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Christians need more than 'superficial understanding' of Jesus. In a culture that increasingly subscribes to moral relativism, it’s “crucial” for Christians to have more than a superficial understanding of Jesus and a defense for both His deity and existence, a pastor and apologist has said.

Christians need more than 'superficial understanding' of Jesus

In an interview with The Christian Post, Mark Clark, founding pastor of Village Church in Vancouver, Canada, said the onus is on Christian parents and teachers to have a “clear, full picture” of Jesus, as the next generation is going to “reject Christianity based on how Christians live their lives and the hypocrisy and divisions they see in the church.” Experts warn of Equality Act's impact on parents, children. Legal and medical experts and concerned parents have warned that the Equality Act, which passed in the House Thursday, will have lasting implications on children, parental rights, and religious freedom if it becomes law.

Experts warn of Equality Act's impact on parents, children

The 500-plus page bill, which passed by a vote of 224-206 adds sex, gender identity and sexual orientation to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The measure was reintroduced in the House where it was first passed in 2019 before it stalled in the Senate. It adds sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories in nondiscrimination law. The measure also strips away key religious liberty provisions and conscience protections in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The three Republicans who joined Democrats in voting for the measure included Reps. During a virtual event hosted by the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, Rep. Taste of the Lord and see that he is GOOD. Maryland Church Approves Initiative To Donate $500,000 In Slavery Reparations. (Daily Caller) – An Episcopal church in Maryland announced Monday that it had unanimously approved an initiative to donate $500,000 in slavery reparations over five years, according to a statement from the church.

Maryland Church Approves Initiative To Donate $500,000 In Slavery Reparations

The Memorial Episcopal Church donated $50,000 of its endowed wealth and another $50,000 from its 2021 operating budget as part of the Guy T. Hollyday Memorial Justice and Reparations Initiative. The funds will be invested in community partners who are doing “justice-centered work”, The Hill reported. A statement from the church explains the pro-slavery origins of the parish and their reasoning for the initiative. “While many believe that the ‘past is in the past,’ the current congregation of a church formed as a memorial to slave-owners acknowledges that as a parish, city, and country we are not far removed from that past.

A conservative American news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C. Chuck Baldwin. Chuck Baldwin is a False Teacher and an Object Lesson – God calls all mature Christians to publicly rebuke those elders that commit serious sin (1 Tim. 5:20) within the Body of Christ.

Chuck Baldwin is a False Teacher and an Object Lesson –

If you are a pastor and preach lies, God requires that we answer those lies with the truth. So, I write and speak with this burden on my heart. And, I am forced to proclaim that Chuck Baldwin, is a false teacher and even a false brother. He lies about our brothers and sisters in Christ. Throughout History When The Church Is Attacked, It Goes Underground & Thrives. Become a Clash Insider!

Throughout History When The Church Is Attacked, It Goes Underground & Thrives

Big Tech is clamping down on conservative media big time. Don’t let Big Tech pre-chew your news. This World is Passing Away. Domestic Terror Law, Big Tech, and Big Media May Soon Target Christians. (OPINION) CBN – Now that Joe Biden has been sworn in as the nation’s 46th president, what may lie ahead for the United States?

Domestic Terror Law, Big Tech, and Big Media May Soon Target Christians

Will Americans experience greater freedom and prosperity, or might Big Tech help government impose more restrictions that help to create a new totalitarian normal? It was a rare display of force – one normally seen only in third-world, totalitarian countries. 25,000 National Guard troops in the nation’s capital were on a massive security mission: protecting Joe Biden and those attending his swearing-in ceremony.

Yet, this was not a first for an American inaugural. In 1861, the U.S. Cavalry stationed sharpshooters on rooftops and troops along the inaugural route to protect then unpopular president-elect Abraham Lincoln as his carriage traveled down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol. Now, 160 years later, some people believe a divided America is on the precipice of a second civil war. Court to Decide if Football Coaches Are Allowed to Kneel in Prayer at Games. Before you read my commentary I want to strongly urge you to sign up for my free newsletter.

