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24h pour l'Océan les Dauphins et les Baleines. It's Time for a Conversation - Graphic: A Mind of Their Own. Cerebral Matters Both humans and dolphins have invested a lot in evolving a big brain, though sometimes to different ends. Dolphins don't process high-level information in enlarged frontal lobes as we do, but they're adept at solving problems and can apparently plan for the future.

Seeing With Sound Dolphins have evolved a sensory system to detect objects underwater using the echoes created by sounds. Sound travels four times as fast in the water as in the air. How Echolocation Works Click to play animations 1 Dolphins produce clicks by pushing air past structures called phonic lips, which are attached to the blowhole. 2 The beam of clicks bounces off the target and returns to the echolocating dolphin. 3 The lower jaw—like the melon, filled with acoustic fat—directs an incoming echo to the brain via the ear and auditory nerve.

Dolphin Behaviors Click illustrations to see them animated Teaming upTwo small groups of males sometimes work together to herd a female away from her companions. Home - Strømsholmen Seasportcenter - Fishing - Diving - Atlanterhavsveien - Atlantic Road - Norway. Kind Man Buys Turtles From Food Market And Takes Them Straight To The Sea. Pulled from the ocean to be sold as food, two sea turtles in Papua New Guinea faced almost certain death. But thanks to one man's compassion, they found their way home instead. For fewer than 40 U.S. dollars, Arron Culling and a co-worker were able to buy the turtles' freedom, later sharing photos of the impromptu rescue operation on social media. "[F]ound these at the local market," Culling wrote on Facebook on Thursday, "got them for 50 bucks drove 5km up the road and let them go. " These aren't the first turtles the men have set free, either. Although six of the world's seven sea turtle species are classified as endangered or vulnerable, marine turtle fishing remains legal in much of the world.

By one recent estimate, over 42,000 sea turtles are legally killed each year, although hundreds of thousands more are thought to die after getting caught in the nets of commercial fishermen targeting other animals. Il rachète les tortues marines au marché alimentaire pour les relâcher en mer. Arrachées à leur milieu naturel, pour être vendues comme nourriture, deux tortues de mer en Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée font face à une mort presque certaine. Mais grâce à la compassion d’un homme, elles ont retrouvé le chemin de la liberté… Il rachète les tortues marines au marché alimentaire pour les relâcher en mer Pour moins de 40 dollars américains, Arron Culling et son collègue ont été en mesure de racheter la liberté de ces deux tortues marines. Il partage ensuite les photos de l’opération de sauvetage improvisée sur facebook et met en explication : « Trouvé sur le marché local » C’est ce qu’a posté Arron Culling sur ​​Facebook vendredi 4 décembre avant d’ajouter : Nous les avons eues pour 50 dollars et les avons conduites sur cinq kilomètres de route avant de les relâcher.

Ce ne sont pas les premières tortues ayant retrouvé la liberté grâce à ces hommes. A ce jour, une dizaines de tortues ont été sauvées par Arron Cet homme mérite notre respect Sur le chemin de la liberté retrouvée. Swim with Humpback Whales in the Dominican Republic. Hunt for Russian sub may have caused spate of whale and dolphin deaths. Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), said the mass stranding “could be linked to a reported search by British navy warships for a suspected Russian submarine.” It said: “Investigations following Britain’s largest mass dolphin stranding in 2008 concluded that the only realistic cause was military exercises taking place in the area at the time.” However one Naval source said the link was “pretty tenuous” because the search had not involved active sonar. He said: “We have not been pumping sound out into the ocean.

This was a much broader game of cat and mouse using sonars that just listen.” A male Orca found badly decomposed on a beach near the Hebrides missile range at West Gerinish off the coast of Scottish's South Uist island on January 30th, 2015 (MIKE MERRITT/STEVE DUFFIELD) Two Royal Navy warships towing sonar sensors were joined by four maritime patrol planes from America, France and Canada. He said: “They want to know what military activity was taking place in the area at the time. How tiny plankton brighten the clouds over Southern Ocean. Researchers have uncovered findings in the Southern Ocean that reaffirm the importance of plankton to our planet's temperatures.

The answer lies in the activities of plankton, tiny sea creatures more commonly associated with feeding whales than promoting climate change, according to a NASA-funded study that was released Friday in Science Advances journal. Here’s how it works: like most plants, green phytoplankton get their color from chlorophyll, a chemical that also allows them to absorb sunlight. In the process of doing so, plankton release a compound named dimethylsulfoniopropionate, or DMSP. Scientists already knew that DMSP helps clouds form by converting into tiny aerosol particles that essentially seed clouds, reported The Christian Science Monitor’s Pete Spotts.

