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Bi-fold Wallet Tutorial. I wanted a wallet that carried a lot of cards with no risk of them sliding out.

Bi-fold Wallet Tutorial

As you can see, the card slots face inward, which means your cards will stay put as long as your wallet is closed. I promise it's a lot easier than it looks so bear with me. Easy-to-Make Wallet. Sewing Pattern Vocabulary. Hello there!

Sewing Pattern Vocabulary

If you are new here, you might want to subscribe via email so you don't miss a post. Hey y’all – today I want to go over a few parts of sewing patterns. Sometimes when you’ve been sewing for a while, you forget that words like “armscye” and “rise” as they’re used in sewing aren’t common knowledge, so today I’m going to break down the basic parts of bodices, pants and sleeve patterns – a sewing pattern vocabulary, if you will. Let’s start with the bodice – below is a basic bodice block. Bodice pattern piece – basically a top for a dress or shirtArmscye – the curve on the bodice pieces that goes around the arm.Shoulder seamDart – part of the fabric that is sewn together to help flat fabric mirror the three dimensional curves of the body.NecklineWaistline Sleeve PatternSleeve cap – the edge that gets sewn into the armscye; also all of the sleeve above the biceps lineSleeve cap height – this is taller for more fitted sleeves and shorter for looser sleevesUnderarm seamsHem.

Buy + diy: zipper book clutch tutorial! Re-imagine & Renovate: Renaissance Ribbons' Fold-Over Ribbon Wallet. All ribbons, all the time!

Re-imagine & Renovate: Renaissance Ribbons' Fold-Over Ribbon Wallet

This beautiful wallet project shows you how to layer ribbons side-by-side to create your own "fabric. " Our R&R series (Re-imagine & Renovate) is a S4H classic, which shows you how different fabric and trim... different ribbons in this case, can give your favorite project a whole new look. Our friends at Renaissance Ribbons Re-imagined and Renovated our original wallet design with brand new Amy Butler Jacquard ribbons from her Hapi collection in two different colorways, the inside quilting weight cotton is also from the Amy Butler Hapi collection for Rowan Fabrics. The result is almost too pretty to hide away inside a larger tote or purse.

These wallets easily stand on their own as a dramatic clutch for a night on the town. Spring Market Tote & Mini Tote {a tutorial} So – I am reminded that I should likely not promise to post something “next day” unless I already have it finished.

Spring Market Tote & Mini Tote {a tutorial}

Everything for the tutorial was ready on Tuesday, except for the post and on Wednesday our furnace broke and I needed to be otherwise occupied with random things until late into the evening. Un faire-part en origami. La recherche du faire-part de mariage est souvent laborieuse, beaucoup de choix, des choses trop simples, d’autres trop sophistiquées et on finit par s’y perdre.

Un faire-part en origami

Mary Jane Baby Girl Shoes Pattern Pattern and Tutorial. What adorable little baby girl dress is complete without a pair of matching Mary Jane baby style shoes?

Mary Jane Baby Girl Shoes Pattern Pattern and Tutorial

Plus, these are just so much fun to make! When I first sewed a pair of these little baby shoes I couldn’t get them out of my mind and even dreamed about them all night. They are just too cute. DIY Slippers - How to Recycle Old Towels. Queen of DIY Do it yourself projects & step-by-step tutorials for queens (and kings) of diy!

DIY Slippers - How to Recycle Old Towels

Find Do It Yourself Projects & Tutorials Are you a queen (or king) of diy? Shwin y Shwin: Forget-Me-Knot Zapatos {Free PDF Patrón} It's the first day of Free Pattern Week!

Shwin y Shwin: Forget-Me-Knot Zapatos {Free PDF Patrón}

Also before you go thinking that I am whipping these all out now, while taking care of a newborn and two other kids, rest assured I made all the patterns for free pattern week several months ago to prepare for this time :)Today's free pattern is for some baby shoes. Because honestly who doesn't love a pair of baby shoes? Vestido o blusa con drapeado en la espalda. Propiedades y Beneficios del Aceite Natural. 1st November 2008 ACEITE ESENCIAL DE CAJEPUT (Oleum cajuputi) Esencia obtenida por destilación de hojas frescas y ramas, de distintas especies de Melaleuca, familia de las, Mirtáceas., especialmente de M.leucadendron Linn .