Court to Decide if Football Coaches Are Allowed to Kneel in Prayer at Games

It’s your only life line to conservative news and commentary. We can no longer rely on social media. Click here to subscribe. John MacArthur claims the largest churches push 'superficial christianity,' and 'phonies' are now being exposed. (OPINION) ETH – Pastor of Grace Community Church in California is raising some eyebrows after claiming that “Some of America’s largest churches support a culture of corrupt, “superficial Christianity” and made a lot of money doing it but the internet is now making it harder for “phonies” to survive,” MacArthur recently made the claim from his pulpit of Grace Community Church for the first time after a brief absence during which some speculated he may have been sick, MacArthur claims that the pandemic which has been combined with the technological shift in ministry has led to a “sifting and shifting.”

John MacArthur claims the largest churches push 'superficial christianity,' and 'phonies' are now being exposed

“We had for decades, people trying to create a cultural Christianity that would appeal to nonbelievers, that was accepting of immorality, accepting of homosexuality, accepting of racial hatred. John MacArthur claims the largest churches push 'superficial christianity,' and 'phonies' are now being exposed. Then Again: Pastor’s prophecy for a 'Great Awakening' ends in a 'Great Disappointment' Editor’s note: Mark Bushnell is a Vermont journalist and historian.

Then Again: Pastor’s prophecy for a 'Great Awakening' ends in a 'Great Disappointment'

He is the author of “Hidden History of Vermont” and “It Happened in Vermont.” As midnight approached on March 21, 1844, a farmer in Rutland climbed on his barn roof, then, sporting a pair of homemade wings, awaited the hour of reckoning. When it came, the farmer took a literal leap of faith off the barn and, he prayed, into the loving arms of his Lord. The strangest thing about the farmer — whose name has been lost to history, but whose deed was recalled by his neighbor — is that his behavior did not stand out from the strange way countless others were acting in 1843 and 1844.

Coronavirus gave world taste of what will happen after the Rapture. (OPINION) ETH – Some Bible prophecy teachers are saying that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a prelude to what will take place in the future when the Rapture of the Church takes place.

Coronavirus gave world taste of what will happen after the Rapture

Bible prophecy makes one thing certain, and that is that things will only get worse before it gets better. The Word of God warns of natural disasters, wars, and rumors of wars, in the days leading up to the return of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. Some in the Body of Christ already believe that we are living in those times, calling the coronavirus pandemic a plague of Biblical proportions. It's time to Flee from Fables. A Rock Cries Out in Galilee: "Christ Born of Mary", 1,500 Year Old Ancient Greek Inscription Found. The Israel Antiquities Authority released a statement on Wednesday that they found an inscription in a large rock that read “Christ Born of Mary” which was engraved and originally believed to be at the entrance of an early Christian Church from the Byzantine or early Islamic period.

Habakkuk 2:11 For the stone will cry out from the wall, and the beam from the woodwork responds. Galilee was the venue for most of Jesus’ ministry. It was located in modern-day Northern Israel, which in Jesus’ day was part of the Roman Empire. It included the whole northern section of the country, the Jordan River and Sea of Galilee forming the Eastern border. The Times of Israel reported that the discovery was the first proof of Early Christianity found in the Galilee village where Jesus lived. Many Christians Claim God will use Biden to 'Usher in the Tribulation' (OPINION) ETH – Multiple Christians are warning that newly elected president Joe Biden will enact policies that will thrust humanity into the End Days, Many believe that it was God’s sovereign will for President Biden’s victory in the November election and to ultimately become the next president.

According to one Christian Blog, called “Signposts of the Times“, the world will be watching closely to see how Biden’s policies will fulfill Biblical prophecies. Many believe that the US has to safeguard Israel’s interests in the Middle East as the Bible says a strong and secure Israel plays a critical role in the End Days. Another big event is the future construction of the Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which many that understand Prophecy understand must happen in order to prepare a future headquarters for the coming Antichrist and will set the stage for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Dear Anti-Trump Christians: Are You Cool With Censorship? Become a Clash Insider! Big Tech is clamping down on conservative media big time.

Don’t let Big Tech pre-chew your news. Sign up for our free email newsletter, and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop. Follow Doug on Parler @TheGilesWay. Archaeologists Find 1,500-Year-Old 'Christ, Born of Mary' Inscription in Ancient Valley - John Paluska. Atop of the already mountainous archaeological and historical proof of Jesus's existence, Israeli archaeologists have found yet another piece of evidence attesting to Jesus's time on earth before being taken up.

