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Find the top corporate lawyers in Gurgaon

Hiring a lawyer for business is an extremely important task, no matter how confusing or unnerving it is. Nothing and no one can replace the advice of an expert and legal work isn’t just a mere formality: it helps you gain confidence and reduces all kinds of risks that could come your way. However, the traditional way of finding lawyers can be time consuming and requires large sums of money in the form of consultation fee. This is where Lawyered comes to the rescue: with you can search for the top lawyers in your area that understand your business needs and consult you at costs lower than what top firms charge you. So whether you’re looking for top corporate lawyers in Gurgaon, or taxation lawyers in Mumbai, Lawyered can help you search for top quality lawyers in the field that you require, no matter which city you’re in. With the startup boom in India over the past few years, it becomes imperative for us to understand why your business may require a corporate lawyer.

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I AM SETTING UP A DAIRY FARM WITH MY FRIEND. - Answers For setting up a dairy farm, we recommend that you opt for the NABARD ( National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ) Subsidy, granted by government for dairy farming. Under this scheme the government provides financial assistance. Intellectual Property - Industrial Design Author: Surbhi Sawaria Abstract In 1787, in the United Kingdom, the Design rights started expanding with the Designing and Printing of Linen Act. In India, Industrial Designs are protected under the Design Act, 2000 which has replaced the Design Act, 1911. India being a member of WTO is under TRIPS, obliged to maintain a minimum standard of protection.

The reason why your startup requires company compliance lawyers Company compliance lawyers are people who ensure that your company is following all the laws, regulations and obligations that apply to your business. He or she works with you to ensure that your company exercises due diligence and implements all the regulations, thus protecting your company from any legal risks. Company compliance is a tedious procedure that involves design making, implementation, policy monitoring, training, and procedures. Your company compliance lawyer would help you formulate formal policies and rules to prevent violation of laws and would guide you into formulation of a plan that would help you implement the policies in the workspace and monitor their violations. Your company compliance lawyer will be the primary point for your ethics and compliance program,and thus, will be working with senior management and human resources round the clock to ensure consistent enforcement.

Corporate Lawyers in Mumbai Is it necessary to hire a lawyer when you’re starting a new business? Most certainly. Hiring a corporate lawyer when venturing into a new business is as essential as hiring an architect while constructing a new house. All your legal policies should be tailored to fit your needs and that can only be done by a professional. Whether you’re looking for corporate lawyers in Mumbai, or Delhi, Lawyered can help you. Free Legal Advice: A Government Mandate The Indian constitution promises equality for all and these rights extend to free legal advice as well! But this was not always the case. Less than half a century ago, Indian citizens were left stranded to their own devices, legal aid a faraway dream. It seemed like the law only applied to those in power and with the financial power to afford it for themselves.

Maternity Benefit Amendment ACT, 2017 Author: Ashima Puri & Associate: Surbhi Sawaria Abstract The Act regulates the women employment for certain period pre and post the child-birth. Searching for a lawyer for dispute resolution? Disputes are a fact of the present day business world and understanding and dealing with it in a professional manner has never been more important. Dispute resolution, as self defining as it is, is the process of resolving dispute between two parties. Dispute resolution lawyers help their clients in settling business related disputes in the most favourable way possible, which may or may not include undergoing a dispute resolution procedure. There are three main types of dispute resolution procedures:

Corporate lawyers in Delhi - HR Policy Running a successful company also comes with a set of responsibilities. It is vital for an organisation to have a comprehensive HR policy and procedures. Since employment law is also dynamic and ever changing, it becomes essential to update your HR policy every now and then. It is always advised to get your policies drafted by an experienced corporate lawyer who holds expertise in employment and labour laws.

Employment and Labour Laws For Women Author - Associate Runa Jasia “A woman is like a tea bag- you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. “ There was a time when we used to live in a male-dominated society. Women Empowerment is now trending as awareness everywhere. It means creating an environment where there is no violence or gender discrimination and where women have equal rights in the community, society, and workplace. It’s essential for a woman to feel safe about the workplace she is working on. For the safety of a woman, there are several laws in a company which needs to be followed. How to Sue a Builder Author: PriyamvadaSanjiv Dagar, Legajoist In this 21st century, owning a house is very difficult, real estate has emerged rapidly builders and developers play a vital role in completing the project and delivering it on time. Due to huge demand along with time and labor constrains builders fail to complete the projects on time, thereby not meeting the commitment they had made to the buyers.

Website Agreements and Policy Lawyers in Delhi tell you its importance You have a legal relationship with anyone and everyone who visits your website, whether or not they buy anything on it. It is upto the owner to decide and set the terms of the relationship with the visitor through website agreement. This post on Website Agreements and Policy Lawyers in Delhi lays out the benefits and importance of a well drafted agreements policy. A well drafted website agreement maximizes your ability to protect yourself and your assets while a bas one puts both you and your assets at risk. Any business with an online presence, e-commerce or not, must include website agreements, terms and conditions and privacy policy in their website in order to abide by the regulations set by the government. Your Website's terms of use ensure that users do not unlawfully use the content you post on your website, including images, videos and all your intellectual property.

Find the best Employment and labour law lawyers in Gurgaon It’s the duty of every organisation to treat all its employees fairly. The government understands the same and labour laws are a way of ensuring this fair treatment. There are several state and central employment compliances and labour laws that a company needs to follow since their breachment can cause prosecution and concerned authorities can also levy heavy fines. To minimize these risks, hiring an experienced corporate lawyer becomes vital. Legal Requirements for Starting a Food Business in India Author - Associate Runa Jasia A restaurant is a place where people can sit and eat their meals in exchange for money. Everyone likes to eat something unique once in a while, what could be the best place like a restaurant. There is no doubt that it is a booming business which can never be in loss if the quality of service and food are great. Before starting any restaurant people select the concept behind their restaurant, place, amount of investment, begin hiring employees, deciding the menu, cuisine, etc.