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Leon Wiiliam

Digital Marketing Specialist at MAP Systems, among the leading service providers in India offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, graphic designing, photo editing, prepress, virtual reality and 3d services for various entities worldwide.

Augmented Reality

How photo image editing services make its impact on various industries? Photo editing industry is rapidly growing mainly because of the dependence of businesses on high quality images.

How photo image editing services make its impact on various industries?

One small peek over the internet and you would definitely be convinced that images play a very important role in almost every business you see today. You may also find such businesses sectors and verticals that depend very much on images as the images have an innate ability in it to drive people and thus, revenue to these businesses. You can also see that these businesses take the help of professional photographers to capture exceptional images of their products so as to attract targeted customers regularly.

Whatever the case is, photographers now employ a wide variety of techniques and technical wizardries to make the images look all the more attractive and alluring. Even then, there may be several shortcomings that the photographers cannot get rid of. Ideas to improve your creative magazine layout design. If you are a designer dealing with magazine covers, you would be on the hunt for innovative magazine layout design ideas to deal with the covers.

Ideas to improve your creative magazine layout design

It is a challenge for all, and at the same time, you need to manage the high volume of content in the magazine. The magazine covers crave for a stylish look as well as information. The target audience should be able to make out about the contents by looking at the cover. Here are five innovative ways in which you can design the cover of a magazine. Texts around images The magazine covers have to be attractive as well as informative. Professional typesetting tips. A lot of professional typesetting tips are there that you hear too often from people in the industry.

Professional typesetting tips

However, few are there about which even the best professionals are least aware of. For typesetting your copy in the best manner, a lot of factors needs consideration. Even psychology analysis of targets help. To make a copy legible and enticing for your readers, typesetting doubtlessly plays a crucial role. Tracking back a copy for making it fit into a single page can make the whole thing appear untidy and illegible which should not happen. Epub navigation some peculiar details by Leon William. 5 Reasons Why Illustrations for Kids are Important.

You may have noted that kids stay glued to illustrated books than the regular ones as the latter appears boring and lifeless to them.

5 Reasons Why Illustrations for Kids are Important

For story books, obviously the storyline is crucial than anything else. However, the readability is enhanced by illustrated characters. Converting flash to html5- Merits in e-learning. You may have invested hugely on eLearning technology based on Flash.

Converting flash to html5- Merits in e-learning

However, the disappointing fact is that they never work perfectly on tablet PCs and smartphones used by your students or employees. It is at this point that you realize the relevance of converting flash to html5. For a detailed understanding regarding the advantages, read ahead. Courses are made accessible on multiple devices. Real Estate Panorama Photo Stitching Services - Advantages. When it comes to digital photography, panoramas stand separated from the rest in terms of many vital factors.

Real Estate Panorama Photo Stitching Services - Advantages

They are more capable to attract the attention of prospects than the normal snaps. 3D rendering- advantages and applications. As the competition in every field has tremendously increased, marketing plays a significant role in the success of any business.

3D rendering- advantages and applications

For effective promotional campaigns, visual presentations can be very helpful; they communicate lot more than words. Visualization eliminates barriers imposed by languages and people can more easily comprehend what you are trying to communicate without even making any noise. A comparison of 3d rendering vs. photography reveals to you the extra advantages offered by three dimensional rendering. eBooks- basic but vital details by Leon William. By Leon William Digital Marketing Specialist Though the dust has settled down after the arrival of electronic books, there are still many people outside the digital world who are least acquainted about the whole concept.

eBooks- basic but vital details by Leon William

They have a lot of questions about eBooks. The most relevant ones are clarified below. 1. Photography post processing services from MAP Systems - A real boon for photographers. Importance of OCR when you work with PDFs - MAP Systems. Data Archiving Best Practices. MAP SYSTEMS getting into virtual reality domain and as usual, in its uniquely strategic way. For additional information Click Here MAP Systems has always kept its customers satisfied with its unparalleled quality services and the company has a proven track record of excellence.

