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Donald Trump Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against New York Times Over 'Illegally' Obtained Tax Returns. AdvertisementAdvertisement OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion Donald Trump is known as a strategist and he has apparently been biding his time while taking plenty of arrows from detractors and political enemies since leaving office amid the scandal of the Jan. 6 riot. On Wednesday, reports noted that Trump has filed a $100 million lawsuit against The New York Times and his niece, Mary Trump, after she gave the paper copies of the former president’s tax returns, allegedly in violation of a confidentiality agreement. The Associated Press reports: Trump’s lawsuit, filed in state court in New York, accuses Mary Trump of breaching a settlement agreement by disclosing tax records she received in a dispute over family patriarch Fred Trump’s estate.

The suit claims that Mary Trump, the Times, and its journalists “were motivated by a personal vendetta” against him and were pursuing a political agenda. The AP notes further: Advertisement. Obama is Probably Running the Government: Trump on Newsmax - Todd Starnes. STOP THE CRACK DOWN ON CONSERVATIVE NEWS AND CONTENT. Before you read, I want to strongly urge you to sign up for Todd’s free newsletter. We can no longer rely on social media. Click here to subscribe. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, concerned then-President Donald Trump could “go rogue,” called a secret meeting at the Pentagon two days after the Jan. 6 incidents at the Capitol to limit Trump’s ability to launch nuclear weapons or order a dangerous military strike, according to a new book from journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. “You never know what a president’s trigger point is,” Gen.

Milley told his members of his senior staff, the authors wrote in the new book “Peril,” noting Milley, who was shaken by the violence of that day, “was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election” and was “now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies,” CNN reported. Trump statement on susceptibility to a terror attack - "Easiest Fight Would Be... About 3 Seconds": President Trump Asked About Who Would Be His Easiest Fight. On Saturday evening, former President Donald Trump hosted the boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort. At one point during the event, the former president was if he had to fight someone, who would it be and what would the fight look like.

Of course, President Trump said he would fight Biden. “Well, if I had to pick somebody in the world, not a professional boxer, because I’ll take a pass on a professional boxer. Thank you for your very dangerous subject. But if you said, if I had to box somebody. (‘Anybody’ says the announcer.) The former president continued, noting, “Oh, I’d like to take him behind the bar, oh and he’d be in big trouble. Trump’s appearance at the fight was a massive success considering the crowd gave him a very warm welcome as they chanted “WE LOVE TRUMP” which quickly turned into “F*** Joe Biden.”

“This is an honor to be with you! Trump is a longtime friend of Holyfield which is one of the reasons why he agreed to announce the fight. Trump Sends A 2024 Wave Across The Nation - Donald's Signs Go Viral And He Says He Really Has "No Choice" Trump Sends A 2024 Wave Across The Nation – Donald’s Signs Go Viral And He Says He Really Has “No Choice” What’s Happening: Way back in 2016, when Trump ran for president the first time. He had a very clear explanation why.

Over the years, people asked him if he’d run for president. Trump always said he would only run if things got really bad. And after 8 years of the Obama administration, Trump finally decided America needed him. But what about now? Only recently, however, has Trump said something that reminds us of 2016. Former President Trump, teasing his plans for 2024, told Fox News that the country is “getting to a point where we really have no choice” but for him to run for president again…“When you look at Afghanistan and what happened, and the death for no reason, just for no reason,” Trump said, adding that military “parents – they want to speak with me – they don’t want to speak with Biden.”

Trump once said he’d only run for president if things got really bad. From NY Post: Fans Chant 'We Want Trump' & 'F*CK Joe Biden' Holyfield vs Belfort Fight - WATCH | Neon Nettle. On 13th September 2021 @ 10.00pm © press Fans at the Evander Holyfield vs. Vítor Vieira Belfort fight chanted “We want Trump” and “F**k Joe Biden" making it clear who their preference was. Trump added color commentary to the event while on hand at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Trump Jnr correctly predicted 44-year-old Belfort was poised to win the fight with 58-year-old Holyfield. Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ “You are some fighter,” Trump said. “I have to tell you, you have a couple of friends between Jorge and Junior, and my son, my ‘junior,’ they said you’re going to do fantastically well…I said, ‘Well, but boxing’s not his thing.’ Besides Trump and his son in the commentary booth, there was former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos, and welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal. TRENDING: Ex Obama CIA Head Blasts Biden His Actions Inspired Jihadists All Over World “It made it even more somber than it should normally be.

