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Come far apparire le informazioni sull'autore nei risultati di ricerca Google. Internet Marketing Software - Search Marketing Tools for SEO & PPC. FlashJS - opensource HTML5 game engine with API similar to Flash one. 10.5.3 Common input element attributes. Common input element attributes These attributes only apply to an input element if its type attribute is in a state whose definition declares that the attribute applies.

10.5.3 Common input element attributes

When an attribute doesn't apply to an input element, user agents must ignore the attribute, regardless of the requirements and definitions below. The maxlength and minlength attributes The maxlength attribute, when it applies, is a form control maxlength attribute controlled by the input element's dirty value flag. minlength attribute, when it applies, is a form control minlength attribute controlled by the input element's dirty value flag. If the input element has a maximum allowed value length, then the code-unit length of the value of the element's value attribute must be equal to or less than the element's maximum allowed value length.

<label>What are you doing? Here, a password is given a minimum length: The size attribute size The readonly attribute readonly required required multiple . Architecture Design Architectural Images Drawings History and More - ArchitectureWeek Great Buildings.

Welcome to GreatBuildings, presenting one thousand selected classics of world architecture, and hundreds of their great designers, in the leading general architecture reference site.

Architecture Design Architectural Images Drawings History and More - ArchitectureWeek Great Buildings

This gateway to architecture around the world and across history documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects, selected over ten years by the editors of ArchitectureWeek, with photographic images and architectural drawings, integrated maps and timelines, 3D building models, commentaries, bibliographies, web links, and more, for famous designers and structures of all kinds. For up-to-the-moment coverage of the latest buildings, designers, and ideas, GreatBuildings™ is richly cross-linked with related architecture sites, ArchitectureWeek and Archiplanet, as well as to Wikipedia and to book sources.

For the latest coverage of contemporary architecture and design news, go directly to ArchitectureWeek, our professional architecture magazine. Google Maps throughout. Flat UI and Forms. This article is about two important four-letter words that start with “F”: “flat” and “form.”

Flat UI and Forms

Though some decry flat user interfaces as pure fashion, or the obvious response to skeuomorphic trends, many designers have embraced the flat approach because the reduction in visual styling (such as gradients, drop shadows, and borders) creates interfaces that seem simpler and cleaner. The problem is that most flat UIs are built with a focus on the provision of content, with transactional components (i.e., forms) receiving very little attention. What happens when flat and forms collide? User experiences can, and often do, suffer. Forms matter#section1 When I say forms, I mean any interaction in which information is exchanged to receive a product or a service. User needs for the design of forms can differ greatly from user needs for the design of content, as summarized in the table below. Foremost, forms are about task completion.

Flat equals less information#section2 Fixing fields#section5. Fonts archive with more than 40 000+ fonts. Zephyr font, Gill sans, Bembo font, cyrillic font download, graffity fonts, fonts. Emulogic font. Fonts archive with more than 40 000+ fonts. Zephyr font, Gill sans, Bembo font, cyrillic font download, graffity fonts, fonts. Install the Compass Stylesheet Authoring Framework. Installing Ruby Compass runs on any computer that has ruby installed.

Install the Compass Stylesheet Authoring Framework

For more advanced users you may want to install rvm. Setting up the ruby environment $ gem update --system$ gem install compass Tell us about your project and we'll help you get it set up: I would like to set up my project named with starter stylesheets. Thanks. Terminal newbies, read the Designer’s Guide to the OSX Command Prompt first! $ gem install compass $ compass create <myproject> Note: Values indicated by <> are placeholders. Note: $ is a placeholder for your terminal's prompt.

Then follow the instructions that compass provides in the output. Hate the Command Line? Try one of these Community supported GUI applications: Next Steps. The Designer’s Guide to the OSX Command Prompt. The command prompt.

The Designer’s Guide to the OSX Command Prompt

Once the lofty domain of that guy you know with the computer science degree. Now more and more the every day domain of the hacker web designer. Perhaps you’ve mastered a little Javascript or PHP, but you are realizing that the cool kids are playing around with stuff that is only accessible to people who are comfortable with the command prompt. Or, perhaps you are just interested in upping your game.

Whatever the case, I’m here to help. First things first: launching terminal The command prompt1 application on OSX is called Terminal. Applications → Utilities → Terminal Here’s a screenshot of my Finder window showing the Terminal application and the path that I took to get to it in the status bar at the bottom: Once you get there, double-click the Terminal icon to launch it. Dressing it up a bit: Terminal themes When you first open Terminal on OSX, you’ll find it a stark barren white place.