MAP SYSTEMS getting into virtual reality domain and as usual, in its uniquely strategic way

This is exactly what it can be expected from their virtual reality services. The company recently started its new division exclusively dedicated for virtual reality. This revelation by the CEO of MAP Systems has become a talk of the industry since then. “What we consider with utmost importance is the comfort that our customers enjoy while doing business with us. FAQ on benefits of html5 ads. Display ads are nowadays continuously shifting from Flash to HTML5.

FAQ on benefits of html5 ads

As per the experts, it is not just a mere incremental step but a massive leap forward. Owing to the same, several FAQs have surfaced in regard of benefits of html5 ads. Underlying are few of the most prominent among them.

Virtual Reality

XBRL Conversion. Photo Editing. 3D Designing Services. Prepress Services. ePublishing Services. Graphic Design. 5 operative tips for perfect children’s book illustrations. Artworks that appear in the pages need to be crafted carefully to achieve desired level of perfection.

Here are some excellent tips and techniques which are to be followed in order to excel in children’s book illustration service provisions. Keep drawing out imaginations One of the key features of being a successful illustrator is the ability to draw perfect figures. If your hands reach where your mind expect them to, then you will have a good time drawing aliens and dragons that allure kids. A picture book filled with creative drawings is a favourite among children. 2. Detailed illustrations always help in communicating the intended ideas more effectively and easily. 3. Face expressions are etched the same way like a movie actor’s representations are copied. 4. Three easy steps to color toning in Photoshop. Photoshop is the buzz word in the fashion industry when it comes to image editing and enhancing. Photography has significantly changed a lot with cameras equipped with retina challenging lenses snapping almost any real life scenes.

However, it is up to the expert to enhance the images to make them clean and impactful. Here is an effective 3 step fashion color toning Photoshop guide highly beneficial for amateurs and professional service providers alike. Choose the file and set it up Like any photo enhancement tool, Photoshop requires you to load the file. Choosing the preferred tone setting From the pop up menu, a toning selection can be made. 5 basic tips for professional character animation. One of the rudimentary needs after rigging a character is to develop a walk cycle to complete your animation basics. Some tips to better your character’s walk cycle are described below.

Rigging is the entry point Animations are successful only if character rigging is perfect. Simple kinetics like a slight bent on knees and elbows helps to continue with the figure easily. Learn adaptive modeling techniques You may feel like lost in the sea if you are moving forward with a conceptual artwork, instead focus on the professionals in 3d modeling, how they adapt to situations and most important fact is to focus on their work principles.

Stick to the basics. 7 tips to restore old photos to connect with the past memories. Adobe Photoshop is a creative software that is one of the most favorite choice for a majority of photo editing service providers. With this robust software, old photo restoration is a simple task. Following a few photo restoration tips will doubtlessly improve your old photo repair skills. 5 easily avoidable mistakes during typesetting. The type you choose is very crucial and it is in fact as important as the graphic elements you use and the message you communicate. Choosing the right type complements your efforts and in case if you fail in doing the same, it can break the entire project. Let us see some common mistakes that can be easily avoided by paying proper attention. Small letters, Big head ache An important aspect that must be considered while choosing the font size is the eyesight, reading capabilities and perception level of your audience.

5 golden tips for converting Flash to HTML5 to boost your business. Flash has been the market leader for over a decade but now it is swiftly stepping aside for HTML5. The accessibility and versatility assured by HTML5 has made it a highly stable and dependable alternative. Other virtues are interactivity and cross platform compatibility. 5 InDesign tips to enhance the quality of magazine layout. Fixed layout conversion-Some guidelines, facts, issues and solutions. In most of the cases, companies offering fixed layout conversion demand the inputs in InDesign or PDF formats.

If you can provide print ready files, it would also be fine with a typical eBook conversion company. Well! 5 techniques for colouring illustrations. The methods for colouring illustrations determine the quality of services rendered. Five prominent features of XML. Five prominent features of XML The demand of XML conversion services is constantly increasing because of the seamless benefits provided. This uses a conversable and comprehendible human language and not computer languages.