" © press. Trump Drops in on Fight Club Press Conference, Crowd Chants "We Love Trump!" Vitor Belfort defeated Evander Holyfield by TKO in the first round at a Triller Fight Club matchup. After the match, President Trump, who had MC’d the event with his son by phone, commended Belfort for his win. The inspired crowd started chanting “We love Trump!” And “Speech!” Massive chants of "WE LOVE TRUMP" and "SPEECH" erupt at the Holyfield vs Belfort fight as President Trump MC's with @DonaldJTrumpJr Watch.

This is amazing.— Danny De Urbina (@dannydeurbina) September 12, 2021 Vitor Belfort was interviewed before the fight, ending his comments with “Let’s unite and let’s Make America Great Again!” . President Trump also made a surprise visit to the NYPD and FDNY on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. It’s even better that he didn’t attend the political sideshow of globalist Democrats earlier in the day. BREAKING: President Trump just made a surprise visit to the NYPD and FDNY on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11“We’re not supposed to say it, but I’ll say it. . After Liberals Remove Robert E. Lee Statue - Donald Trump Claims General Lee Would Have "Won The Afghanistan War" After Liberals Remove Robert E. Lee Statue – Donald Trump Claims General Lee Would Have “Won The Afghanistan War” What’s Happening: With Joe Biden at the helm, radical leftists have been empowered to push one unpopular agenda after another.

We all know how they want to pump our schools full of propaganda known as “critical race theory.” They have also come after our energy, police, and border. While they’ve failed on many fronts, Democrat-run states give these “wokesters” free reign. The West Coast is a nightmare. After a long fight, these leftists were able to remove a historic statue of Gen. But Donald Trump knows much better. Former President Donald Trump issued a statement Wednesday condemning the removal of a 131-year-old statue of Gen. Donald Trump blasted Democrats for tearing down a historic statue of Gen.

Trump dismantled this false rewriting of history, praising Lee for his patriotism, leadership, and impeccable strategic skills. Key Takeaways: Source: Fox News. Gutfeld Gives Heartfelt Message to Trump: ‘I Lost Friends When I Would Defend You’ OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion Fox News host Greg Gutfeld delivered a heartwarming message on national television to Donald Trump. During an interview with Trump, the Fox star admitted that he’s lost friends and relationships all because he dared to defend the 45th president publicly.

Gutfeld told Trump, “There was an irrational response to you. And I lost friends when I would defend you.” “But you also gained friends,” Trump said. “Yeah, you gain friends,” Gutfeld said. Gutfeld then asked Trump: “Did it bother you to see the friends that you’ve had — lose these friends because you became president and they didn’t like what you were doing or became emotionally and irrationally kind of unhinged? “Why did people respond emotionally to you rather than rationally?”

“It must be my personality,” Trump said with the studio audience laughing in the background. GUTFELD: “I always wanted to ask you this. TRUMP:” Well, I had two forms of presidency. Problem loading page. Donald Trump to Hold Two Major Rallies from Next Month | Neon Nettle. On 8th September 2021 @ 6.00pm © press Donald Trump has announced he will hold two massive rallies in October in Georgia and Iowa. Trump’s leadership PAC, Save America, announced that the Saturday-evening rallies would happen in Perry, Ga., on Sept. 25 and Des Moines, Iowa, on Oct. 9.

The Perry rally will take place at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. Trump is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m., following a couple of hours of entertainment and warm-up speakers. According to the statements sent to reporters, the Des Moines rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds has a similar schedule. Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ Tickets are available for request Tuesday evening at the Save America PAC’s website, Georgia and Iowa are both swing states, which Trump has flirted with, running for a second term in 2024. Earlier this week, former White House advisor Jason Miller said Trump would “definitely” run for president in 2024. Miller told Cheddar News on Thursday: Republican Ohio Rep. Trump Bemoans the Cultural Cleansing of Robert E. Lee Statue - Todd Starnes. WARNING: JOE BIDEN WANTS TO CRACK DOWN ON CONSERVATIVE NEWS AND CONTENT. Before you read, I want to strongly urge you to sign up for Todd’s free newsletter.

