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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and the Gut Microbiome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Not in Your Head, It’s in Your Gut – Neuroscience News. Updated Model and Treatment Suggestions. Since I started this blog, some 530 posts ago, there have been significant changes in probiotics available and information available (for example uBiome results).

Updated Model and Treatment Suggestions

My original model favored the reports from the University of Newcastle in Australia in 1998. The uBiome results from a sample of over a dozen readers of this blog confirmed parts of this report and also raise questions on other parts. In re-reading the report, there was only 4 controls to 27 patients — which may account for the differences they saw. I summarized below: In short, we do not see the overgrowth, but can confirm the undergrowth matches from the uBiome results. How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part One.

A reader asked: “Hi Ken.

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part One

How would you recommend proceeding if I can’t find a doctor willing to prescribe the Jadin Protocol or anything close to it. Do you think healing is possible with only OTC supplements and herbs? If so, where and how should I start. How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Two. The food you eat impacts the gut bacteria.

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Two

The question naturally arises – what should you eat? This actually depends on your ancestry – particularly your female ancestry. Why? How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Three – Spice up your life! My wife gave me a book for Christmas, Danish Cookbooks: Domesticity and National Identity, 1616-1901 (New Directions in Scandinavian Studies).

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Three – Spice up your life!

As you may have guessed, I’m of Danish descent. One thing that I found unexpected was that the use of spices and herbs greatly decreased from the earliest 1616 cook book until the middle 1800’s. Spices were heavily used to control unhealthy bacteria on food before refrigeration became common. Spices appear to have significant health benefits, “They found that people who ate spicy foods one or two days per week had a 10% reduced risk of overall mortality, compared to those who had a spicy meal less often than once per week.

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Four — Clearing the mental fog. Mental fog with CFS is a major challenge and can often result in failure to maintain a protocol, pushing beyond your current CFS “envelope”.

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Four — Clearing the mental fog

In my last post there were several herbs and spices that helped the brain (neuroprotectors). In this post, I will add a list of similar items not in the last list and which are not probiotics (a future post) How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Five — Exposing the infection. Bacteria often form biofilms and similar tricks to defeat antibiotics and antivirals.

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Five — Exposing the infection

The supplements to address these are: Like some of the anticoagulants, they can increase die-off herxing because they allow more bacteria to be killed. Some others are: Ginger [2013]Andrographis paniculata [2009] – available from specialist online herbalsHorseradish [2012]Garlic[2005] – increases histamines so be carefulHaritaki [2013]

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Six — Probiotics, the new settlers. “Bifidobacterium and the Lactobacillus group were increased in active IBD patients and should be used more cautiously as probiotics during the active phase of IBD.

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Six — Probiotics, the new settlers

Butyrate-producing bacteria might be important to gut homeostasis.”[2014] What is known is that some specific probiotics have resulted in significant rate remission of IBS, a condition often co-morbid with CFS. There are: For other probiotics, we really want to try to filter them (based on available knowledge from PubMed) by: How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Seven— Essential Supplements. CFS patients are often found to low on one vitamin, amino acid, etc.

How do I get there from here!!!???!! – Part Seven— Essential Supplements

The logical approach has been to supplement those in the hope that it would help. Too often, there was no significant change found in clinical studies. The why may well be connected to an absence of gut bacteria needed to transform/transport these supplements into the body. The following is a list of supplements demonstrated to have positive effects in clinical studies not on the prior lists.

CFS: Insomnia and Sleep Distrubance. A reader wrote “Having some great results from the probiotic therapy especially with respect to the reduction of depression, morbidity, binge eating, inability to maintain weight and cognition and energy somewhat.

CFS: Insomnia and Sleep Distrubance

Still no relief with respect to sleeping I still only sleep a 2-3 hours of deep sleep..” I am very pleased my approach is working for at least one other. I am going to write about my research and thoughts on the sleep problem. My training is in mathematical modelling which includes data reduction — to translate into terms more real to CFSers: I take some 80+ common symptoms and find that they could be reduced to symptoms from 8 states.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Indicator Found In Gut Bacteria. Chronic fatigue syndrome has baffled physicians since it was first reported in the 19th century under the name neurasthenia.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Indicator Found In Gut Bacteria

It is condition where normal exertion leads to debilitating fatigue that isn’t alleviated by rest. There are no known triggers, and diagnosis requires lengthy tests administered by an expert. TNF-Alpha and Probiotics. My last post looked at faecal calprotectin and which probiotics can lowere it. This caused me to look explicitly at TNF-alpha(or tumor necrosis factor-α) and probiotics. We saw that one strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus increases TNF-alpha. TNF-Alpha is high in CFS patients (and most autoimmune patients)[2016] and should not be raised higher. ” is a cell signaling protein (cytokine) involved in systemic inflammation and is one of the cytokines that make up the acute phase reaction. It is produced chiefly by activated macrophages, although it can be produced by many other cell types such as CD4+ lymphocytes, NK cells, neutrophils, mast cells, eosinophils, and neurons.[3]” [Wikipedia] Corn/Soy may be a no-no for some CFS patients.

A reader forward a recent study that suggest that corn (at least corn in a region that GMO corn may exist) may be not suitable to CFS patients. CFS patients often have issues with excessive histamine. In my recent post on Amino Acids, histidine was found to be HIGH in CFS patients. “increases in 3-methylhistidine (P < 0.05) and tyrosine (P < 0.05) were observed” [2007] ” The urinary excretions of histamine, N tau-methylhistamine, imidazole acetic acid, and its conjugate(s) were higher in patients with histidinemia than in controls, and these levels of excretion were correlated with the plasma histidine level. The urinary histamine levels of patients with eczema-like dermatitis were twice that of those without dermatitis.” [1984]

Short and Long Term CFS and other autoimmune conditions. This last week there has been much news about CFS and markers, “Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, looked at 51 proteins, also known as cytokines, released by cells involved in the immune system. Among 646 patients studied, including CFS patients and healthy controls, people who were ill for three years or less had higher protein levels than the others, the researchers found.”

Wall Street Journal To me this is just confirmation of a pattern that I have seen reported in related diseases where fatigue persisted after a technical recovery. The typical onset scenario consists of two items: a probable viral infection with stress. This is not only true for CFS but for many co-morbid conditions such as: Who are the most active CFS Researchers? CFS News Feeds. The latest news on CFS and co-morbid conditions in one place. You may wish to make this page your home page so you view the latest news every morning. [rssinpage rssfeed=’ rssitems=’3′ rsstarget=’_blank’ rssformat=’Y’] CFS MD's Websites with News. CFS Cognitive Issues may be caused by Gut Bacteria… A recent article is in agreement with the model of CFS that I am currently advocating on this site. The article title almost says it all:: Consumption of Fermented Milk Product with Probiotic Modulates Brain Activity “Changes in gut microbiota have been reported to alter signaling mechanisms, emotional behavior, and visceral nociceptive reflexes in rodents.

However, alteration of the intestinal microbiota with antibiotics or probiotics has not been shown to produce these changes in humans. ” Probiotics that can take up residency. A Quick Reference to past posts. Striving for true remission of CFS, chronic Lyme, FM, IBS etc.