Propiedades y Beneficios del Aceite Natural

(Mirtacea). Tuto du grand sac à dos scolaire pour ado - Couture et Créations de Kajin'Kisaï. Enfin le tuto et le patron fait maison (et réussit) du grand sac à dos scolaire pour ado.

Tuto du grand sac à dos scolaire pour ado - Couture et Créations de Kajin'Kisaï

Mon fils de 12 ans , rentre en 5ème, a adoré et son frère de 14 ans s'est écrié : "on dirait un vrai comme au magasin! ", je prends ça pour un compliment. Mais assez de blabla, voici tout d'abord des photos du sac finit. Avant de commencer, faites vos armoires!! Using Peltex Stabilizer - It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Peltex stabilizer which is a heavyweight stabilizer, and I love to use it in lots of different ways … As a base structure to help hold the shape of my art bags As a base structure for three dimensional art And also for fabric embellishments.

I used to use Timtex many years ago until they stopped manufacturing it. Timtex was the first heavyweight stabilizer on the market and when it went away I switched over to Peltex because this was the only equivalent on the market at that time. Timtex was resurrected by Interweave back in 2008 and you can read the story about it’s resurrection here. However let’s have a look at both Timtex and Peltex and how they stack up against each other .. Tex™ – A Kraft Paper that Performs like Fabric! and a Giveaway! Kraft•tex™ is an exciting new product that C&T Publishing released May of this year—and the buzz is already tremendous! Our very own Betsy LaHonta filmed a video about the product and the really cool ways our Creative Troupers (and editors, and marketing peeps, and sales team, and anyone who has had the opportunity to play with it!)

Have put this new surface that is like fabric, leather, and paper, into action! Betsy has also written aFREE pattern for this stunning market bag. Betsy’s inspiration for the project came from true serendipity! “When my daughter was going through one of her growth spurts and her ankles seemed to be popping out from under the hem of her pants seemingly overnight, she decided one day to turn several pairs of her jeans into shorts by cutting off the legs.

Bolso ikat: Dress-up de la caja: Tippytoes. In satin and fleece and felt and knit and whatever other fabrics were left over from earlier projects. Not difficult to make at all, but takes a little visualizing in one's head because of the layers involved. The first pair was slow because it was experimental and because I. How to Print on Fabric - Freezer Paper Method. DE TODO UN POCO: ¿TIENE USTED UNA SUPERINTELIGENCIA? Este test es original de Mensa Internacional. Fue adaptado al español por Mensa España y publicado en la revista ALGO en Enero de 1986. Tiene como máximo 15 minutos para responder las 10 preguntas. No se obtiene mayor puntuación por finalizar antes. Las respuestas erróneas no restan puntos. FurnityurMolds: Master class #3. Transparent floral bracelet.

You can buy our bracelet silicone molds for epoxy resin on Dawanda or Etsy. 1. Wash mold to remove dust.2. Mix epoxy resin (3 parts resin to 1 part hardener), to an even consistency, set aside to come out all the bubbles. 3. Prepare the dry leaves - choose smooth, beautiful. 4. Arreglar una cremallera cambiando el cursor en una chaqueta. » Drunkard’s Path Block. First things first: you need to decide how many fabrics you want to use. You’ll want at least two fabrics, but no more than 8 for a block like this. (You’ll see why I say a “block like this” at the end.) Directions 1. Choose your fabrics and cut to 7 1/2” square. 2. 3. 4. We now have two pieces, I will refer to them as the curved piece (that the one in the bottom left of the picture) and the concave piece (the top right of the photo). 5. 6. Carolina Patchworks · Curved Piecing Tutorial: The I-have-way-too-many-quilts-to-make-and-too-many-deadlines-and-have-no-time-to-pin-because-I-need-these-done-yesterday Method.

