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"□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□ □□ □□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ & □□□□□□□□□□□□□" □□□□□ □□□□□□□□□! ~ □□□□□□□□□□ (□□□□) Pleiadians "It's About To Go To A Whole New Level, Don't Take This Lightly" 20 October (2021) Pleiadians - Redreaming The Living Library. □□□ □□□□□□□ □□□□□□ □□□ □□□□□□ □□ □□□ □□□□□□□. □□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□ □□□ □□□□'□ □□□□□□! ~□□□□□□□□□□ (□□□□)

(5) "□□□□ □□□□□□ □□□'□ □□□ □□□□" □□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□ □□□ □□□□□ □□ □□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□□□ ~ □□□ □□□□□□□□□□ The Pleiadians On Earth's Initiation. Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak (Audiobook) Reptilian Hybrids of the Illuminati. Reptilians [Most of this will be disinfo (they love to make out Jesus and Magdalene don't exist or are one of them or their creations) but worth a read if only to know these aliens exist.

Reptilian Hybrids of the Illuminati

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Tablet VII - The Seven Lords. Tablet VII The Seven Lords Hark ye O man, and list to my Voice.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Tablet VII - The Seven Lords

Bring4th. Q’uo On Energy And Convergence. Bringers Of The Dawn Channeling The Pleiadians. Interview with Jim McCarty The Scribe For The Law Of One The Ra Material. Prophet of the Gods January 21, 2021. Alert The Imposters. Peace Road Map - Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process - Page 2 of 3 - Locklip. What Gesanna has transmitted from An T’na/IBOC takes us to a new level of understanding what Ascension means for us personally, and also what it means for the universe as a whole.

Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process - Page 2 of 3 - Locklip

Is There A World Beyond Antarctica ? (What Does Professor Lombardi Know) Reed Summers - The Allies of Humanity: An Urgent Message About the E.T. Presence. AUTHENTIC MESSAGE FROM THE KING OF THE ANUNNAKI: PLEASE READ! – Wes Penre Productions — the Blog. By Wes Penre, Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 3:45 AM Note from the Editor: First of all; this is an authentic message!


I was contacted yesterday by Utu Shamash (see who is the son of King Nannar of Nibiru, and brother of Inanna. He has returned to Earth with a message from his King to put on what the King considers “friendly websites”. Utu found my Papers at and found them surprisingly accurate regarding Ša.A.Me. (Nibiru) and Ša.A.Mi. New shocking claims from a contractor from Denver airport. Sphere Alliance Messages. Terran Cognito. Transpicuous Views: Collecting Data from the Data Collector. Gaia is Ascending 2nd Wave of Energy and Another Expected. The Pleiadians Barbara Marciniak Full Workshop. Adronis of Sirius answers Q & A about various upcoming changes & Anaya. Adronis - Entering The 4th Density Earth in 2016. Archangel Michael - THE FINAL PHASE OF HUMAN 5-D ASCENSION! Prepare for Change Interview. Related COBRA Articles and UpdatesSource - Prepare For Change by Prepare For Change Staff Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years.

Prepare for Change Interview

He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon. Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines.

To Listen via MP3 format click below Transcript of the September 29, interview posted on October 5, 2016 Reposting Rules: All Prepare for Change Cobra Interviews must be reposted in their ENTIRETY with all the content included, unedited, complete as they appear on the pages and in the audio files as well. and Cobra Interview Transcript. The Pleiadians on the Holy Bible. Barbara Marciniak-2016. Presidential election, chaos ahead and more. The Pleiadians on How to activate the DNA. Toplet bombs. This information is fantastic and I had to read right to the end.

toplet bombs

I thank Cobra, Isis, Antares, and everyone who made this available to those who didn’t attend the conference. It’s priceless. The notes were originally in German and the link to that version is below, as well as the link to Part 1 if you missed it. Cobra mentioned the fleet at Jupiter and I wondered if the massive object mentioned by BP Earthwatch in Jesse’s video that I shared today could be related to that presence. ~ BP Ascension Conference Notes Pt 2 – Glarus, Switzerland – April 16-17, 2016. Anunnaki Message Published 1958: “We are already here. always been...watching."

Timelines Shift.