The piece is a 1,500-year-old inscription found in the Jezreel Valley that is apparently a dedication to the Messiah. According to CBN News, "Excavators found the Greek inscription while digging in the village of et-Taiyiba. EXCLUSIVE: Idaho Church Deacon Arrested For Outdoor Worship Discusses Victory Against State. When Gabriel Rench recounts being arrested in front of Moscow, Idaho’s city hall, while singing hymns with his church last September, one detail especially continues to irk him.

“They literally took my hymn book away from me and proceeded to handcuff me,” Rench, 41, said of the officers, who then led him away to the county jail, where he remained for several hours. Moscow, a town of about 25,000 people approximately 80 miles south of Spokane, Washington, made national news last fall when local police arrested three people and cited five others for attending a “peaceful protest” against the mayor’s repeatedly extended public health order.

Organized by Christ Church, an evangelical congregation in the area, the protest consisted of about 20 minutes of psalm singing in front of city hall, where city officials had arranged small yellow dots six feet apart as guidance for the participants. Rench was consequently handcuffed and jailed. Freedom From Religion Foundation Opposes School Board's Decision to Display the 10 Commandments - John Paluska. In Cleveland County, NC, the school board considered a plan to place the Ten Commandments in all 30 schools in the district. Many charismatic Christians claim riot and impeachment can't stop prophesies that say Trump will win. (OPINION) The Telegraph – As lawmakers prepared to impeach Donald Trump for inciting a mob to attack the Capitol and D.C. readied for Joe Biden’s inauguration, Cliff Dyrud wasn’t focused on man-made actions. Persecution Levels Against Christians Reach All-Time High. The Day the Door Shuts.

Priest Prepares Congregation for Upcoming Biden Years with Dark Homily: 'We Are in for It, Folks' After the Capitol Riots: Three Questions Everyone Is Asking and a Biblical Path to Empowering Purpose. After the Capitol Riots: Three Questions Everyone Is Asking and a Biblical Path to Empowering Purpose. A Lesson From Lot's Wife. A Lesson From Lot's Wife. Radical Leftists to Christians “You don’t look like Jesus. You came here to kill us.” Evangelical Christians clashed with radical left-wing activists on the streets of skid row in Los Angeles during a homeless outreach event put on by Christian singer Sean Feucht and his followers on the evening of December 30.

The ‘Let Us Worship’ event was put on in response to authoritarian Democrat lockdown orders which directly violate the First Amendment right to worship.— Sean Feucht (@seanfeucht) December 30, 2020. Why Christians Should Desire to Serve Others - Maina Mwaura. Just to set the record straight, I am a huge doughnut fan. Matt Chandler: Love emptied of its meaning in post-truth culture. Dem Rep mocked for concluding prayer by saying "Amen and a woman"

VIDEO: "Woke" Prayer to Open 117th Congress was Delivered in Name of Monotheistic God, "Amen and Awoman" The 117th Congress opened with a moment of prayer delivered not to Almighty God, but to a “monotheistic god.” We ask it in the name of the monotheistic god and the god known by many names and faiths,” Rep. WATCH: Congress Prayer Now Ends ‘Amen... AND A-Women’ - The National Pulse. Workers Digging Tunnel Make Discovery Near Garden of Gethsemane; Could Jesus Have Seen This Biblical Reminder Before Judas' Betrayal?

WATCH: Congress Prayer Now Ends ‘Amen... AND A-Women’ - The National Pulse. VIDEO: "Woke" Prayer to Open 117th Congress was Delivered in Name of Monotheistic God, "Amen and Awoman" The Church is Following Failure » Sons of Liberty Media. Jesus specifically tells us in Mathew 10:28: “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” UK: Man Smashes Church Windows Decrying ‘Parasitic Christians’ DEVELOPING: Gunman Opens Fire Inside Texas Church Killing Pastor. Kirk Cameron hit with backlash again for NYE prayer service amid lockdown: 'Spreading COVID cheer' Read The Bible In 2021 - Or Starve Spiritually » Sons of Liberty Media. Rick Warren: Most U.S. Christians Have a 'Political Worldview,' Not a 'Biblical Worldview'

Release International: Christian Persecution Will Increase in China, India in 2021. Rev. Graham: 'Pray That God' Will 'Spare Our Nation From the Evil That is Before Us' Court whittles Gov. Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus restrictions away. Top Ten Prophetic End-of-Days Signs from 2020. Top Ten Prophetic "End of Days Signs" From The Year 2020. It’s Not about the Manger. Canadian Judge Rules Church Not Permitted To Hold Drive-In Services, Pastors Fined More Than $32,000. Dem Rep. Doggett: Crowded Church Services 'Leading to' Deaths.