It’s your only lifeline to conservative news and commentary. We can no longer rely on social media. Click here to subscribe. A raging mob of Culture Jihadists successfully removed a massive statue of Robert E. Following is a statement from President Trump about the great evil that happened in Virginia today: Just watched as a massive crane took down the magnificent and very famous statue of “Robert E. Donald Trump to Hold Two Major Rallies from Next Month | Neon Nettle. Trump Loyalist Jason Miller Releases Statement That He Was Held by Police and Questioned for Three Hours. Update: Jason Miller just issued a statement: Former senior Trump adviser Jason Miller was detained at a Brazil airport, as earlier reported, according to a Portuguese language report.

“The Federal Police detained the businessman and former right-hand man of former US President Donald Trump , Jason Miller, this Tuesday morning (7/9), at Brasília International Airport,” Metropoles reported. “According to the column, he was detained in the area reserved for private flights, when he was about to board a private jet back to the United States,” the report continued. “Miller was detained to testify to the PF under investigation 4874, which investigates the organization of anti-democratic acts in Brazil,” the report added.

“The order came from Minister Alexandre de Moraes , rapporteur of the investigation at the STF.” “The businessman is the founder of Gettr, created to take Trump back to social media, after the former president was banned from major platforms,” the report noted. Former Trump Aide Jason Miller Detained At Brazilian Airport. OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion Jason Miller, a former aide to President Donald Trump, was detained at a Brazilian airport on his way back to the United States. Miller, the founder of the social media site Gettr, was temporarily detained at the airport as authorities in Brazil wanted to question him, Disclose.TV reported on Twitter. “JUST IN – Jason Miller, Trump aide and CEO of GETTR, has been detained at the Brasilia International airport in Brazil while he was boarding a plane to return to the US,” it said at 11:32 a.m. on the east coast.

“Miller was reportedly detained to testify to the federal police under investigation 4874, which ‘investigates the organization of anti-democratic acts’ in Brazil. The order came from Alexandre de Moraes, a justice of the Supreme Federal Court,” it said. It followed that by announcing that Miller and his team had been released and allowed to return to the United States.

Donald Trump Just Took America By Storm - 2024 Poll, Election Ad, And Boat Parade Sends Liberals Spinning. Donald Trump Just Took America By Storm – 2024 Poll, Election Ad, And Boat Parade Sends Liberals Spinning What’s Happening: With Biden’s historic failure in Afghanistan, the blinders are falling off of many Americans’ eyes. They are realizing just how unqualified Joe is to lead this nation. Many feared how badly things would get under Joe. I don’t think anyone expected it would get this bad, this quickly. People are already talking about 2024. Millions are looking to Donald Trump for a sign of hope. And, while the 45th president has not announced a candidacy, some new developments are rocking the country. From Blaze Media: In a 2024 hypothetical election survey taken between Aug. 30 and Sept. 1, there were 47% of American voters who favored Trump, compared to 46% for Biden in the proposed rematch, the Emerson College poll stated.

Hot off the heels of this poll, Trump released a powerful new ad. From Twitter: 45: A heartbreaking loss for the United States and its great Military. Key Takeaways: Trump's Ad Called "Failure" Most Likely First 2024 Presidential Campaign Ad. Supporters of President Donald J. Trump are very hopeful that he will run for President again in 2024, and Democrat Joe Biden’s failure over the summer is not only the focus of Trump’s advertisement against Biden, but it may also have kicked off the 2024 Presidential campaign cycle. Key Point: The Democrats are facing a formidable opponent, and he may have started his campaign earlier than anyone expected. 45: A heartbreaking loss for the United States and its great Military.

We must have hostages released and our Military equipment returned, NOW! Democrats are used to a very short campaign cycle since most Republicans have barely fought for voters over the past few decades, preferring to hand an easy victory to the left. If speculation is correct about Trump running in 2024 and the following ad being his footprint into the process, the Democrats are in for a very bold fight from a very bold fighter. Fox News reported on the ad: Just the News reported: Supporters of President Donald J. Donald Trump Unleashes the Fury on Nikki Haley - GOP Newsfeed. As rumors continue to swirl about potential GOP presidential candidates for the 2024 election, Donald Trump has called out one potential contender: Nikki Haley. Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is one of many people believed to be preparing for a presidential run in 2024. The question is: will she have the support of the GOP voter base?

