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Subrayar no sirve para nada: 9 consejos que sí funcionan a la hora de estudiar - Noticias de Alma, Corazón, Vida. 4 trucos psicológicos para acertar las respuestas en un examen tipo test - Noticias de Alma, Corazón, Vida. Trucos de tintorerías para lavar la ropa fácilmente. iStock/brebca/Thinkstock No dejes de leer estos trucos de tintorerías para lavar la ropa fácilmente, te sorprenderá lo bien que te vendrán a la hora de organizar la colada y de obtener una limpieza más eficiente.

Trucos de tintorerías para lavar la ropa fácilmente

El lavado de la ropa de la familia puede convertirse en un verdadero caos; es necesario establecer un orden para que no recaiga sobre una sola persona toda la tarea; así es que te sugiero que tomes medidas y pidas colaboración para lavar la ropa fácilmente. Coloca una bolsa en cada habitación. Truco para ocultar tornillos. Make Your Own Buttons. If it’s not enough to spin your own yarn in order to knit your own sweater, how about going even further – making your own personalized buttons to put on it?

Make Your Own Buttons

I started playing with clay – to make a shawl pin for a swap partner, actually – and once I got started, I got all sorts of ideas of what I could do with this great, mold-able stuff. My first thought was buttons. I spend a lot of money buying unique and interesting buttons for my knitwear. These are so easy to make that from now on, even my buttons will be originals! So – you start with polymer clay.

And Premo! Brand. Mini Wallets - Scrap style - The Sewing Loft. It’s no secret that I love my scraps.

Mini Wallets - Scrap style - The Sewing Loft

Well, today I’m gonna show you how to turn a few basic scraps into something useful, mini wallets. That’s right, I took a few small scraps and turned them into a major focal point on these minis. Since I have made this pattern hundreds of times, I thought it would be fun to switch things up. So, after printing out the template I randomly drew lines with a ruler and pencil. These lines will be stitch lines and the paper pattern will become my foundation. 10 more amazing outdoor DIY projects. Make a mesh lingerie bag. I’m always keen to try new things so when I saw this ‘fabric’ I just had to give it a try.

Make a mesh lingerie bag

Fabric that is far more air and holes than it is fabric. I thought this was going to be a nightmare to sew, but I was wrong. It’s easy! Where to buy mesh It’s not something you’ll find everywhere and might not be in your local fabric store. FREE REVERSIBLE BOX TOTE PATTERN!!! I've got a new FREE pattern for you all today!


I'm on such a huge project bag/tote/pouch kick this year! I just can't seem to get enough and the Reversible Box Tote is just what I needed! Perfect for carrying around all my knitting projects, journals, notes, & yarn spools! Heck you could even use this for the beach, for shopping, as a purse and more! Vegans Have Superpowers: Soy Milk Soap. Finally made a decent batch of soap again and I think the key is stirring time.

Vegans Have Superpowers: Soy Milk Soap

You need to stir fast and long to get the soap creamy! I quad-rippled the original recipe amounts and still only made 7 bars of my normal 14 bar mold, so I would probably do double this below recipe next time. Buying a secondhand hand mixer from a thrift store was the best soap making decision I've made! First time soap makers full instructions here. Soap Making Tutorial video here. Soy Milk SoapIngredients 169g olive oil 169g vegetable oil 145g coconut oil 181g distilled water 67g caustic soda/sodium hydroxide (dry) 1 cup soy milk powder Method. The Dapper Toad: How To: Magic Ring (or Adjustable Loop)

Lately, I've been making a lot of amigurumi patterns that start off with this "chain 2, single crochet six times into the first stitch" mumbo jumbo.

