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English Tips Blog. Learn more about the Phrasal Verbs Course This lesson is on one of the topics that’s most requested by my students – it’s all about phrasal verbs with the … 300 Idioms Course If you want to speak fluent English, it’s important to learn phrases and expressions – NOT just individual words.

English Tips Blog

Tubequizard. Show-English: Изучение английского языка по фильмам и сериалам с субтитрами. English listening activities and lessons for beginning to advanced English language learners. Online ESL Teachers Directory. ESL Video Quiz Builder. Netflix and learn – six ways to teach English language skills with television.

How can teachers of English create learning material with streaming services?

Netflix and learn – six ways to teach English language skills with television

Melissa Thomson, a British Council teacher and trainer based in Bilbao, describes her top six approaches. Last year I asked my teenage learners to list the five places they were most likely to encounter English online, and the top answer was Netflix. Over 37 per cent of the world's internet users subscribe to Netflix, a streaming service for movies and television series. The British Council's English Channel combines arts content with English-language learning. To Fluency. Юмористический сериал Extr@ English. Сериалы на английском языке. Английские сериалы, Сериалы на английском языке смотреть онлайн бесплатно.

Сериалы на английском языке с русскими и английскими субтитрами. “On The Same Page”: A Video-Based Lesson. In “On The Same Page” (Alli Norman and Carla Lutz, 2015), an introverted journalist for the local news section “has nothing to write about until he is whirled away into a colourful journey with his neighbour from the comic section.”

“On The Same Page”: A Video-Based Lesson

Similarly, the students in this video-based lesson are asked to become active learners and have lots to say by making predictions at various stages in the story, raising questions about what they have have just watched, or sharing their personal reactions in the hope of enhancing their critical thinking skills while practising the language. Dumb Ways to Die. Happy New Year from allatc!

Dumb Ways to Die

In December just gone, three separate people sent this video and issued a challenge to do something with it – never something we were going to be able to resist! It’s very funny, full of wonderful vocabulary and has allowed us to make use of the fabulous eltpics website. Watch a Bird Overcome Fear in Pixar’s Heart-Melting New Short Film Piper. Soar. Genre(s): Adventure.


How to get film-based lessons right. Have you ever shown films to your class, or considered setting up a film club?

How to get film-based lessons right

Daryn Simon, Head of History at Ysgol Bryn Alyn, and Beatrix Clark of Into Film share some advice. Why show films in the classroom? ESL discussion material based on TED talks. by Jamie Keddie Home - Free ESL Video Quizzes for Students. Free Quiz Builder for Teachers. 10 Creative Ways to Use Popular Movies in Fun ESL Lessons. Bored of book work?

10 Creative Ways to Use Popular Movies in Fun ESL Lessons

Tired of teacher-talking? Want something exciting for your students? Then watch a movie! Now, I know what some of you might be thinking: Isn’t watching a movie a cop-out? It’s tempting to think that putting on a movie is simply a great excuse for the teacher to sit at the back of the room, dim the lights and fall asleep clutching the remote. Lingorank: English listening exercises and tests with selected talks. Tubequizard. 10 сайтов с двойными субтитрами для тренировки восприятия английского на слух - Vocabulary Booster. Sökresultat: Engelska - UR Skola. Episode 01 - They meet. All at C. Take an occasionally controversial singer out of a short, self-imposed retirement, give her a Keane song to cover, add a bear, a hare and a beautifully crafted Christmas cartoon, mix with some activities focussing on listening, speaking and vocabulary development, and you have our Christmas lesson plan for this year.

All at C

Click here for the Teacher’s Notes. For our second tea-themed post this month, we have another break-up, but this time all is well as there’s a cuppa at hand for the spurned lover. Seven Best Short Films to Introduce Values - Kieran Donaghy. In an increasingly hyper-competitive and individualised world where isolation and loneliness are more and more prevalent, the role of universal values such as altruism, authenticity, community, compassion, creativity, determination, fairness, honesty, generosity, kindness, optimism, respect, responsibility, self-respect, tolerance, and wisdom in education is becoming increasingly important.

Seven Best Short Films to Introduce Values - Kieran Donaghy

Short films are a wonderful and engaging medium through which to introduce values into the classroom and to encourage students to reflect on values. How to Become a Better Person How to Become a Better Person created by Tracy Foster for The School of Life is a lovely animation which explores the values and virtues important in the modern world. Endless stream of movie clips of specific phrases (Uh, I wouldn't do that.) How to Use Authentic Tasks with Video in the Classroom « Cecilia Nobre ELT Blog. I love authentic video!

How to Use Authentic Tasks with Video in the Classroom « Cecilia Nobre ELT Blog

A lot has been said about its use as a classroom tool and I couldn’t agree more. Videos are fun, engaging and they can provoke the most exhilarating reactions. On the other hand, in my opinion, the way to approach authentic videos has yet to be properly developed. We teachers should aim to use video as if it were being watched outside the classroom. TED TALKS: “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” You are a good teacher.

You work tirelessly to inspire creativity and motivation in your students. The list of bookmarked TED-videos in your computer is longer than the Great Wall of China. But you won’t have the time to design lesson plans with worksheets and handouts around these videos. If it is so, this post will come in handy. Here is a worksheet with a set of activities for taking any TED talk (or any similar video) and using it in class with the least amount of preparation time on your part. A TED talk’s title is usually snappy and sums up the idea of the talk.

Write the title of the talk on the board (e.g. the recent talk I showed to my class – What Makes a Good Life. EngVid. Best Commercials. Ormie the Pig. Top 5 Sitcoms to Watch with your Students to Learn English. The following is a list of top 5 TV shows that I believe are useful to helping students improve their English: 5. The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory is currently one of the most popular sitcoms on TV. By Kieran Donaghy. Ready, Steady, Slow! - Simon's Cat. Learn English through movies/videos. Destiny - Animation Short. Inspiring Writing: “French Roast” « Chestnut ESL. Vision off – YouTube technique. Vision off – YouTube technique Submitted by admin on 5 July, 2011 - 08:42 This YouTube activity really gets your students thinking creatively.

A short film is played for the students, but they can’t see the scene, they can only hear it. Students guess what happens in the scene before they get to view it to check their deductions. Students are motivated and have lots of fun. Preparation Open the YouTube video Teeth ( and make sure it is ready to play. Procedure. Google Search Stories.

How to Videos on MonkeySee - Free Instructional Videos.