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Chansons.pptx - Google Slides. Intro 10/7 Les Catacombes à Paris - Google Slides. Pour parler des livres. Youtube. Game vocabulary - Google Slides. Game vocabulary - Google Slides. Bailout Moves – My generation of polyglots. Chunking: Managing Your Classroom with the Weekly Packet – Jon Cowart World Language Consulting. Lesson plan chunking is one of my biggest “go to” classroom management strategies for classes that are chatty, have a lot of side conversations, or struggle to focus during class.

Chunking: Managing Your Classroom with the Weekly Packet – Jon Cowart World Language Consulting

I use this mainly for days that are really teacher-centered (me standing in front of my kids and talking for a long time), TPRS days, PQA days, or other heavy verbal input days that require the kids to focus and sustain their attention. Here’s how it works: I give students a weekly packet every Monday. The “packet” is really a note catcher where they record their answers for the Do Now (bell ringer), new vocabulary, illustrations, and answers to PQAs / comprehension questions. I collect the packet every Friday, grade it, and return it every Monday. What’s in the packet? POP UP! – Señora Chase.

Pop Up is my favorite game of all time!

POP UP! – Señora Chase

Linguistica 360. Youtube. Youtube. Youtube. Learn Spanish with Comprehensible Input. Comprehension-Based Classroom - Resource document. Copy of Movietalk: La Feuille et le gland to share 2021 - Google Slides. Youtube. Je dis NON au racisme! Le racisme, la xénophobie et l'intolérance sont des problèmes importants dans toutes les sociétés.

Je dis NON au racisme!

Chaque jour, chacune et chacun d'entre nous peut lutter contre les préjugés raciaux et les attitudes intolérantes. Devenez un champion de la défense des droits humains, luttez contre le racisme et défendez les droits de quelqu'un aujourd'hui. Youtube. ⭐ Personajes famosos - Juegos y actividades. 5 ways to prevent student burnout using play based learning strategies. This article is written by Truth for Teachers writer Laura Gellin.

5 ways to prevent student burnout using play based learning strategies

After taking detail-oriented reading quizzes on the first eight books of The Odyssey, my ninth-graders were about ready for a surprise. I walked into class that day carrying a huge bin of legos and eight cans of playdoh. I placed the bin in the center of the room and announced that today they would be taking a group quiz. Students would work together to create the characters, scenes, and important objects from last night’s reading to tell me the story of Book 9 of The Odyssey.

Chasse au trésor virtuelle gratuite. Research Talks. Research Talks is a collection of the answers that the field of second language acquisition (SLA) has to offer teachers.

Research Talks

There are 150+ quotes divided into 30 weeks about language learning and language teaching from well-known publications and leading researchers from the field of SLA. Every day of the week contains a quote from a different researcher and is about a different topic (e.g., input, output, grammar, communication, teaching principles). As will become apparent, there is a general consensus on a lot of the aspects of language development and pedagogical practice, even among advocates of different theoretical perspectives. Accompanied by comments that provide further explanation and ideas for reflection, and culminating in essays that synthesize how to acquire and how to teach languages, this book is an indispensable resource for teachers. CI. Story Script for a Music Video – Mme Moghtader. In this blog post I want to share an activity to make authentic songs comprehensible.

Story Script for a Music Video – Mme Moghtader

The idea is not mine– it comes by way of Kara Jacobs. She has created examples of the technique in Spanish and I am hoping I can bring the community of French teachers on board. Kara writes a script to tell the story of a music video. Well, actually she writes all kinds of stories and one type of story that she writes is from music videos.

I find this idea to be ingenious because it is another way to give comprehensible input to your students while sharing a song with them. Here are the steps following Kara’s format with the French resources linked to start you out while using the song Rien à vous dire by Jérôme Minière. A story script for a powerful video on Immigration – Mme Moghtader. Passé Composé & Imparfait: Sequence of SONGS linked by an original STORY. My students LOVE listening to music and they love DRAMA.