Democrats Order Holiday Shut Downs to Stop Dangerous Spread of Christianity [Satire] China Claims Christians Celebrate Christmas Freely. Steve Cortes "if there is a President Biden, I think religious liberty is even more in doubt" Why Tonight's 'Christmas Star' Is Such Good News. Pelosi: 'Faith-Oriented' People Stalled Aid Package - They 'Don't Believe in Science'

Dc mayor muriel bowser catholic archdiocese reach christmas truce on attendance limits. The Top 3 "Prophetic News" Headlines Of 2020. Thousands of Christian Pastors Go into Hiding in China - John Paluska. L.A. County Backs Down, Say Churches Can Worship Indoors Due to Supreme Court Rulings. Democrat Memo Claims 'White Christian Nationalism' is a 'National Security Threat' New Orleans Mayor (A Democrat) Wants to Punish Christian Artist For Singing at Outdoor Worship Service.

SCOTUS Destroys Every Christian Hating Extremist With New Ruling. Justice Gorsuch says Kentucky governor should face judicial review in dissent on religious schools case. Rising persecution in China forces thousands of pastors into hiding. The Revolt and the Offspring. Billboards Boast Satanic Temple’s ‘Religious Abortion Ritual’ Sen.-Elect Tuberville Rips Warnock Claim of Being a 'Pro-Choice Pastor' Franklin Graham: ‘I Am Grateful to God’ for Trump's Presidency. Left-Wing Ideology: A Cult, a Religion, or Science? California Church Creates Black Lives Matter-Themed Nativity Scene To Encourage Conversations About White Supremacy.

BREAKING: Supreme Court tosses rulings against churches in Colorado, New Jersey. Bible Study Leader Beth Moore Slams "Trumpism," Calling it Seductive, Dangerous. Shooting outside St. John the Divine church. VIDEO: Christian Trump Supporters Brutally Beaten by Militant Thugs in DC. Is Pope Francis the Final Pope? LGBT Activist Group Calls for Biden to Target Christian Schools. Who Is the Antichrist and What Will His Rise To Power Look Like? Pope Francis Pushes 'The Great Reset,' Urges Christians to 'Build Back Better' Video: Raphael Warnock Describes Jesus As a "Poor Palestinian Prophet" Are we seeing a parallel from the Book of Daniel unfolding? The New Redacted Bible (Satire) What Is the Rapture and When Will it Happen? World Evangelical Alliance Leader Warns That 'Bible Knowledge Is Fading Away' - Milton Quintanilla. Former Philly Archbishop: Joe Biden Should Be Denied Holy Communion. ‘Monster!’ Pelosi raked over the coals for finally agreeing on COVID relief after months of stonewalling.

GEORGIA: One Batch of 23,000 Fraudulent Ballots All For Biden – More Then Enough To Overturn State. Supreme Court ruling sends message churches can’t be treated like ‘second class’ citizens, legal experts say. Democrats Pushing Hard for Biden-Harris to ELIMINATE Religious Freedoms - The GOP Times. Supreme Court Hands California Major Loss - They Just Protected The First Amendment For The Church Temporarily. Catholic Lay Group Denounces Bishops’ Congratulations to Biden. Supreme Court Strikes Down Gavin Newsom’s Lockdown Ban on Church Worship Services. ABOUT TIME! Supreme Court Delivers Stunning Win - Conservative Brief. California Churches Score a Big Win as Supreme Court Deals Blow to Newsom's COVID Restrictions.

CNN Mocks SCOTUS, Following Ruling on Religious Freedom - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. When you see this happening again it means the redeemer is on his way! Terrorists behind murder of 4 Christians in Indonesia identified. Terrorists behind murder of 4 Christians in Indonesia identified. North Koreans exposed to Bible increasing every year: report. Human Rights Advocates Sound Alarm on 'Christian Genocide' Unfolding in Africa.