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Codecademy. How to Use Github Screencast Tutorial - Part 1 | Pressed Web | Web-design and development from the Huntington, WV, Ashland, KY, and Ironton, OH tristate area. Difficulty Level: Beginner In this small series, we’re going to learn how to use Github in real world situations. For instance, if you’re a frontend developer and you want to work with a PHP developer on the same project at the same time. In this first lesson, we’ll go over: How to create a Github accountHow to install Git (and some other Unix Tools like “ls” to your Command Prompt)How to create SSH Keys and add them to your Github accountCreate a Git repository on Github and your local computerHave Git ignore certain filesHave Git watch certain files with “add .”Commit filesPush files to GithubCreate different branchesDownload Video External Resources Nettuts+ – Nettuts does a great job of explaining basics and Andrew Burgess’ premium tutorial series “Getting Good with Git” has over 2 hours of Git – Github’s baked in help is amazing.

It takes you step-by-step through the basics.If you liked this article, you might also like:


Digital Resources – Arthur Mani ltd. Structure Synth. Web. Python. Floss Manuals francophone - Lire. Mr. Data Converter. Puredata. 40 Essential Tools and Resources to Visualize Data. One of the most frequent questions I get is, "What software do you use to visualize data? " A lot of people are excited to play with their data, but don't know how to go about doing it or even start. Here are the tools I use or have used and resources that I own or found helpful for data visualization – starting with organizing the data, to graphs and charts, and lastly, animation and interaction. Organizing the Data by sleepy sparrow Data are hardly ever in the format that you need them to be in.

Maybe you got a comma-delimited file and you need it to be in XML; or you got an Excel spreadsheet that needs to go into a MySQL database; or the data are stuck on hundreds of HTML pages and you need to get it all together in one place. PHP was the first scripting language I learned that was well-suited for the Web, so I'm pretty comfortable with it. Python MySQL Ah, good old R. Microsoft Excel We all know this one. Charts and Graphs Alright, the data are processed, formatted, and ready to go.

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Welcome. Happy Code Farm -Ecole d. Arduino. Max/msp. Processing. C++ créatif. Flash et actionscript 3.