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Crochet Patterns - Free projects and DIY gift ideas from Amigurumi | Pattern | Baby Chick Amigurumi. Remember Jenny And Teddy Etsy shop that I mentioned in my How-To Amigurumi tutorial? Jane, the girl behind the shop who sells amigurumi patterns and the finished dolls is here to teach us how to amigurumi a little cutie baby chicky.

I heart it when Jane showed me the photo and can’t wait to share this easy pattern that she specially designed for Craft Passion with you. She used light weight acrylic yarn with a matching 1.25mm hook size to make this 3- 3 1/2″ little baby chick. You can always substitute with other yarn and a matching hook size (read here on how to choose a correct hook size for amigurumi). Jane has a personal blog under the same name “JennyAndTeddy” where she journals the amigurumi tips together with her amigurumi designing journey. You will also find some other cute amigurumi patterns in her personal blog too. Besides, Jane is so generous that she is going to giveaway one her finished doll : Lady Bug Sofia, designed and made by herself. . ~ ~ ~ Thank You ~ ~ ~ My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Standard pony pattern: School-age Pony pattern also available here. *** Translations:Danish by Marianne Dutch by Marinka (via Facebook group) Spanish by Lyanne ***A while back I came across this severely awesome pattern, and wanted to give it a go. The only downside being that it was a double crochet pattern, and personally I don't like double crochet for things that have to hold stuffing. Too many holes. Therefore, I (after a certain amount of trial and error, adding a few bits and generally tweaking things around) have reworked it into a single crochet version.

Pictures: Male nose and female nose: Earth ponies: Unicorn: Pegasus with closed wings: Pegasus with open wings: Applejack's hat: (Ponies available on Etsy by the way, and custom pony orders welcome) 2013/3/1: If you would like to make these ponies to sell, I'm happy for you to do so! 2013/3/15: Since it seems many people are ignoring my warning about how much of a pain it is to do the corded manes and tails, I've added instructions below.

Stitch » amigurumi doll pattern. Amigurumi doll pattern materials i used rowan wool cotton (which is dk weight) on a 3mm hook for the body. the dress and shoes are worked in the same yarn on a 3.5mm hook. i had 6 50g gram balls and used a full ball of beige for the hair, approx. 40g of the cream (face, hands, legs) and 30g of the remaining colours (light green, dark green, turquoise and yellow). the finished doll is 14″ tall. you can use any yarn you like but remember to use a smaller than usual hook to keep the fabric tight and stop the filling escaping or showing through. rows and spirals i worked the striped sections in rows as it prevents the jog at the end of the stripe. amigurumi is usually worked in spirals and the fabric thus created looks different to that worked in rows. since i prefer the traditional amigurumi look (but hate the jogs) i worked the solid colour sections in spirals – it’s easy to switch back and forth – but you can choose to work it all in rows or all spirals if you prefer. working from charts.

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Third Party Cookies. Free Afghan Patterns | Mile-A-Minute Afghan Patterns | Free Patterns. Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version More free afghan patterns: Crochet Afghan Patterns, Knit Afghan Patterns, Baby Blanket Patterns Mile-a-minute afghans are created by knitting or crocheting long strips that are then sewn together. This type of afghan-making is very portable since you only have to bring one strip with you at a time if you need to grab your project bag and go. Granny square afghans are timeless and are made by knitting and crocheting a specific number of same-sized squares, then joining them together into one blanket. Motif afghans are similar to granny squares in that you crochet or knit different pieces to join, but they're typically not square pieces and can be made in any geometric shape from triangle to circle. Browse through this list of free patterns.

Crochet Afghans Crochet Baby Blankets Crochet Baby Sets An afghan is a blanket or shawl that is knitted or crocheted from yarn or thread. We hope you find this selection of free afghan patterns helpful. Free Crochet Patterns. Our 20 Favorite Crochet Sites. Crochet Elf Slippers « Crochet Olé! MATERIALSCaron International’s Simply Soft Chunky (100% Acrylic, 5oz/142g, 160yds/146m): 4 (4, 5, 6) oz (A), 2 (3, 3, 3) oz (B), 2 (2, 3, 3) oz (C)Shown in: #0001 Sand (A); #0007 Wine Country (B); #0003 Forest Floor (C)One US I-9 (5.5mm) crochet hook or sized needed to obtain gauge 2 small jingle bells or pompoms (optional) Yarn needle In geometric pattern, 13 sts and 13 rows = 4″/10cm. (look for yarn suggesting a 5.5mm hook if substituting) Chain (ch), double crochet (dc) single crochet (sc) sc2tog: Single crochet 2 together—Insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and draw up a loop (2 loops on hook), insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook. sc3tog: Single crochet 3 together—Insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and draw up a loop (2 loops on hook), [insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and draw up a loop] twice, yarn over and draw through all 4 loops on hook.

Geometric Pattern (multiple of 4 sts + 1) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. Chubby Panda. I decided to type out the pattern for this little panda since I've gotten quite a few requests for it. I'm also still trying very hard to make my pictures look a bit nicer lol ><. One day I will get a really nice light box and have really pretty pictures! This pattern will give you a panda that is 2 1/2 inches tall. Materials needed: Size F hook Worsted weight yarn in black and white Small bits of black embroidery thread Your choice of stuffing 6 mm safety eyes 7 mm ribbon Your choice of glue Tapestry needle Abbreviations:sc= single crochetinc= increase ( 2 single crochets in 1 stitch)dec= decrease ( single crochet 2 stiches together) **= anything in between is repeated. (number)= indicates the amount of stitches at the end of each round F/O= finish off Head/Body: Starting with white Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6) Rnd 2: *inc* (12) Rnd 3: *sc, inc* (18) Rnd 4: *2 sc, inc* (24) Rnd 5: *3 sc, inc* (30) Rnd 6-9: *sc* (30) Rnd 10: *4 sc, inc* (36) Switch to black in last stitch.

Rnd 17: *3 sc, dec* (24) Attachment: