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Legal Services in India. Lawyered. LEGAL SERVICES. Can my father give a property on rent without my mom's signature? - Mumbai | 26 Jul, 2018 (8 months, 2 weeks ago) General Advice.

Lawyered for Corporates 20180921. A View Of POSH (The Cause And The Laws) Face to Face with Dr Gubbi Subba Rao. How Freelancers Should Avoid Being Exploited For Their Skill. Of late, the economies around the world are witnessing a drastic change in the form of employment from traditional to independent employment. Freelancers are independent workers serving multiple clients, temporarily hired for short term projects. With complete independence, they work on their own terms and let their creative juices flow without hindrance. The prospect of unparalleled freedom offered by freelancing is its most attractive feature. However, this independence comes with its own baggage of complications and risks. One Person Company in India. Introduction First, understand the difference between Private Limited Vs.

Limited Liability Vs. One Person Company Or search for Business Registration Lawyers. One Person Company (“OPC”) has been conceptualized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) to help fill-in the gap between a proprietorship and a private company set-up and was introduced in India through the Companies Act, 2013 (“Act”). This type of entity encourages an individual to start his own business, especially an individual who has low-risk capacity and such a structure is ideal to set up a small enterprise.

Paid-up capital / Turnover. Medical Negligence: Guide to Taking Legal Action against your Doctor. Negligence is a tort, which is an uncodified law in India. It means that a person owed a duty of care to another person, the first person breached that duty as a result of which the second person got injured. For instance, A driver while driving owes a duty of care to all the people on the road, if he drives negligently and injures another person on the road.

He had a duty of care and due to the breach of the duty the person was injured and hence he would be held liable to pay damages. A type of negligence that has gained widespread importance is medical negligence. As the name suggests it is related to the field of medicine and to medical professionals. 5 Common Business Disputes That Can Be Easily Avoided. What makes a smart manager stand apart from a manager is his vision and realistic bend of mind. All managers know that common business disputes , which go on to become expensive legal suits , keep the potential of damaging reputation of the business , almost breaking fiduciary relationships and taking away from the business a lot of vital resources.

But smart managers know that these disputes, if are increasing alarmingly then they are also increasingly avoidable. The only reason why they grow to such an extent is because of the space given to such disputes that help them thrive. 5 Common Business Disputes That Can Be Easily Avoided. 5 Common Business Disputes That Can Be Easily Avoided. Tips to Proofread Legal Documents. Tips to proofread legal documents Proofreading legal documents There is no foolproof formula for perfect proofreading legal documents every time.

Not only will proofreading eliminate embarrassing and careless spelling or grammar related errors, but it will also provide edits for clarity and comprehension. You have to make sure that proofreading should be error-free and ready to be delivered to the clients. Mistakes and faults will not obstruct your reputation as a proofreader but can also have severe consequences for those who sought your service in the first place.

Spell Checking Spell checker is the most amazing and helpful tool for Proofreading legal documents. Double Check: Facts, figures, and proper names. Here's What Will Happen If you Miss Today's Income Tax Return Filing Deadline. The finance ministry has said it won't extend the July 31 deadline for filing income tax returns this year. The panic is evident, considering the fact that the tax department's filing system has been running erratically since Saturday. The big question right now is what happens if you still miss filing your tax returns before July 31 midnight.

Here's what you should know. Also read: How Salaried Individuals Should File Their Taxes. Can I file my income tax return after the deadline? Dishonor of Cheque: Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. The term ‘Negotiable’ means ‘transfer by endorsement or delivery’ and the term ‘Instrument’ means ‘any legal document in writing, which is created in favour of any person.

Therefore, Negotiable Instruments are written statements implying payment of money, either on demand or within a particular time period with the drawer’s/payer’s name on it. In case of any related legal matter, please Post Your Requirement anonymously and get free proposals OR Search for a Lawyer and book a free appointment directly. History and background In India, Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 codifies the law governing transactions involving negotiable instruments. Facing Delayed Possession of Property? The Supreme Court of India is proving to be a great help for all the stressed buyers who invested their hard earned money into buying a property but were facing delays in possession of their property.

We have been helping home buyers approach the NCDRC (National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission) in the right way and get their money back. Lawyered acting as an Amicus Curiae or ‘Friend of the court’ is connected with legal advisory currently representing at least 9200+ clients against 63+ builders at NCDRC in various cases. If you are one of the unlucky buyers, just drop in your details and we will provide you a legal consultation absolutely free of charge. Here what you can file for: Claim the money required to buy alternate accommodation at the ongoing market value in the respective area.

P2P Lending - RBI's Stance on Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform. The release of the Master Directions on Non-Banking Financial Company – Peer to Peer Lending Platform (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2017 (“ Master Directions ”) was a decision anticipated since April 2016 when the Reserve Bank of India (“ RBI ”) issued a Consultation Paper on Peer to Peer (“ P2P ”) lending (“ Consultation Paper ”). The Consultation Paper contained various arguments against and in favour of regulating the P2P lending sector. Thereafter, on August 24, 2017, as a precursor to the ultimate regulations, the RBI issued a gazette notification classifying entities providing the ‘business of a peer to peer lending platform’ as a Non-Banking Financial Company (“ NBFC ”).

The Notification assumes significance since the classification of a P2P lending platform as an NBFC brings such a platform within the RBI’s regulatory ambit. Proposed Amendments To The Specific Relief Act, 1963 - Impact Analysis. The underlying objective of the parties behind entering into any contract is the performance of their respective parts. If for any reason this performance fails, courts tend to award damages in order to put the affected party back to his original position. However, if for any reason damages are an inadequate remedy or it is not possible to award compensation, then a relief of specific performance may be awarded to the affected party at the discretion of the court.

We have a codified enactment dealing with issue, i.e., the Specific Relief Act, 1963 (“SRA”) governing this aspect. The proposed Specific Relief (Amendment) Bill, 2018 (“Amendment Bill”) which was passed by the Lok Sabha recently seeks to alter some fundamental propositions in the functioning of the SRA. The Draft National Digital Communications Policy, 2018. An analysis by Corp Comm Legal Bhumesh Verma, Managing partner and Soumya Shekhar, Associate Introduction The Department of Telecommunications has released the draft National Digital Communications Policy (“Digital Policy”) on 1 st May 2018, inviting public comments on the same.

This new Digital Policy seeks to regulate not only the telecom sector but also devise new ways of improving digital communication across the country. DELHI Government to Set up Police Complaint Authority to Hear Complaints Against Police Misconduct. DELHI Government to Set up Police Complaint Authority to Hear Complaints Against Police Misconduct Following the Supreme Court directions, the Delhi Government plans to set up a Police Complaint Authority (PCA) to hear complaints of extortion, harassment, abuse, unlawful detention or arrest by the Delhi Police.

The panel will consist of a Chairperson appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. For the other members the Delhi Government has recently invited applications for three posts to be filled up. Data Protection in India and Europe: A Comparative Analysis. Bhumesh Verma, Managing partner and Soumya Shekhar, Associate Introduction The term `General Data Protection Regulations’ or ‘GDPR’ has the world baffled. EU has come up with a new set of data privacy norms which are bound to have far-reaching effects. In the aftermath of its implementation on May 25, 2018, corporates all over are revamping their data privacy policies to mirror the GDPR requirements.

In the wake of data security breaches by big players such as Facebook, Paytm and Google, GDPR appears to be a strong step taken by the EU towards the maintenance of data security. The so called ‘Digital India’, the cashless economy towards which India is fast progressing entails the transmission of personal data including sensitive data such as card details, bank account number etc. Understanding the Concept of Cheque Bounce in India. Cheque bounces are considered as a Criminal offence in India .In this age of Internet where Internet Banking and Mobile Banking are used for Transferring Funds , there is a large section of population that prefers cheques .Dr . Gubbi Subba Rao explains the Dishonour of Cheque and Presumption in favor of the holder mentioned under sections 138 and 139 of the Negotiable Instruments Act , 1881.