Let’s dress it up a bit so that it feels like home. Terminal → Preferences pwd ls cd ~ cat. Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. Apple's Cell Phone Screen Resolution by Brand and Model. For best result, the size (dimension) of cell phone wallpaper must match the size of cell phone screen.

Apple's Cell Phone Screen Resolution by Brand and Model

Whenever the wallpaper dimension is too large for the screen, it will be automatically resized by your cell phone. This automatic resizing usually results in a poor image display quality. On the other hand, if the wallpaper dimension is too small for the screen, the picture will not cover all of your screen. Why would you display small picture if your mobile phone can display a larger one? Bigger picture means clearer picture, right? Below is a list of Apple cell phone screen resolution, sorted by model.Use this list as a guide on choosing the right size of cartoon photo wallpaper for your Apple cell phone.

(If you need to know which cell phones have certain screen resolution, there is also a list of cell phone screen resolution, sorted by size available) Disclaimer: For Beginners. HTML5 Canvas Basic Tutorials Introduction. Published on October 30th 2010 by Eric Rowell Welcome to Basic Tutorials!

HTML5 Canvas Basic Tutorials Introduction

In these tutorials we'll focus on the fundamental drawing capabilities of the HTML5 Canvas, including line and curve drawing, path drawing, shape drawing, gradients, patterns, images, and text. HTML5 Canvas Basic Tutorials Prerequisites All you need to get started with Basic Tutorials is a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE9, a good working knowledge of JavaScript, and a simple text editor like notepad. Author Bio Eric Rowell (@ericdrowell) Eric Rowell is the creator of KineticJS, the founder of MeteorCharts, the founder and chief editor of, the author of HTML5 Canvas Cookbook, and a senior web developer at LinkedIn. Submit an Article Hi there! Submit an Article. Breve manuale di educazione del Cliente. Huang Ting. Metafizzy. Metafizzy Delightful web resources Featuring Isotope Filter & sort magical layouts Packery Bin-packing layout library Support Don’t give up!


Read blog Contact. Responsive design device resolution reference. Fluid Grids. Early last year, I worked on the redesign of a rather content-heavy website.

Fluid Grids

Design requirements were fairly light: the client asked us to keep the organization’s existing logo and to improve the dense typography and increase legibility. So, early on in the design process, we spent a sizable amount of time planning a well-defined grid for a library of content modules. Over the past few years, this sort of thinking has become more common. Thanks to the advocacy of Mark Boulton, Khoi Vinh, and others, we’ve seen a resurgence of interest in the typographic grid, and how to use it on the web. And frankly, the idea’s been a smash hit: a million CSS frameworks have bloomed, with sundry tools to complement them, each built to make grid-based design even more accessible to the average designer.

However, our client had one last, heart-stopping requirement: the design had to be fluid and resize with the browser window. Minimum screen resolution: a little white lie#section1 So, how do we begin? Fluid Images — Unstoppable Robot Ninja. (Hello!

Fluid Images — Unstoppable Robot Ninja

If you think this article’s interesting, you might check out my ALA article on responsive web design.) I’ve always hated publishing. I don’t mean the industry, but the act. Hitting “print,” sending an email, pressing that “Publish” button on the CMS: at some point, you relinquish your ability to smooth down some of the sharper edges, fill in the holes of your argument, and just generally fix whatever’s broken.

At some point, you just accept what’s on the page, tousle its hair a bit, and send it off into the world at large to be judged, poked, and prodded. To wit: One of the really solid criticisms lobbied against my Fluid Grids article for ALA was that all of my examples were pretty text-heavy. In Which “Looking Across the Pond for Help” Is a Pretty Decent Answer, As It Turns Out Since I started mucking around with this whole “stylesheets” thing, Richard Rutter has been one of those CSS giants on whose shoulders I frequently stand. This solved the problem beautifully.

Neat Video. Introduction To The Basics Of After Effects Scripting. To go along with our recent tutorial about script development workflow , we will go over the basic concepts and good practices necessary to start writing After Effects scripts. We will go over usual After Effects actions such as: creating a project, creating a composition, creating a layer, creating shapes, adding effects, changing values and expressions, using text and fonts, adding keyframes, using functions, etc.

