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Leon Wiiliam

Digital Marketing Specialist at MAP Systems, among the leading service providers in India offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, graphic designing, photo editing, prepress, virtual reality and 3d services for various entities worldwide.

Virtual Staging for a Client in Salvador, Brazil. Client MAP Systems took up a virtual staging project for a client in Salvador, Brazil.

Virtual Staging for a Client in Salvador, Brazil

The client owned a private residence in the outskirts of the city. He contacted us via email and enquire about our real estate virtual staging services. We offered a detailed consultation with the clients concerning his project requirements and our service plans. After receiving all the information, he decided to work with us and asked us to undertake the project. How to Edit Food Photos in Photoshop (Step-by-step Guide) - MAP Systems.

All types of photography require practice and patience.

How to Edit Food Photos in Photoshop (Step-by-step Guide) - MAP Systems

The same is also true when it comes to food photography. In this photography genre, still life images of food are taken for commercial purposes. Sometimes, it can be utilized for personal purposes as well. In commercial purposes, it is often employed for magazines, menus, advertisements, cookbooks, social media, websites, packaging, blog posts, etc. However, before it goes lives, you need to do another important thing, i.e., edit food photos in Photoshop. Food Photo Retouching Services. Editing and retouching is an important part of food photography, especially when you want to use it for business.

Food Photo Retouching Services

It is a great way to promote your eatables and entice the customers towards your brand. However, if done incorrectly, it can potentially harm your business, and that’s what MAP Systems can save you from. Being one of the top providers of photo retouching and editing, MAP Systems also excels in offering food photo retouching services to clients to help them bring profits for their food business. 10 Common Image Formats for Every Creative Designer. Oftentimes, graphic designers and artists face the situation of choosing a particular image format.

10 Common Image Formats for Every Creative Designer

Since there are varied options for it, it might be a little confusing to make the right decision. However, this guide is the answer to all your queries. Here, we are going to talk about the best common image formats that you can utilize. Apart from that, we will also offer you some tips that can aid you in selecting the right format for your needs. The common image formats mentioned here are widely used by the creative artists for their photography and designing projects. Floor Plan Design Services.

MAP Systems is one of the top providers of floor plan design services in the industry.

Floor Plan Design Services

We mainly help clients by creating high-quality 2D floor plans to aid them with the marketing and promotion of their real estate properties. We employ a team of qualified designers who are well experienced in the domain to draft crisp and accurate layouts. Our main motive is to attract prospective buyers with the help of our designs and get them interested in your listings. Since any average buyer wants to visualize the property before investing, we make it possible for them with the help of our floor plan designs. By employing our services, you can showcase the property layout to your customers and help them get a proper understanding of your listings. Background Removal Services.

MAP Systems employs a robust photo editing team that has earned considerable repute in the delivery of background removal services.

Background Removal Services

Whether you want to enhance the background of an image or you need to neatly separate the background from the subject, our photo editors are always ready to deliver professional support. From separating an unappealing background to removing unwanted elements to changing a specific type of background into its white or transparent version, we are always ready to showcase our Photoshop expertise to the highest possible extent.

Image background removal or an image cutout service is defined as the process of separating the background from the subject. We, at MAP Systems, perform various types of image background removal tasks including the addition of a new background or fixing the existing background. Sometimes, our work involves image polishing, sometimes we deliver image background removal service to help businesses upload pictures on online platforms. 6 Essential Steps for Developing an Effective Creative Design Process. Creativity is a very important part of the designing process.

6 Essential Steps for Developing an Effective Creative Design Process

It plays a great role in finding the solution to a problem by going for different alternatives and changing the way of looking at a problem. It can also enable us to develop new ideas and for designing new perspectives on the existing ones. However, attracting creativity in your daily work is not that easy while following a busy and monotonous schedule. For example, while going to the office, we take the same route every day, sit in the same place, and attend the same meetings. In that case, it is really hard to turn on the creativity and boost up innovative ideas. 3D Interior Modeling Services. MAP Systems India is a reputed provider of premium 3D interior modeling services that are perfectly designed to suit the needs of real estate businesses, architects, and interior designers.

3D Interior Modeling Services

We have been providing state-of-the-art architectural modeling services over these years, using the most advanced technologies and leveraging the experience and the expertise of industry experts who have great design sense and a passion for quality and accuracy. At MAP Systems, we deliver 3D modeling services with an aim to convert your conceptual design into detailed, virtual designs that can highlight your property’s features in the best possible way.

