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PROGRESS-TT. Latest News and Design Blog - Duku. IPsoft. Meet Amelia: IPsoft’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform Interacts Like a Human. NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IPsoft today announced a new artificial intelligence platform named “Amelia” that makes it possible to automate knowledge work across a broad range of functions.

Meet Amelia: IPsoft’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform Interacts Like a Human

Exposed to the same information as any new hire, she can quickly apply her knowledge to solve queries in a wide range of business processes. With Amelia able to shoulder the burden of tedious, often laborious tasks, she partners with human coworkers to achieve new levels of productivity and service quality. “Predicts 2014: Business and IT Services Are Facing the End of Outsourcing as We Know It”Tweet this Whereas many other technologies demand that humans adapt their behavior in order to interact with ‘smart machines’, Amelia is intelligent enough to interact like a human herself.

This equips her to deliver a top quality customer experience for any of the businesses in which she is deployed. Amelia learns using the same natural language manuals as her colleagues but in a matter of seconds. Search Real Fast - Helping researchers dramatically speed up their technology and prior art research efforts. Designed by a researcher and engineer just like you!

Search Real Fast - Helping researchers dramatically speed up their technology and prior art research efforts

Pete Fenner designed PRF Query to help deliver a unique and needed search front-end service for engineers, scientists and researchers. It was Pete’s belief that a faster and more precise approach was needed for online technology and prior art searching. Many technology search sites such as Google Scholar and Google Patents as well as many company and industry document repositories require you to learn a specialized query syntax to make complex queries. Pete wanted to help you roll up your sleeves and immediately start looking for any relevant documents about your idea that might have already been published or patented. To you the researcher, it does not matter if a manual, a technical journal or a patent application describes technology similar to your idea. Let it Make! Who We Are We are a small team, dedicated to developing open source hardware products.

Let it Make!

When we started working on PlayDog, the first of our products, we realized that it would be amazing to share its development process with others - design it in a way people could make it at home, use it, highlight problems & implement solutions - to finally arrive at an 'almost' out of the box product, that can be shared with end consumers. We now hope to share & expand this work experience with you. Our Vision. Home Page. Zirra. About - HIP Investor. HIP = Human Impact + Profit Our world of more than seven billion people faces many human problems that need solutions, many of which can be served by companies.

About - HIP Investor

By solving these human needs profitably through products and services (from Walmart’s $4 generic drug program to ICICI Bank’s micro-loans to Vestas’s wind turbines), a company can benefit customers, inspire employees, engage suppliers, and deliver sustainable profitable growth for its investors. Building a HIP Portfolio that solves problems in Health, Wealth, Earth, Equality and Trust is a driver for attractive long-term financial performance. Today, one out of eight investment dollars seeks “human impact” as well as profit. The Compass Fellowship. Our Work Archive - Enviu. FastIgnite, Inc. Powerful developer-friendly machine learning. Competitions. Adapt IP Ventures - Patent Broker Services. WiLAN - Research - WiLAN Labs. In 1999, WiLAN co-founded the OFDM Forum.

WiLAN - Research - WiLAN Labs

With the influence of members like Philips Semiconductors, Nokia and Motorola, the Forum succeeded in having W-OFDM adopted in the IEEE 802.16a Metropolitan Area Network standard. By July 2003, WiLAN had launched the W-OFDM-based LIBRA 5800 and followed up with the Libra MX WiMAX Platform, WiLAN’s fourth generation W-OFDM platform, in November 2004. Today, WiLAN remains committed to commercializing innovative technology. WiLAN Labs, a subsidiary of WiLAN (formerly Cygnus Broadband), develops innovative solutions to the challenging problems facing next generation communication networks.

Based in our U.S. head office in San Diego, California, WiLAN Labs has pioneered advances in the areas of mobile Quality of Experience (QoE), streaming video optimization and physical layer (PHY) capacity enhancements for wireless networks. Contact Us and Directions. Services4Stock. Services4Stock is a unique platform created to provide emerging companies with an easier way to finance their growth.


Typically, companies with high growth potential seek financing from venture capital firms or investment banks. AKT IP Ventures - Patents incubator, quick prototyping, Joint Venture. Totaro & Associates. Intellectual Property & Licensing. Technicolor, under the name of Thomson Licensing, has developed a solid, profitable and sustained patent licensing business.

Intellectual Property & Licensing

Managed as a specific Business Division, it delivers sustained revenues streams. Our licensing business relies on our long tradition of investments in R&D and our capacity to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. 95% of our IP assets are organic and resulting from the results of in-house R&D efforts. This long effort started almost in the 1920s and continues nowadays with in particular research and innovations in advanced audio and video codecs, content discovery, color gamut extension… A Century of Invention. Bill Gross. Patent Calls. The Lens. AlliedSecurityTrust > Home. Business Plans, Strategy Consulting, Investment Banking. Untitled.