Clouds, of course, produce rain, which helps cool the earth by catching radiation from the sun. The latest study marks another breakthrough in a quest to better understand the world’s plankton. Killers of Eden: Killers in Eden. Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project. Des dauphins Maui au dilemme des choix étatiques | Approche générale | Économie et Biodiversité. Une publication récente de notre site a attiré l'attentin de Hubert Reeves. Il a d'abord réagi par un commentaire que nous avions déposé sous l'article et a ensuite décidé de rediger un billet publié sur Le voici. " Dans la réalité, il arrive parfois que deux objectifs respectables s'opposent. Il peut y avoir de bons arguments en faveur de l'un et de l'autre. Il devient alors nécessaire de choisir. Tel est le cas aujourd'hui pour les dauphins Maui, des cétacés d'une grande élégance qui vivent en Nouvelle-Zélande.

Leur population est réduite à moins de soixante individus. Engrenage Notre réaction instinctive est de nous opposer à ce projet malencontreux au nom de la protection de la biodiversité déjà bien malmenée. Sur les plateaux de la balance, nous avons d'un côté la pérennité du vivant dont Homo sapiens dépend et, de l'autre, les besoins immédiats des populations humaines toujours plus nombreuses et aspirant à toujours plus de confort.


The Real Sea World! | Voice For The Blue. Tourists had a “whale” of a time after a 30 tonne mother gray whale and her calf pop up to say hello! This is the Real Sea World and a heartwarming moment an affectionate 40 ft mother wale and her curious calf popped up to say hello to tourists who showered them with hugs and kisses. The friendly mother rose to the surface just in time to make these holiday snaps ones to definitely remember.

Guests were truely amazed when the friendly gray whales drifted up to the boats. The images were captured by photographer Justin Hofman off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. Like this: Like Loading... Ce poisson fascinant aidera-t-il l’homme à conquérir l’espace? Insolite URL courte Dans des conditions extérieures défavorables, cette espèce, très proche des poissons pulmonés, ralentit son métabolisme, arrête son horloge biologique et se plonge dans un profond sommeil qui peut durer jusqu'à 5 ans. En état d'anabiose, le poisson se passe d'eau et de nourriture en puisant dans les réserves de graisse du corps qui ont été stockées pendant les mois actifs. La proximité d'une source d'eau douce est un élément déclencheur qui provoque la sortie de l' « hibernation », écrit le journal.

A présent, les scientifiques s'intéressent aux changements physiologiques au niveau cellulaire accompagnant l'anabiose du poisson, afin de révéler un mécanisme interne qui permette de plonger un homme dans le sommeil léthargique le plus profond. Cette découverte aiderait les patients en état critique à « gagner du temps » et jouerait un rôle important dans la conquête de l'espace, rendant possible pour l'humanité d'effectuer des vols à longue distance.

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Site internet du Sanctuaire Pelagos. Amanda Cotton – Photographer, Underwater Explorer, and Airport Carpet Aficionado. Photo courtesy of A Cotton Photo To celebrate women in diving, PADI is spotlighting several women who have made significant contributions to the sport. This week, it’s professional photographer and PADI Assistant Instructor Amanda Cotton. In addition to numerous awards, Amanda’s work has been featured by National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian magazine among others, will be highlighted in the June issue of Sport Diver magazine. As a photographer and ocean enthusiast, Amanda Cotton possesses an innate ability to not only capture remarkable moments with marine life but also communicate a story and a sense of beauty and harmony with nature. Congratulations on being among this year’s inductees into the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Amanda Cotton staying focused as a bull shark approaches. Thank you so much. Growing up, I watched Valerie Taylor work with sharks on TV.

You recently spent some time with sperm whales in Dominica. Amanda takes a selfie with a sperm whale. G.E.M.M. - Groupe d'Étude des Mammifères Marins de Polynésie - Marine Mammal Study Group. Campagnes & Expéditions ...Et apparition de Muffin ! 29 avril 2015 / Depuis quelques mois, on nous signalait avec insistance la présence d’un jeune à l’apparence étrange parmi les grands dauphins aperçus en plongée sur la zone de Tiputa, à Rangiroa.

