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Mind Mapping. Skill Acquisition. Converter. MINDMAPPING. 40 Must Have iPhone & iPad Apps in 2014. There are a myriad of must have iPhone and iPad apps – the following 40 are a selection of the very best.

40 Must Have iPhone & iPad Apps in 2014

To keep your year ticking over nicely, this selection encompasses: lifestyle, education, travel, culture, fun, business, and numerous other facets of life. Almost everything you could need is catered for, so select your favorites and enjoy 2014! 1. Paper Facebook’s Paper offers an immersive take on News Feed activity. 2. Jelly is about taking images and asking questions. ShowMe - The Online Learning Community. Creación de actividades escolares :. Changing the way you learn.

Systems Thinking Mind Map. Presentations. Languages~distance~learning. Academic. Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel. Free Lesson Plans, materials & resources. Iomap - Visualize Evernote and Dropbox. VISUAL THINKING. 15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education. How to Revitalize Your Students.

Have I let "instructional weeds" infest my classroom?

How to Revitalize Your Students

I went out into my backyard today and was astounded about its condition. The hibernating Bermuda grass was yellow-brown as it should have been, but salt-and-peppered throughout the yard were bright green dandelions with the "I dare you to stop me" fluffy white seed flowers that had not been there in the fall. Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen. Ah, listening, the neglected literacy skill.

Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen

I know when I was a high school English teacher this was not necessarily a primary focus; I was too busy honing the more measurable literacy skills -- reading, writing, and speaking. But when we think about career and college readiness, listening skills are just as important. This is evidenced by the listening standards found in the Common Core and also the integral role listening plays in collaboration and communication, two of the four Cs of 21st century learning. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 New Educational Web Tools to Try Out. March 8, 2014 Once every two weeks I feature here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a list of some of the new educational web tools I have been bookmarking.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 New Educational Web Tools to Try Out

These are basically tools other teachers and edubloggers have reviewed in their websites and blogs and which I think are worth sharing with you and keeping you posted about the latest in the world of educational technology. 1- Exam Time ExamTime is changing the way students learn by providing free study tools for students and teachers. Super Teacher Tools. ForAllRubrics. WebspirationPRO: Online Visual Thinking Tool. Vensim.

GENERADORES DE HISTORIETAS ON-LINE. Imágenes. Organisation. Mind map/ Idea boards/ Visualisation. Jeff Beck, Cause We've Ended As Lovers 2007 xroads. Van Halen - El Mejor Solo De Su Carrera HQ. 200 Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs - One Take! Joe Bonamassa. Jeff Beck Cause We've Ended As Lovers   YUTO MIYAZAWA 宮澤佑門. The History of Rock N' Roll on Devour. Jeff Beck. Rock music timeline - 50 years of rock & roll history with photos. Stefanos Alexiou - Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix tribute) The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. LiveMinutes.

Scribble Maps : Draw On Maps and Make Them Easily. Trello. Creating ToonDoo Cartoons. Creating Your First ToonDoo Here is a simple ToonDoo.

Creating ToonDoo Cartoons

With the information on this page, you will be able to create this cartoon, or a similar cartoon of your own. We will assume you have already established an account, navigated to and logged in to your account. 1. Click on the Create Your Own! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Congratulations! Design Menu The Design Menu on the ToonDoo creation screen is pictured below. Main Menu. Fastest Way to Create Comic Strips and Cartoons - Toondoo.

Best Free Education Web Tool 2013. Great Resources for Teaching Using Comics. March , 2014 A few days ago I shared with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a list featuring some of the best web tools that you can use with your students to create comics.

Great Resources for Teaching Using Comics

As a teacher you can leverage the power of comics in several ways: you can use them for teaching writing, reading and speaking. Comics are also a good way for students to build and create their stories and share them with others. To help you better tap into the educational power of comics , I am sharing with you these two wonderful presentations where you will get to experiment with some new ideas of how to use comics in your instruction. The slides also feature a wide variety of web tools and iPad apps for creating comics. 40+ Resources for Teaching Using Animation and Comics.

EDU: A complete educational solution for digital and mobile teaching and learning. Classroom organizer. Time Management Skills Are Stupid. Here's What Works. Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel. Create A Graph. 5 Ways to Make Your To-Do Lists More Effective. To-do lists seem pretty straightforward: A list of all of the tasks you plan to accomplish during any given day or week.

5 Ways to Make Your To-Do Lists More Effective

And, really, there are few things more satisfying than drawing lines through each entry. Progress! But, many times, they balloon to unrealistic levels, and we end up feeling overwhelmed and ineffective. That’s usually because we’re using them as a catch-all for every task that’s thrown at us. Instead, our lists should be derived from our larger goals and include tasks that move us toward those big-picture endeavors, says Robert C.

8 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Concentrating. “Music helps me concentrate,” Mike said to me glancing briefly over his shoulder.

8 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Concentrating

Mike was in his room writing a paper for his U.S. History class. Time Management Tips: How to Find the Right Mindset to Succeed With Time Management. For the past several years I have worked with time management techniques such as lists, prioritization, planning and so on.

Time Management Tips: How to Find the Right Mindset to Succeed With Time Management

But it wasn’t until I adopted a Quadrant 2 mindset that I really started seeing results. The phrase “Quadrant 2” comes from Stephen Coveys book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People . The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time - Tony Schwartz. By Tony Schwartz | 8:53 AM March 14, 2012 Why is it that between 25% and 50% of people report feeling overwhelmed or burned out at work?

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time - Tony Schwartz

It’s not just the number of hours we’re working, but also the fact that we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time. What we’ve lost, above all, are stopping points, finish lines and boundaries. Technology has blurred them beyond recognition. Don't Break the Chain. 10 Laws of Productivity. You might think that creatives as diverse as Internet entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, industrial design firm Studio 7.5, and bestselling Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami would have little in common. In fact, the tenets that guide how they – and exceptionally productive creatives across the board – make ideas happen are incredibly similar. 6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day. Ever feel like you’re just not getting enough done?

Know how many days per week you’re actually productive? About 3: People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 17 of those hours to be unproductive (U.S.: 45 hours a week; 16 hours are considered unproductive). We could all be accomplishing a lot more — but then again, none of us wants to be a workaholic either. The Four Elements of Physical Energy and How To Master Them.

I have a FitBit (glorified pedometer if I ever saw one), and since getting it, my exercise goal each day is to hit 5,000 steps. On work days, I generally hit 2,000-3,000 each day consistently, meaning I only need to take a walk around the block twice when I get home to meet my goal.

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