The Dapper Toad: How To: Magic Ring (or Adjustable Loop)

I will always go with a magic ring over this method because, for me, it's easier and doesn't leave that annoying little hole in the middle of the ring. All of my crochet patterns start with a magic ring, so I thought I'd share how I do them. So let's go! Start by looping the yarn around two fingers, so that the working yarn crosses in front of the end (1). Flip your hand over and insert your hook under the loop on your fingers (2) and pull the working yarn through (3). Carefully slide the yarn off your fingers (1) and grab hold of the ring (2). Put the hook through the ring that your left hand is holding and yarn over (1). Eilen tein: pesä. Mä halusin kissoille olkkariin jonkun pikku pesän, kun nuo on aina tunkemassa itteensä lattialle jääneisiin pusseihin ja laukkuihin.

eilen tein: pesä

Mokume Gane. Polymer Clay Tutorial - Mokume Gane Beads. Feltabulous: Latest polymer clay - Mokume Gane. I thought I would share my latest polymer clay experiments with you.

Feltabulous: Latest polymer clay - Mokume Gane

I have been investigating a technique called Mokume Gane (Mo-koo-may Gar-nay) which is from Japanese metalworking, where layers of metal are sliced through to create patterns. The same technique works really well in polymer clay. I made a stack of purples and pinks, with a bit of silver polymer too and then impressed patterns into it.

I then sliced through the stack, creating the shavings you can see above. Diy copper bar earrings. I loooove those modern bar earrings i feel like i’m seeing everywhere lately — so decided to make my own using some super tiny copper pipe i’ve had sitting around for a while. just like last week, this is another DIY that takes only a few minutes!

diy copper bar earrings

Materials super super tiny piping : this comes in all metallics at my hardware store earring posts and closures needle nose pliers scissors super glue directions 01 | cut down your earring posts to be as tiny as possible, do this by holding onto one with your pliers and snipping. Design your own Fabric: Super Easy Tutorial. Dear Chicago House, Followers on Facebook have already had a sneak peak at this fabric design project. and now here I am to share more details and give you the ins and outs of how to do this yourself.

It is very easy and a lot of fun. First lets just take a look at the fabric I designed. It looks complicated and time consuming but is actually very quick and easy to do. How to Insert a Magnetic Snap Closure. The magnetic snap is indispensable to the construction of purses, totes and bags. We've used them on dozens of Sew4Home projects and decided it was high time the technique had its very own tutorial. As with many notions and tools that add a unique professional finish, the steps for their use are themselves not necessarily difficult. The secret is having the time and patience to go through the instructions in the correct order, and with extra precision in your marking and measuring.

This tutorial shows you the basic steps of installation. The other main component is marking. A complete magnetic snap has four parts: the flat ball side with prongs, the thick socket side with prongs, and two flat rings, like washers, with openings that fit over the prongs. FSL Earrings And Pendant - Ace Points. Tutorial: Cutting and Sewing Free Hand Curves. Let's get started with the cutting ~ For this tutorial I have used strips of fabric 15 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. For my pillow cover I started with longer strips - 25 inches x 3.5 inches. Cut two strips of fabric, and with right side of the fabrics up (relevant if you are using printed fabrics) overlap the two fabric strips. I have overlapped my two strips by about two inches.

Depura tu hígado en una semana. El hígado es uno de los órganos más importantes de nuestro organismo. Tiene la gran capacidad de autoregenerarse, pero también es uno de los órganos que más sufre debido a la mala alimentación, los hábitos tóxicos y las emociones negativas. En este artículo explicamos como realizar una completa depuración del hígado en un plazo de siete días. ¿Cómo sabemos si tenemos el hígado sobrecargado? Hay varios síntomas que nos confirman que deberíamos depurar nuestro hígado:

Heart Strings. Heart Strings – an easy 2 row pattern! How cute are these little hearts? These heart strings are quick to make and can be used for lots of craft projects. Mini garlands, gift wrapping, bracelets and even as a fancy edging. I tied some round a jar candle as an easy alternative to making a jar cover! Use Heart Strings to make an easy jar cover! The best bit is it is just 2 rows of crochet with no joining of motifs, and no cutting and re-joining of the yarn. Best online knit fabric stores and sources. One of the most common questions I get currently is “Where can I buy good knit fabric online?”

