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Low-Lectin Diet and Grain-Free Diet

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Gluten-Free Diets.

Grain-free Diets

Lectin is the "New Gluten" : Is a Lectin-Free Diet Healthy? - Abbey's Kitchen. Are Lectins the New Gluten? What You Need to Know. There are many different dietary approaches towards achieving good health.

Are Lectins the New Gluten? What You Need to Know

However, no matter what diet you choose to follow, it’s widely accepted that plant-based foods have incredible health benefits across the board. Plant-based foods are filled with essential vitamins and minerals, gut-healthy fiber, and are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. At The Whole Journey, we are always open to debunking different diets, healing protocols, and holistic remedies through our clinical experience and evidence-based research. We like to provide both the pros and the cons and talk about how to choose the right diet for you based on your specific bio-individuality and current state of health. Recently Steven Gundry, a well-known cardiologist and surgeon, has brought to light the science and research behind when plants can become poisonous. The Science Behind Lectins: The Plant Paradox by Stephen R. Gundry, MD: A Review – or Are Lectins Really Bad For You? – Victoria Fenton.

To gain benefit from this review, you DO NOT need to have read the book, The Plant Paradox by Stephen R.

The Plant Paradox by Stephen R. Gundry, MD: A Review – or Are Lectins Really Bad For You? – Victoria Fenton

Gundry, MD as I will explain his argument in brief in this article. Book Premise You may have heard of Stephen R. Gundry, MD, particularly if you’re at all into listening to podcasts. He’s been on many in the last few months, mostly because he was on the now-typical ‘media drive’ for the launch of his latest book, “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain“. The Plant Paradox explains the science behind his previous work, “Dr Gundry’s Diet Evolution” and gives a compelling explanation about the nutritional conclusions he has come to in his work as a doctor. Why I Gave Up on Sprouted Grains. There is one dangerous component of wheat that simply cannot be deactivated.

Why I Gave Up on Sprouted Grains

This compound is wheat germ agglutinin and it is the reason why I gave up on sprouted grains. Why I Gave Up on Sprouted Grains. Lectin-Free Vegan Recipes. Lectin Free Mama - I've Found that Good Gut Feelin' The Lectin Avoidance Cookbook: The Safest Foods For People With Autoimmunity and Food Sensitivities. How to Make Tomatoes Safer to Eat. Everything You Need to Know About Grain-Free Flours.

Lectins and Neurodegeneration

Lectin Inhibition. Are Lectins Bad for You? Pros & Cons of Lectin Foods. Although lectins are found packed into many highly nutritious foods, they’ve come under fire lately as a hidden source of health issues and inflammation, placing them among the list of antinutrients in foods.

Are Lectins Bad for You? Pros & Cons of Lectin Foods

In fact, some nutrition experts claim that these seemingly harmless proteins could have some seriously detrimental effects, throwing your immune system out of whack and upping your risk of chronic disease. On the other hand, some argue that the benefits of lectin-rich foods outweigh the potential adverse health effects, noting that simple steps can be taken to minimize lectin content in the foods you eat every day. So what foods contain lectins? The Trouble With Lectins. Dysautonomia - Modern research. Lectins Lectins were first discovered in 1888 by Stillmark while investigating the toxic effects of the castor bean.

Dysautonomia - Modern research

Over the past 30 years lectins have been shown to be relevant in a wide variety of medical problems that are endemic in our Western society including rheumatoid and other auto-immune arthritis, obesity, auto-immune disease, arteriosclerosis and allergy. Research is still in its infancy, and unfortunately research already completed has not been widely accepted despite overwhelming evidence.

Located on the surface of cells of all living things are thousands of different complex sugar molecules (glycoconjugates) projecting outward from their loose anchors on the cell surface like moving antennae. Genetically unique, these molecules comprise a protective coating for the cell and perform many functions including cell recognition and signalling. How Gluten (and other Prolamins) Damage the Gut.

Foods High & Low in Lectins + Why Lectins Are Bad. Are Whole Grains Good or Bad For You? Is a grain-free diet good for you?

Are Whole Grains Good or Bad For You?

Do they cause inflammation in the body? From paleo, to promoters of more obscure diets, everyone these days seems to be ganging up on grains. The arguments against them can sound logical, until you realize the house of cards they’re built on… The definition of a grain. It’s not a scientific or botanical term. What are grains? Whether it’s Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, Oxford English, or another dictionary of your choosing, you will discover how vague the definition truly is. When related to food, Merriam-Webster defines grains as: (a) a single small, hard seed, or (b) a seed or fruit of a cereal grassthe seeds or fruits of various food plants including the cereal grasses and in commercial and statutory usage other plants (such as the soybean)plants producing grain Countless plants produce “a small, hard seed” beyond wheat, rice, etc. It is true that those plants, along with soy, corn (maize) and others are called grains in commercial trade. Whole vs. refined?