Pleiadians and Us -Leading the War Against Reptilians 1/2. Ashtar Command, WW3, And The New Middle East. Handbook for The New Paradigm - A Personal Message for You. This Internet Edition of the "Handbook for The New Paradigm" was kindly provided by George Green upon my request in order to provide the whole planet with the opportunity to view the material.

Handbook for The New Paradigm - A Personal Message for You

It was posted back in 21 October 1999 as a service for those interested in the material. Good for those people just coming from religious belief systems and seeking to expand beyond their current perspective. Note: The "Handbook for The New Paradigm" is composed of several volumes of messages purported to be telepathically received from an advanced Ultra-Dimensional race by George Green. You are obviously expected to view this material with discernment, evaluate it on your own terms and in accordance with your experience. It will mean different things different people, like anything else. The material seems to be of service to people, and for that reason it exists here. Find what is of use to you in terms of your life journey... and have fun! Marshall Vian Summers: Project Camelot Interview: The Alien Threat (Alien Invasion) Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Creating Perception. By Andrew Eardley Your thoughts and emotions are becoming more and more balanced and in alignment with each other.

Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Creating Perception

In this manner you are creating clear thoughtforms regarding the reality you wish to live. Please remember that if your thoughts and emotions flow in different directions you will find it difficult to effectively begin and/or complete your desired outcome. One of the primary outcomes that you are all wishing to create, whether you are aware of it or not, is the slow but steady transmutation of your Earth vessel. Wingmakers - The Neruda Interviews Complete!! 1 Through 5!! Paper #3: Channeled Entities Part I. Table of Contents: I.

Paper #3: Channeled Entities Part I

Some Major Channeled Sources i.i. The Elohim i.i.ii. The Cosmology of the Elohim i.i.iii. Angelic Beings from Outside Time i.i.iv. Channeling the Elohim i.i.v. Figure 1. Nasrin’s Waves of Bliss. Quan Yin (Kwan Yin) is the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, and the Guardian of Mothers and Children.

Nasrin’s Waves of Bliss

She is the female aspect of Buddha. Legend has it that she was created from the tears of Buddha. Quan Yin has lived on Earth in human form. In one of her lifetimes here, she was the Buddhist saint Miao Shan, a healer known for her miracles. The following is taken from Gifts I, Gifts, Prayers, Meditations, Mantras and Journeys for Soul Growth by Nasrin Safai. Barbara Marciniak - Bringers of the Dawn - FULL.avi. Barbara Marciniak - Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library - FULL.avi. MELCHIZEDEK – HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR SUPREME ATOM STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS – ANNA MERKABA. Greetings everyone, what I wish to share with all of you today is of great importance and tremendous benefit for ALL of you who are ready to activate the SUPREME ATOM of your being and your 8th and 9th chakras.

A few days ago, as I was about to retire for the night, I saw a beautiful figure appear before me that of an old wise man with a long white beard. The energy surrounding him was spectacular, very calming, peaceful and yet incredibly inspiring. He swirled around me and disappeared from view. The Individualised Matrix Field (Horizontal Rainbow Bridge Pathway & the Flower of Life Formation) Message from The Pleiadians Galactic Federation of Light1. The Individualised Matrix Field (Horizontal Rainbow Bridge Pathway & the Flower of Life Formation) Suzanne Lie: A Year On "Topside" Earth - Message from Sanat Kumara. (good date to hear from Sanat Kumara) The Law of One - Session 01 of 106 - Part (1of 1) - The Ra Material.

Channeling Abraham For The First Time by Esther and Jerry Hicks. In the beginning of our interactions with Abraham, we didn’t really understand what was happening, and we had no real way of knowing whom Jerry was talking with, but it was still thrilling and amazing and wonderful—and weird. It seemed so strange that I was certain that most people I knew wouldn’t understand; they probably wouldn’t even want to understand.

As a result, I made Jerry promise that he would tell no one about our amazing secret. I guess it’s now obvious that Jerry didn’t keep that promise, but I’m not sorry about that. There’s nothing that either of us would rather do than be in a room filled with people who have things they’d like to discuss with Abraham. What we hear most often, from people who meet Abraham through our books, videos, audio series, workshops, or website, is: “Thank you for helping me remember what I’ve somehow always known,” and “This has helped me tie together all the pieces of truth that I’ve found along the way.

