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Feb 2021

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Whistleblower Reveals Many Pregnancy Complications following Experimental COVID Injections – "Vaccine Leaving a Trail of Devastated Mothers" By Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News When the Pfizer experimental COVID “vaccines” were given emergency use authorization (EUA) in the U.S. in December, 2020, Health Impact News reported that while the U.K.’s EUA for the Pfizer shot had warnings for pregnant women, nursing women, and women planning on becoming pregnant, to NOT get the shot, the U.S.

Whistleblower Reveals Many Pregnancy Complications following Experimental COVID Injections – "Vaccine Leaving a Trail of Devastated Mothers"

FDA’s guidelines for the same Pfizer shot failed to include any such warnings. See: Unlike UK, U.S. FDA Allows Pregnant and Nursing Women to Receive Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccine. Israel announces Covid-19 lockdown easing for ‘vaccine passport’ holders. Israel is set to relax its Covid-19 lockdown and unveil a new ‘vaccine passport’ allowing those who received the jab to access some public spaces, as PM Benjamin Netanyahu said the shots could soon render restrictions unnecessary.

Israel announces Covid-19 lockdown easing for ‘vaccine passport’ holders

The country’s Covid-19 cabinet approved an easing of the shutdown measures after a meeting on Monday night, Netanyahu’s office said in a statement, putting Israel on track to enter the “second phase” of the Health Ministry’s exit plan this Sunday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened the Corona Cabinet to continue discussing the plan for exiting from the lockdown and the Green Badge outline. The Cabinet approved in principle the second and third phases of the Health Ministry exit plan. PM of Israel (@IsraeliPM) February 15, 2021. Here’s what you need to know about the anti-family Equality Act. Big, Beautiful and Blue: Hubble Captures Immense Galaxy That Stretches 200,000 Light-Years Across. Galaxy NGC 2336 — a barred spiral galaxy that stretches an immense 200,000 light-years across — is captured here by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

Big, Beautiful and Blue: Hubble Captures Immense Galaxy That Stretches 200,000 Light-Years Across

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, V. Antoniou, Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt NGC 2336 is the quintessential galaxy — big, beautiful and blue — and it is captured here by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The barred spiral galaxy stretches an immense 200,000 light-years across and is located approximately 100 million light years away in the northern constellation of Camelopardalis (The Giraffe). Its spiral arms are glittered with young stars, visible in their bright blue light. Watch: Biden Adviser Struggles To Explain Similar COVID Numbers In CA, FL Despite Opposite Approaches. On Tuesday, we noted how California and Florida have strikingly similar COVID numbers despite polar opposite approaches to dealing with the virus; Florida has remained a largely open state without mask mandates or lockdowns, while California has imposed strict lockdowns that have devastated small businesses and contributed to a national mental health crisis.

Watch: Biden Adviser Struggles To Explain Similar COVID Numbers In CA, FL Despite Opposite Approaches

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has put some of the strictest measures in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic - while Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has done nearly the opposite. Information: December 2020 Rent Report. -- Industry Rent Crisis Worsens as Pandemic Drags On -- -- Percentage of Restaurants That Couldn’t Afford Rent by Month: June 80%; July 83%; August 87%; October 88%; December 92% --

Information: December 2020 Rent Report

Fear of QAnon violence on March 4 puts National Guard on DC alert. Mail - Michael Porter - Outlook. South Dakota Gov. Noem: COVID Didn’t Crush the Economy, Government Did. Excessive use of sanitisers could erase your fingerprints: Experts, Health News, ET HealthWorld. Scientists: Vaccination Before EVERY Holiday May Be Needed. Scientists at Oxford University have suggested that people may need to have a coronavirus vaccination not once, not twice, but EVERY time they want to travel out of their home country.

Scientists: Vaccination Before EVERY Holiday May Be Needed

The scientists published a report in the Royal Society Journal last week that acknowledged there is little data on how efficient or long lasting the current vaccines are, and so it is likely that countries will require a recent vaccination. Having endless vaccinations when there is no indication of how effective they are, or what long term side effects there may be sounds absolutely mental, but that is what is being suggested. The scientists also stated that vaccine passports are “feasible,” but only when global standards can be agreed upon. “An effective vaccine passport system that would allow the return to pre-Covid activities, including travel, without compromising personal or public health, must meet a set of demanding criteria,” said Dye.

‘The Swamp Is Back,’ McCarthy Says of $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill’s Passage. RFK Jr. Opens 'CIA Can of Worms' Japanese scientists use artificial intelligence to decode thoughts. Imagine a reality where computers can visualize what you are thinking.

