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L'idée libertaire ? Gene Sharp: A dictator's worst nightmare. At 84, American political scientist Gene Sharp has seen his lifelong work on nonviolent resistance echo around the world.

Gene Sharp: A dictator's worst nightmare

Political scientist Gene Sharp has been called the father of nonviolent struggleSharp wrote a manual on how to overthrow dictatorships, "From Dictatorship to Democracy"Sharp says no regime can survive without the support of its peopleArab Spring put a new spotlight on Sharp's work London (CNN) -- It's a dark January evening, and in an anonymous townhouse near Paddington station, a man is talking about how to stage a revolution. A young Iranian asks a question: "The youth in Iran are very disillusioned by the brutality of the violence used against them ... It has stopped all the street protest," she says. "What would you say to them? The man thinks for a moment. When he opens his mouth to speak, all eyes in the room are fastened on him. "You don't march down the street towards soldiers with machine guns. ... "But there are other things that are much more extreme. ...


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