Quelques photos dans la passe nous ont vite permis de repérer un jeune péponocéphale ou dauphin d'Électre (Peponocephala electra), apparition pour le moins surprenante, surfant dans la passe avec les dauphins Tursiops. Mais la réalité nous apparut de manière encore plus étrange lors d’une séance sous-marine improvisée quelques jours après. À très bientôt ! L'équipe du G.E.M.M. Disparition de Luna 28 avril 2015 / Le jeune Melvin pourra longtemps attendre que les adultes réagissent à l'agonie de Luna. À bientôt Luna à l'agonie Écologie Un bon requin... 26 avril 2015 / Il y a 150 ans, un général américain a dit : « Je n'ai rencontré de bons Indiens que morts...». Alain Retour au pays des dauphins.


Filets maillants. BLACKFISH ORCAS. BALEINES. DAUPHINS. REQUINS. LAMANTINS - MANATEES. SEA SHEPHERD. Vie marine et biodiversité. Greenland killer whale butchering in photo posted on Facebook | Lokalee - Trusted Reviews & Ratings On Your Local Business Directory - USA - Canada. Inuit in eastern Greenland have been hunting more killer whales as climate change leaves the area free of ice longer, says a Dane who recently posted a photo on Facebook of a hunter butchering a whale.

Thomas Bilde Below lives in Copenhagen, but travels to Greenland every year. “They have the long dorsal fin,” he says of killer whales, or orca, “so they couldn’t come into ice areas before.” Below says that this year, hunters have caught one or two orcas, but 35 to 40 have been harvested in previous years. The hunt usually begins in August and continues into October in the villages of Tasiilaq, Kuumiut, Kulusuk and Ittoqqortoormiit.

The hunters, he says, usually travel in small boats. “They’re typically after seals, and sometimes they are lucky to spot an orca pod and then they go after them slowly, very slowly.” He says the hunters will shoot the whale, ideally just behind the blow hole — “It’s a very sensitive place on the whale” — using a .30-06-calibre rifle. “It has a very good taste. Ocean Defender » Join Ocean Defender’s Ohana. Drive Fisheries, Capture Results & Information. This page will attempt to compile fisheries data specifially for drive hunt fishing practices. Numbers posted for years 2000-2009 represent official statistics presented yearly in the "Japan Progress Report on Small Cetacean Researches" which can be found at the Japanese Fisheries Agency or in our References & Citations section at the bottom of this page.

Numbers posted for years 2010 to present are not official statistics but reflect estimates as given by witnesses on site. Interested in the live capture dolphins and where they are transported? Check out the Taiji Timeline. A breakdown of each year's hunt and the results by the day are noted below. 2014/2015 Season (01-Sep-2014 - ??

2013/2014 Season Notes: 22-Dec-2014: Striped dolphins driven, possible dead bottlenose recovered from previous day's drive. 28-Nov-2014: White Risso's taken as live-capture, solid white male with black eyes (leucistic?). 23-Nov-2014: White Risso's taken as live-capture, pie-bald female with black eyes. 28-Sep-2014: Stop the Trawler Campaign. Help stop the transfer of whale products through EU ports. WDC and the SEA LIFE Trust are working together to wipe out commercial whaling. Whale meat is being shipped in and out of EU ports. IF WE STOP THE TRANSPORT, WE CAN STOP THE TRADE. The UK and many EU countries oppose whaling. The EU does not allow its Member States to trade in whale products.

Icelandic and Norwegian whalers have shipped and transferred whale products through ports such as Southampton, Rotterdam and Hamburg. These ports accept money in exchange. Shipping whale meat across the globe without stopping at EU ports is very costly. Help us stop whaling. View this image as a pdf. Notre travail sur les populations de cétacés en Ille et Vilaine - Decouverte du milieu marin et étude des mammifères marins en Ille et Vilaine. Les fonctions premières de l'association Al Lark sont de permettre au plus grand nombre de découvrir les baies du Mont Saint-Michel et de Saint-Malo et ses occupants et de sensibiliser les participants à respecter cet équilibre fragile qui permet la pérennité de cette biodiversité exceptionnelle. Parallèlement lors de ces sortie et en collaboration avec le CRMM (La Rochelle) et Océanopolis (Brest) et les groupes de travail "Grand dauphin" dans le cadre de Natura 2000 "Baie du Mont Saint Michel" et "Côte de Cancale à Paramé" ainsi qu'avec l'agence des aires marines protegées (création du parc marin du golfe normano-breton) , nous étudions la population de grands dauphins afin d'évaluer le nombre approximatif d’individus dans le groupe.