Japanese scientists use artificial intelligence to decode thoughts

Sound far out? It’s now closer to becoming a reality thanks to four scientists at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan. In late December, Guohua Shen, Tomoyasu Horikawa, Kei Majima and Yukiyasu Kamitani released the results of their recent research on using artificial intelligence to decode thoughts on the scientific platform, BioRxiv. Machine learning has previously been used to study brain scans (MRIs, or magnetic resonance imaging) and generate visualizations of what a person is thinking when referring to simple, binary images like black and white letters or simple geographic shapes (as shown in Figure 2 here).

Pandemic continues, but life goes on at Wenatchee and Eastmont highs. WENATCHEE — You can’t see them smiling beneath the masks, but students at Wenatchee and Eastmont high schools are glad to be back in school, even if it’s only part-time.

Pandemic continues, but life goes on at Wenatchee and Eastmont highs

Eastmont high students have been back since Jan. 25 and Wenatchee high students since Jan. 26, each on a different hybrid schedule. “It is amazing the level of energy in the building, having adults interacting with kids but also the conversations of adults to adults,” said Wenatchee Principal Eric Anderson. “You get kids back in the building, you get a lot of smiles even with masks on. China Applied COVID-19 Anal Swab Tests on US Diplomats ‘In Error’: US State Department. China has given anal swab tests to U.S. diplomats for COVID-19 “in error” and promised to exclude them from such practices in the future, the State Department told The Epoch Times on Feb. 25.

China Applied COVID-19 Anal Swab Tests on US Diplomats ‘In Error’: US State Department

The comments came after some U.S. diplomatic staff stationed in China complained to Washington about having to undergo the intrusive procedure, which Chinese authorities claim to be more superior to nasal or throat testing methods. “The State Department never agreed to this kind of testing and protested directly to the MFA when we learned that some staff were subject to it,” a State Department spokesperson said in an email to The Epoch Times.

The Chinese foreign ministry has since assured them that the procedure was done in an error and that “diplomatic personnel are exempt from this testing requirement,” the spokesperson said, adding that the State Department “is committed to guaranteeing the safety and security of American diplomats and their families while preserving their dignity.” Orientation for Newbies. By Anna Von Reitz So you have discovered the Great Fraud and figured out that you need to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction where you naturally belong.

Orientation for Newbies

Congratulations! Cognitive Encryption enabling Collapse of Civilization. 22 February 2021 | Draft Drowned by the undertow of pseudophilia IntroductionSurrogate encryptions of reality? Technology-enabled authoritative encryption Disciplines as encryptors through specialized jargon? Encryption through "mystification" of secretsEncryption of insights of vital significance? Hacking conventional descriptions however encryptedMisplaced concreteness as a form of encryption Dysfunctional encryption of climate and social issues?

The Demonization of White Americans Is Official Educational, Corporate, and Government Policy. Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. Biden Says Military Veterans, Ex-Cops Spurred Growth Of White Supremacy - The Police Tribune. Milwaukee, WI – President Joe Biden blamed former military and law enforcement officers for the growth of white supremacy in the United States during a town hall in Milwaukee on Tuesday. President Biden was asked during the Feb. 16 session how his administration would address the threat to the United States from “Americans who embrace white supremacy and conspiracies that align with it.” “It is complex, it’s wide-ranging and it’s real,” the President answered. PCR Testing Saga: Were We Duped?

Story at-a-glance: Curative offers a PCR test using spit rather than swabs from the back of your nasal cavity. Initially only authorized for use on symptomatic patients, the company has requested the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expand its authorization for use on asymptomatic individuals.According to company data, the spit test accurately identifies about 90% of positive cases when compared against a nasopharyngeal PCR test set to 35 cycle threshold (CT).According to the FDA, that comparative CT is too low, and will produce too many false negatives. Since COVID Vaccines Are Experimental, Vaccine Administrators Must Inform You of Risks. In the U.S., vaccines granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA, as is the case with the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines, are considered experimental. Administrators of emergency use vaccines are required by law to inform vaccine recipients of the potential risks. With the mass vaccination program now in full swing, we are hearing of more and more reports suggesting this fundamental right and legal requirement is not being respected.

The vast majority of people are simply not being given the opportunity to exercise this right that is a foundational principle of medical ethics and central to the concept of patient autonomy. Most people likely don’t even know what information they should be able to receive prior to vaccination. Check out our video below (under 8 minutes in length), presented by Rob Verkerk Ph.D., including inputs from dentist, Dr.