Writing Your First Script As stated in the After Effects Sublime Text build package installation and usage tutorial, scripts are files which use the Adobe ExtendScript language. ExtendScript is an extended form of JavaScript used by several Adobe applications such as , , and . ExtendScript is a good and efficient way to achieve anything you want in After Effects. Scripts use the Adobe ExtendScript language, which is an extended form of JavaScript used by several Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Creating Our First Composition method of the The if and .

SVG animations, CSS Animations, CSS Transitions. Recently there was a discussion in the SVG working group how SVG Animations (based on SMIL Animations), CSS3 Animations and CSS3 Transitions contribute to the animation sandwich model for SVG presentation attributes. SVG presentation attributes First, what are SVG presentation attributes? In SVG, a subset of all CSS properties can be set by SVG attributes.

Examples of these attributes are fill, stroke, font-size or filter. These attributes are called “presentation attributes”. Specifies the fill CSS property on the rect element. A list of all SVG presentation attributes can be found in the SVG 1.1 specification. Presentation attributes contribute to CSS cascading as shown in the graphic above. Or Settings on one style override settings of previous styles in the CSS cascade. Animation of presentation attributes But presentation attributes have another benefit.

The animation sandwich model The definition for “The animation sandwich model” in SMIL 3.0 Animation says this about CSS properties: SVG Essentials/Animating and Scripting SVG. From WikiContent Up to this point we have produced static images; once constructed, they never change. In this chapter, we will examine two methods of making graphic images move. The first method, animation, is movement that is controlled by you, the author. The second method, scripting, lets the person viewing the graphic interact with and modify the image. In Chapter 10 we suggested that filters should be used as a means to enhance a graphic's message, not as an end in themselves.

In this chapter, our message is the animation, so most of our examples will be remarkably free of any content. Animation Basics The animation features of SVG are based on the World Wide Web Consortium's Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language Level 2 (SMIL2) specification In this system, you specify the starting and ending values of the attribute, color, motion, or transformation that you wish to animate; the time at which the animation should begin; and the duration of the animation.

Example 11-1. Note. Visual Supply Co (VSCO) Website Awards - Sites of the day. For Everyone. The First Paladin. Dig.ccmixter “You already have permission…” Musica Per Video Senza Copyright: Dove Trovare Musica Royalty-Free Da Usare Gratis Sui Tuoi Video. Ambient. Royalty Free Background Meditation Ambient Relaxing Music. FAQ: What is the best format for rendering and exporting from After Effects?

(For a video version of this frequently asked question and answer, click this link.) Compression is essential for reducing the size of movies so that they can be stored, transmitted, and played back effectively. Compression is achieved by an encoder; decompression is achieved by a decoder. Encoders and decoders are known by the common term codec No single codec or set of settings is best for all situations. To determine what the best settings are for your purposes, read this section on compression and this section on planning your work with final delivery specifications in mind.

When you create a movie for distribution, it is often highly compressed; when you create a movie for an intermediate stage in a post-production workflow, it is usually losslessly compressed (or even uncompressed). Examples of lossless codecs include Animation and PNG at highest quality settings in a QuickTime container. "FAQ: How do I export a movie for YouTube, Vimeo, iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV? " Adobe After Effects CS4 * Planning your work.

Before importing footage, first decide which media and formats you'll use for your finished movies, and then determine the best settings for your source material. Often, it’s best to prepare footage before importing it into After Effects. For example, if you want an image to fill your composition frame, configure the image in Adobe Photoshop® so that the image size and pixel aspect ratio match the composition size and pixel aspect ratio. If the image is too large when you import it into After Effects, you’ll increase the memory and processor requirements of the compositions that use it. If the image is too small, you’ll lose image quality when you scale it to the desired size. See Pixel aspect ratio and frame aspect ratio. If you can shoot footage with consistent lighting and colors—and otherwise prevent the need to do a lot of tedious utility work in post-production—then you’ll have more time for creative work.

MVN : Inertial Motion Capture - Xsens. Re-Targeting Motion Capture Data to Game Characters Using MotionBuilder. Tutorial Magazine. How To Create Great Typographic Wallpaper In Photoshop. - Learn to draw. Lessons. #3038363.

25 Helpful Tutorials for Lighting Effects in Photoshop. MP3 Player - Players - MAXI - Generator. jPlayer : HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery. Flash MP3 player. The border-image property. Css - Download once upon a time Torrents - Page 2 of 35.

InsideRIA. Z-design Tech brushes set v2 by *z-design on deviantART. Learn to code. A WordPress Website dedicated to WordPress training, tutorials, and WordPress videos. Creative Market ~ Handcrafted, mousemade.