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Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyers

DELHI Government to Set up Police Complaint Authority to Hear Complaints Against Police Misconduct. DELHI Government to Set up Police Complaint Authority to Hear Complaints Against Police Misconduct Following the Supreme Court directions, the Delhi Government plans to set up a Police Complaint Authority (PCA) to hear complaints of extortion, harassment, abuse, unlawful detention or arrest by the Delhi Police. The panel will consist of a Chairperson appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. For the other members the Delhi Government has recently invited applications for three posts to be filled up.

Data Protection in India and Europe: A Comparative Analysis. Bhumesh Verma, Managing partner and Soumya Shekhar, Associate Introduction The term `General Data Protection Regulations’ or ‘GDPR’ has the world baffled. EU has come up with a new set of data privacy norms which are bound to have far-reaching effects.

In the aftermath of its implementation on May 25, 2018, corporates all over are revamping their data privacy policies to mirror the GDPR requirements. Understanding the Concept of Cheque Bounce in India. Cheque bounces are considered as a Criminal offence in India .In this age of Internet where Internet Banking and Mobile Banking are used for Transferring Funds , there is a large section of population that prefers cheques .Dr . Gubbi Subba Rao explains the Dishonour of Cheque and Presumption in favor of the holder mentioned under sections 138 and 139 of the Negotiable Instruments Act , 1881. He also gives an exceptional view of Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code under which the punishment for Cheating has been provided according to which the person shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 7 years, and shall also be liable to fine .

Alternate Market Commission - A Boost for Startup Ecosystem. Bhumesh Verma, Managing partner and Soumya Shekhar, Associate Introduction Startup eco-system carries vast potential for economic activity and revenue generation in India. How Partnership Clarity in the Early-Stages Increases your Immunity. Author: Diksha Singh. How Partnership Clarity in the Early-Stages Increases your Immunity. How to Protect Intellectual Property - Strategy for Startups.

>Introduction Intellectual property protection should be one of the foremost concerns of a nascently set up entity, particularly a startup. Intellectual property refers to innovative creations arising out of one’s or a team’s intellectual exercise. It includes not only innovative products and processes but also logos and images. Some key intellectual property rights are: a) Patents: Inventions involving both innovative products and processes which contribute to technological development and simplify everyday lives are called patents. B) Copyright: Ideas cannot be copyrighted, but if these ideas are articulated in a permanent form then the creator may be entitled to a copyright over his/her work. Sexual Offences Against Children & Its Penalties. Author: Diksha Singh The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012 was enacted to prevent children from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

This Act of parliament received the President assent on 19th June 2012. What Are The Mandatory and Regulatory Compliance's For a Business? Author: Neelam Vats and Associate Priya Singh To operate any business legally in the country, there are certain requirements which the company have to fulfill. These can be related to the business transaction, labor practices, and safety precautions. Before starting the company or business complete study of the regulation and requirement of the industry is done so that they can know about the essential compliance. The compliance is divided into two categories: 1. 2. Largest M&A Deal- Walmart Takes over Flipkart.

Author: Advocate Dhruv Berry and Associate Abhishek Jha Walmart Inc is an American multinational retail company, the largest in the world by revenue and strives to grow more by giving a cut-throat competition to its peer and one of the biggest rival company is Amazon. Due to its expertise in retail market and a strong supply chain management and a commitment to deliver the quality at the lowest possible price Walmart acts as a silent killer for all the small retailers; and to grow further primarily to enter in the online retail alike the Amazon in Indian market it has invoked various possible way and came out with the acquisition of Flipkart, which is having the largest share of Indian retail market around 31.9% chased by Amazon at 31.1%.

One of the largest deal, probably in the world is the Buyout of Flipkart by Walmart. the deal stuck at the investment of US $ 16 Billion out of which 12.5% i.e. NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said “It will have a very positive impact. How to Sue a Builder. Author: PriyamvadaSanjiv Dagar, Legajoist In this 21st century, owning a house is very difficult, real estate has emerged rapidly builders and developers play a vital role in completing the project and delivering it on time.

Due to huge demand along with time and labor constrains builders fail to complete the projects on time, thereby not meeting the commitment they had made to the buyers. Maternity Benefit Amendment ACT, 2017. Author: Ashima Puri & Associate: Surbhi Sawaria Abstract. Intellectual Property - Industrial Design. Author: Surbhi Sawaria Abstract In 1787, in the United Kingdom, the Design rights started expanding with the Designing and Printing of Linen Act. In India, Industrial Designs are protected under the Design Act, 2000 which has replaced the Design Act, 1911.

India being a member of WTO is under TRIPS, obliged to maintain a minimum standard of protection. Under TRIPS, intellectual property protection also extends to traditional IPRs such as patents, trademarks and copyright. Intellectual Property Right refers to the right over the intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields. Design refers to the “feature of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, composition of lines, or colours applied to any article whether in two dimensional or three dimensional or in both form, by any industrial process or means, whether manual, mechanical and chemical, separate or combined, which in the finished article solely judged by the eye”. 1. 2.