3 alternatives for photo clipping. 3 top sculpting apps that every 3D artist must master. What separates the best 3D sculpting company from the rest is obviously the skilled resource pool it houses. Typesetting- the journey till date. To make a book look great and capture reader’s attention, many factors play crucial roles. 5 magazine cover design tips equally important for amateurs and professionals.

Your prospects should be impressed with the very first glance they have on your magazine and for that the cover design must be exceptional and alluring. 3 important resources for fixed layout eBook formats. 5 step process for head replacement with Photoshop. Using Maya to render human hairs. 3 scrolling techniques that business websites embraced in 2015. Centering the type- When and when not to? 3 Main reasons catalysing the drift of eLearning to HTML5 from flash. Reasons for the inevitability of document scanners for accountants.

3 things you must not ignore while designing 3D model for printing. Photo clipping path services. 3 Most popular eBook formats and how they differ from each other. 5 steps with which you can create an animated walkthrough using MAX. How HTML5 supersedes Flash when it comes to E-learning Course? 7 things for effective usage of Photoshop for photo retouching. Top 4 platforms where you can sell eBooks online. Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services company. Photo clipping path services. Digital photo restoration company. Digital photo retouching company. Crafting magazine covers that make people yell out wow! Using InDesign in the best possible manner for typesetting- Some exceptionally operative tips. Why automated softwares are not a good idea for assuring quality eBooks? MAP Systems: Vector illustration tips for redefining your exceptionality.

Converting your books manuscripts to EBooks- Archives of steps involved (Part 2) Creating characters inspired from stories - Some tips. Converting your books manuscripts to EBooks- Archives of steps involved (Part 1) Tips for speeding up the process and augmenting the quality of your 3D sculpt. Searching tips for better results with PubMed. Typesetting tips that can make your non-fiction books hook the eyeballs of prospects. E-book Reader- Read this before you grab one. Elevate photorealism in your renders to new echelons- Part 2.

Manipulating colours in Photoshop- Tools you must master. Fixed Layout- When they make the best choice. Elevate photorealism in your renders to new echelons- Part 1. EBook conversions: Important tips to adhere to for a stunning copy. Importance of Upgrading EBooks to Higher Quality. Tantalizing 3D walkthroughs: Portraying ideas in realistic, live versions for optimum clarity. The art of optimally utilizing brochures for marketing. Changing fonts in Kindle eBooks- Something every reader must know. Best open source software for setting up a community archive allowing public access. MAP Systems: Open source tools you must know if you are looking forward to self-publish. Tips to make the clipping path task effortless and top notch. Tips to effectively use CircularFLO with Adobe InDesign to enhance the quality of your ePubs.

Typesetting your books without seeking professional assistance-pitfalls. Why 3D architectural rendering services are a boon to interior designing industry? Some challenges every 3d modeling artist will encounter and their optimal solutions by Leon William. Grab the eyeballs of prospects with awe-inspiring magazine covers. How to become an expert in typesetting? Professional tips. Latest trends that 3D animation industry will witness in 2015.

PubMed and PubMed Central- In what aspect they differ? Sketchup tips for better results. 3d Max and Maya- A comparison. Illustrating children’s books- How can you stay separated from the herd? In quest of ideal length for your eBook? Read ahead… Copyediting tips for making your craft go viral. SketchUp- How can you effectively use it for 3D modelling? Give no ears to rumours- EBooks are here to stay. But what about e-readers? Crafting a magazine cover that tells and sells. Why DRM might not always the best choice to make? Spying on your readers- the inevitability. Book-Edge Scanner- the best solution for special collections. Basic 3D terminologies that you should know- Part 2. Basic 3D terminologies that you should know- Part 1. Tips for getting more downloads for your digital magazine.

EBooks replacing paper books in educational institutions-a feasibility study.