It’s highly unlikely, and Donald Trump knows why. While many believe that Trump will run again in 2024, and polls show that he would easily win the primary, other leaders within the Republican Party are preparing to throw their hats in the ring. Left-wing “news” outlet Second Nexus writes: “The former President is the undisputed favorite to win the nomination due to the unyielding loyalty of his supporters and of heavy-hitters within the Republican party. Nikki Haley is one of those candidates. “Well, every time she criticizes me, she uncriticizes me about 15 minutes later,” Trump said. “We need to acknowledge he let us down.

Former WH Adviser: Trump Is ‘Definitely’ Running In 2024 | Neon Nettle. Jim Jordan Makes Prediction on Trump 2024: 'I Just Talked To Him Yesterday' GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Makes Announcement After Call With Trump | Conservative Brief. GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Makes Announcement After Call With Trump | Conservative Brief. "Stop Trying to Bulls**t Everybody!": Trump Loses His Cool, Unleashes on Live TV Against Biden During Fox Appearance. Trump Family Member Steps Forward, Says Trump Will Run for Office in 2024 | Conservative Brief. Trump's PAC Releases Ad with Brutal Visuals: Biden's Wrong - The Taliban Is Back, Not America. From Trump To Biden To The Beast System & All In The Name Of "Safety" & "Success" (Video) » Sons of Liberty Media. Trump Sends President Biden Reeling - He Claims During Rally Speech, Joe's "Not Running The Government" Trump Draws 45,000 To The Heart Of Alabama For "Save America" Rally - Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)

BOOM: Trump Holding His Largest Rally Since Leaving Office Amid Biden's Afghanistan Crisis. Whoa: Trump Just Lit the DC Swamp on FIRE. Whoa: Trump Just Lit the DC Swamp on FIRE. Sen Mo Brooks (R-AL) Tells Massive Crowd of Trump Supporters: “Forget about 2020 election!…Beat Them in 2022!” Gets BOOED and Heckled. LOL! Trump To Alabama Rally Goers: “You know what ‘woke’ means?…It means you’re a loser!” VIDEO: Huge Crowd Gathers for Trump Save America Rally in Alabama...WATCH LIVE 7 PM CDT. Trump Is About to Hold His Biggest Event of the Year.

Steve Bannon: Trump Should Lead Biden’s Impeachment, Then Run for President | Neon Nettle. Trump Blasts Mark Milley: I Realized I’d Hired ‘a Loser,’ ‘I’m Not a Fan’ | Neon Nettle. Stunning Poll Reveals Trump Would Win Election Held Today, as Nearly 1 in 10 Democrats 'Regret' Their 2020 Vote. Donald Trump Hints That He Is Gearing Up For 2024 Run | Conservative Brief. Trump: What a Disgrace it Will be When Taliban Raises Flag Over US Embassy | Todd Starnes. "Miss me yet?"...Trump Blasts Biden Over Afghanistan and Record Inflation As New Poll Shows Most Americans Blame Biden for Inflation. Trump on Biden’s Mounting Failures as President: ‘Do You Miss Me Yet?' | Neon Nettle. Trump Highlights Biden's Growing Failures: 'Do You Miss Me Yet?' Trump Gives Washington Swamp A Wake-Up Call - Donald Pulls Apart The Democrat Spending Bill. A Sign For What's to Come? Trump Drops a New MAGA Hat Design.

Trump Releases Fresh MAGA Hat Design For Supporters - Donald Says He Designed It And Will Sign It. Trump Torches Infrastructure Bill: ‘The Beginning Of The Green New Deal’ | Neon Nettle. Donald Trump says Operation Warp Speed saved lives. Trump Calls For Schools To Reopen, Shreds Media In New Interview | Conservative Brief. Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer Says Trump Is Going For The Presidency In 2024 | Conservative Brief. "MANIACS": Trump Absolutely Roasts "Purple Hair" Megan Rapinoe After Embarrassing Olympic Performance.