Fiche natura 2000 "Grand dauphin" Nous utilisons pour cela des systèmes de cartographie basés sur la récolte de points et tracés GPS mais surtout la méthode d'identification utilisée principalement pour l'étude des cétacés : la photo-identification. Stranded long-finned pilot whale on Essex river starved, says expert | Environment. The young long-finned pilot whale calf found dead in an Essex river on Thursday probably died from starvation, according to preliminary results from a postmortem by a specialist at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The 2.18-metre female was one of a pod of up to 40 whales that frequented coastal shallows in and near the Blackwater estuary and was seen feeding on herring earlier this week. Experts said they should have been in far deeper water. She is only the second long-finned pilot whale, part of the dolphin family, recorded as stranded since the present reporting system for UK whale and dolphin strandings was introduced in 1990. A case in Norfolk in 1992 was the only other one among more than 12,000, indicating just how rare this week’s events have been. The calf had stranded alive before dying on a beach near the village of Goldhanger. Bonner Konvention verabschiedet bahnbrechende Entscheidungen für Wale und Delfine - WDC. Vacarme en haute mer - Grandeurs nature. Convention de Bonn 1979 (CMS)

Amendments proposed LIVE CAPTURES OF CETACEANS FROM THE WILD FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. La planète est indivisible : nous sommes l’eau, nous sommes les océans. 10 Documentaries that Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Animals. Captive Cetaceans Tragically Sad. Le combat pour sauver les tortues et les dauphins du fleuve Indus. 2012-02-ag open-house-odj-portes-ouvertes-fra.pdf. 1525358 639109419479724 1127035616 n. Too late to save Maui's dolphin - experts - National News. Mexico Pelagico | Trailer (1) English. 10 Things You'd Miss If the Ocean Called It Quits | Sebastian Troeng. Coral reefs: life in the balance | Environment | The Observer. Voices of Whales and Cetaceans 2. Southern Ocean Sanctuaries Campaign. Amy Ippoliti: Ocean Conservation & A 1500 Pound Manta Ray. Collapsing Seas. NOAA accepting comments on new noise guidelines for marine mammals. Biodiversity: Great Barrier reef has lost half its coral cover.

Watery world: sea level rising 60 percent faster than predicted. Suite à une affaire de corruption, les habitants des îles Salomon massacrent 900 dauphins. This is How We Should Experience Dolphins and Whales (VIDEO) HOME (FR)

Save Japan’s Dolphins. Orca Network Free Lolita - Capture Story. YouTube. Dolphin Project sur Twitter : "Risso's Slaughter & Albino Capture #DolphinProject... Mensonges et dauphins roses à Singapour | Free Dolphins Belgium. Chester, the false killer whale, thrives at aquarium's rescue centre (with video) Watch?v=QDAOywM-bqs&feature=youtu. Un iceberg géant se détache d'un glacier du Groenland. NRL: "La Région est autorisée à détruire les sites de reproduction de mammifères marins"

Les réseaux sociaux au service des océans. La montée des eaux. Les mers, des espaces menacés. Mers et Océans. Dolphin 'living alone for 30 years in Irish harbour' spotted leaping next to boat. Orca hunter turned whale rescuer shares his video. Could Canadian Fish Farms Harm California's Wild Salmon? | Commentary | Rewild. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Narwhals. J'observe les orques depuis 16 ans. Les enfermer dans des parcs ne les sauvera pas. The Great Whales - Corky's First Calf. SeaWorld Chief Resigns After Blackfish Film Damages Firm’s Reputation | TIME. Photos du journal - Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Man Sues SeaWorld For A Whale Of An Amount.

The Dolphin Hunt: Ambassador Caroline Kennedy`s Concer. Baby killer whale makes debut | Photo Gallery. WATCH: Camera captures birth of killer whale at SeaWorld. Dolphin Star sur Twitter : "... Pregnant dolphin found dead on beach with bullet in lung. The war over Dolphin Marine Magic park. Riddle of 4 cetacean deaths in 2 weeks on Almería coast, Spain -- Earth Changes -- The Fight to Free Lolita, the World's Loneliest Orca, Continues. What Happens To Dolphins In Taiji? Honoring The Victims Of Slaughter and Captivity [NONGRAPHIC] 1995 VHS Footage Captures Shocking Orca Incident At SeaWorld. Bangkok officials check controversial Phuket dolphinarium [video]

Busan Aquarium in Korea displays two rehabilitated porpoise ~ Cetabase - Cetacean News.