We also provide professional 3D interior rendering service, bestowing a complete and refined look to models, thereby making them appear realistic and instilling a life-like appeal. Photo Editing: The Process, The Programs, The Benefits. The photo editing service domain has been undergoing a rapid transformation with the evolution of ground-breaking photo editing programs that support world-class photo retouching operations and help professional photographers and studios to address the unique needs of their clients that include professionals, individuals, and businesses in diverse industries.

Photo Editing: The Process, The Programs, The Benefits

In this article, we have discussed about the diverse possibilities that photo editing support can bring, thereby helping professionals and businesses to make the most out of modern photo editing techniques and to create a great marketing portfolio. Before we delve deeper into this topic, let’s start with the definition of photo editing and why you need photo editing. What is Photo Editing? In simple terms, photo editing is the process of modifying an image through the use of advanced technologies.

360 degree photo enhancement services. How to Remove DRM from Your eBooks Legally. With the increasing demand for digitization, copyright and protection of intellectual property has become the new norm.

How to Remove DRM from Your eBooks Legally

Even though the internet is helpful to authors when it comes to getting their work published and accessed, it can sometimes cause a lot of trouble. For example, it cannot control unauthorized access to copyright materials. This is when DRM or Digital Rights Management steps in. 10 Prepress Tips to Get the Best Print Publishing. There are a lot of factors responsible for the expansion of the printing industry. According to a recent market study, it was confirmed that the steady growth of traditional prepress services and ePublishing were the two main factors that led to this expansion. As compared to the earlier days, the way in which people are consuming print media is rapidly changing over time. That is why it is highly essential for prepress experts to stay updated with the latest changes in the print publishing industry. In this article, we are going to give you the 10 best tips that can help you to get the perfect print publishing files while also guaranteeing that it will run across various media and platforms.

The Easiest GIMP Tutorials: Techniques that You should Master. Form a fresh layer. Color it up with gray. Now, shift to the Grain Merge mode from the layer mode. Apply the Dodge feature on areas that you think should look brighter. Apply the Burn feature to make shadows appear darker. Biggest Myths about Photo Editing Services You Need to Avoid. Photo editing holds a lot of importance in the business world from a marketing or branding point of view. Images that are perfectly edited can effectively symbolize a brand and convey its message in the best way to its audience.

People are mostly interested in visuals rather than text. That is why photo editing services are one of the most popular outsourced processes in any industry. People who are usually related to travel, fashion, food, or retail industry use photographs the most. So, if you are related to any of the above domains, then you do need professional image edits without a doubt.

10 Best 3D Modeling Techniques Every 3D Designer Should Now. With the introduction of 3D technology, the designs became more realistic and faster to produce than 2D. Now, enabling the customers to visualize a movement, access, or space is an easy task. Dimensions could be easily viewed in the 3D space for various objects and their relationships. It is even easier to carry out spot changes in the designs for determining its viability. Apart from that, 3D models can also be utilized for creating the 2D designs directly so that the cost of making the changes would be less. And, since the domain of 3D modeling is so vast, many are not aware of the different 3D modeling techniques that are present and the benefits it can offer. Explainer Video Production Services. 360 Virtual Tours Services Provider. With the growing competition in the real estate industry, getting the attention of customers is a challenging task for the property owners.

However, with the introduction of new technologies like 360-degree virtual tours, property marketing and promotion has become a lot easier for them. Virtual tours are usually a collection of several panoramic pictures that are edited and then connected into a single frame. So, the most important element in this technology is images, and to create the perfect edits followed by a high-quality tour, you need to hire a professional agency offering 360-degree virtual tour services. Professional Home Staging or Virtual Home Staging: Which Option is Better? Over the past few years, home sellers and real estate agents have been using home staging as a powerful marketing tool to attract the attention of prospective home buyers.

Top 10 Ways to Fix the Slow Loading Time of Your Websites. Is your website taking too long to load? Are you worried that you might repel the potential visitors from your site? If you answered “Yes” to both the questions, then you have just reached the right place. Adobe Photoshop vs GIMP: Which Tool is Right for You? The field of graphic design is constantly evolving and so are the technologies that support the creation of gorgeous and modern digital graphics. Steps to Convert Files Using Adobe’s Image Processor Application - MAP Systems. The Image Processor application can be used for batch processing in Photoshop and to convert multiple files together. Automobile Photo Editing Services. The editing and retouching of automobile or vehicle images have been popular among various industries ever since digitization. Virtual Staging Services. 3D Product Rendering Services.