Passé Composé & Imparfait: Sequence of SONGS linked by an original STORY

I've taken three of their all-time favorite songs: Il avait les Mots by Sheryfa Luna, Ma Soeur by Vitaa, and A Fleur de Toi, by Vitaa, and connected them with a dramatic love story written in the past tense. Senora Lee - for the LOVE of Spanish Teaching Resources. I have taught Spanish for over 18 years at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Senora Lee - for the LOVE of Spanish Teaching Resources

I love experiencing other cultures to the fullest and sharing those experiences with my students to instill a love for learning and languages. During my time in the classroom, I have created many engaging activities for all levels and abilities. Youtube. Altamira Language Learning. Teaching Spanish Made Easy Teaching Resources. I started teaching Spanish as a second language 12 years ago in an IB school in Chicago.

Teaching Spanish Made Easy Teaching Resources

I was fortunate to work in many different roles within my school as well as in the IB organization. What’s on your shelves? In 2017, I created Diversify Your Bookshelf, a small Facebook group where parents, librarians and educators exchange about (mostly English) children books.

What’s on your shelves?

I wanted to share my passion for books and connect with other adults who are committed to increasing the amount of mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors for their kids at home, at school, and in the community. As I continue to increase representation through the texts I present to my students, I thought it may be useful to share what books are sitting on my classroom bookshelves at this point in time. Selecting books. Zaz - Google Slides. Teacher Script: 1,2,3, pas Soleil - Google Slides. Just Prep during Your Prep Spanish Class Lesson Template for Daily Tech Guide. How to create your own CI classroom using a PPT/Google Slides with links to CI activities . Game Changer Alert! If you want to structure your class with routines and varied activities, stay in the target language and prep for each lesson during your prep and not at home, then use this PowerPoint template. Use it every day to establish routines and create an interesting class. Daily Class Structure. A teacher, Hannah, wanting to follow her school’s “opening traditions” every class period, but her students quickly bored with it.

I have the perfect solution for her! Transition videos inserted into her daily slide show or”tech guide” as I call my daily PowerPoint. Use a remote clicker or wireless mouse so you can click from the hall or from anywhere in the room. As my students walk in each day they hear “the day song” and soon they are using the words to express their feelings. La Maison du 13 rue Verdon - Google Slides. Unicornio Malo/Bad Unicorn - Profe Peplinski.

Don't forget to check out the extension activities at the end of the FAQ section. Two music videos, and a lyric sheet, plus suggested activities. Youtube. Home. Home. Las mejores infografías e ilustraciones de Zero Waste. Consumir de forma responsable y reutilizar productos son dos acciones que defiende el movimiento Zero Waste. Green Team - Trois petits pas (Vidéo Lyrics) La Nature Parle: Sophie Marceau est Mère Nature. Youtube. Youtube. Guerre des tuques - Activities for the film. Youtube. 7 Low Prep Ways to Use Task Cards in the World Language Classroom - Super Senora. I first stumbled upon task cards while looking at some awesome elementary classrooms on Instagram. Although I teach at the secondary level, I love to look at elementary classrooms for inspiration.

Their activities are engaging and everything always looks so bright and inviting. I was intrigued by task cards because they are highly engaging. Students receive one question or problem on a card which forces them to completely focus on the task at hand. Based on the type of activity, students can physically move to another card, or simply flip over another cards once they have completed the one they are working on.

A Simple Trick for Success with One-Pagers. Youtube. French - Holi & Hola Mohalla - Google Slides. La nouvelle fille - Google Slides. Jamboard Annotation Freebies. Paris: A Novice Unit and IPA - Madame's Musings. Based on social media posts from my virtual colleagues, it seems that many of us are ending the year with a unit on Paris for our French 1 students. In my case, I found that this unit was a great way to bring in some vocabulary for places in a city and transportation. In addition, the students are gaining important knowledge about a city that many of them will have an opportunity to visit at one time in their lives.

Because I think it’s very important for the students to become familiar with various attractions in Paris, I began this unit with a series of learning stations designed to introduce the students to the tourist attractions they might visit on a trip to Paris. Although these stations are based on authentic resources that I have accumulated over the years (and can’t realistically share here), I’ve included a quick explanation of each station. Paris Listening Station: The students watched two authentic videos and responded to questions in English. Elimination: The TCI game of all games. I cannot believe that I have never blogged about this game before. Valentine story animated movie. Valentine story animated movie. Valentine story animated movie. Jamboard templates for articles, authentic resources and novels – Maris Hawkins.