Trump Takes Legal Action to Block Congress from Receiving Tax Returns | Neon Nettle. Chicago Owes Trump $1M in Tax Refunds, but State’s Attorney Seeks to Block It | Neon Nettle. Ex-Trump Official Shares Private Meeting Intel - Mark Meadows Claims Donald "Is At The Head Of The Ticket" Trump Hints He Will Be Back, Slams Weak RINOS On Audits, Perfect Case For Committeeman Project To Remake GOP [VIDEO] Breaking News: Trump Holding Secret Cabinet Meetings. Trump Slams McConnell For 'Weak' Leadership, Blames 'RINOs' For 'Ruining America' | Conservative Brief. BREAKING: Trump Vows to Primary ‘Weak, Foolish’ GOP Senators | Todd Starnes. HRC's Black Ops Hack Infers Trump Assassination Coming Soon? - Liberty One News. Donald Trump Walks Straight Into Ambush Interview — Rips Barr, Ryan, Pence & McConnell a New One.

Donald Trump: This is communism, it’s not socialism. Trump Warns ‘We’re at the beginning of a Communist System’ in the U.S | Neon Nettle. Trump Warns ‘We’re at the beginning of a Communist System’ in the U.S | Neon Nettle. Powerful statement from Donald J Trump on 1-6. Donald Trump Warns GOP to Get 'Proper Election Results in 2022' Before Making Deal with Democrats on Infrastructure. Fox News Heir Spent $20 Million Opposing Trump. UFC Fight Night With Conor McGregor Is More Proof Election Was Stolen by Wayne Allyn Root. Trump More Popular with U.S. Voters than Biden, New Poll Reveals | Neon Nettle. Donald Trump's great response to Cleveland Indians destroying their name. VIDEO: Thousands Wait in Line to See Trump in Phoenix | Todd Starnes. YUGE DIFFERENCE! Let's Compare Biden's Crowd Size and Trump's Crowd Size | Todd Starnes.

SUCH A DISGRACE: Trump Rips Cleveland Indians Over Name Change | Todd Starnes. Trump Reveals Reason He Cannot Announce a 2024 Presidential Run Yet | Neon Nettle. Trump Tells Friends He Is Running In 2024 [VIDEO] - Liberty One News. Trump Just Exposed Biden's Biggest Secret On Michael Savage's Show ... Wow - The Beltway Report. Report: Trump Says He Has Made His 2024 Decision - Source Claims His Dinner Guests Found Out From Donald, He Is All In. Trump Has Told Numerous Dinner Guests He Is Running [VIDEO] Trump Turns Nancy Into Nervous Wreck - Pelosi Is Trying To Block Donald From Taking Away Her Speaker Gavel. HRC's Black Ops Hack Infers Trump Assassination Coming Soon? - Liberty One News.

Trump Reveals His Greatest Regret As President ... BLM Is Not Going To Like His Answer⚠️ - The Beltway Report. Red Alert⚠️ HRC Black Ops Hack: Trump Assassination Coming Soon - The Beltway Report. After Trump Is Accused Of Considering A 'Coup' Attempt - The Former President Snaps Back, "An Election Is My Form Of Coup" Foreign Agents?: Open Source Evidence Prove Politicians And Communists Killed Freedom, Trump Vindicated. Trump Issues Statement Regarding AZ Election Fraud. Fox News Gleefully Brought Down Trump: Author | Todd Starnes. BREAKING: Trump Denies Accusations He Tried to Stage Coup | Todd Starnes. Trump: 'I Stand with the Cuban People 100% In Their Fight for Freedom' | Neon Nettle. After Trump Goes After RINO Lisa Murkowski - Donald Brings Out The 'Big Guns,' Gets The Alaska GOP To Endorse Her Challenger.

Donald Trump Shreds Obama Going To Baseball Game With Raúl Castro 'While They Imprisoned And Beat Cuban People' * The Scoop. Donald Trump issues a statement in sharp contrast to Biden's. RESPECT: Mel Gibson Spots Trump at UFC Event, Gives Him the Most Patriotic Sign of Respect [VIDEO] ‘He Said That’s Irrelevant, Well It’s Not Irrelevant,’ Donald Trump Shreds Fox News Reporter Right On Its Own Network As He Takes Aim At Chris Wallace.