Prime Creator: 10 Ascension Commandments. IITM: I’m posting because I know ascension to be real, and I know our Creator’s voice when I hear it… enjoy and try not to hurt yourself or others, while you figure out what’s really going on! Prime Creator Speaks: It is joy which brings me to communicate with you. It is a time of rebirth, of increasing vitality and change. The events you are experiencing now are the beginning of a new era for Planet Earth, and it also heralds in a shift across All That Is to a higher vibration. All beings in the Multiverse – the Universes within and beyond your human perception – are taking part in the rising tide which lifts all to higher levels of existence.

It is my intention that all be given the freedom to grow, to ascend to higher dimensions. For you, behind the Veil of Forgetfulness which shields you from knowledge of those higher dimensions you have experienced as Home between incarnations, it is not apparent that there are worlds beyond worlds for you to explore. Suzanne Lie's Arcturian Message to The Lemurians. Earth’s Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians When we say we are WITH you, we mean we are IN you, just as you are IN unity with us. When we finished our message the room was totally quite. We knew that the task of going topside to try to communicate with the third-dimensional humans was daunting to them.

Therefore, we continued. Yes, our dear friends. 2014 Message: The 3 Paths of Humans. Adronis - Downloads from Sirius - Repopulation & The Dark Side Of The Moon. Discover your True Self through the Vibrational Messages from Behind the Veil. Arcturian Message to the Lemurians via Suzanne Lie. The Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak 12 21 13. Nancy Leider Talking with Zetas. Channeling Abraham For The First Time by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The Law of One (Ra Material) Metaphysics Paper #3 : The Misconception of the Ascension Process and the Nature of Chanelling.

Nov 20 – 25th – PORTAL OF CREATION – GOLDEN PARTICLES OF GOD – SOLAR PLEXUS – METATRON. Personal Note: What I am explained is that the days leading up to the portal which will occur on the 22nd of November, we are to focus on releasing as much as we can that has come up for us recently. Many of you are already familiar with how to do this, as I keep talking about this over and over again.

Adronis - Downloads from Sirius: Revealing Insight on our DNA. Monthly Transmissions By The Elders - The Melchizedek and PleiadianThe Melchizedek and Pleiadian. Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight ~ The Global Reset of all Systems in preparation for the Golden Age on Earth, reposted 4-4-14.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message. The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: The Stairway of Unity Consciousness. The 33 Stargate Portals of Light ~ September 2014 - The Melchizedek and PleiadianThe Melchizedek and Pleiadian. The Elders Transmission ~ September 2014 Mp3 download

Arcturian Council- Cellular Memory. The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Morning Message – Returning To Your Multidimensional SELF. Morning Message from the Arcturians – Returning To Your Multidimensional SELF. Channelled by Suzanne Lie, July 27, 2014. . | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia. The Pleiadians 2014! "Humanity Is Ripe For REBELLION!" PLEIADIAN PROPHECY - The Great Changeover 2013 - 2027. 8 Shifts of Enlightenment. If we could do something magical in this place, it would be to imbue into you what I feel, for I am Kryon. I represent a very, very large group. THE ARCTURIANS: TIME GATES 2014 ~ via Gillian Macbeth-Louthan. – 11 January 2014 The Time Gates occupy a space which holds unto all that it serves. Message From the Arcturians March 2, 2014. Thanks to Amba for this one – some really good pieces of wisdom! -A.M.

Arcturian Message/1/19/14. The Sirian Revelations - Channeled Teachings for the Awakening of Earth. ET Civilizations - Germane through Lyssa Royal. Hitching Home – Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands! Zeta Reticuli Update. BIG FOOT MESSAGE Shared by Standing Elk. Galactic Confederation of Light Message (George Kavassilas) A Fascinating Message on The Dead Birds That Have Fallen Dead in Arkansas. Bill Cooper's Transcript of His Interview With a Reptilian in December 1999. Crop Circles - The Arecibo Reply. ✦ CROP CIRCLES DECODED ✦- Positive Alien Messages, Truth of universe within crop designs. Andromeda Council - Transformation to a 4th dimensional Earth Life. Cobra's Interview - Messages from the Resistance - 21st January 2014.

Black Majic in the GOM. Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider. Saint Germain: Ascension is YOU. Starchild Global. Captain Mark Richards Interview III - Space Command. Chemtrails, GMOD, Morgellons, HAARP, UFO,ALIEN, Conspiracy, GMO, Agenda 21, FEMA, Secret Space Programs, Breakaway civilization,