Today’s post is part of the Pile O’ Fabric Totally Groovy QuiltAlong! Welcome to my I-have-way-too-many-quilts-to-make-and-too-many-deadlines-and-have-no-time-to-pin-because-I-need-these-done-yesterday Method of curved piecing. In general, people seem to be terrified of curves in quilting. So one of my earliest patterns was Scrappy Circles which allows for some, ahem, errors in your curved sewing as well as sewing curves without pins. Compras - Las Mejores Ofertas de bateo e interfaces. Directions: (Always pre-test product and pre-wash fabrics. ) 1.Place shiny adhesive side of Craft Fuse or Décor Bond against wrong side of fabric. 2.Use a hot, dry iron, a gliding action and slight pressure to iron Craft Fuse or Décor Bond to fabric. Tips: For large areas, start ironing in the middle of the piece and work out toward the edges.

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm. Tumble Dry Low. Use warm iron. Special Techniques: Accessories: Use Craft Fuse to add body and strength to fabrics used for projects such as eyeglass cases, tote bags, hat brims, visors, soft luggage, etc. MIL MOLDES. Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art (Video Download) Dyeing to Stitch Review by Cheryl Titmus Have just watched this brilliant video which gives useful information to dyeing fabric - from a scientific viewpoint so the colours should be easy to repeat. It is full of useful tips in how to use the colour wheel to obtain ones own attractive fabrics in various colour ways using the basic primary colours and the recipe is supplied to get the exact colour.

It is given in an easy to use way and this is extended to include shades, tones and tints. But it doesn't stop here as Candy shows how to cut and use the coloured fabric in producing quilted designs for pictures, bags and quilts using free-machine quilting. I have been very impressed with this video and look forward to more. (Posted on 12/29/11) An excellent DVD Review by Eileen Pollock An excellent DVD on how to dye fabric. 10 Homemade soap recipes. DIY soaps make fabulous holiday gifts. Check out our list of 10 amazing homemade soap recipes, and start making your own soap today! Tablet Bag. The best sewing patterns for women, girls, toys and more. Go To Patterns & Co. The Cadet Cap sewing pattern for children and adults will provide shade on your face and a spring in your step. Make it with an upbeat print in a sturdy twill or repurpose a pair of softly worn khakis.

The Cadet Cap is fun to make and it’s sized to fit the whole family. Una forma fácil de colocar una cremallera a un pantalón. Knit a Dramatic Shawl for Spring. Apr Lion Brand Amazing yarn is a lot of fun, and I’m kind of in love with this Mitered Shawl knitting pattern that uses that pretty self-striping yarn. Using mitered squares with multicolored yarn is an easy way to break up the colors and make a project look a lot more difficult than it is because it looks like you changed yarn every time you changed colors. You don’t have to let anyone in on the secret if you don’t want to. Even better, this is a great, cozy, colorful yarn that’s a wool/acrylic blend that’s easy to knit with and to wear.

Que es la simetría en el patronaje de ropa. Cualquier cosa es simétrica cuando el lado derecho es igual al izquierdo. En los seres humanos, animales y algunas figuras geométricas hay simetría. Nuestro cuerpo del lado derecho es igual al lado izquierdo. Tenemos dos brazos uno derecho y otro izquierdo, dos piernas una derecha y otra izquierda y así sucesivamente. Algo es asimétrico cuando no cuadra, no tiene una forma regular. Patrones de blusa con cortes asimétricos. My way of...: Lapin Noir Bag: Pattern Review / Opinión del Patrón. Tiny happy: shoulder bag tutorial. Lorena Rey my way of en Pinterest. Patrons Archives. DIY Bird Feeders. ¡Los pies gritan lo que la boca calla!.

A cuppa and a catch up. Great DIY tutorials to turn a towel into something fun for the beach! How to Print PDF Sewing Patterns.