Provisional Builder The first member in the PatentBuilder™ workflow family is our ProvisionalBuilder® system, a comprehensive patent application software solution aimed at high quality provisional patent application creation and filing.


Explore. Our Values - Oxfirst. PatSnap. Cipher - Aistemos. Our Team - Signals Group. Signals is a 50-person strong company headquartered in Tel Aviv, with growing offices in New York City and Geneva.

Our Team - Signals Group

Our founders are military intelligence veterans with decades of combined experience in collecting disparate data points across sources, contextualizing and analyzing them, and extracting meaningful intelligence to enable mission critical actions. In 2009, they founded Signals with a vision to bring the comprehensive, nimble, real-time best practices of military intelligence to businesses. Patsnap - Patent Report serve. Intelligence Applications - Signals Group. Identify a new growth opportunity for your product and capitalize on a commercially viable market white space.

Intelligence Applications - Signals Group

Through landscaping and analysis of current market solutions, consumer satisfaction and demands derived from social media, research and innovation efforts, and competitor activities in the product category, pretotype promising new products with 360 degree visibility. Product LandscapeMarket Saturation AnalysisMarket Value AssessmentMessaging Gap Analysis Identify potential unserved market segments pertinent to your productIdentify greenfield markets with high demand and / or low competitive pressureIdentify potential applications for existing / new technologies Match between your new product's capabilities and consumers' needs and expectations.

Through comparing specific consumer demands and references to available market solutions, we reveal the degree to which consumer needs are currently being met or unmet by current product offerings. Youvention. Battelle. The Crowdfunding Centre - Big Data Driven Crowdfunding Insights. Cloem. Marblar Wants You To Create Samsung’s Next NASA-Powered Product And Get Paid. Marblar is a product development platform that lets users generate ideas for commercial uses of scientific discoveries that lay dormant in universities and research labs around the globe. Today the company is upping the stakes. In a development that sees it get access to half a billion dollars’ worth of patents from NASA, ETRI, and the University of Pennsylvania, the London-based startup has also signed Samsung as a commercial partner to offer users the chance to help create the company’s next product and earn a share of revenue along the way.

The move represents a rejigging of Marblar’s collaborative model that appears to address most, if not all, of the platform’s shortcomings. Crowdfunding business finance from angel investors and 'Armchair Dragons' To help you understand the risks involved when investing in shares and mini-bonds on Crowdcube, please read the following risk summary. Please #investaware and diversify your investments. The need for diversification when you invest Diversification involves spreading your money across multiple investments to reduce risk. Ballast IP Capital Group, LLC. Intellectual Property, License Patent, Inventors. Proactive IP Management: Commercialization of Patents. Patent Purchases and Sales:The patent databases of the leading patent filing countries offer what is considered to be the most comprehensive source of technical information available anywhere. It is not always necessary to develop technology in-house, when there is often great technology available for purchasing or licensing.

Knowledge Bank. History of Patent Syndication. Patent Syndication per se, is relatively new however it is usually for granted patents or patents with proven and reliable income streams. The participants are usually high wealth individuals, major corporations or those in the know. For the rest, there are very limited options. As a result and because of the personal experiences of the individuals associated with and the feedback from other inventors over the last 3 years, experiencing the pain of the setbacks and rejections from the patenting and monetizing processes, the new Patent Syndication concept was developed. CircleUp: Investing private consumer companies, equity crowdfunding. Idealab. Broodr - Your marketplace to buy and sell unique products, designs, and inventions. Equity Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Platform. EarlyShares is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects smart investors with unique opportunities. EarlyShares is the funding platform of the future, where small investments ignite big ideas. Crowdfunding Platform for Science Research Grants. Design Revolution. CCapital. CCapital Ltd. is a unique Investment and Business Solutions firm specializing in Locating & Developing Startup Ventures and Companies. The Machine to be Another. BE ANOTHER LAB is an interdisciplinary art collective dedicated to investigate embodied and telepresence experiments. Home – IP Group plc. Open Innovation Services. Startups. Online Broker, Investment Ideas, Online Stock Trading.

The Exchange Traded Funds prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other important information you should read and consider carefully prior to making an investment decision. Innovation Management. SoMoLend. AngelList - Equity Accredited Tree. Crowdfunding Platform.

FundRoom. Why peerbackers? SeedInvest - Equity Crowdfunding Platform. Crowdfunding for Startups & Small Businesses. Equity Crowdfunding Platform for Startups. CircleUp: Investing private consumer companies, equity crowdfunding. Foreign PearlTree. Symbid. SeedUps Canada Equity Crowdfunding Platform. Welcome to Grow VC Group. Intellectual Ventures - IP traders Tree. ABOUT US - Global Inventions. Competitive Landscape Report. Fusion IP PLC, FIP:LSE summary. Collective IP. ABOUT US - Tekcapital. Competitive Landscape » IP Education.

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