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Suomen Mielenterveys ry. Moral Machine. Skola - Kopiraittilan Koulu. Printable Maps. Your Life in Numbers. One two three Explore how much the world has changed since you were born Is life getting better or worse?

Your Life in Numbers

Watching the news, it’s easy to become pessimistic. But don’t forget that reporting is often selective. Bad news leads to higher ratings, while good news is seldom covered. In 1966, average life expectancy was only 56 years. Those are global improvements. Note: Values displayed are based on the nearest match for birth year and current year Of course, the pace of progress varies and depends on, among other things, ideas, policies and institutions in individual countries. WWF. 3897.Rich Seam web. (32) Rolls Royce future shore control centre. The fascinating history of cemeteries - Keith Eggener. Tekijänoikeudet, kuvalainaus ja minusta tehty rikosilmoitus. Päätös: ei rikosta. Vikingalagen. Board Game by @ICTmagic - @UKEdResources.

Kortfilmen "Att leva med typ 1 diabetes" Rakentavaa vuorovaikutusta. Väkivaltauutisista puhuminen lapsen kanssa - Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto. Väkivaltatapausten uutisointi tavoittaa sekä nuoret koululaiset että pienet lapset.

Väkivaltauutisista puhuminen lapsen kanssa - Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto

Lasta tilanne hämmentää ja pelottaa. Aikuisenkin voi olla vaikea ymmärtää tapahtunutta ja löytää vastauksia lapsen kysymyksiin. Aikuinen auttaa lasta jo olemalla läsnä, kuuntelemalla ja pysymällä rauhallisena. #?borders=1~!MTMyMTg4NTc. This Is the Tech That Will Make Learning as Addictive as Video Games. The way we learn today is just wrong.

This Is the Tech That Will Make Learning as Addictive as Video Games

Learning needs to be less like memorization, and more like…Angry Birds. Half of school dropouts name boredom as the number one reason they left. How do we get our kids to want to learn? The post is about why the future of education will be about flipping our current model on its head and about how key exponential technologies like AI, VR and gamification are going to drive a revolution in education. Ancient Greek sculptures dressed up in hipster clothing. Uudet muunteluoikeudet käytännössä. This is what a world map looks like if you're colourblind.

In an average audience of eight men and eight women, there's a 50 per cent chance that at least one person has a degree of colour blindness.

This is what a world map looks like if you're colourblind

A reddit user, Renno Hokwerda, posted a brief series of maps to Imgur to highlight the difficulties faced by some in interpreting colour coded maps. Hokwerda told indy100 that he used Coblis, an online tool which attempts to replicate how some colour-blind people will see certain images: I am not an expert on colour-blindness at all, nor am I myself colour-blind.

I posted last Sunday a map on Reddit r/mapporn showing the world's general election days, to which I added a textual key for colour-blind people who perhaps wouldn't be able to read the map. That key sparked many people's interest in colour-blindness and some colour-blind people responded gratefully, which gave me the idea to produce a map the way colour-blind people see.I wanted to convey a message, a sense rather than perfection of 'this is 100 per cent what 'they' see'. Original: Watch the Destruction of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius, Re-Created with Computer Animation (79 AD) A good disaster story never fails to fascinate — and, given that it actually happened, the story of Pompeii especially so.

Watch the Destruction of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius, Re-Created with Computer Animation (79 AD)

Buried and thus frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the ancient Roman town of 11,000 has provided an object of great historical interest ever since its rediscovery in 1599. Can You Find The Six Words Hidden In These Pictures? If you are like most people on the Internet (and, indeed, the world), you highly enjoy solving puzzles, finding things in pictures, and then letting everyone know you are intellectually capable of doing so.

Can You Find The Six Words Hidden In These Pictures?

Isn't that what Facebook is all about, after all? Flaunting superiority? Or maybe it's just fun. Finding shit is an A+ procrastination activity, after all. Snabbstart i svenska för nyanlända. Timeline of the Universe. Timelapse. Classroom Rules. Classroom Rules. Lärarens oväntade hemläxa till barnen får hela klassens föräldrar att jubla. Fysiktentamen på Köpenhamns Universitet. SUBJECT: FYSIKTENTAMEN PÅ KÖPENHAMNS UNIVERSITET FROM: Håkan Nilsson <

Fysiktentamen på Köpenhamns Universitet

*> DATE: 2006-03-06 Följande handlar om en fråga på en fysiktentamen på Köpenhamns Universitet: Beskriv hur man kan bestämma en skyskrapas höjd med hjälp av en barometer. En student svarade: Home - Waters Foundation. BETT 2015.pdf. Like Brain Teasers? This DIY Puzzle “Nails” It. I love brain teasers and wood-based puzzles and this is a good one that you can easily make yourself.

Like Brain Teasers? This DIY Puzzle “Nails” It

Basically, all you need is a chunk of pine, a nail, and some boiling water (oh, and a saw and a drill). It’s called the “Tooth and Nail” puzzle, and it appears to be an optical illusion. It is not. SPOILER ALERT: How this works is fascinating. How to Arrange Presentation Slides Like a Graphic Designer. We’ve all been there.

How to Arrange Presentation Slides Like a Graphic Designer

We’ve all been forced to follow a presentation that lost our interest within the first few minutes, maybe even seconds. 852742035.jpg (JPEG Image, 676 × 548 pixels) OneNote opetussuunnitelmatyön tueksi. Expertnätverk. I Will Never Need To Buy Cough Medicine Again After Seeing This! - Go Social.