L'Habitat Story with Level Threes. A snowman yearns for warmer climes in this Belgian commercial. Ormie the Pig. Physical description quiz - Google Slides. Qui parle français by Carla Tarini, SET OF BOOKS 1-5 – CPLI Bookstore. 0. LES FRANCOPHONES CÉLÈBRES PROJECT RUBRIC. Ceci ou Cela (tu es...) to share... - Google Slides.

 Slides vous permet de créer et de modifier des présentations en ligne gratuitement.  Slides vous permet de créer et de modifier des présentations en ligne gratuitement.  Slides vous permet de créer et de modifier des présentations en ligne gratuitement.  Slides vous permet de créer et de modifier des présentations en ligne gratuitement. Paroles du symbaloo. 11th Edition. Texts for Alice. Dance Monkey Percusión Corporal.

End of the Class Survey. French Resource Library - World Language Cafe. Protected: French Resource Library This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: What to Do with Talkative Students in French Class - World Language Cafe.  Slides vous permet de créer et de modifier des présentations en ligne gratuitement. Movie Talks. ! Au Zoo! - MovieTalk - Google Slides. Open House Videos - Google Slides. In-Person Daily Student Report (print 2 per page) AP Spanish Digital Portfolio Activities that Make Great Substitute Lesson Plans & Enrichment Opportunities with Webinar Included - Profesora Delgadillo.

What happens when you collaborate with other teachers? You create resources in record time, ideas overflow, in other words, pure MAGIC. I am so grateful that I have had the honor of meeting amazing people who I know get to call my friends, even beyond the profession, it is a beautiful gift to call them my friends. One example, of many, is my friend Claudia Elliot. We both teach AP Spanish (and all other levels of Spanish), so we got together at the beginning of the school closures to put together a digital portfolio for AP Spanish students. This was before all changes for the AP exam were announced. 49 Best On a scale of... images in 2021. 18 Devinettes Amusantes Qui Vont Mettre ta Logique à l'épreuve. LE GROS TUTO ! Rythmopathes "Team Péda" initiation percussions corporelles. L'ane Trotro et la galette - Presentaciones de Google. ‎French for Kids with Stories by Gus on the Go on the App Store. Take your child’s French language learning to the next level by diving into their favorite stories such as the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

This app will you take you from single vocabulary words to basic grammar and short sentences. Perfect for kids ages 3-7. Stories is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Gus on the Go! Gus, the language loving owl, travels through familiar and timeless stories that incorporate auditory pronunciation and written French language. Start off with animations that teach vocabulary and build your way up to short sentences. Nourish your kids love of languages and learning with something new and educational, featuring your favorite childhood characters! *** Named top 10 APPS TO HELP TEACH YOUR KID A FOREIGN LANGUAGE by Disney’s and one of The Best Preschool Apps by VIRTUAL GALETTE DES ROIS 2016. Bonne année de Sally Nyolo - Google Slides. The Magnificent Ten - High Frequency Verbs Posters (French) How to Pretend You’re in Paris Tonight. While your travel plans may be on hold, you can pretend you’re somewhere new for the night. Around the World at Home invites you to channel the spirit of a new place each week with recommendations on how to explore the culture, all from the comfort of your home.

Paris is a collective fantasy, from the booksellers along the Seine to the gray zinc rooftops of its cream stone buildings. For ages, the city has been the place to turn for lessons in l’art de vivre, the art of living, influencing fashion, philosophy, culture, art and gastronomy around the world. Today, pop-up shops and hipster brunch spots are as much a part of Paris as street lamps and Gothic architecture. But the romance of the city is timeless.  Slides vous permet de créer et de modifier des présentations en ligne gratuitement. Le petit nicolas le noel de nicolas avec des sous-titres en anglais ou en français.

Stop Using the Word “Rigor”. Say this instead. – Jon Cowart World Language Consulting. Rigor It seems like every year in the world of education someone creates a new buzzword that quickly becomes ubiquitous. The most recent one I hear a lot is “rigor”, and how to make our classes rigorous. The Google definition or rigor is “the quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate … demanding, difficult, or extreme conditions.”