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Japan couture addicts

Japan couture addicts

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chemise2 To start, take the following measurements. Make sure the subject is standing erect, but relaxed. Full back length (from base of neck to floor)_____________+2" = _______ Chest measurement (around fullest part) __________________+2" = _______ Giant Felt Flower Tutorial PATTERN (Free) One of the things I love about hairpieces is you can make them anywhere…. well, anywhere they sell felt. You should have seen me trying to describe “felt” to the fabric guys in Timor, that was hilarious. But in most places it is cheap and readily available as is a glue gun (I got a cute toile printed one yesterday). I made this flower right before we left Utah. Petits Pierres Urchin crochet Mer couverts - l'abeille purl For quite some time now we have been mesmerized and inspired by the work of the unsurpassable artist Margaret Oomen - we are particularly drawn to her crocheted stones. Her creations and her talent leave us absolutely speechless, as does her wonderfully kind personality. Resurrection Fern is her blog about her life as a mother of four, rural physician and textile designer. She also has an Etsy Shop where you can purchase her gorgeous crocheted stones (if you're quick enough since they go so quickly!)

Circles and dots blue & blue dress !! Now with tutorial Finally, finally, finally!I'm so exited that i finished my first summer dress! I really needed one and the ones i started, for some reason, i never finished them (didnt like them, weren't what i wanted, blah) lol, but this one i did like, i actually love it so much. When i saw the fabric, i wasnt so sure but i went ahead and bought it because it was the only one i liked that was light and streachy and cheap, it was $1.30 USD/ metter. I started it this morning and worked on it on and off all day. It's a bit hard to sew when there's a little boy pulling on your leg hehehehe.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to make a really cool rug, like the one pictured, from your old T-shirts! This rug costs no money because you can reuse some old T-shirts that you don’t use anymore . This project is a great way to put all of those colorful junior high track/soccer/rugby/quidditch shirts in use if you don’t want to donate them. Here’s what you’ll need: – 5-10 old t-shirts, depending on how big you want this rug (I used 5.5 for a small bedside rug) – a pair of scissors – needle and thread – sewing machine (optional) The hardest part about this was how long it took to be made, but it turned out to be cool enough so that I wouldn’t mind making another one. Ouvrages Now Sewing Near You You love exploring new sewing horizons. Join your friends at an event where you'll discover fun and creative ways to boost your skills and inspiration.

Razzelberry Apron This particular apron is great because it is so versatile. This pattern is the bread and butter of aprons ha! This is going to be my everyday apron. It is much more sensible then the other aprons. Easy on easy off. art crochet Style HaNi design: dress for beachFigure knitting braids Crafts for Spring : colorful hat, crochet pattern If you want to have any crochet products and translate patterns to English , please order, you can see more products in my shop. Thanks. Crochet Ornament craft: cute motif crochet Ornament craft: cute motif crochet Crochet rabbit patterns Crochet fish patterns Crochet butterfly patterns Crochet snail patterns Crochet duckling patterns Crochet ladybug patterns Crochet flowers patterns Crochet apple patterns Crochet cupcakes patterns Crochet owl hair Animal Scarf Crochet Patterns, OOAK Animal ScarvesAnimal Scarf Crochet Patterns, OOAK Animal Scarves Cat Cuddler Scarf - Animal Pet Warm DIY Fashion Tutorial Winter Fall Autumn The Cat Cuddler Scarf Pattern.

Vintage May guest: I’m Thinking… Today’s Vintage May guest is a friend from real life (yes I have those), Jessie, from I’m Thinking… Yes we have the same name…and she’s married to Cory….(I’m married to Rory in case any of you forgot or didn’t know) She has some adorable girls that she loves to sew for…sound familiar? pattern drafting You need 1 18″ reversible nylon closed zipper2.5 yds. of shell fabric, 60″ wide1.5 yds. of liner fabric, 60″ wideCoordinating thread1 roll of kraft paper or pattern-making papper1 tracing wheel On a sheet of kraft paper, draw a straight line about 2″ from the edge along the length. In the middle of this line, mark point 1. How to make an authentic Víking Era tunic undefined How to make an authentic Víking Era tunic Copyright © 1993, 1997 Carolyn Priest-Dorman This document is provided as is without any express or implied warranties.

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