Newborn Photography Ideas and Tips that You might Like. Whether you are an experienced and a professional photographer for years or you are new to this field, you may face challenges while ensuring creativity and perfection during newborn photo shoots. Parents of newborns have high expectations from photographers as they want to capture the golden moments of their life in the most splendid manner. Top 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Photography. The real estate photography niche might be a little daunting to work on, especially for the beginners. How to Create Explainer Videos [5 Best Examples included] Explainer video is a must-have marketing tool for any organization whether it is a start-up, a lesser known brand or a more established company. It is one of the most powerful means of creating audience engagement and conveying important information.

Top 24 Websites to Download Free Photoshop Actions. Best Logo Design Software Programs- 2020. Different Sizes and dimensions that Suit Business Cards. 8 Common types of graphic design which are used for different purposes - MAP Systems. A Detailed Tutorial on How to Use Photoshop’s Background Eraser Tool. Making Selections using the Lasso Tool in Photoshop- MAP Systems. Background Removal using Quick Selection & Refine Edge in Photoshop-MAP Systems. Benefits of 3D Modeling. Proofreading Tips and Tricks. Guide to Download All Versions of Photoshop for Free. Top 13 Paid and Free Animation Maker Online. Top Facts That You Should Know About Poster Making. 32 Most Popular Websites To Download Free eBooks From.

How to design a logo: The Ultimate Logo Design Guide (2020) Photoshop Tools: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners. Uses of 3D Printing in Different Industries. Photoshop Presets: Key Concepts and Free Resources to Download. Responsive Web Design Services. Top 16 Rules for Quality eBook Conversion. Professional Wedding Video Editing Services. Professional Real Estate Video Editing Services. Proofreading Services: Academic, Business, Manuscript Proofreading. Professional Video Editing Services. Top 11 Reasons to Convert Old Photos to Digital Copies. Photo Editing Services. Essential Proofreading and Editing Checklist For Monitoring Content’s Integrity– MAP Systems. Mannequin Photo Editing Services. Expert Guide to Start a Creative Illustration Career (2019) Quick Guide for Self-Publishing eBooks. 3D Architectural Rendering Services. 3D floor plan Design services.

Simple 16 steps to create GIF Animation using Photoshop. 3D Model Design Services for 3D Printing- MAP Systems. eCommerce website: 15 design tips for better sales. 13 Top Innovative Learning Trends in K 12 Educations (2019) Advantages of Animation in Marketing. Uses of Animation in Education. Benefits of Technology in Art - Examining Newer Perspectives. Proven Ways to Create Custom Logo Design (Beginner's Guide) Importance of Real Estate Photo Editing in Twilight Mode. Checklist before Availing Flash to HTML5 and XML Conversion Services. Create a Compelling Property Tour with impeccable Real Estate Video editing. Interior Visualization Company. Things to avoid while creating interactive ebooks. Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services Company - MAP Systems.

Professional Real estate Video Editing Services. 3d interior rendering for kitchen designs - MAP Systems. Architectural 3D Modeling Services - MAP Systems. Tips for jewelry photo editing that will help you to expand your online market. Know the difference between line editing and copy editing. Turnaround time in Photo editing. 3D Product Modelling Services - MAP Systems.

Augmented Reality

How photo image editing services make its impact on various industries? Ideas to improve your creative magazine layout design. Professional typesetting tips. Epub navigation some peculiar details by Leon William. 5 Reasons Why Illustrations for Kids are Important. Converting flash to html5- Merits in e-learning. Real Estate Panorama Photo Stitching Services - Advantages. 3D rendering- advantages and applications. eBooks- basic but vital details by Leon William. Photography post processing services from MAP Systems - A real boon for photographers. Importance of OCR when you work with PDFs - MAP Systems.

Data Archiving Best Practices. MAP SYSTEMS getting into virtual reality domain and as usual, in its uniquely strategic way. FAQ on benefits of html5 ads.

Virtual Reality

XBRL Conversion. Photo Editing. 3D design. Prepress Services. ePublishing Services.