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Stress in the Elderly population

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With little information addressing the issue of stress in our elderly, here are some consolidated data that you can read to understand stress better!

Studies have shown that stress in elderly can result in depleting health, and vice versa.

And with the ageing population in our country, elderly needs to seek help when under stress.

Scroll through the articles and videos to learn more about the stress that you or the people around you may be experiencing. Then, have some fun playing games that helps to relief stress or the causes of it!

Scroll down further for multilingual information on the topic of Stress in Elderly. Video about Stress. Stress in the elderly population. What is Stress? Overcoming Stress. Everybody has it, and everybody talks about it, but nobody really knows what stress is.

Overcoming Stress

WHY? It is because stress means different thing for each of us, and is also different for each of us. Manage your stress and become more productive rather than self-destructive. Stress is a part of modern living. It is unavoidable. Stress serves a purpose when it provides us with the motivation to scale new challenges or overcome difficulties. Prevalence Anybody who experiences changes in his or her life i.e., practically everybody. Stress can occur anytime. Stress Management - Singapore Heart Foundation. Stress is part and parcel of everyday life as we deal with challenges posed by work, family commitments, financial obligations, and social relationships.

Stress Management - Singapore Heart Foundation

While a small to moderate amount of stress may actually stimulate us to perform better, excessive stress or stress which endures over a prolonged period of time can damage our health. In this context, there is growing evidence which suggests that stress has a significant impact on our risk of developing heart disease. Read more: Stress as a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease. Singapore spends $3.1 billion on stress-related illnesses annually: Study, Health News. SINGAPORE - A study has found that Singapore spends about US$2.3 billion (S$3.1 billion), or 18 per cent, of its total healthcare expenditure on stress-related illnesses annually.

Singapore spends $3.1 billion on stress-related illnesses annually: Study, Health News

This put the nation's proportion of expenditure on stress-related illnesses second-highest out of the nine regions studied in the report, coming just 0.8 per cent behind Australia's 18.8 per cent. The other seven regions were Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. The report, which was produced by healthcare consultancy firm Asia Care Group on behalf of health insurance and services company Cigna, was published on Thursday (Nov 21). Case Studies. Age without frailty. Half of older persons above the age of 55 living at home are frail, shared Associate Professor Ng Tze Pin from the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

Age without frailty

However, Assoc Prof Ng’s latest study shows that frailty — exhibiting signs of weakness, slowness, exhaustion, loss of muscle mass and reduced physical activity — may not be a necessary outcome of ageing. Under the four-year study titled the Singapore Frailty Intervention Trial (FIT), a combination of nutritional, physical and cognitive interventions was able to reverse physical frailty in older people. Inspiration for the FIT stemmed from results of the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Studies (SLAS), also led by Assoc Prof Ng. 'Like a knife poking my heart': Loss, loneliness and the killing pain of elderly depression. SINGAPORE: Linda Loh remembers a time when her 85-year-old mother used to be a “very nice person”. As the tantrums began, at first the family put this down to Mdm Lee Sui Yee’s old age – but then, nothing seemed acceptable to her. “I’d talk to her, but she’d say that I never listen to her,” said her daughter.

“I’d try to cool myself down … just walk into the kitchen and stay away from her. But she’d also scold me for not staying and talking to her.” An irritable Mdm Lee would especially be worked up about noise, such as a child crying or anybody talking loudly. When she had a fall and was admitted to hospital in July 2016, the family found out the truth. Frailty in seniors linked to social, economic factors, Singapore News. Older adults from lower-income groups - who are single and have no formal education - tend to suffer from physical frailty.

Frailty in seniors linked to social, economic factors, Singapore News

But good nutrition, physical activity and cognitive stimulation can help reverse the tide, according to two studies by the National University of Singapore (NUS), which were released yesterday. The correlation between socio-economic factors and frailty emerged from a frailty study of 1,685 respondents, which was conducted as part of the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Studies (SLAS). The SLAS itself has followed about 3,000 Singapore residents aged 55 and above since 2003. Successful ageing in Singapore: prevalence and correlates from a national survey of older adults. AbstractKeywords: Asian, multiethnic, prevalence, successful ageing References 1.

Successful ageing in Singapore: prevalence and correlates from a national survey of older adults

Rowe JW, Kahn RL. Successful aging. Gerontologist 1997; 37:433-40. 2. IMH Link Apr Jun 2015. Singapore’s elderly and their desperate battle with isolation, loneliness and depression – The Independent News. - Advertisement - Singapore’s elderly citizens may no longer be worrying about raising families and career advancement, but they have difficult battles of their own.

Singapore’s elderly and their desperate battle with isolation, loneliness and depression – The Independent News

It is no secret that they are often beset with illness and pain; however, there is more to their plight than what meets the eye. Along with old age come the challenges of isolation, loneliness and depression. Singapore, one of the most rapidly aging countries in Asia, needs to place more importance to the predicament of its elderly citizens. The percentage of older adults (aged 60 years and above) in the population, which is currently at around 8 percent, is slated to grow to 19 percent by 2030. Case Studies - videos to watch. An Elderly's Perspective. (25) Galen's Mother: A Journey Into Dementia. (25) Get Rea!: Elderly Caregivers. (25) Singapore Health Inspirational Caregivers & Patient Support Groups. (25) SINGAPORE: Factors to make ageing a success. (25) Elderly find new ways to combat stress and loneliness.

Free memory games online for seniors. Why play memory games for seniors?

Free memory games online for seniors

These online memory games are specifically designed for seniors to enable them to train their memory while having fun, many themes and difficulty levels are available. The pictures chosen to illustrate the games are suitable for elderly. These memory games are great games to train and boost the memory in a playful way! How to play or online memory games? In this free games, the cards are arranged in columns and rows. You have to reconstruct the pairs of cards by turning them 2 by 2. Quickly understand how to play memory game with the Quick memory game rules here, you will find a step by step description with illustrations, or you can also Download the Printable game rules in PDF format You can replay the same game as many times as you want: every time you start a new game, a random selection of the cards ensures a different game, so you can replay endlessly.

- Games and Activities For Elderly in Singapore. SilverPad - Elder Friendly Tablets.


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