He also gives an exceptional view of Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code under which the punishment for Cheating has been provided according to which the person shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 7 years, and shall also be liable to fine . This video gives us the in depth knowledge of the consequences and the remedies for the same. Alternate Market Commission - A Boost for Startup Ecosystem. Bhumesh Verma, Managing partner and Soumya Shekhar, Associate Introduction Startup eco-system carries vast potential for economic activity and revenue generation in India. All You Need to Know About ANGEL TAX.

How Partnership Clarity in the Early-Stages Increases your Immunity. Author: Diksha Singh. How to Protect Intellectual Property - Strategy for Startups. >Introduction. Sexual Offences Against Children & Its Penalties. Author: Diksha Singh The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012 was enacted to prevent children from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. What Are The Mandatory and Regulatory Compliance's For a Business?

Author: Neelam Vats and Associate Priya Singh. Largest M&A Deal- Walmart Takes over Flipkart. Author: Advocate Dhruv Berry and Associate Abhishek Jha. How to Sue a Builder. Maternity Benefit Amendment ACT, 2017. Intellectual Property - Industrial Design. Author: Surbhi Sawaria Abstract. NET Neutrality Regime in India.

Website Agreements and Policy Lawyers in Delhi tell you its importance. Searching for a lawyer for dispute resolution? The reason why your startup requires company compliance lawyers. Find the top corporate lawyers in Gurgaon. The Next 3 Steps After Company Incorporation. Trademark Registration & Trademark Search in India.

7 Objectives of India's new IPR Policy 2016. Private Limited Vs. Limited Liability Vs. One Person Company [Infographic] How can startups avoid court litigation: 5 ways to resolve disputes. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. A case under IPC 420 for buying a land by forgery - International business contract - Am I binding to terms mentioned in agreement even after agreement ends? - Is crowdfunding as an investment legal? - Can my father give a property on rent without my mom's signature? -

Lawyers in Bengaluru. Lawyers in Mumbai. Lawyers in New Delhi. Goods and Services Tax (GST): An overarching tax reform. Goods and Services Tax (GST): An overarching tax reform. How startups survive Investor Due Diligence. 6 Legal Agreements a Startup can't Ignore. How to Name your Startup? E-Contracts: All you need to know before you click ‘I Agree' What is a Term Sheet and How to Negotiate?

Risk Management for Entrepreneurs : Everything you Need to Know. Intellectual Property Rights in India. Why do Startups need a Lawyer? Why you should never Freelance without a Contract. Crowdfunding Rules in India: Legality & SEBI Guidelines. CCI rejects complaints of unfair practices against Ola, Uber. Top-10 Startup mistakes that are easily avoidable. Why your startup's website privacy policy needs immediate attention. Innerchef founder tweets out to competitor over brand trademark infringement.

9 most hyped Startup legal battles. The dynamics of multiple liquidation preferences. Grofers gets into legal trouble over revoking job offers of 67 students. 10 things that VCs say often and what they actually mean. Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association. You May Face A 3 Years Jail Term For Looking At Torrent Websites In India. Startup Terminology: Jargons which will help you sound like a pro. Labour Laws in India: All Proposed Reforms & Amendments. Why #LawyerUp before starting up. Top Apple Lawsuits You Need to Know About. Statutory Compliance: Invisible Pillar of Business Foundation.

Apple files lawsuit against fake chargers. Snapdeal in trouble over “Dhotis” PayPal files Trademark Infringement, Says Paytm Leveraging Fame & Goodwill. Progressive laws India needs to introduce right now. MS Dhoni Wins a Legal Battle to Secure Domain Name. Section 420 IPC: Everything You Need To Know. Apple files $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm. New Trademark Rules: Updated Price List Included. Appointment of auditors: Everything You Should Know. Types Of Companies In India: Detailed Breakdown.