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Stickers, T-shirts, Mugs on UNIX & Programming. 21 Best GIFs of All Time of the Week from best GOAT. Unlikely: The Impossible and Improbable Objects of Giuseppe Colarusso. In this ongoing series titled Unlikely, artist and photographer Giuseppe Colarusso imagines bizarre and humorous objects, each of which is either technically impossible, improbable, or simply useless in its proposed design.

Unlikely: The Impossible and Improbable Objects of Giuseppe Colarusso

Colarusso tells me via email that many of the pieces he fabricates himself, however some are digitally created in Photoshop. So what’s the point? He hopes each image will make you stop, think and hopefully bring a smile to your face, which is definitely a worthy cause. Also, I would pay top dollar for that spray paint can with adjustable hue sliders, so could somebody make that? See some 50+ additional concepts over on his website. 31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time. Series of offensive jokes - you've been warned : Jokes.

A woman rubs a lamp, a genie pops out and grants her one wish.

Series of offensive jokes - you've been warned : Jokes

The next night the Ku Klux Klan knock at her door and asks if she is the woman who wanted her husband hung like a black man Q: What is a redneck virgin? A: A seven year old that can run faster than her brothers. My girlfriend asked if I was a pedophile. I told her that was a really big word for someone her age I find this offensive; there's a black man in my family tree. He's been hanging from it for a while now. Q: Why does Mexico never win a medal at the Olympics? A: All the ones that can run, climb, and swim are in the US. The_coding_love();. Asdfmovie 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (ENGLISH) Game Fails: Best 10 Fails of 2012. Video. Os Portugueses e os Minhotos: João Seabra - TEDxVimaranes.

Things You'd Better Not Mix Up. Clairvoyant Fail (english subtitles) Vacas "chipadas" podem reduzir emissões de metano. Política de Cookies IMPRESA O Grupo Impresa publicou uma nova política de cookies.

Vacas "chipadas" podem reduzir emissões de metano

Para saber o que são cookies e como são usados nos nossos sites, por favor, leia a política de cookies. Se quiser desativar os cookies neste dispositivo, por favor, veja a nossa página de informação sobre "Como gerir os cookies". Optando pela desativação, algumas partes do nosso site poderão não funcionar corretamente. Ao fechar esta mensagem, e exceto se tiver desativado as cookies, concorda com o seu uso neste dispositivo, de acordo com a política de cookies. A Huge List of Cool Stuff. The Restart Page - Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems.


Our jokes aren't like your jokes Intel Plus Joke Advert. The Evolution of a Programmer. High School/Jr.High First year in College program Hello(input, output) begin writeln('Hello World') end.

The Evolution of a Programmer

Senior year in College (defun hello (print (cons 'Hello (list 'World)))) New professional #include <stdio.h> void main(void) { char *message[] = {"Hello ", "World"}; int i; for(i = 0; i < 2; ++i) printf("%s", message[i]); printf("\n"); } Seasoned professional Master Programmer Apprentice Hacker. Reasons_why_people_who_work_with_computers_seem_to_have_a_lot_of_spare_time.png (PNG Image, 640 × 530 pixels) If historical events had Facebook updates... Ultimate Drunk Compilation Of 2011 ll FWAM. Like a boss : Crazy Liver. How to Hunt Elephants.

MATHEMATICIANS hunt elephants by going to Africa, throwing out everything that is not an elephant, and catching one of whatever is left.

How to Hunt Elephants

EXPERIENCED MATHEMATICIANS will attempt to prove the existence of at least one unique elephant before proceeding to step 1 as a subordinate exercise. PROFESSORS OF MATHEMATICS will prove the existence of at least one unique elephant and then leave the detection and capture of an actual elephant as an exercise for their graduate students. COMPUTER SCIENTISTS hunt elephants by exercising Algorithm A: Go to Africa. Start at the Cape of Good hope. EXPERIENCED COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS modify Algorithm A by placing a known elephant in Cairo to ensure that the algorithm will terminate. ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE PROGRAMMERS prefer to execute Algorithm A on their hands and knees. DATABASE ADMINISTRATORS do not need to go out and capture elephants when they can retrieve them simply with an ad hoc query: STATISTICIANS hunt the first animal they see N times and call it an elephant.

Just for Fun! The Bored Ninja – Fun, Interesting, and Cool Stuff on the Internet. Joseph Climber - Completo. Tá Fixe - Vê, Sorri, Gosta e Partilha! CollegeHumor - Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links! MAIL DE UM LOUCO. Akinator, o Gênio da Internet. Unhear it - get that damn song out of your head! Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)

The Most Bizarre Comments on YouTube (18 pics.