I’m Now A Believer: Q Is A Real US Military Intelligence Operation Fighting Off A Globalist Coup. 1/13/2021 – I wrote this back in October, it still remains a popular post. I think at this point it is clear that Q is a government psyop. It put out a lot of disinformation. It’s possible, although unlikely, that Trump was in on it. Trump’s Twitter feed has a delay on it that intel agencies could exploit to pull this psyop off without Trump’s direct approval. Very sad for the nation. MIT Scientists: Data Analysis Of Election Fraud In MI Shows 69,000 Votes Were TRANSFERRED From Trump To Biden!

Johns Hopkins: COVID Has Had No Effect On US Death Rate. Study: The Human Body Responds To Sharp Changes In Solar & Geomagnetic Activity. FBI Document Claims US Government Brought Down Extraterrestrial Craft With Bodies Inside. Mel Gibson: Hollywood Elites 'Kill Innocent Children & Drink Their Blood - SmileCelebs. Jettison The Johnson: Transwomen Athletes Crashing Female Sports Will Only Hurt The Game. Evidence Stats on the 2020 Election. BOMBSHELL! Chinese Whistleblower Releases Video and Photos of Counterfeit Ballot Printing Operations.

Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather » Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather. The Insanity of the PCR Testing Saga. Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter Vivian Is a Far-Right Proud Boys and QAnon Fanatic. The Disturbing Parallels Between 2021 America And 1932 Germany - Patriot Rising. The Disturbing Parallels Between 2021 America And 1932 Germany - Patriot Rising. Texas Power Crisis Puts Keystone XL Cancelation in Perspective. The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis. Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. Young nurse suffers from hemorrhage and brain swelling after second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Crisis PR Fails the Celebs Who Spin Their Sins - Variety. NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center. Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 60 studies. Mammogram guidelines updated for women recently vaccinated for COVID-19. ATOMIC BOMBSHELL: Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015. And 2017. – Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic, August 19, 2008 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Most Misquoted and Most Misunderstood Science Papers in the Public Domain. Folie à Deux. Masks, false safety and real dangers, Part 2: - Colleen Huber, NMD - Medium. Lab Just Made a More Dangerous COVID Virus. Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. What happened to “flu season?” In the age of COVID, “the flu” has been reclassified as coronavirus, says epidemiologist.

COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying? COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying? Report: Pfizer Stopped Testing COVID-19 Vaccine Results in Late October, Placed Samples in Cold Storage to Be Tested the Day After the Election. The Most Dangerous Enemy the American People Will Ever Face. What the Great Reset Architects Don’t Want You To Understand About Economics - Matt Ehret's Insights. - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order. Rothschilds Courting Financial Collapse. The Morality of Banking in 'It's a Wonderful Life' Pentagon admits it has been testing wreckage from UFO crashes & findings may 'change our lives forever,' expert says. Doctors Issue Warning Not to Get Experimental COVID mRNA vaccine – Bible Science Forum. Sorry Democrats, police not buying sudden "support" for police officers.

One Great Work Network. CLAIM: PCR test swabs may contain “star-shaped microdevices” that are secretly vaccinating the “vaccine hesitant” Situation Update, Feb. 12 – America’s corporations transform into TERRORISTS against the people. CDC admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot – BREAKING-NEWS.CA. RFK, Jr. Responds to Instagram’s Removal of His Account. The Science Behind Why Hobbies Can Improve Our Mental Health. CDC Begins Recommending Wearing Two Masks. COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Develop Rare Blood Disorder.

A Story of Extreme Cold and Snow : Cold Climate Change. French Leaders Warn That Social Justice Ideas Imported From US Are Undermining Their Society. Two Mandalorian Actors Make Nazi, Holocaust Analogies Months Apart; Lucasfilm Fires The Conservative One. Ease Neck Strain From Faulty Posture. Can You Trust the WHO With COVID-19 Pandemic Response? Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol for Coronavirus. Coffee Lovers, Rejoice! Drinking More Coffee Associated with Decreased Heart Failure Risk. Biden Imposes Permanent Masks & Social Distancing to Prevent Civil Unrest. How Phony Coronavirus “Fear Videos” Were Used as Psychological Weapons to Bring America to Her Knees - Revolver. The WHO, its virus test parameter and Joe Biden. Super Bowl 2021 score: Buccaneers stun Chiefs, 31-9. A Message to ‘Digital Soldiers’ Defending the Scientific Method.