NET Neutrality Regime in India. Net neutrality generally means that the Government and the internet service providers treat all data available in the internet equally and non-discriminatively. It implies that there is no biased and discriminative pricing of data products and services based on the type of data available in the internet, thereby not giving any preferential treatment to selective websites or web based applications. In India, there have been a number of debates on whether net neutrality should remain or be scrapped. It has been debated that in case net neutrality is scrapped, then selected websites or web based applications which are most used by consumers may become costlier than others.

For instance, consumers may be charged to gain access to certain social media websites like Facebook, and Twitter, ecommerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon, etc but other websites may be accessible free of any data charges. Website Agreements and Policy Lawyers in Delhi tell you its importance. You have a legal relationship with anyone and everyone who visits your website, whether or not they buy anything on it. It is upto the owner to decide and set the terms of the relationship with the visitor through website agreement.

This post on Website Agreements and Policy Lawyers in Delhi lays out the benefits and importance of a well drafted agreements policy. A well drafted website agreement maximizes your ability to protect yourself and your assets while a bas one puts both you and your assets at risk. Any business with an online presence, e-commerce or not, must include website agreements, terms and conditions and privacy policy in their website in order to abide by the regulations set by the government. Your Website's terms of use ensure that users do not unlawfully use the content you post on your website, including images, videos and all your intellectual property.

Searching for a lawyer for dispute resolution? Disputes are a fact of the present day business world and understanding and dealing with it in a professional manner has never been more important.

Searching for a lawyer for dispute resolution?

Dispute resolution, as self defining as it is, is the process of resolving dispute between two parties. Dispute resolution lawyers help their clients in settling business related disputes in the most favourable way possible, which may or may not include undergoing a dispute resolution procedure. The reason why your startup requires company compliance lawyers. Company compliance lawyers are people who ensure that your company is following all the laws, regulations and obligations that apply to your business. He or she works with you to ensure that your company exercises due diligence and implements all the regulations, thus protecting your company from any legal risks. Company compliance is a tedious procedure that involves design making, implementation, policy monitoring, training, and procedures. The reason why your startup requires company compliance lawyers. Find the top corporate lawyers in Gurgaon.

Hiring a lawyer for business is an extremely important task, no matter how confusing or unnerving it is. Corporate Lawyers in Mumbai. Is it necessary to hire a lawyer when you’re starting a new business?

Corporate Lawyers in Mumbai

Most certainly. Corporate lawyers in Delhi - HR Policy. Find the best Employment and labour law lawyers in Gurgaon. It’s the duty of every organisation to treat all its employees fairly.

Find the best Employment and labour law lawyers in Gurgaon

Copyright Infringement Law Suit. In this world millions of people create music, books, research etc.

Copyright Infringement Law Suit

Differences Between FIR and Zero FIR. What exactly is FIR?

Differences Between FIR and Zero FIR

Benefit of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939. Almost every religion recognizes marriage as a sacred union of man and woman which cannot be or rather should never be broken by any force on earth, and Islam is no different to this philosophy. Legal compliance for real estate development. Free legal advice on corporate law and IBC. How corporate lawyers can help your startup. Legal compliance of corporate law for safety of women. Intellectual property rights and the national IPR policy. Legal compliance of sexual harassment disclosure. Legal compliance and the IBC corporate law. Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017. The Journey From Vishakha Case to Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act. Benami Property. How to sue an Employer. Understanding, Preventing and Redressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace. 10 Laws We Break On A Daily Basis. Trade Dress - Hand In Hand - With Trademark. An Introduction To "What Are Compliance Laws"

Lawyered announces the acquisition of InCourt News, a legal news platform. An Introduction To "What Are Compliance Laws" Lawyered announces the acquisition of InCourt News, a legal news platform. A View Of POSH (The Cause And The Laws) Face to Face with Dr Gubbi Subba Rao. Lawyered announces the acquisition of InCourt News, a legal news platform. 10 Laws We Break On A Daily Basis. Trade Dress - Hand In Hand - With Trademark. An Introduction To "What Are Compliance Laws" Corporate Law And Legal Compliance: An Introduction To Legal Setup For Startups. 7 Objectives of India's new IPR Policy 2016. Private Limited Vs. Limited Liability Vs. One Person Company [Infographic] How can startups avoid court litigation: 5 ways to resolve disputes. Advisory.

Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. Advisory. A case under IPC 420 for buying a land by forgery - International business contract - Am I binding to terms mentioned in agreement even after agreement ends? - Can my father give a property on rent without my mom's signature? - Find the top corporate lawyers in Gurgaon. Sign in! Find expert lawyers in your city - Free legal advice.