Fortunately for you I know many of the best places to buy knit fabric! Kitschy Coo— Wide variety of novelty knits – high quality- shipped from the U.K.— Wide variety of cotton and synthetic knits. You can find the new designer knits here. The Fabric Fairy— Great variety including fun prints for kids. Fashion Fabrics Club— Lots of knit fabrics in adult prints. Chez Ami— Great quality knits. Girl Charlie Fabrics— Loads of great knits for kids and adults. Harts Fabrics— Great selection of adult knit fashion fabrics. Connect: DIY Men's Leather Bi-Fold Wallet - A Tutorial. Men. Man, they are SO hard to buy for. Even MORE difficult to sew for. If you'd like to gift a little something to a special man in your life, this wallet could be just the thing.

Crafts for kids and their parents Quick Craft: Craft Stick Bracelets. Quick Craft: Craft Stick Bracelets I’ve seen many versions of this on Pinterest and really had to have a go…. it seemed like the perfect quick and simple craft to try at home, summer camps, brownie groups and playdates. Videotutorial patchwork Crazy and Quilt as you go de Arte Restaura. Barbara Strobel Lardon Art quilts: Quilt Shows. How to make a baby print using an inkless print kit. Noeud marin au poignet. 31 juillet 2011. Simple Ideas for Library Bags. Tienda de Abalorios y Cuentas Online. Kristine’s CardMaker Tip. Kristine’s CardMaker Tip.

WeAllSew « Aprende crochet con Miss Kits. Cómo craquelar sobre cristal, paso a paso. El efecto envejecido como acabado final para muebles y objetos tuneados es un recurso muy utilizado. Así, este se puede conseguir a través de tintes, barnices o betún de judea, con el que podemos oscurecer determinadas zonas, lijando ciertas superficies o con técnicas como el craquelado. Como muchos sabéis, el craquelado consiste en reproducir grietas en la superficie a tratar. Así, la forma más rápida y sencilla de conseguirlo es empleando un producto craquelador. En sí, aunque existen diferentes técnicas para aplicarlo, la más común lleva los siguientes pasos: Pansy and Dahlia Fabric Flower Tutorial. Photography by James Ransom for Martha Stewart Living. How to Sew a Hat. Infinity Scarf Tutorial. Limpiar este mueble Tocador.

Curso de Capacitación en Carteras y Bolsos, Mil Moldes. Armchair Slipcover Tutorial: Mary Jane Baby Girl Shoes Pattern Pattern and Tutorial. Tratamiento natural para el hipotiroidismo. Manualitats amb paper i altres elements, detalls per batejos, comunions, casaments, festes…reciclar i transformar … Traslados de pinzas del strapless.

Anthony Foo: Invaluable la técnica de papel Arcilla. Japan couture addicts. Cómo tapizar un sofá. A guide to making cleaning products without the chemicals. My Go-Go Life: Fabric Butterfly Shadow Box Tutorial. Como colocar una cremallera invisible. Trazo del cuello camisero II. Draft a Mens Shorts Pattern. How to Sew Fabric Bowl Covers. Trazo de la blusa con cuello enterizo. Aprende a realizar la técnica de patchwork Chenille (video) Patchwork de FUNKYPATCH: Tutorial bolso con 3 Fat Quarters. Como coser un cierre, ideal principiantes. Aloe Vera Soap Recipe.

33 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer. Todo sobre los tejidos elasticos II. Colocar el cuello básico a la blusa. Cine de la Nevera. Bloc_Loc Half-Rectangle Large Ruler SetBloc_Loc #BL-HRTLG. Hooked hexágonos - una clase particular de bloqueos. Todo sobre los tejidos elásticos I. Costuras necesarias en lencería. Como hacer una capucha a una blusa. Calcular elástico en todas las prendas. Que hacer antes de cortar telas stretch. The Tiramisu Circus: Guide to Stabilizing Knit Fabrics « 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World. Briar Sewalong: Neckline Binding.