussing feminism or other gender topics.

A feminist glossary because we didn't all major in gender studies

USA TODAY Like any "ism," feminism is rich with jargon, which can lead deeply personal conversations to turn unnecessarily dense. The "Day Without A Woman" Strike Details Are Out, And Here Are 3 Ways To Participate. After the Women's Marches across the country and the world last month, many wondered what the next step would be in the resistance.

The "Day Without A Woman" Strike Details Are Out, And Here Are 3 Ways To Participate

In early February, the organizers of the Women's March announced they would stand with the grassroots organizers putting together a one-day strike on March 8, 2017 called "A Day Without A Woman. " Although we've known about the date for a little over a week now, few details were available about the strike itself.

On Thursday, though, the Women's March organizers announced the "Day Without A Woman" strike details. There are three fairly simple ways to get involved and make an impact, so read on for how you can participate in the strike. Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber — Susan J. Fowler. Nova Scotia town's tiny Women's March a big deal online. On Saturday in a tiny Nova Scotian town, 12 women, a toddler and two men took to the street with posters, instruments and high spirits to walk in solidarity with the millions marching for women’s rights in the United States and around the world.

Nova Scotia town's tiny Women's March a big deal online

7 real actions you can take after the Women's March and 1 you shouldn't. Sexist men have psychological problems. (BigStock) Psychologists looking at 10 years of data from nearly 20,000 men found that those who value having power over women and endorse playboy behavior and other traditional notions of masculinity are more likely to suffer from psychological problems — and less likely to seek out help.

Sexist men have psychological problems

Yes Men, All Women Really Have Been Taught to Politely Tolerate Your Bullsh*t. Yes Men, All Women Really Have Been Taught to Politely Tolerate Your Bullsh*t By Courtney Enlow | Think Pieces | September 27, 2016 | Comments (660 View.

Yes Men, All Women Really Have Been Taught to Politely Tolerate Your Bullsh*t

Gossip as an act of resistance. When we talk about women and gossip, we must speak, first, about the bathroom stall. Brown University, 1990. A list springs up on campus. “Beware of [blank], he doesn’t take no for answer,” the first entry says.

Women in Science STEM

Division of Labour. Beware These 10 Types of Feminist Men. Trying to Avoid Burnout and Still Help Others? How Intersectionality Is the Key. Panel 1 (Woman #1 is carrying a basket labelled Feminist Activism, which is filled with “activism pieces,” which are different blocks and shapes that are labelled with things like “pamphlets,” “101 education,” “organizing protests,” “writing blog posts,” “research,” “awareness protests,” “ignoring trolls,” and “writing anti-harassment policies.”) Voice-over: Sometimes it feels like feminism asks a lot from us. There’s so many things to care about and so much to do for us, for the ones we love, and for the rest of the world, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. (Woman trips, basket begins to spill.) A men’s centre at Simon Fraser University raises questions - Canada.

Against sexist Olympic advertising. 14 Badass Historical Women To Name Your Daughters After. Not language but a map — just shut up. Opposing Ontario’s New Sex Ed Curriculum is Not Only Stupid, It’s Dangerous to Children. A demonstrator holds up a sign while gathering in front of Queen's Park to protest against Ontario's new sex education curriculum in Toronto on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. Photo courtesy Canadian Press/Darren Calabrese A group of Ontario parents is protesting the province's new sex-ed curriculum. Looking for Proof of Male Privilege in Your Daily Life? Here Are 7 Undeniable Examples. How to Compliment Women without Objectifying Them. Editor’s Note: This article is focused on the problematic ways that men are socialized to approach women they find attractive.

Repro rights

Pop culture. Appearance. Economic/career/opportunity. CND politics. Health. Gender equity team. Assault/violence. Slut shaming/society. Pics/videos. Not actually funny. Satire/laughs. Young Feminists Blogging, Organizing, Kicking Ass. Where have all the radicals gone? When feminism gets moderate. | April 15, 2011. How the West uses women’s rights as an excuse for military intervention.

Demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square in February 2011.