These 50 Foods Are High In Lectins: Avoidance or Not? There are thousands of foods which have allergic reactions associated with them and in theory, it’s possible for any food to be an allergy candidate.

These 50 Foods Are High In Lectins: Avoidance or Not?

However the actual part of a food we can potentially be allergic to are the proteins and their pollens. Not all foods have those, or at least not in high concentrations. Can you be allergic to apples? Yes but since they contain so little protein content, even if you are allergic, it’s unlikely you will have noticeable side effects like a skin rash, hives, or sneezing. Among those eaten, Gala apples have the least amount of protein and Starking have the most (1). It’s not just a coincidence that the 8 most common food allergens are protein-rich (2):

List of Foods that Contain Lectin. Lectins, a type of protein found in many plant foods, can cause damage to the lining of your gastrointestinal tract or your organs and interfere with metabolism when consumed in large amounts, according to a study published in "Toxicon" in September 2004.

List of Foods that Contain Lectin

However, they may also have some health benefits. For example, a review article published in "Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition" in 2005 noted that lectins may have some anti-cancer potential via changes to the immune system and minimizing the growth of tumors, although research is still in the preliminary stages. Error loading player: Are You Lectin Sensitive? Using Genes, Symptoms and Blood Tests to Assess Lectin Sensitivity. Dr. Gundry: Lectins are the Root Cause of Inflammation and Disease. Are Lectins Beneficial or Harmful?

A Simple Lectins Definition (and how they make us fat & sick) Lectins: everything you need to know about the 'new gluten' Lectins: The Gluten-Lectin Leaky Gut Connection - Shield Nutraceuticals. After reading hundreds of articles and research papers, we started to come across several papers and theories that seemed like the pieces of a puzzle whose image was hidden.

Lectins: The Gluten-Lectin Leaky Gut Connection - Shield Nutraceuticals

After several years and much effort, the pieces finally started fitting together to reveal a compelling picture. Digestive Health – it’s as much about the journey as the destination. The following is our interpretation of what may be behind the increase in autoimmune and food-related disorders: Though it is a complicated, poorly understood, and controversial condition, we believe that leaky gut syndrome is highly relevant and may play a crucial role in the development of celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, psoriasis and much more. We understand that leaky gut syndrome is a widely debated condition and that not all health professionals believe it to be related to (or a direct cause of) disease.

How It Works With me so far? The Hidden Causes. Limit the Lectins: How Lectins Can Harm Your Health. 30 Tips in 30 Days Designed to Help You Take Control of Your Health This article is part of the 30 Day Resolution Guide series.

Limit the Lectins: How Lectins Can Harm Your Health

Each day in January a new tip was added to help you take control of your health. For a complete list of the tips click HERE By Dr. The Lectin Avoidance Diet: The Safest Foods for People Sensitive to Everything. The Plant Paradox Approved Foods (print-friendly list) The Lectin Avoidance Cookbook: The Safest Foods For People With Autoimmunity and Food Sensitivities. Healthy Substitutions for Your Favorite Lectin-Rich Foods. Millet: The Amazing Lectin-Free Healthy Carb You Need More Of!

5 Ways to Reduce or Remove Lectins From Your Favorite Foods. [NEWS] Diets That Restrict Lectins Are Good. Dr. Gundry's New Food Pyramid for Vitality ("The Plant Paradox" diet) When I was in the first grade, a troupe of actors came to our school and put on a play about nutrition. The play was about the four basic food groups. And, I remember being in total awe as a tall, gangly carrot waltzed with a giddy slice of white bread.

In fact, and I kid you not – when the ham hock found his missing friend, the milk carton, I was completely transported. I don’t think I even remembered I was sitting in the school gymnasium. I was so excited by the production, my jaw dropped – literally. Today, when I think about the way they taught us about nutrition in grade school, my jaw drops again… not because of singing chicken legs or cheese slices, but because I can’t believe how wrong they were about what they were teaching us! Now, remember that food pyramid we were all forced to study – the one put out by the Department of Health and Human Services when we were in school? Why a Low Lectin Diet is the Evolution of the Gluten-Free Diet. HOME - Gundry MD.